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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 2: The Way Family Tragedy

I was woken up by the loud, mind numbing buzzing sound coming directly from my alarm clock and I winced before swinging my arm around and smacking the snooze button almost hard enough to break the clock.

Good it deserved to anyway, waking up innocent people at this ungodly hour for the sake of getting up for work, but then again it was called work, not fun, happiness or joy.

It was not supposed to be enjoyable when you had to get up at four thirty to get dressed and to the subway so you could get to work at five thirty, haha my life hates me.

I'd be lying if I said I got out of bed, what I did was more along the lines of falling out of bed, literally my body hit the ground and I struggled to pull myself up with the help of my nightstand.

Oh good old nightstand you'll always be there to support me through thick and thin unlike my alarm clock that I currently want to toss out my window with all my might, I'd enjoy it too.

While barely managing to go to the effort of opening my eyes I picked up my iPod and docked it in the alarm clock/radio/cd player thing and my whole room was filled with the songs of My Chemical Romance and various other bands while I shuffled from my bed to my dresser.

Ugh when did I get the crazy idea to work from five thirty to four thirty, I must have been drunk when I made that choice, I thought while going through my daily routine of regret.

The clothes got dumped on my bed while I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and splash my face, since I loved my showers and was horrible at taking short ones I didn't bother having a shower this morning.

I had one before I crashed last night and I smelt clean and looked clean so I think I'll be fine if I skip the hot water, soap etcetera for the day and if I do end up smelling bad I'll have a shower when I get home.

When my eyes finally decided to open enough for me to see what I was doing I brushed my teeth and the rest of my daily routine then left the bathroom smelling minty fresh.

I honestly didn't feel minty fresh, I felt fucking tired but not any other joyful morning sayings and everyone I was friends with knew me well enough to know I wasn't in a good mood in the morning till I'd been awake for at least an hour and that was the minimum.

I got out of my pyjamas and changed into the clothes I'd be wearing to work, I allowed myself a brief smile because I was glad the place I worked at wasn't the kind where you had to wear a uniform or any of that other stuff because having to get up at four thirty in the morning and wear a uniform would probably kill me.

I shivered at the thought of having to wear a uniform, I hadn't worn one since high school in Australia and I didn't want to go back to the starched dress that always hung strangely on me.

I pulled on a green, lace sleeved shirt and a pair of black cargo pants and a pair of high tops that I'd managed to keep with me no matter how often I seemed to misplace my stuff which was often and I almost had to write myself a memo to myself so I'd remember where I put my clothes after work or just anything.

I had a tendency to throw everything, everywhere without any concern for future me who had to find the clothes when they needed to be washed or put away.

By the time I put on my fake leather jacket, said goodbye to my aunt who seemed to like waking up before a farm rooster and walked out the front door it was almost fifteen minutes past five.

Shit if I don't hurry I'll be late and when you had to open the store you really don't want to be late because every customer you don't get thanks to the store being closed is another dollar off my pay check and I don't work hard for no money.

The sun was barely beginning to rise as I jogged down the apartment stairs, out the from door and flat out sprinted towards the subway, hoping I could make it on time to the five fifteen train.

My breath came out in huffs as I ran and I just managed to step onto the train before the doors closed behind me. Fuck that was close and the next train to my area didn't leave 'til half past so I wouldn't have been there in time to turn stuff on and do the required cleaning.

The trains doors had only been open for a couple of seconds before I was running out if the subway, up the steps and towards the shop that fortunately wasn't far away from the trains so I could get there fast.

It was still cutting it ridiculously close to the time of my shift starting when I stuck the key in the door unlocked it before stepping into the dark shop and locking the door behind me before docking my iPod, hitting shuffle and heading into the employees only section then hanging up my backpack and shrugging off my jacket which I hung up beside my backpack.

Without waiting for someone to tell me to get to work I went into the deepest recesses of the shops cleaning closet and grabbed the required equipment and went about my daily task of cleaning everything, the crumb coated floor, the cup stained benches and the milk spills on the table.

Funnily enough as much as I hated cleaning I was good at it and got my work finished quickly, maybe it was because I had money as a motivator, money I planned to spend on some new art equipment after work.

Once everything in the room was worked to a polish and shine I turned on the various machines and while they were warming up I went through the small archway that separated the cafe and the bakery the owner also owned.

The biscuits and pastries the cafe sold were being stored in the ovens that had been turned off once the bakers had finished cooking and it kept everything a warm temperature 'til I came in and got the food.

While resisting the urge to start eating everything in sight since I hadn't gotten the chance to have breakfast I put everything in the correct jars and sighed while leaning against the cafes counter when I realised I'd done everything and still had fifteen minutes left until the store opened.

I think I could be a mother of eight, have a farm and have less to do in the morning than I do with this job.

My aunties friend and my boss (Imigen) knew I didn't have time to eat breakfast so I was allowed to get whatever I wanted from the bakery for breakfast so with a large cinnamon roll in hand and a freshly made latte since I'd been told to make a practice drink before opening the store to make sure everything was working I sat at one of the tables and ate.
The rest of the crew better show up soon, I don't think I'll be able to handle the morning rush by myself.

I'm supposed to be working in the bakery today anyway, it's my turn to play counter girl but it was much more boring than working as a barista.
With that job I at least got to socialise with the regulars and I knew what they liked, plus I got good tips because they knew me.

I have no idea what to do in a bakery maybe it was the same as the barista gig and I only had to get bread rolls and stuff, I could handle that although I'd be bored the whole time.

Luckily enough for me the bakery part of the store didn't open 'til an hour after the cafe did so I'd be able to deal with running the cafe until everyone else showed up and got to work.

If they don't and I have to switch between handling the cafe and bakery I think I just might have a nervous breakdown from the pressure of taking orders, giving people their drinks and bread rolls and getting a good tip, too much stress for me thanks.

As the cafes opening time got closer I put my dishes in the sink (yes I remembered to clean the ones from last night) and got my apron from its regular place. I put it over my head and did the best job I could to tie the strings at the back up, which I likely failed at because whenever I thought I got it right one of the staff members would have to point out it was tied wrong.

I unlocked the door and flipped the sign over then went back to my place behind the counter while waiting for some customers. My legs are gonna get sore from all the standing I'm gonna be doing today, I sit down whenever I can, most of my artwork is done while sitting on my bed, cross-legged with my hair being held up by a pencil.

With one hand stifling a large and noisy yawn and the other pushing my green hair out of my face I nearly jumped out of my skin when someone walked into the cafe, causing the bell above the door to ring loudly, attracting the attention of anyone in the store, which was just me since I was the only person here right now with the exception of the girl who walked in.

It was just Faith another employee, she was in her mid twenties and had no idea what she was gonna do with her life. Every second moment she had a new hobby, look or haircut, which I didn't mind because its her life and who was I to judge if she wanted to have a sidecut one day and a fringe the next, the only thing she did I disagreed with was listen to horrible music.

I had no idea how to describe it other than if Skrillexes kind of music and reggae had a baby, yeah, it sounded that weird.

She waved to me before going into the employees section to put her stuff away and get her apron. Thank god she showed up, it could have been a close call considering two people were supposed to man the cafe at all times and I would freak attempting to do it singlehandedly. I calmed now someone else was here, this means the cafe won't fall into ruin, good.

Within seconds of her stepping behind the counter with me around four people walked into the store, business people which meant we had to work fast because they had their own jobs to get to and didn't appreciate when we slowed them down, not one bit and the tips you got when you took your time were proof of it.
They didn't need to be rude though.

I sighed at the long line of people, thank god I didn't have to deal with them by myself. It'd be like a helpless animal being thrown into a tank full of piranhas, I bet I'd freak out and no one would come here again because they'd want to avoid being served by the spazz who manned the coffee machine.

Yep that's exactly what I could imagine happening.

We somehow managed to serve everyone within a reasonable amount of time during the morning rush and I felt incredibly proud of myself considering I'd somehow managed to avoid giving myself a steam burn so many times I deserved a place in the record book.

The rest of the workers showed up and we got in our permanent places for the rest over the day, which meant I went over to the bakery side and opened that shop while waiting for some customers.

I kept track of all the things people were asking for and I gave it to each one it turn despite Faith distracting me through her high pitched talking that could get really annoying whenever a song came on the radio she really liked.

I'd had to take my iPod back and turn on normal music since most people wouldn't be happy with Black Veil Brides, The Used, My Chemical Romance and all the other bands I listened to.

Slightly over halfway through my first shift Hayden casually strolled in as if he wasn't over two hours late and hadn't practically threw me to the sharks when it came to doing all the serving. With an exasperated sigh I handed him his apron and he put it on before grinning at me and taking a sip from a soda he'd brought with him.

Why Imigen hired him I don't know, he's lazy and never shows up on time, he's also incredibly uncooperative and rarely did anything beside standing around and doing nothing.

I think the only reason he kept a job was because he was funny, nice and was (I'll admit) incredibly good looking so he had no trouble drawing more women to the bakery/cafe, it still didn't make up for leaving me to serve tons of people.

"Hey Lyx, did you get a good night sleep, you're lookin' a bit tired." The corners of my mouth pulled down as he used my much hated nickname.

Hayden knew the name annoyed the hell out of me but he still used it anyways as if I didn't tell him almost every day to just call me Lyric like everyone else.
The only reason he knew what my nickname from Australia was had been thanks to Imigen calling me it in front of him.

I didn't say anything to him and continued to stand at the counter as if he hasn't just walked in. It was nice of him to ask if I slept we'll but if he was gonna refer to me as Lyx then I was gonna refuse to talk to him and he knew why, sometimes I think I'll never understand why guys like to annoy me intentionally.

Do I have a sticker across my head saying, 'do the exact opposite of what I ask you to do', no I most definitely do not.

He sighed and sat one the bench next to me and begun swinging his legs back and forth while grinning at me as if it would make me feel better after he'd used a nickname I wish I never had.
I don't even know why my family started calling me that, Mum said it had something to do with guitar playing but it didn't make a difference to me, I still hated how it sounded.

"I'm sorry Lyric, did you have a late night yesterday." I bit my lip at his words, I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to tell him about what happened.

If I were to try and I only mean try, tell Hayden that Gerard Way and I had coffee the other night after I closed up he wouldn't believe me. I don't think anyone would believe me and its not like I had an autograph or a photo as proof, I could be lying and it wouldn't be hard for everyone to believe I was lying.

Might as well try, it's not like it'll kill me or anything and the worse thing that'll happen is he thinks I'm a creepy liar.

I told him the story, half mumbling it while staring at a very interesting spot on the floor I'd missed while mopping the shop this morning. I must have been really sleepy, I overlook plenty do things when I try to do stuff half awake.

The more words I spoke the further Hayden's mouth fell open, yeah he probably thinks I'm a liar but if someone were to tell me the same story I'd think there were lying as well because what are the chances of a famous celebrity coming to a small coffee shop like ours?

He could get coffee at a Starbucks if he wanted or he could send out a personal assistant to get it, well he doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd have a personal assistant but you know what I mean.

When I relayed the story in my head I realised why I didn't recognise him instantly. I have enough posters of the band on my wall to know who they are from a mile away, I think it could reach an even further distance and I'd know them but now that I think about it what the hell did Gerard do to his black hair?

It used to be nearly shoulder length and black, now it's really short and white, maybe it's a phase or something.

"Oh-kay then, uh, the back of your apron isn't done up properly, turn around and I'll fix it." I knew he wouldn't believe me, how typical.

I sighed and turned around, Hayden tugged on the strings holding the apron to my waist and he retied them for me. Maybe next time I put my around on I should do it with the help of a mirror. I'm hopeless with the tying stuff, it took me 'til the age of five to learn how to tie a bow, stuff like this just wasn't meant for me I'm better at chaotic creation not organised neatness.

The rest of the day went by quietly and awkwardly, there was no doubt Hayden thought I was a liar and it was really weird talking to him now even though I'd definitely been telling the truth.
I couldn't have imagined a situation like that, actually I probably could have but not to the point where I'd get hyper excited just by thinking back a day.

The chances of me ever being able to meet him again were unlikely, unless I happened to go to a meet and greet, he wouldn't remember me though.

The world outside was getting darker as it got closer to night time and the staff shut up shop and I yawned.
I was amazed I'd been able to stay on my feet this long and I considered it an accomplishment considering when I was tired it didn't matter where I was, whether I was on a bus or in a taxi.

I slept when I was tired and half the time there would be little you could do to stop me.

I got the fright of my life when I stepped outside and nearly bumped someone in the head with my face, which is pretty obvious as to how much it would hurt.

I dropped against the wall and barely managed to catch myself before I hit the ground, standing up is good, making out with the sidewalk is bad and it hasn't taken my long to realise it from the past times I'd fallen over.

"Damn it Dayna you scared the hell out of me." I said while trying to reclaim any courage I had left over.

My taller, much skinnier, red haired friend grinned at me, we both knew she got satisfaction in almost making me lose my marbles from the scare I'd gotten. I almost forgot she was gonna be meeting me outside the cafe after work because she's supposed to be coming to my house for a sleepover. I'd had so much on my brain I think I might have actually forgotten about it and it made me feel like a bad friend.

We started walking towards the subway as I adjusted my backpack and tried to take deep breaths. She'd scared me good this time, it'd take a fair bit of plotting to get her back after that.

Not much though considering I was an evil genius when it came to the subject of plotting to scare people.
I'd always win the scare game in the end and Dayna knew it.

As we jogged up the three flights of building steps, went into the large apartment and practically fell into my room we couldn't help but laugh. Dayna had made a joke and we hadn't stopped laughing for the whole walk and unofficially raced each other into my room.

She won easily since she had the advantage of being more athletic and taller, it didn't matter thought because I was just happy to be lying on a soft bed.

She didn't wait for any permission from me and grabbed my laptop before sitting down on my bed and making herself at home. She was so comfortable here I don't think it even occurred to her she was in someone else's house or she didn't care.

From what I know of her she didn't care because someone else's house was her house, whether they wanted it to be or not.

"Oh have you heard the latest news with My Chem?" I took off my high tops and sat on the bed next to her as her fingers flew over the keyboard.

No I haven't heard what's going on with My Chemical Romance lately although I did happen to happen to talk to one of them and nothing strange seemed to be going on except for him looking really upset.

Maybe he was just stressed and the news she was talking about had something to do with the album they were working on. No one knew the name, what it was based around or when it would be released, maybe they'd given some details to enlighten the fans.

She opened up a google page and typed in 'Gerard and Mikey Way', immediacy the page was filled with results.

The one sitting at the top of the page was labelled 'Way Family Tragedy', Dayna sighed and clicked on it then scrolled down the page for me so I could read the story.
I took the laptop as she held it out to me and my eyes scanned the words quickly, within seconds I felt my jaw fall slack in shock.

I made a surprised sound that didn't even seem human as tears immediately started pouring, to the point of having no self control whatsoever.

It wasn't my loss to cry for but it was the realisation of why Gerard had been so upset last night when I'd talked to him, the sad and grieving look on his face was totally understandable and I felt like an insensitive bitch for not knowing.

'Donna and Donald Way, parents of My Chemical Romance's Gerard and Mikey Way killed in car accident yesterday afternoon.'

Oh god I can't believe something like that could happen, it's unbelievable that something like this could happen so suddenly and that look on Gerard's face.

Thank god I invited him in for coffee because I would have felt like a horrible person.
I wish I could go back in time and apologise for not being more sympathetic or I don't know, given him a bigger hug maybe.

'Gerard Way, reported missing since news of parents death.'

The words hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to push the laptop off my lap so I could get away from the page.

I couldn't see this right now and didn't want to look at it ever again, I don't know why but it hurt to read the words and I forced myself to hold back tears.

Dayna was looking at me like I was overreacting which I would be since she didn't know what happened.

"Lyx, what's the matter?" She was the only person I knew who could use that nickname without having to face a very angry me.

More tears poured down my face and I sniffed them away before wiping my face with the back of my hand.
I felt my makeup smear across my face but ignored it, why am I crying, I only met him once and I'm bawling my eyes out for no reason.

I know what it is, the grief I saw, straight up and untainted because the accident would have only happened hours earlier.


I-I think I was the last person to see Gerard Way before he went missing.


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

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I can't believe its finished... Its so surreal.

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