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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 22: A Chainsaw-Armed Grizzly

I don't even know what the time was when we got back, I think it might have been night.

The only thing I remember was stumbling into the apartment, shuffling to Gerard's bed, with his help of course, then falling fast asleep.

We'd spent the whole day at the studio, laughing, chatting, drinking coffee and eating Chinese food.

According to the band they'd finished recording all the needed parts for the album and I kept asking to listen to it until they gave in.

Basically I spent ten hours being a nag until they got tired of me and decided to shut the whining teenager up with some music.

I think the only one who didn't mind so much was Gerard who over the moon with happiness to be back in the studio with his three best friends and his brother.

The smile on his face was completely contagious and by the time we got back to the apartment my cheeks hurt from grinning all day.
It was like my cheeks had done strength training.

Of course when you think about it I don't actually know what strength training's like since I've never exercised a day in my life but I'd made a fair guess.

I still had so many wonderful tones in my head from listening to their newest album that I didn't get to know the name of.

The most addictive song out of the list would have to be Famous Last Words, the only song title I knew thanks to them telling me by accident.

The expression on Gerard's face when he'd been recording that song was so beautiful. It'd been passionate to the point of me not having words from it and I could still remember exactly how I felt when he looked at me.

'I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak. Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead.'

I swear I truly am in love with him, it's not just a over obsessive fangirl thing or a teenager thinking she's in love when she's not.
I'm genuinely in love.

I love him as a person, a human being.

For all I care he could be some random customer I served at the cafe who asked me out and I'd still fall head over heels in love with him.

The slightest smile on his face could put butterflies into my stomach and I could feel my heart speed up.

I'm glad he ended up coming to the cafe, even though that sounds horrible since it's a result of his parents accident.

But that must have been meant to happen, sometimes you can't be in control of what happens and it's fate holding the reins, not you.

If I wasn't a procrastinator and went to the art store a week before the day I finally did it I wonder if I would have been attacked by the mafia.

Maybe everything would have been completely normal and nothing strange would have happened. I also wouldn't have needed to move in with him so I wouldn't have the same bond with him that I do.

I wouldn't have found out about his self destructive habit and I wouldn't have been able to stop him.
There could have been a chance that I would have heard his name on the news saying that Gerard had cut too deep.

My life feels like it'd be so empty if he wasn't in it.

With the limited amount of places I could go to while being hunted my life had started to revolve entirely around Gerard.

Even my art had gone on pause, I don't know the when the last time was that I painted, it was definitely before the thing with the mafia.

I need to do it again soon so I don't lose my skill or forget how to hold a paintbrush.
Yes, I know the last one is doubtable.

Still it's better to focus on my abilities with a paintbrush than to dwell on the rapidly approaching reality that was about to hit me at any moment.

'Long ago, just like the hearse you die to get in again. We are, so far, from, you.' Gerard's voice whispered the opening lyrics to Helena, not the real Gerard of course, the real one was asleep next to me, I'm talking about my ringtone.

I groaned and propped myself up on on elbow then reached out and grabbed my mobile that I'd finally remembered to charge from the nightstand beside me.

"Hello?" I mumbled, trying to not be loud so I wouldn't wake up Gerard who was getting his beauty sleep with a bit of snoring thrown in.

"Hey, honey!" It was my Mum, of course it was, she just loved to wake me when I was sleeping, it was the cruelest form of entertainment she knew.

"Hi, Mum," I replied, attempting to rub the sleep out of my eyes, "what time is it?" I added, not having any clue since the curtains were closed.

"In New York it should be around one." She told me and I sat up, leaning against a pillow.

"In the morning?" I've done it before but there's no way it could be one pm right now.

"No, in the afternoon." She corrected me, sounding the tiniest bit annoyed that I didn't know.

"So what did you call about?" I asked, inching to the side of the bed then standing, pulling on one of Gerard's sweaters that'd been discarded on the floor and walked into the hallway.

"Oh you know, just things. What's it like at surprise art camp? Did they give you cake?" I was thrown off by the last thing she asked, frowning and mentally replaying it.


"For your birthday, April 11th. Happy birthday sweetheart!" I looked at the calendar on my cell, it was my birthday, I'd completely forgotten about it.

"Thanks, Mum. Yeah I forgot, they did give me cake. Everything's been really nice."She sees through my lies, I know she does, my Mother is the only person who's ever called out my bullshit.

"Ya know, I've been talking to your friend Dayna and she suggested I surprise you." I started shaking and had to sit down on the living room couch.

"That's nice of her."

Damn you Dayna, damn you to the deepest fucking pits of hell and back again you fucking traitor!

"Yes it was so I was thinking because it's been ages since the last time I saw you I'd come to America as a surprise for your birthday." I'm going to die, I don't have to worry about the mafia anymore, it's gonna to be my Mum who kills me

"Mum, you didn't have to do that, we could have just Skyped." I said nervously, feeling sick from knowing how much trouble I'd be in.

If Mum found out I've been lying, almost killed by the mafia and living with Gerard Way at his apartment she'd kill me.

Especially now that I've slept with him.

"I know, since you're at school camp I can't see you. It's a shame because I'm at your Aunt Matilda's apartment." I almost choked on my own spit and collapsed on the couch at the same time.

"A-are you?" I looked up as Gerard walked out of the hallway, rubbing his head taking a glance at me then walking into the kitchen to make coffee.

"Yes and you know what's really funny?" I completely regret answering the phone this morning, it was the worst decision of my life.


"When I asked Dayna about the surprise art camp she knew nothing about it and she's in the same class as you." Gerard leaned against the kitchen counter, watching me internally and externally have a spazzdown.

"Lyric, you have one chance and only one to tell me where the fuck you've been." I almost dropped my phone on the ground.

"At my boyfriends house." Was the only response I could make, I didn't have the guts to tell her the complete truth.

"Name?" Her voice was so calm it was at the top of my list of scariest things in the planet.


"Good, I'll see you and Gee at that cafe you work at. You have twenty minutes to be there. I don't care if what he's doing or you're doing or what you've both been doing together. I want you there, no complaints, nada." I wasn't planning to disobey her, I was too freaked out for that kinda stuff.

In case you don't know what an angry mother's like I'll tell you.

It's the beginning of the fucking apocalypse in your own little world.

My Mum is practically a fucking chainsaw-armed grizzly bear attached to a T-Rex with the anger issues of a pissed off chihuahua with PMS.

"And if the guy you've been living with has done a single disrespectful thing to you I'll be burying him alive with you as a witness." She hung up, leaving me sitting there with a mental picture of what she'd do to Gee when she found out we'd made love.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked, collecting the coffees and sitting on the couch next to me.

"My Mum knows that I've been lying to her and we have to get dressed and go to the cafe immediately." I stood up and walked down the hallway Gerard following closely behind me, looking worried.

"What cafe?"

"The one we met at." Was my response as I pulled my clothes off and put on the ones I'd been wearing yesterday, they'd have to do.

Let's see, if the timing's right and we can get onto a train in about five minutes of arriving at the subway then we should be able to get off and be at the coffee shop in seventeen minutes.

"Now, clothes off. Quick." I clapped at Gerard, making him hurry up since I didn't have time for him to be standing around right now.

It wasn't long before we were out the door, Gerard having to wear a beanie to cover up his white hair since the fans now knew exactly what he looked like.

Once we were outside I took a turn for the subway only to have Gerard grab my hand and stop me.

"Gee, what are you doing? We have to hurry." I whined as he started pulling me down the sidewalk, he was stronger than he looked.

"I know but I have my car back, remember?" It took me a second to recall what happened last might.

Yeah, I've got it now.
When Mikey heard Gerard was going to be at the studio he drove Gee's car in because he hadn't had it for a month or so.

We'd given his brother a lift home before heading back to apartment and getting some sleep.

I must have been so out of it by the time we left that I forgot Gerard's car was now available.

He stopped next to some kind of Volkswagen model and opened the door for me. I got in without protest as he walked around and got in the drivers side.

As we drove down the street Gerard kept taking glances at me, to the point of it being annoying.

"What?" I finally snapped, immediately feeling like I'd been meaner to him than necessary.

"Happy birthday." He said, a sweet smile on his face that did a good job of making my heart speed up.

"You remembered that it's my birthday?" I whispered, I'd mentioned it to him once and it was only brought up in conversation for about five seconds.

"Yeah, from when told me at the coffee shop. What, didn't you think I'd remember?" I shook my head, I really didn't but it was a surprise I was was happy to receive.

"Well if we don't get killed today would you like to make a cake? I'm not too good at cooking but it's worth a shot." Two different cakes in three days, I know that one of us will probably end up with diabetes.

"That'd be fun." I smiled, picturing Gerard in a chefs apron with his white hair and big grin.

"I'll invite the guys over too. We can hang out and stuff ourselves." That caused me to laugh, I didn't know Frank all that well but for some reason I could imagine him being able to eat an entire cake by himself.

"Don't we get to have birthday sex?" I joked but the seriousness in my voice caused Gerard to almost crash the car.

"Oh, I don't have to invite them over then, that's fine with me." He almost stuttered, having to blink a few times to focus on the road ahead of us.

"It was a joke. If Mum doesn't kill us then she'll want to come over and see where I've been living then she'll probably sleep on the couch until I leave." As much as I'd like to say it was an overstatement it wasn't and I was speaking cold hard reality.

"Oh." Gerard said disappointedly, which even came with a sad facial expression that was adorable.

"Actually I've got an idea." He started, perking up and looking happy once more.

"Instead of going to the cafe we can turn around and go somewhere else, like California! We can live out in the desert and no one will ever know about us. Sure there's a chance the mafia will try to hunt us down but we'll be fine and neither of us have to face the wrath of your mother." Gerard suggested and I grinned at his overly creative brain that he'd put into action.

"As much as I'd like to say that's a good idea it isn't the mafia we'd have to worry about, it's my Mum. She makes the mafia look like amateurs." Yep, Mum is just that dangerous and like what I said about her coming to Gerard's apartment it wasn't a joke.

"Are you sure? I reckon it'd be pretty hard to find someone in the desert when they're trying to hide." He scratched his head, appearing to enter the world of ideas once more.

"Mum has an ex police dog, we won't get more than a mile before she finds us. Besides if we're really lucky she might like you." It was a slim chance, she didn't like many people, particularly boys but I'm dating Gerard Way, anything's possible.

"Have you got any tips then?"

"I can't think of anything other than not mentioning you like tuna and whipped cream sandwiches." Yes we've talked about our strange eating habits as well and Gerard won that round.

"So she'd be fine with the fact I'm in a band, have been a drug addict and an alcoholic, a complete failure as a comic book artist, cut myself and slept with her daughter?" He did list a lot of reasons that'd freak out some people's parents but I don't think it'd have any effect on my Mum.

"You left out the fact I was technically underage when we had sex and that you've killed someone." I added which in result got a look from him saying 'thanks for no help whatsoever.'

"Relax, it'll be fine. Besides you're famous so nearly everything about you is on the internet and I uh, I've kinda had a crush on you since I heard My Chems first album so she's had to listen to fangirling a lot." My face went red having to admit to how much I liked him before we'd even met but Gerard didn't have a problem.

"You've had a crush on me since you were thirteen?" I felt my cheeks go a brighter shade, that should be enough of an answer for him.

"And do you have a whole bunch of the bands posters and albums and stuff?" I nodded slowly, the shame going up another notch.

"Did you ever write fan-fiction?" I think that's when I became a human tomato, I can't be since I didn't get to see myself but it sure felt like it.

"Can I read it?"

"No!" I yelled and he started laughing, great my boyfriend thinks my embarrassment is funny.

"I'm willing to talk to you about a lot of things but that's not one of them. I'm keeping it to myself. Don't ask. Ever." Gerard spent the next five minutes chuckling to himself while I regretted every single fanfic I've written which is like one.

"What's it abo-"


"Can you at least tell me what it's called?" He asked and I turned to him, sighing loudly from intense frustration that was caused by only him.

"It's called 'Gerard, the one who won't shut up about my fan-fiction.'" I told him, crossing my arms and sticking my tongue out.

"Alright, alright. I get it..." he went silent again, driving and taking a turn, "did it have a sex scene?" I slapped him on the arm and he was lucky he had a jacket to pad the hit.

"I'm sorry, Lyx. I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed, I was just curious." He looked at me apologetically, a cute and apologetic smile playing on his lips.

"You're lucky you're so loveable when you feel bad, otherwise I might not forgive you." I replied, returning the smile then staring out the window.

"What does your mum look like exactly?" He wondered as we got nearer to where the cafe should be. I wasn't sure since I was used to using the subway, not a car.

"Uh, a bit shorter than you, fluffy blonde hair, hippy clothes, angry expression, probably carrying a gun or some other violent weapon." I gave him a brief description of how she'd look right now as he parked next to the sidewalk.

"In that case your mum's here." He said in a cheery tone even though the semi terrified look on his face didn't match.

I got out of the car, Gerard doing the same then holding my hand as we approached the cafe.

Within seconds I saw the familiar blonde frizzy hair belonging to my Mother.

"Mum." I called and she turned around, standing up then walking over, almost seeming angry.

Instead of yelling at me like I expected I received a near bone-crushing hug that made it difficult for me to breath.
Gerard let go of my hand so I could hug her back and we stood there for a moment, just hugging each other.

Eventually she pulled away, wiping her eyes a little to get rid of any tears that might show she wasn't a complete emotionless rock.

"Now where is he?" She demanded, going back to angry again and Gerard took my hand, ready to face the possibility of death.

Mum stared at him, the fragile looking white haired guy dressed from head to toe in black, holding her daughters hand and her expression faltered.

She blinked a couple of times, frowned then put her glasses on and looked confused.

Maybe she won't kill him.

"Sweetheart, that's Gerard Way." She said as if I'd mistakenly brought the wrong boyfriend with me.

"I know," I told her, leaning into him with a smile, "Gee, Gerard. He's my boyfriend, Mum." Her eyes went wide, she'd obviously been expecting me to show up with some tool.

"He's the person you've been staying with this whole time?" Once more her wall went up, resuming the tough, no nonsense attitude.


"How on earth did you meet him?"


Surprisingly things were hunky dory between my Mum and Gerard, even when it was brought up that he shot someone.

Of course she still had a reaction when we tried to casually mention that we'd slept together.

"Excuse me, you did what to my daughter?" She asked, using her scary calm voice but Gerard kept his arm around me anyway.

"We made love." He told her and I decided very quickly that he must be a madman to tell my Mother that.

"Did it occur to either of you to use a condom? I'm too young to be a grandmother." Oh great, Mum's a madman as well, I'd been expecting her to leap across the table and kill him.

Gerard and I glanced at each other, what we'd done had been very heat of the moment, neither of us had thought about it.

"Uh." I couldn't think of what to say, after all the topic at discussion was not something I wanted to casually chat about in a coffee shop.

Mum sighed and put her hands on the table, "look, Gerard, I respect you. As a human being and as a musician. You've gone to some extraordinary lengths to keep my daughter safe and it's obvious you care for her, she cares for you too." Mum started and I knew she was just winding up.

"Whether she's told you about it or not your music has also done a lot to help her and I'm grateful for that. I can tell when I meet a good person and you are a good person. Normally she's interested in idiots and thank God you're not one of them." I wouldn't say that exactly but I haven't liked some of the classiest people.

"You've risked your life to save her and she's done a very good job from protecting you from yourself as well. That is why I'm giving you my blessing to date her." I grinned at Gerard, I knew this was going to turn out fine, actually I didn't but I'd been hoping and that's gotta count for something.

"But I would like to say I did warn Lyric that if her boyfriend had done anything disrespectful I'd bury him alive. Good thing for you, you love her and respect her because I actually have a shovel in the boot of my car and was more than willing to put it to use." I think the best thing about this whole conversation is that Mum hasn't managed to scare Gerard away.

"Also now that you two've, been together like you have I'll be giving both of you a maximum of six months after she's eighteen to announce the wedding date."

God I wish she was joking.


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

punkpixie punkpixie

I can't believe its finished... Its so surreal.

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DeAr god that was awesome.
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