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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 8: See That Thing About To Jump Off A Cliff, Yeah That's My Luck

I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react, run screaming out of the room or feel bad for him. It was obvious with how he said it that Gerard didn't want to kill the guy and only did it to save me but I was still feeling shocked.

Never in my life could I imagine Gerard with a gun in his hand or with an intent to kill anyone. There was also the fact that out of all the things I would have guessed he'd do that wasn't one of them.

He could have knocked the guy out, distracted him, even transformed into a dragon or something but I'd never think of that.

"Gerard." I sighed as I rested my head on his back and hugged him tighter as he started drawing into himself.

He was obviously upset about what had happened but with that added to how his parents had died not that long ago...well it didn't make the best of combinations.

"It's not your fault." I added even though he didn't seem to be listening to me at the moment.

I wanted him to know that it was okay and he did the right thing. I would have been killed or even worse if he just stood there and did nothing.

I would have been murdered or kidnapped and nobody would ever know what happened to me. I'd be just another missing kid and I would be god knows where.

"It is my fault. I could have done something else, yelled at him or called the police." He mumbled quietly but we both knew I would be dead long before he got a chance.

"No it isn't. I would have died. Gerard you saved me and it wasn't your fault." I told him while trying to get him to turn around and look at me but he refused to move.

He shook his head, disagreeing with my words and it made me even more upset knowing that he wouldn't listen to me.

I did the only thing I could think of to get him to look at me and got off the bed before kneeling on the ground in front of him. I took his hands and shook then until he stopped staring at his lap and looked up at me.

"I shouldn't have done it though. It's wrong to kill people and that's obvious. It doesn't matter what someone does, what I did was wrong." Before the words had even left his mouth I was shaking my head because he was wrong.

"Please listen to me. It's not your fault, you didn't do the wrong thing. I saw him shoot a man and he chased me down the street. Then he said how he was planning to sell me." I felt like I was going to start crying when I thought of all the things that'd happened to me.

It was terrifying to know how close I was to death. I'd literally had my life flash before my eyes and I was getting ready to say goodbye when Gerard shot him.

The last thing I'd thought of was him.

"But I should have done something else. The guys would have been smart enough to think of something." I had a feeling he was talking about the band and I had no idea what they were like but they might have done the same thing. If I had a gun in hand and someone was about to get killed I'd shoot the murderer.

"Gerard doesn't some small part of you know it was the right thing to do?" He nodded a little and sighed, adjusting his hands so he was holding mine then tightening his grip.

My heart beat a little quicker when he did that even though the moment was very serious. I still had trouble focusing on anything but him, every part of me was filled with concern and nothing else.

"I'm just glad you're alright." He told me, staring into my eyes for a moment before I winced at the stinging sensation that ran across my back.

"Shit, just lie down. You're pretty roughed up after what happened last night." I do have to admit I would be more than likely to have a few bruises after falling down a couple times. I'd probably have some serious scrapes as well.

I did what he told me to and lay down on the bed with him still sitting on the edge with a black jacket on. He looked like her just gone out somewhere and his white hair was looking slightly wind blown.

"My back really hurts." I told him and I sat up on my elbow and tried to reach around and see what was making my back hurt so much.

I touched what felt like an opened wound and gritted my teeth as the stinging got even worse.

What the hell is that anyway? I don't remember having anything cut me last night and it feels like much more than a scraping from the sidewalk.

"Roll over and let me see." He turned around and tried to put what I could tell was a fake smile on his face.

I changed positions so I was laying on my stomach with my face pressed into the pillow and I felt Gerard pull the back of my shirt up a little.

As he lifted the fabric it felt like something was being ripped away from my skin and I squealed through my teeth.

He noticed immediately and stopped trying to pull my shirt up, I wanna know what the hell's going on with my back.

"I'm gonna have to rip it up the side, alright?" I mumbled something that might sound like 'okay' into the pillow. It's a shame, I really like this shirt.

He put his hands on my side for a moment before grasping the seam and pulling. There was the sound of fabric tearing and I felt my side go cold as air hit it.

Slowly he pulled the ripped shirt to the side and there was still the feeling of something tugging on my skin but not as bad this time and I was able to grit my teeth through it.

"How does it look?" I asked him when I could feel that my whole back was bare. Whatever was going on he'd be able to see it easily.

"There's um, there's some blood. Just stay where you are and I'll be right back."

How was there blood on my back? There was nothing that could have happened to effect it. I must have cut myself and not realised it.

There was the sound of Gerard walking off and I waited there in the silent room.

I can't believe I'm lying on Gerard Way's bed, this is almost every MCR fans dream isn't it?

The only difference was that in most normal situations when a girl would be laying on a guys bed with her shirt ripped off it wouldn't be after he shot someone and had to take her back to his apartment to stop her from being murdered.

What on earth am I gonna tell my aunt about this?

She's probably noticed I haven't come home by now and she'd be freaking out or that's what I'd be doing if my niece went missing. Maybe I should call her when I get a chance or better yet, go home.

I should probably contact Dayna as well because she is more than likely to be freaking out about me not being at school.

But what on earth was I supposed to say to her about it anyway?

Oh sorry I wasn't here today, you see last night I was on my way home and I was sitting in the subway when all of a sudden these two guys murdered this other guy. Then they spotted me and I had to stab one of them with a necklace then run for my life and I got tackled by one of them.

He tried to strangle me to death and made threats about how he was going to sell me to these people and my life flashed before my eyes.

Guess who featured in it?

Gerard Way who also happens to be the guy you've been asking about for ages so I'm now at his place, lying on his bed after he had to shoot the guy strangling me and yeah.

That's the reason I haven't been at school today.

First thing she'd do is yell at me for not telling her I was hanging out with Gerard Way, then she'd probably hug me to death because I was somehow still alive.

The bed sunk a little as Gerard sat next to me again and put something on the nightstand. He sighed and pulled my shirt a bit further to the side and I wondered if he was still dwelling on what happened.

"Your back is rather bloody so I'm gonna clean it up a bit okay? I don't want you getting an infection." I nodded and he picked up something off the nightstand.

Something warm went onto my back and I winced before realising a moment later that it was just water and nothing that would harm me.

My back continued to sting and I clenched my eyes shut while he wiped the blood away.

"What do you think happened?" I asked him when it started to sting more than ever before, I needed something to take my mind off it.

"I'm not a hundred percent positive but I think a bullet might have grazed your back. That's certainly what it looks like." I remember when I was running away from them, there was the sound of a gunshot then my back felt like it was on fire.

Gerard put something on my back that made me think of a giant bandaid then told me I could turn around again. I did it carefully for two reasons, one was that I didn't want to hurt my back and the seconds was me not wanting my top to go spazzy enough for Gerard to see my bra.

"I've got some food in the kitchen if you're hungry." He suggested and my stomach growled, I was really hungry and it'd been a while since I last ate.

"Yeah I could do with some food." I said before putting my feet on the ground and standing up.

I was feeling a bit drained after everything that'd gone on but there was nothing on this planet that could separate me and food when I was hungry. I smiled at Gerard as he gestured in front of him for me to walk into the hallway and I did while tying the two ripped pieces of my shirt together.

He followed me as I walked and we ended up in the kitchen that was new looking and suited the rest of the apartment.

"Can you think of anything you'd like?" He asked me and I sat on one of the stools by the bench.

"Please tell me you have coffee." Was the first words out of my mouth. I had a coffee to wake me up every morning before school and my brain was frazzled because I hadn't stuck with my usual routine.

"Does a fish swim?" I laughed, yeah it was kinda stupid to ask him that when I've seen how much coffee he drinks when I'm working at the cafe.

"Okay put on some coffee. Oh shit never mind." I remembered the reason I'd be unable to have coffee this morning and Gerard paused between the bench and the fridge.

"What?" I propped my chin on my palm and rested against the kitchen bench.

"You wouldn't have soy would you?" Every time Gerard came in to the cafe he'd always order his coffee with milk so I doubted he'd have some soy in the fridge.

"Uh I actually do. I went to the shops while you were asleep and got some stuff. I know you don't eat all the same stuff as me so yeah." That explains why he has his jacket on as if he'd just been out.

"Carry on then." I gestured and he continued his journey to the fridge while I turned around in my seat and looked around the apartment.

The walls were painted a dark shade of grey and made the room seem dark even though the curtains were pulled back and light spilled in the windows. A white couch sat against the wall with a coffee table in front of it that was cluttered with paper and what looked like CDs.

A large tv was mounted on the wall but turned off and a DVD player sat on a shelf below it with some DVDs propped up.

It looks like Gerard's been living here for a while. If everyone was looking so hard for him then shouldn't they have just come here?

The band is obviously friends with Gerard so they should know where he's living.

"Why haven't they looked for you here?" I asked him, knowing he'd get what I was talking about immediately.

He stood in front of the thing that was brewing the coffee for a moment before sitting on the bench next to it and sighing.

"No one thinks I'd come here, I actually live somewhere else and this was my old art studio kind of place. I told everyone ages ago that I'd stopped renting the place but I kept it because I wanted somewhere to escape to." Well that explains that then, they thought he wasn't associated with this place anymore.

The machine beeped and Gerard got off the bench to put the coffee in some mugs.

"Sugar?" I nodded and he added a reasonable amount before handing me a cup and a carton of soy milk.

"I know it might not taste as good as the one you make but I can't use those fancy machines" He shrugged and took a sip from his cup before I tried mine. It tasted perfectly fine to me and the only thing that separated it from the coffee I made was foam.

I sighed as I got my daily dose of caffeine and knew I'd probably be drinking another ten cups once I got home.

"You're a toast person right?" I nodded again, I'd rather eat toast than anything else for breakfast. I've been known to eat it as a snack as well.

Gerard got some bread out of the cupboard and put it in the toaster next to the coffee brewer before coming over and sitting on a stool next to me.

"After breakfast I'll walk you back to your apartment alright?" The thought of going back to my place, escorted or unescorted made me nervous.

I knew I'd have to go past the same subway as the one I saw the guy get shot in last night and I was scared that those people might be there waiting for me. They'd made it very obvious they wanted me dead and I had no doubt they wouldn't be giving up anytime soon.

They reminded me of the mafia or hitmen, maybe they'd been payed to kill that person and now I was a danger to their operation because I'd seen it happened and got out alive.

I've been watching too many crime shows.

"What's the matter?" I'd been gripping my coffee cup tightly when thinking over all the things that could happen to me and he must have noticed.

"I'm worried, those people. They wanted me dead. They were going to kill me and you were the only thing that stopped them. One of them got away alive and god knows what he's gonna say to whoever he works for." My brain kept on going over worse and worse scenarios of what could happen to me and I wish I could shut them off.

"Don't worry, you'll be okay. I'm the one who shot the guy anyway. They'll be more likely to target me than you." He smiled softly at me and I started worrying more now than before.

It didn't make me feel any better to think that those caliber of people would want to hurt Gerard and what scared me even more was how relaxed he was about it.

"Gerard, we should go to the police." I told him as he stood up and casually went to the toaster. He was being completely detached from everything, that's what's happened to him from shooting the guy who tried to kill me.

I'd become scared for my own life but he'd just removed himself from everything and didn't care at all.

Now I was even now scared for him than I was for myself, he was being reckless for not realising the danger he was in.

"What will we tell them. Hi this is Gerard Way the guy whose been missing but perfectly fine. Also this girl here nearly got murdered by the mafia or whatever and Gerard the missing guy had to kill someone. Yeah that's gonna go down well. It'd be better if we just pretended nothing ever happened. Do you know what something like that could do to my career? Besides it'll cause you more trouble than you need, trust me." He said the words bitterly but looked scared at the same time, even if he was trying not to look at me.

"Well they could at least do something about the people. They could put us in witness protection or something, that's gotta be better than just waiting for those psychos to show up." I knew the mafia people would do something, they wouldn't give up that easily. Especially when I was alive and able to give a rather accurate description of what they looked like.

"You don't need witness protection. As I said they'll chase after me, not you. I'm famous, if I was to start talking about them people would listen. Sorry to say this but you're a teenager, everyone would think it's a prank." I pursed my lips as he spoke, I don't want to think about them chasing him.

"Gerard I don't want you to get hurt." I mumbled with my face going bright red, thankful he was focusing on the toast and not looking at me.

"You don't need to worry about me. Just keep yourself safe." I had no idea how I was supposed to think of myself when I was worrying about him all the time.

It was bad enough when I was concerned over if he was okay with his parents dying but now adding the fact of having to shoot someone...I wanted to go home and stay here at the same time. I wanted to keep an eye on him to make sure he would be alright and not so anything stupid.

"Here." Gerard handed me a plate with a couple of pieces of toast before passing me some random spreads from the fridge.

"Eat up and I'll take you home." He said before sitting on a still next to me with his own plate of toast and putting his food together.

"Gerard, I was wondering, will you ever go back to the band?" I asked him cautiously, putting soy spread on my toast that he must have bought while he was out.

"Mmm, maybe. I don't want to deal with it right now. It's just that I don't want the pressure of the new album and they'll be trying to talk to me about it the whole time. I want a break from everything." He should still tell his brother he was alright, Mikey has got to be worrying about him and he lost his parents as well.

I slowly ate my toast that I'd put mainly jam on and the room stayed silent for a little while before I collected the courage I needed to say something to him.

"Gerard I want you to call, Mikey." I wasn't asking him or suggesting it, I was telling him that he needs to call his brother.

"I'll consider it." No I didn't want him to consider it, I wanted him to actually do it.

"I saw what he looked like when he came into the coffee shop. He looked like shit, Gerard. You should be the big brother that you are and go comfort him or at least let him know you're alive and okay." He'd put down his food and was looking at me as I talked, at least he was listening.

"Fine, I'll do it. Let me walk you home first." I ate the last piece of my toast and Gerard took our plates then dropped them in the sink.

"Um, Gerard. My top." I pointed the rip that ran up the side, it would be hard to miss by anyone and I couldn't just sow it up magically.

"I'll get you a shirt." He said before going out of the room and leaving me sitting by the kitchen bench, waiting for him to get back.

To keep myself entertained I stared at a wall before I he came jogging back into the room with a T-shirt in hand.

"Here you go." He threw it to me and I caught it with one hand before holding it up and looking at it.

It was just a regular band shirt, I recognised it as The Misfits and smiled for a moment. It was a funny thought that someone from a really famous band would wear another groups shirt but then again when Mikey came into the coffee shop he was wearing an Anthrax shirt.

Gerard turned around so I could put the top on but instead I went into the hallway and pulled my already ripped shirt off and put the borrowed one on.

It was soft and smelt a bit like him which made me feel like a creep for noticing but after getting a hug from him I was hard for me to not notice how good he smelt.

The shirt was a little loose but it would do until I got home and changed it for one of my own shirts.

"Alright, I've got unripped clothing." I told him, walking back to the room and looking at Gerard who was leaning against the door waiting for me.

He stared at me for a moment or two before nodding and pointing to my bag that he's put on the kitchen bench. I picked it up and put it over my shoulder before walking out the door he was holding open for me.

We got into the elevator at the end of the hall and Gerard pushed the ground button.

"I'd take you home in my car but I can't get it right now." I didn't know he had a car, I'd though he would have just caught the train and bus everywhere.

Then I remembered he was easily over the age limit to get a license and would have probably been driving for a while. Besides he would easily have enough money to buy a car if he needed one.

"Did you get a boot on it?" I asked because that's about the only thing my mind could come up with to say.

"No, I left it at Mikey's and I really don't wanna go get it. I probably should though, I have some stuff I need to do in New Jersey." I wonder what he needed to do but it was none of my business so I won't ask.

The elevator dinged and we got out into the lobby what was fairly empty with only one person there, checking their mailbox.

We stepped onto the street and started walking towards the nearest subway while I looked through my bag to see if everything was unsquashed. The mask was still fine and so were the paints that I'd bought, thank god.

The only thing missing was my purse, it must have fallen out at some point. I guess it's a good thing I'm smart enough to keep my money in my bag and not my purse.

When around the darker parts of the city during the night it's not hard to figure out that it's smarter to keep a couple bucks in your purse and the rest in your bag.

Someone will mug you, take your purse that only has a bit of money, leaving you with your bag and the real cash. My Mum told me to do that when I was living here and she was definitely right.

Fortunately the subway wasn't far away from his apartment building so it wasn't long until we were sitting on a train that was on its way to my stop.

Gerard and I sat next to each other the whole time and I quietly told him what had happened before the guy knocked me to the ground and tried to kill me.

By the time I told him the whole story I realised where we were and had to try hiding the shaking that took over me when the train stopped at the subway where I'd seen the guy get killed.

From what I could see out the door there was no body or blood spatter, there was no police tape or detectives scouring the place for clues.

Did the guy who shot him clean it up so there'd be no reports in the morning paper?

My heart was beating at a million miles an hour, right up 'til the doors closed and the train started moving again.

"Lyric, it's alright." He told me, putting an arm around my shoulder. That did the trick of taking my mind off everything.

After little while and a couple more subways the train finally reached my stop and Gerard and I got off.

Since he'd already walked me home once we both walked straight to the apartment building and up to the place my auntie and I shared.

I fished the keys out of my bag and went to stick them in the door but Gerard just put his hand on the handle and pushed it open.

"How did you open the door?" I asked him but he put a hand up, telling me to be quiet as he walked into the apartment.

He left the door open behind him and it was moments later that I saw the damage caused to the apartment. Things were upended, smashed and torn to pieces all over the place.

I ran into the room, almost shoving Gerard out of the way and looked around to see what the hell has happened.

The whole apartment was trashed who the hell would want to do that to my house?
According to the day and the time on the wall I knew my aunt would be at work. I know she's going to freak out when she gets back to the apartment and sees the place looking like this.

The next thing I did was go into my room and freeze with a gasp, nothing at all had been moved, not even an inch and it contrasted harshly against the rest of the house that'd been trashed.

The only thing that stood out in my room was my purse that was laying on the bed.
Oh god it was the one I dropped.
I must have dropped it at the subway, that mafia guy would have found it and they now know my address!

My auntie what if they hurt her?!

She could be in danger and it's all my fault!
Gerard came jogging into the room and I sat down on the bed with my mind still reeling in shock. What more was going to happen if they didn't find me?

What if they go to Dayna's house and try to hurt her or her family? No that can't happen, I haven't got her address anywhere here. My aunt doesn't even know it so Dayna should be fine.

Gerard opened up my closet and grabbed the duffle bag that was sitting on one of the shelves. I sat there, watching him as he started grabbing things off hangers and shoving them into the duffel bag.

"What are you doing?" I murmured, now staring at my purse with my address clearly written on the inside for if I ever lost it.

"I'm getting you out of here right now. There's no way on earth I'm leaving you here. Anything you need grab it." The first thing that came to mind was the mural I'd been painting. It was rolled up and leaning against one of my cupboards, just like it always was after I let it dry.

I quickly put it in its carry case and threw it onto my bed before grabbing my mobile that'd been just under the blankets on my bed, thankfully enough for them not to see.

I put it in my bag along with the charger as Gerard threw my duffel bag onto the bed, causing me to jump.

"Have you got any other clothes you need to take with you?" I was already wearing my favourite shoes so I didn't need anything else and all my shirts and pants had been taken from the cupboard.

There was only one more thing I needed.

I went over to my cupboard and put my foot on the bottom shelf, boosting myself up so I was halfway onto the top shelf. I grabbed the money box I had stashed far up the back and pulled it down with me. Landing on the floor with a thump before stuffing it into the small amount of space left in my duffle bag.

When I turned around Gerard was sticking half of his body out the window, confusing me since he was doing it for no reason whatsoever that I could see.

"I'm gonna write a letter for my aunt." I told him before grabbing a pen off my night stand and heading for the kitchen.

"Stop!" He yelled at me and I froze in my tracks at the urgency in his voice, it wasn't a tone that I'd ever heard before and it scared me.

"Lyric grab your stuff right now." He said before going to my bed and slinging the duffel bag over his shoulder, it's got to have been heavy.

I didn't like listening to people when they were ordering me around so of course I had to question him.

"Why? Gerard what's going on?" Other than the obvious fact that my apartment had been ruined by thugs who hated me.

"Look out the window." He talked so quickly that I had a bit of trouble understanding him but got it a moment later and went over to the window.

I stuck my head out and he pointed to something on the street, my eyes focused and I saw the people getting out of a very big, black van and walking towards the building.
I recognised one of them and immediately started panicking.

"Gerard he's one of the men. He tried to kill me!" I yelled as he pulled me back into the building, I feel like I'm gonna pass out any moment.

"I kinda got that idea from the car they're driving. Now listen to me and I want you to do exactly what I tell you, okay?" I nodded and stood there, waiting for him to say something that would put my mind in order.

"Grab your bags and stand by this window. I'll be right back." He ran out of the room and I slung my bag over my shoulder before grabbing the container that held my mural.

I waited for a minute and he came running back into the room, still holding my duffel bag as if it weighed nothing. He closed my bedroom door and locked it behind him while I tried to calm down my heart that was beating at a million miles an hour.

"Alright, we're gonna wait here and the second you hear them at the door I want you out that window." I took a deep breath and nodded again, putting one leg out the window and onto the fire escape.

I can't believe I dragged Gerard into this, if he gets hurt it will be all my fault. I'll never be able to forgive myself if anything happens to him, not as long as I live.

He was just trying to be a good friend to me and I was being the worst person in the world. I should have told him to stay at his apartment and I could have walked down by myself. Then I could deal with this mess without bringing him into it.

There was the sound of voices yelling from the hallway and flinched which made Gerard put his hand on my shoulder.

"Out now." He told me and I quickly got myself out the window so he could follow.

He landed on the fire escape next to me and closed the window with a small thump. He gestured for me to climb down the ladder and I did it quickly as I heard the sound of people yelling get louder.

We went down a few levels before he got me to move away from the ladder and climbed down ahead of me.

It was the bottom level and he grunted when he let go of the ladder and landed hard on his feet in the alleyway.

I knew a jump like that would hurt me, he was taller so the distance between him and the ground when he was hanging from the ladder was much smaller.

It'd be at least five feet between me and the ground and I've fallen off short distances and still gotten hurt.

"Jump." He told me and I felt my palms get sweaty as I climbed down the ladder.

"I'll hurt myself." It didn't matter whether or not there were criminals in my apartment, I was still afraid of heights and falling so my body naturally disagreed with what I had to do.

"You won't." His words didn't make me want to jump, he was perfectly fine but only because he was much taller than me.

"Gerard." I said cautiously, trying to get him to understand that I really didn't want to jump.

"Lyric, just fucking jump. Trust me, please." I sighed, closed my eyes then let go of the ladder and tried not to scream as I fell through the air.

Arms wrapped around me and Gerard grunted before taking a couple of steps back in surprise.

I hadn't been expecting him to catch me, I thought I would have been too heavy for him but he somehow he stopped me from hitting the ground.

I opened my eyes and stared at him for a moment. His hazel eyes were lit up by the morning sunlight, turning almost turning them shade of green and I felt my heart get fast but not because of the criminals chasing us.

Because he had his arms around me.

I moved my face a little closer to his and he seemed to move toward me before he blinked a few times and seemed to notice what we were both doing.

"Another time. We have to go, now." He set my feet on the ground and I blushed bright red, feeling very awkward before adjusting the bags I was carrying and looking down either side of the alley.

Gerard grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me down the left side of the alley, away from the black van that was parked in the street.

Our feet pounded against the pavement as we ran onto the other street and in the direction of the nearest subway. I didn't know what time it was but I hoped it would be the right time for trains to be arriving and leaving so we could get straight on.

Where on earth where we gonna go after we got away from here anyways? Back to his house or maybe I should go to Dayna's. I needed to call my aunt and tell her not to come home, I don't want her getting hurt by anyone.

"Gerard, where are we going?" I asked as we got a block away from my apartment building and continued running down the street, past plenty of surprised people.

"Back to my place. I'm not leaving you alone until I know you're safe and out of danger." It put a smile on my face to know he didn't want me hurt but I'd just be bringing more trouble onto him.

We ran down some subway stairs and barely managed to make it onto a train before the doors closed.

Once the train started moving we collapsed onto some seats with a sigh, finally being safe from the people in my apartment.

Gerard sat back on the seat and I did too before resting my head on his shoulder with a long sigh.

I would have put my head on just about anyone and anything right now but I enjoyed it more when it was him.

It's been a long day despite it not even being noon yet, I just want to sleep and not wake up for the next three months.

We need to do something about these people before one of us gets hurt. Whether it's by having to go to the police or talking the people out of wanting to murder me, I just want this all to stop.

So far it seems that Gerard is more worried about me getting hurt than he's worried for himself and I'm more worried about him than I am about myself so we're both risks to ourselves.

Besides he shouldn't be worrying about me when I was perfectly fine. He had himself to worry about, he had a brother he needed to see and an album he should be recording with the band.

I could keep myself safe. Yes it's true I do some stupid stuff but I'm smart enough to know when I'm doing something dangerous that could get me hurt.

"So I'm thinking we drop your stuff off at my place then go out for Starbucks. What do you think of that?" He asked and I laughed a little bit before nodding against his shoulder and closing my eyes.

I just wanted a tiny break from reality and I knew Gerard would wake me up at our next stop.


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


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