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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 28: I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And Well, That's It

I could hear the sounds of various machines as I opened my eyes. At first I didn't know what to expect, probably thinking I would have seen more of the darkness I was used to from the dark room but instead I was greeted by the bright, almost completely blinding whiteness of a hospital grade ceiling.

The beeping to the side of me continued as I sat up and groaned, hating the feeling that went through my entire body.

Everything in me hurt, literally everything.
My feet, my legs, my butt, my stomach, my ribs...you get the idea.

The worst part about the whole thing was the ringing in my ears that refused to let up, it was like I'd been standing in front of a speaking playing at top volume for hours and I can honestly say I wasn't enjoying it at all.

I took some time properly waking up, discovering the parts of me that hurt more than others and groaning when the cut, bruise, fracture and break called for it. I've never had so many bandages on my in my entire life and I can't say anything when it comes to casts since I've never broken anything before.

It was strange to wake up to being so covered in things when I was very bare the last time I was awake, when I was running...with Gerard.


I started frantically looking around me, I was worried. The explosion, what if he got badly hurt or someone didn't find him and take him to the hospital or, no there's no way he could have been killed, it's not possible.

My eyes finally caught the person laying in the bed next to mine and I focused on the white haired figure, seeing if Gerard was alright and whether or not there was anything I needed to immediately worry about. He was asleep, slightly propped up on some pillows with his head tilted to the side, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

He had a white cast on his right foot and a cast on his left wrist, stopping him from moving anything so he could heal properly. I hope the plaster's sturdy because I know he has a habit of tossing and turning if he has bad dreams and I don't want that to mess with any of his healing, he needs to get better.

Other than the casts there was nothing blindingly obvious. A few bandages went around his arm and there was a patch on to the side of his forehead that I could see, so he's had to have a couple of stitches as well, I hope he was out for those, I know he hates needles.

Calming down now that I realised I didn't have to worry about Gerard I took a look around the room. Other than Gee and me there was no one in here. A couple of bouquets of flowers sat on shelves, seeming to be for Gerard and me with some cards also.

The room was bare other than that and I didn't see any hidden mafia members ready to kill me now that I was aware they were there.

Is it over? Am I going to be safe? What about Gerard, is he in the clear too? It doesn't seem like it's over, it was too fast and I'm rarely lucky so it's hard to believe I could have escaped death and be here to think about it.

I felt a hard lump under my elbow and looked down to see a call button attached to the sheet on the bed, guessing that I should let someone know I'm awake I pushed it and waited in silence for someone to show up.

After a minute or so a nurse appeared, dressing in white and looking cheerful, a broad smile on her face as she walked over and put her hands on the railings of my bed, looking at me and continuing to smile.

"Good you're up, you've had a lot of people who've been waiting to talk to you." She said, walking to the end of my bed and looking at the clipboard attached to it, personally I just wanted to know how the hell I got here was what the fuck is going on.

"Yep, uh, what happened?" I asked trying to be polite but wanting to grab her and demand instead, I was in shock and freaking out, I was still kinda worried about Gerard and I wanted to make sure Dayna was okay and I want to see my Mum.

"I'm not really sure. I only know what I've heard around the hospital and what's on your clipboard. I believe your mother's here, I'll go find her if you like." The nurse put the chart down when I nodded then left the room with the clicking of a sensible pair of high heels following her.

I yawned and stretched my arms out, flinching again when I felt something being tugged on that I was pretty sure wasn't supposed to move. I looked down and realised that I was accidentally pulling on an IV and just like Gerard I had a series of bandages on my arms and a peek underneath proved that I had a fair few stitches, some small and others big sewn up gashes.

I don't remember having cuts like that when I was running around.

"Lyric!" My head snapped up when I heard Mum's voice, she bolted into the room and came to a skidding halt by the side of my bed.

"Mum." Before I could say anything else she was leaning down and hugging me, a squashing embrace she pulled on my stitches and made my ribs hurt but I didn't care and didn't want her to let go.

"Thank God you're awake, I've been so worried about you. You've been in a coma for nearly two weeks."

How on earth was that possible?
I've been out of it for that long?

"What about Gerard, how's he? Is he alright, there's nothing wrong with him is there?" I looked at my boyfriend who was still asleep and hadn't moved an inch, I hope he'll be awake soon, I want to talk to him.

"He's got a broken rib, fracture in his foot and a broken wrist along with some cuts. He was in a coma as well, he woke up a couple of days ago. He's been worried about you the whole time, he kept asking the nurses if you were going to wake up, he's driven them half up the wall. We didn't know if you were going to wake up again, the blast from the warehouse, it knocked you out and there was swelling of the brain like Gerard..the good thing is that you're awake." Mum finally let go of me, smiled and wiped her eyes to get rid of the brimming tears, it'd been a long time since I saw her look so happy.

"How's Dayna, is she alright as well?" I don't remember seeing much of my friend after the brief chance I got to talk to her in the warehouse I only got a brief flash of her hair as we ran for our lives from the building that was about to go up in flames.

"She's fine, she got further away from the building that you and Gerard did. Other gun a bullet lodged in her thigh and the beginning of an infection she's fine. Last thing I remember she was picked up by her mother to arrange her sisters funeral." Sister's funeral? Tori, Tori was killed, how the fuck did Tori get killed? What on earth could someone as nice as her get killed by someone, she's never done anything wrong in her life?

Mum noticed the look on my face and explained, "Tori, it turns out she got involved with some bad people and knew some stuff she shouldn't. Tori was picking Dayna up from the concert when she got shot, Dayna was in the car with her." Oh poor Dayna, I feel like it's all my fault that she's a part of this, I know it's just wrong place, wrong time but still...

"What exactly happened after the explosion?" I asked, pushing a button on the side of my bed that allowed me to sit further up since there wasn't enough pillows and I couldn't dine the will to be able to move.

"Dayna was the only one who wasn't knocked out so she found you and Gerard who were knocked out, found a phone in your pocket then called nine, one, one. Services showed up and you were brought here. The police aren't saying much but apparently that explosion you caused took out practically every gang leader in the area." I managed to kill all of them? Does that mean that Gerard and I won't have to hide anymore, is this really all over?

I huffed out a breath and dropped my head on the pillow, feeling like the weight of the world had been taken off my shoulders. I don't have anything more to worry about, not for my own safety, not about Gerard, even Dayna will be safe, am I really that lucky?

"We don't need to worry about anything now," Mum said, brushing my hair off my forehead, "how about I go downstairs and get you something to eat, I'll send up the guys at the same time." I smiled, thinking of a combination of things, food, Gerard and well, mainly Gerard but the guys were a part of it as well.

"The band's here?" The prospect of seeing them made me happy.

"Yeah, they're in the cafeteria getting something to eat. I'll send 'em up okay?" I nodded and Mum smiled, kissed my head then left with a promise to come back with food that was supposed to be better than anything the hospital could come up with.

I still for a little while, not wanting to move and almost wanting to go back to sleep but I wanted to see my friends even more. I wanted to talk to Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey too even if I'd seen too much of them when awake.

Next to me I heard a yawn and turned to see Gerard who was starting to wake up. He didn't do much other than rub his eyes and stare at the ceiling, almost the exact same thing I did when waking from what felt like a normal sleep that I'd have back at the apartment. I definitely didn't get the coma vibe when waking up.

"Gerard." I said and he slowly looked at me, seeming slightly confused for a moment before a bright and happy smile lit up his entire face.

"Lyric! You're awake!" Moving too fast for his limbs to work properly he clambered out of his bed and came over, practically falling onto me as I wrapped my arm around his neck and closed my eyes.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, neither of us wanting to talk or let go of each other. I was worried about him and he was worried about me and it was a breath of fresh air to finally not need to worry.

The last time we'd been together we were in a life or death situation and now after so long we were safe.

"They kept telling me that you'd wake up and you'd be fine but after nearly week I almost stopped believing them. I'm just so happy you're alright, I'm never letting you do anything that crazy ever again." Gerard squeezed me tighter and I smiled, I wasn't planning on blowing anything up anytime soon and if things went the way I hoped I wouldn't need to either.

"I love you so much." I told him, feeling happy to be able to hold Gerard with no pressure or worries.

"I love you too, I'm just glad you're safe even if you are still roughed up." Gerard let go and stroked my cheek with his good hand before leaning forward and kissing me, my heart automatically speeding up, the fact I was injured and in hospital being irrelevant.

"Sleeping Beauty's awake!" A voice crowed and Gerard and I looked up, to see Frank and the guys standing at the foot of my bed, grins on their tired faces.

"Hi, Frankie." I replied, as Gerard went back to his bed and sat down on the side, not looking like he intended to like down for a long time and I could understand, he probably hasn't been able to move around that much.

"It's not Frankie, it's Doctor Frank." He said and with that grabbed my chart and sat on the end of my bed with my chart in hand, reading it over, "lemme see, broken foot, three broken toes, two broken ribs and a shitload of stitches." Was he seriously reading that off my chart, I had that many injuries and wounds?

"And a severe case of badass." Mikey added, looking over his shoulder and smiling at me, Mikey and I had never gotten along that well but he his attitude seemed have changed and he seemed to like me now.

"We seriously didn't think we'd see you two ever again. Last thing either of us saw was Dayna running down the street, saying you and Gerard got kidnapped then all of a sudden a van pulled over and dragged her in." Bob leant against a wall and explained, it shouldn't have come as any surprise that Dayna didn't really go to the hospital and simply lied to me instead, she probably didn't want me to worry.

"You wouldn't believe whats happened while you've been out. The papers have gone psycho, everyone's talking about the rockstar and his girlfriend that took out the mafia. Brian's on the phone all the time because people won't stop calling and asking for interviews and appearances and it's not just for Gerard, people want to talk to you too Lyric." Frank said, putting the chart down, I wasn't expecting to hear something like that, I hadn't put any thought into it but mainly expected that if newspapers wanted to talk to anyone they'd want to talk to Gerard, not me.

"Oh and we had to go ahead and release the album, so the second Gerard's out of hospital he'll be talking to a lot of interviewers." Mikey sat down on Gerard's bed, putting an arm around his injured brother who was picking at the gauze on his face with an annoyed expression, he didn't seem too happy with it.

"I don't think I'll be able to do too much, I'm still pretty smashed up remember?" Using the hand with a cast for extra effect he gestured to himself.

"You still look hot to me." I told him with a cheeky grin that caused him to smile back.

"And you're still beautiful to me." The guys made gagging sounds in response to Gerard and I get sappy but I knew they didn't really mean it.

"You two are lucky, you almost turned into an enactment of Demolition Lovers." Ray wasn't wrong there, I really thought that we were going to die for a minute, I was simply refusing to go down without a fight, I must have a guardian angel, there's no other way to explain how I was still alive and how Gerard was alive.

There was a knock on the wall and everyone in the room turned to look at a doctor and my Mum who were standing by the door. Mum had a plastic bag full of food that I could smell from here and the doctor was brandishing a stethoscope.

"It's nice to see you're finally awake Lyric, I'm the Dr. Vaughn, I've been treating you. I'm just gonna check on how you're progressing and see if you'll be able to go home anytime soon but first," Dr. Vaughn turned to the band, "you boys will need to go, it's crowded in here and I'm sure you're all well aware that visiting hours are over." The guys muttered different comments under their breath before hugging Gerard and I then waving goodbye at the door.

It was amazing how the second they left the room was almost completely silent in an uncomfortable way. I guess I must have grown used to their nonstop chatter, it's kinda comforting to be honest.

The doctor walked over to me and I sat up a little straighter so he could check me with the stethoscope. Other than the sound of machines the room remained quiet until he was finished and smiled at me, the wide, doctory kind of smile that you see in tv and movies.

"Okay, the first problem we noticed when you were brought in here aside from the obvious was that you'd taken some internal injuries resulting in you coughing blood. Any internal problems have been solved but while you were out you were still coughing and that resulted in you breathing in some blood but it sounds like that's cleared up so you've got one less thing to worry about." I almost feel like I'm getting payed back by God for years of avoiding any serious, hospital quality problems.

"Does this mean I can go home?" I asked, taking a glance at Gerard who looked like he was as ready to get out of here as I was, I'd barely been in here for more than an hour and I was already wanting to go back to the apartment.

"Yes and no, we'd like to keep you in overnight in case any other problems arise but if you're feeling well in the morning and have no arising problems then you can be discharged at the same time as your boyfriend." I can get out of here, thank fuck, I've only been to hospital twice and I don't want to spend too long in here, I want to be back where I feel comfortable and happy and although I'm happy being with Gerard and my Mum, I'm not comfortable though.

"That sounds great." I told the doctor as Mum started laying food out on a tray, knowing that Dr. Vaughn wouldn't be in here for much longer.

"Good, I'll arrange for some crutches to be brought for you and Gerard in the morning and if you feel up to leaving just push your call button and a nurse will come in and set you up to be discharged at the same time as Gerard and I'll send a nurse in to fix your IV. Alright?" I nodded and internally prated that I'd be well enough to get the hell out of here and I still want to see Dayna as well, my Auntie too.

"Okay, goodnight then." The doctor smiled then left and the room stayed quiet as I looked at Gerard who had moved to the chair beside my bed and was swinging his good leg back and forth, acting more like a kid than a twenty four year old musician.

"You have no idea how long I've been wanting you to wake up so we can go home." Gerard squeezed my hand and I squeezed back, wanting nothing more than to go back to our apartment and spend time with him although we probably wouldn't be able to do what we'd normally do when given a lot of free time.

"And you have no idea how ready I am to go back home."



I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

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