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Spin Spin Sugar


"I knew it the second I laid my eyes on him. The way he chewed his gum in such a nonchalant way with lips smacking like he wanted to wake the dead. He had dirty hair falling vulgarly against the side of his face and he stank like dry gin and old cigarettes.

He was everything I wasn't. He was loud and messy, I was quiet and tidy. He was impulsive and unmerciful, I was hesitant and forgiving.

He liked to bleed but I wanted to heal.

He loved the sin, but I was pure.

Well, at least I thought I was..."


  1. Chapter One : The Phone Call

    Where it all started.

  2. Chapter Two : The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

    Aftermath and true beginnings.

  3. Chapter Three : Lucifer In Disguise

    Just like 1969.

  4. Chapter Four : The Enemy

    Old friends, the moon and secret stuff in Frank's palm.

  5. Chapter Five : Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'roll

    Everybody's going mad.

  6. Chapter Six : Room 461

    Thank god I only drank sparkling water.

  7. Chapter Seven : Don't Leave Me High, Don't Leave Me Dry

    It gets really wet, literally.

  8. Chapter Eight : A Bad Girl


  9. Chapter Nine : Strict Business

    A second phone call shakes things up.

  10. Chapter Ten : The Tape

    Play me.

  11. Chapter Eleven : Under The Pecan Tree

    Nowhere and everywhere.

  12. Chapter Twelve : Friends

    It's tea time.

  13. Chapter Thirteen : Earth 2 (Part 1)

    Weed, spit, blood and poison.

  14. Chapter Fourteen : Earth 2 (Part 2)

    It all went too fast.

  15. Chapter Fifteen : The Girl Or The Journalist

    Stupid golden rule.

  16. Chapter Sixteen : Loaded Guns

    Dedicated to, how I'm killing you.

  17. Chapter Seventeen : Vague Words, Sad Smiles

    Me or Her

  18. Chapter Eighteen : Just Stupid Sketches

    A weird picnic.

  19. Chapter Nineteen : The End Of The Start

    The death of things, the birth of others

  20. Chapter Twenty : The Ride

    And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am.

  21. Chapter Twenty One : Heroine


  22. Chapter Twenty Two : One Time Too Many

    like a hungry dog

  23. Chapter Twenty Three : A Break In The Clouds

    And it was enough

  24. Chapter Twenty Four : Sweet Sound Of Ignorance

    second attempt. second failure.

  25. Chapter Twenty Five : Another Day


  26. Chapter Twenty Six : Real

    Sometimes you realize.

  27. Chapter Twenty Seven : Lost And Found

    lonely together

  28. Chapter Twenty Eight : Home Sweet... Home?

    Facing up the real world.

  29. Chapter Twenty Nine : Crazy (Part 1)

    Prom night, but it's not really prom.

  30. Chapter Thirty : Crazy (Part 2)

    to feel something

  31. Chapter Thirty-One : Hold On

    back on the road

  32. Chapter Thirty-Two : Preleminaries

    a taste of what is to come


Yeah! Love your updates.

JackieK JackieK

I'm trying to be the writer I once was. Its slowly coming back after almost a year.

E___ E___

@Inky Black
I started writing again<3

E___ E___

Ugh this is so good, I need more! One of my absolute favorites.

Inky Black Inky Black

Love This story hope you're still planning on more.