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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 5: And My Brain Is Fried

Well what happened today was a mixture off good and bad but from my point of view it was mostly good so that was uh, good or at least as good as it can get when your hand has been wrapped up and you won't be able to paint, draw or do anything else for about a week or so.

I'd gotten a second degree burn that covered my palm, it was rather severe since it was over three inches and Gerard had entered full panic mode over it and acted as if my hand might drop off at any second.
It hurt slightly but once the doctor had given me some painkillers everything was fine and it was like nothing happened, if I looked past the bandage which was hard considering I'm a leftie and use my left hand for just about every single thing.
I'm hopeless using my right and often end up laughing if I have to write my name with my right hand.

Gerard and I walked to the doctors they was only a couple of blocks away so we spent most of the time chatting about a bunch of stuff, art, music, movies, the reason why I wouldn't let Hayden make the coffee for Gerard.
The main thing on my mind though was how he felt about what happened with his parents and why he'd decided to disappear from the world after it, I couldn't get up the guts to ask though and it was probably best.

After the doctors we went back to the coffee shop since we were both hungry, thirsty and I wanted to check on Hayden and see if he'd been smart enough to call Faith or Joyce to help him out.
I think it would have been wisest to call Joyce though since Faith had no idea what she was doing with a coffee machine and spent most of her time trying to figure out how to make foam with the steam nozzle which would always end up with a whole bunch of pissed off customers who wanted their coffee and milk all over the floor.

Gerard held to door open for me as we stopped at the cafe, it reminded me of that night when I'd been about to close the shop and ended up reopening it and I held the door open for Gerard.
Talk about a reversal of roles, I thought as I stepped into the cafe and he closed the door behind him.
Hayden who'd been using the coffee machine glanced up and gave me a smile before realising Gerard was there as well and his smile turned into a scowl.

We sat at one of the tables near the back of the shop which was a much hated spot actually since it didn't have a good window view and would only be occupied if the cafe was full and that was a rare even that only happened occasionally and whenever closer seats opened the people sitting here would move, personally I liked the darker corner of the cafe since I'd never been best friends with sunlight.

"Paint or draw?" Gerard asked as we sat down, we'd been playing a game of one or the other, you give someone two choices and they have to choose one then say why.

"Paint, because it's more messy therefore more fun." I said as I gestured to my glitter and paint covered shirt, face and hair, it was definitely messy and a bitch to clean up when your teacher got pissed off.

"My turn, day or night?" It was not fair he'd gotten to ask all the questions, I'd only managed to get an answer for two things.

"Night because I wear black a lot so its easier to hide at nighttime." I couldn't help it and laugh because it reminded me of something my Mum would say, she always liked to wear black because it helped her blend into the shadows.

"What would you pick out of day or night?" He ran his hand through his hair before adjusting it again as if he hadn't meant to mess it up in the first place, which he probably hadn't because I had my own version, I'd tuck my hair behind my ears then quickly untuck it.

"Night because it's as dark as my soul." I grinned and the smile on my face was immediately wiped off when I noticed Hayden had come out from behind the counter and was standing next to the table with his arms crossed.

"Lyric can I talk to you for a sec?" I nodded and got up from the chair before giving Gerard a gesture to wait where he was till I came back.

"What is it?" Hayden had almost dragged me off and we were now standing by the counter and he was trying to look less pissed off with no success in sight.

"I don't like him, have you even known this guy for longer than a day? He doesn't seem to know you well and he's not the kinda person you usually hang out with." I rolled my eyes and sighed, how would Hayden know what kind of people I hung out with, he'd never talked to me outside work.

"I'll have you know the people I'm friends with are none of your business, you aren't my boyfriend or even a friend so get your nose out of my life." His jaw clenched and he started to look even angrier before closing his eyes, taking a deep breath and returning to the normal guy I worked with.

"Fine, I'm sorry for being concerned about the creepy guy that you're hanging out with." I frowned at him, Hayden was really pushing the limits of how he could behave, I walk home by myself almost everyday after work and he's never showed any concern for my well being then.

"Whatever, can you get me two coffee's? I'd make one by myself but my hand's fucked, thanks for asking how it was by the way." People that judged each other without a second thought were no friends of mine and never would be so Hayden was beyond the point of thin ice right now even if he wasn't aware of it.

Whenever I insulted him it was with full knowledge of what he was like, I'm an incredibly observant person and most of the time I can figure out whether or not I want to hang out with someone in a few minutes.
The main decider was what bands you liked and I know what I said about judging people but I know that I'll never be able to get along with someone who listens to boy-bands or pop music, they'll wanna play one thing on the radio and I'll wanna play another, it won't be pretty.

Another thing was people that liked both music genres like My Chemical Romance and One Direction or something like that, I mean ARGH make up your goddamn mind people, you can't support both groups.
Nearly all the people who listen to boy-bands and all that other crap will ruin someone else's time by calling the MCRmy emo's or losers and we don't do a fricken thing to them, we keep our opinions (their music sucks) to ourselves and we don't go out there calling them idiots or girly morons, no we're polite and only hit back when they push things too far.

Never in my whole life and time listening to 'emo' music have I gone up to a boy-band fanatic and said their music was shit and whoever listens to them should kill themselves like I've had girls say to me more than once.
I had dignity and knew that just because they didn't feel the same way about my music didn't mean they didn't have the same feelings for their own music, and besides one less The Used fan means I'm more likely to get a ticket to their concert, BAM, optimism right there.

While I was trapped in my thoughts Hayden had grudgingly gone to the machine and made the coffees I'd asked for, well more like demanded but I still got them so it didn't matter as far as I was concerned. Hayden put them in paper cups with lids and walked over, still looking very cranky.

"Here, Blondie." I stood there feeling very confused for a moment wondering why Hayden had suddenly called me Blondie, I didn't have blonde hair or anything close to it and I didn't behave according to the stereotypical dumb blonde behavior either then I felt someone brush against me as an arm reached out and took the two coffees.

"Thank's, kid." Gerard gave him a scowl that went to prove he didn't mean the term 'kid' affectionately and was using the word to offend Hayden which it seemed to be doing a damn good job at because he got flipped off before Hayden went to stand a couple of feet away at the till and began talking to a girl who'd been standing there for god knows how long.

"I could have gotten them from him, you didn't have to come over." I wasn't angry at him for taking the drinks but I was usually a very independent person and hated it when people did things for me that I was perfectly capable of doing myself, it annoyed me and most of the time I'd end up in a bad mood when someone did something I was about to do.

I was about to add something along the lines of 'I could have gotten the fricken cups by myself' which is very impolite to say to anyone no matter what their social status or relationship with you was but I was shut up by his next set up words.

"Your hand's probably still feeling raw after that burn and I don't want you to hurt yourself." It was very sweet of him to think of that but I still felt like I had some independence taken away although the small smile on his face made me kinda glad not to have any right now.

"Um, thanks?" He nodded and confirmed I'd used the right words before turning on his heel and walking back to the table while I followed him and glanced at Hayden for just long enough to see him shooting daggers and Gerard's back with his eyes.

He sat down at the table and put the drinks in front of him before looking at me and thinking I was about to sit down, I glanced at the floor and felt my face get warm, he was probably just being nice to me when he took the drinks but it still made me feel giggly and I started fiddling with my lip piercing, damn you habits.

"I'm gonna get something to eat from the bakery, do you want anything?" That was another perk about working here, not only did I get all the free coffee I wanted (which is enough by itself) as long as I didn't eat everything I could get free food from the bakery which is great because one of my guilty pleasures is stuffing myself with a variation of pastries and doughy foods even though I'm supposed to be eating healthy.

"Sure, anything will do." I nodded and gave him a smile before heading for the door that separated the cafe from the bakery which was a shame because shops had a fantastic smell and I could gladly live in it forever.

The cafe always smelt like freshly ground coffee, green tea, chai and peppermint while the bakery smelled like sugar, cinnamon, apples, garlic and a bunch of other things I found very yummy and would eat at a moments notice.
Yep someone only had to smell like cinnamon and sugar for me to possibly eat them.
I talked to the chick at the counter who's name I could never remember and got some stuff that I mainly chose by pointing and not asking the name of, you'd think I'd know more since I have to run the bakery on Saturdays but nope, I erase all knowledge of baked goods the second my shift ends. I need room for more important things like songs lyrics and how to make chocolate cake in a cup, in the microwave.

With a couple of different things I sat down at the table at the back of the cafe once more and put everything on the table, I know that I try to eat more green food and be healthy but I know deep down that I'll always have a fat kid on the inside trying to get out.
Most of the time I manage to keep her exhausted and shut up through the times when I'll wake up late for work and have to sprint from the apartment to the subway then from the subway to the shop so I can open things or just be there in time for my shift.
"What's this?" Gerard asked as he turned over one of the baked goodies I'd put on the table, he didn't look like he had any intention of eating it and was actually behaving like it'd suddenly yell 'transform!' and turn into a car or a giant blue cat person from Avatar.

"It's a Vegemite scroll, we have them in Australia, they're made out of Vegemite and cheese, try one they taste good." He gave me a skeptical look as if I might be lying before taking a hesitant bite and seeming to be surprised by the taste, yes Gerard Australian food doesn't intend to kill you for no reason.

"When me and the guys were in Australia once we ate at this place that sold burgers made only from local produce..." He started to drift off with his words I sat there waiting for him to finish before taking a bite from the cinnamon roll that was definitely my favourite out of all the different things the bakery sold.

"And?" I tried to coax him into talking again as he finished his food then followed it up with a sip of coffee, he winced a bit as if remembering something bad before opening his mouth and talking again.

"It was made out of kangaroo. Frank was the only one who didn't eat it." His face made me think he thought I'd be horrified about finding something like this out, I've known about it for ages and only seemed to be a surprise to people from other countries, especially Americans who seemed to think we were primitives.

"So what people eat cows all the time, just because one thing you're eating happens to be known as Skippy doesn't make any difference, it's still a living sentient being." By accident my hardcore vegan upraising kicked in and I started going on and on about the animals and so called 'human' farming, I should have seen this coming when I said the thing about Skippy because Gerard is looking at me as if I'm crazy, wonderful.

"Well, I don't think I'll be eating any meat for a while." He sighed and took another drink of coffee before grabbing something else from the tray of food I'd gotten from the bakery, now I felt bad for making him change his diet, it can't be helped though.
I'll end up saying what I think even if it kills me which isn't always useful.

As I continued to feel awkward kudos to my mouth I turned around and looked out the cafe window, oh shit it was a lot later than I thought it was. I've got to get home before my auntie starts freaking out, she let me get away with much more than my Mum would but even she had limits that could be reached and I liked to keep my rights to being allowed to leave the apartment.

"I'll walk you home." I turned around to see Gerard standing up and putting on his jacket that he'd taken off earlier when we sat down, it was way past the end of winter and a month into spring yet it was still cold, the planet had yet to realise it and decided to make everyone suffer instead.
"What?" I know I understood what he'd said but I felt some urge to confirm it otherwise I'd never be able to believe Gerard Way had offered to walk me home, why he'd want to anyway beat me.
I'm not anyone special or a friend, just a girl who he happened to be talking to right now.

"It's getting late and it's already dark outside, I'll walk you home." I said a couple of different things in response since I was unable to make up my mind as to what would be a good choice of words and in the end settled with 'okay' because I'm a freaking wordsmith with a gilded tongue and a brain like a thesaurus.

Gerard handed me my coffee before picking up his own and the tray with some food still on it. Hayden looked up from his place at the counter, sent a glare in Gerard's direction then went back to typing on his mobile, angrily pressing each button. Note to self, next time I come in here remember to bring Hayden some happy pills and a personality change because right now he's being a huge jerk of epic proportions.

We walked to the door together and I waited for Hayden to run up at any moment and start up about how I shouldn't be working home with someone who looked like Billy Corgan but thankfully he kept his mouth shut and stayed behind the counter as Gerard managed to juggle his cup of coffee and a tray of food while opening the door for me. I quietly thanked him and stepped into the very cold night air while adjusting the straps on my backpack and zipping my jacket up to my neck.

I pointed him in the direction of the subway I needed to go to before I could catch a train to my stop, he'd mentioned briefly that he'd caught the same late night train a couple of times before and the second he finished his sentence my brain started wondering if I'd been on the train at the same time and if so how the hell could I not notice him.

As I continued to over-think everything going on around me, we descended down the steps and into the subway with lights flickering in corners and a few people taking up too much room on seats as they read the latest newspaper or mucked around on their iPads while waiting for the train to make its appearance.

Gerard and I only had to wait about five minutes until my train came to a stop at the platform and the doors opened, a few people got out and except for Gerard and I nobody else got in, looks like no one has business in the same part of town. I could understand why because I lived in a mainly residential district, besides no normal, sane person would want to get on the train around this time of night.
The neighbourhood I lived in was friendly but some of the other places the train stopped at didn't result with some of the nicest people in the world getting on and I'd usually keep my head down and my headphones on.

We sat down together and I had to hold back my automatic reaction to shut everyone on the train out, instead Gerard and I talked then had another game of One or The Other and I learnt he'd rather have Skittles over M&M's.
Just my kind of person because Skittles were the bomb and anyone who says otherwise is a liar who is lying to the world and themselves even if they don't realise it yet and are merely waiting for a wake-up call from someone with enough logic to know Skittles kick ass and no other candy could win.
Okay I'll admit I'm getting a little passionate about my love of candy and could probably do with toning it down a bit.

Despite the occasional smiles he'd throw in I could still see the pained expression that'd occasionally cross his face when I looked away it looked like it'd only take a few small words to make him jump off a cliff and it hurt me because I was able to relate.
I've lost a parent as well and I know how much it hurts, I'm over it now and I've pushed my way around things to better my life but things would still creep up and grab me unexpectedly and I'd get sent into some bad depression for a month before I'd struggle out the other side.

I've been through my fair share of shit in this life but after all of it I'd have to say its made me a better person and you know, adds character, thanks to the tough exterior I've built up I'm now able to go through harder and harder ordeals without the bat of an eyelid and it's one of the many things I appreciate about myself and wouldn't ever trade up.

The train slowed as it reached my stop and I stood at the same time as Gerard, the train halted and I bumped into Gerard which instantly resulted in me apologising my ass off even though he kept insisting it was no problem, the look on his face seconds ago is what had done it and the apologising was in case I'd made him more upset.

Once I finished apologising we got off the train and headed towards the staircase that'd lead us to the surface and what would now be the nighttime sky, I love the night and I think I might study astrology once I'm an official painter and actress.
I'm not sure why I want to be an actress, I guess it's because I'm a good liar and I've always wanted to be in a movie adaption of a book, there's something about seeing words come to life that excites me.

We continued to chat as we walked down the street towards my apartment building, Gerard and I split the last cinnamon roll with him and explained how it tasted best when dunked in coffee, he'd finished his on the train though so I happily shared and started rattling off a list of directions on how you make cinnamon rolls which he probably didn't care about.
I loved them though and ate them on a regular basis that was mainly controlled by whether or not I was having a good cooking day when everything would taste great or an off day when I was equipped with the ability to burn water simply by looking at it.

After what felt like a very short amount of time we stopped outside my apartment building and I keyed in the code that would unlock the door, it made a beeping sound and I pushed, expecting the door to swing open. It didn't and I tried a couple more times 'til Gerard sighed and pulled the door open, I blushed bright red and felt like a dumbass as he smirked and stepped into the building behind me.

I've never been known as the patient type so I half ran up the stairs since walking had always taken too long even if I had Gerard to talk to on the long trip, walking up stairs had a habit of annoying me and I didn't like waiting for ages so what's a few seconds of exercise, I don't like running but it gets me up the stairs.

I was surprised with how easily Gerard handled running up the stairs, to me running up five flights of stairs was one of the most painful forms of exercise possible but he looked like he'd just finished a light stroll through the park, he ran too not cheated and teleported right?

Gerard stood with me at the fifth floor while I panted a little, I am so fucking lazy I need to do at least some form of exercise before I die from laziness if that's possible, I won't do anything too heavy maybe just some star-jumps or sit ups in the morning.

"Are you alright" He asked as I managed to catch my breath and stood up straight before pushing some of my green hair out of my face, I look like a loser right now, there's no doubt about it, I'm fricken panting and I didn't even have to run up that many stairs.

"Yeah, just lazy, I need to exercise more often." I laughed and unzipped my jacket, we'd be at my front door any moment so why not save time and procrastinate simultaneously, I didn't want to say goodbye to Gerard but it was inevitable no matter how much fun I'd had with him today.
All good things must come to an end.

"How often do you exercise?" I responded to his question with laughter and got treated to a look I hadn't seen yet, he's probably realising just how little I must do to be so winded after only running for a small amount of time, I work and that's about the only active thing I do.

"Um, like never." I laughed again and strolled over to the front door that was only a few feet away, I pulled the apartment keys out of my backpack and glanced at Gerard who had his hands in his coat pockets and was frowning slightly at the ground.

The faint sound of the tv floated out from underneath the door and I made the assumption that my Auntie must have gotten home from work and be making dinner. She liked listening to the tv while cooking and since the living room was in a different room than the kitchen she had to turn the television up loud.

I stuck the correct key in the lock and twisted, the sound of the door unlocking went through the hallway and I got myself ready for any awkward goodbyes I might have to say right now.
What would be the correct thing to say in this situation 'thanks for taking me to the doctors?' because that doesn't sound right and I knew this even though I avoided talking to people most of the time, the only reason I knew how to act around anyone was thanks to Dayna and my job that forced me to talk to people.

As Gerard walked over and lent against the wall with his hands still in his pockets I dropped my bag and jacket on the ground by the door so I could kick them inside the apartment at the end of this.
I yawned and realised just how tired I felt, it'd been a long day and before the long day started it had already been a long day, I wanna get into my big soft bed, turn up the heater and sleep for the next couple of days even though that wasn't an option thanks to work and school.

"I really liked hanging out with you today, we should do it more often." I was about to make a joke about preferably not getting a second degree burn as part of it but was cut off when Gerard wrapped his arms around me in an almost squashing hug that made me feel incredibly ditsy at the same time.

Almost too quickly the hug was over and by the time I'd recovered enough to say something Gerard was walking down the stair and giving me a brief wave before his white hair disappeared from view and I thought it was weird getting hugged back by him.
This adds a whole 'nother label on the scale of weirdness, the good weirdness though, getting hugged by him could only cause the good weirdness...and maybe butterflies in my stomach as well.
I giggled in a girly way that couldn't be further from matching me before leaning against the door and at the same time I stupidly opened it and landed on my butt, on the carpeted floor with a huge and what I imagine to be idiotic grin.

Damn it Gerard Way you fried my braincells.


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

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