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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)


Lyric is an art/drama student living in the cit of New York with her Aunt while working part time, learning almost every day of the week and barely managing to keep her head on straight because of her busy schedule.

After travelling all the way from Australia and her comfortable home with her parents to America where she is confused and bewildered half the time by the surprising differences between her old and new home she meets musician and fellow artist Gerard Way.

During the creation and recording of the future album, The Black Parade, Gerard enters an almost unshakable depression thanks to a combination of family, career and personal issues.

One day after the end of her shift as a barista at the local coffee house, Lyric is tasked with the unfortunate task of having to clean, shut down and lock up the cafe at the end of the day, on her way out of the shop Lyric meets Gerard who is not in the best of all moods after hearing some troubling news about his family.

Without immediately recognizing the lead singer of her favorite band and only making a choice by the upset look on his face she decides to reopen the cafe and invite him in for coffee.

What is the makings of a friendship sparks up between the two during the few hours they spend together, Lyric gives him the support he needs even though she is unaware of what happened, unknowingly she saves his life for the meanwhile.

Once the cups are empty they have to part ways and Lyric has to head home to her aunt and Gerard has to go back to what's left of his now broken family and try to put himself back on track for the sake of what's meant to be The Black Parade.

But the world has bigger plans for art student, wanna be actress and barista, Lyric and it has more in mind for comic book artist, coffee lover and broken musician Gerard Way.

What if it intends more than just friendship and an after hours caramel, soy latte, maybe they're meant to save one another from the world, it's inhabitants and themselves.


Dayna Descartes

Dayna Descartes

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

A comic book artist, coffee lover and a broken musician with severe depression. After not being able to cope with stress anymore he goes into hiding during the recording of The Black Parade. On top of it all he has a secret he's afraid of anyone knowing.



I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

punkpixie punkpixie

I can't believe its finished... Its so surreal.

.......................................... SEQUAL!!!!!!

funsized funsized


Sad but Rad Sad but Rad

DeAr god that was awesome.
please update!