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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 7: I'm In Gerard's Apartment, There You Go

Rough material brushed against my check and my head pounded like never before, it felt like my head was gonna explode from the pressure.
Ow, migraines are the worst, I only got them occasionally and when I did it was pure agony, the first time I got a migraine I thought I had cancer or a brain tumor, it'd been the worst scare of my like and and like to avoid the pain of having it again if in could avoid it.

My whole body felt sore like I'd taken a bad tumble down a steep hill, just in case you don't know what that feels like, it bloody hurts and should be avoided I'd you can help it. It's similar to being really sore after a long workout, mind you I've only exercised vigorously once in my life so I'm no expert when it comes to talking about exercise pains.

Other than the pounding in my head the most painful part of my body right now would have to be my middle back, it felt like it'd been rubbed red raw with sandpaper.
I moved what could hardly be considered an inch and my back started stinging as if it were on fire, ow, ow, ow, that hurts so much, it's like my back was attacked with a curling iron, trust me I knew what it felt like.
I've burned myself a lot when trying to do something to my hair, lately I've just given up and decided to let nature do whatever it wanted or in my case my pillow because my hair always looks fucked up after a long sleep.

I tried to open my eyes and I felt as if I was trying to push through wet cement, I was getting absolutely nowhere no matter how hard I tried, I only had the drive of wanting to know what was going on that made me open my eyes, even then it was slowly and hesitantly as if the world would shatter to pieces if I was everything too fast.
It wasn't just the world either it was me, the last thing I remember was the world fading away into blackness and my last thoughts of family and friends.

The room I was in was dim, a curtain was pulled over the large window, blocking out most of the light and allowing only small ray's to get into the room, otherwise everything was dark, including the wallpaper, the floor and the bed I woke up on, whoever put this room together is great with colors and I'm not being sarcastic, I love the color (shade) black.

With a lot of effort I managed to get off the bed and stand up without falling over, my legs felt weak, it was probably thanks to all the running I'd done last night.
I don't think I've ever moved so much in my life, that running was as brutal as ever, where the fuck an I anyways, obviously in a house or something that is very houseish.

I stretched my arms out and yawned while spinning around and looking for any indicator of where I was or who's house this was, there was nothing around the room that made anything obvious. A mirror, a closet, just basic stuff you'd have in a bedroom, the only thing out of place was a jacket that looked like it'd been tossed half halfheartedly onto the bed.

My bag was nowhere to be seen and I felt strange without it, I nearly always had either a backpack or a messenger bag no matter where I went, oh god what about my paints?!

Within seconds I entered panic, they cost a hundred bucks for gods sake, they're not cheap and they were the last ones left.
I'm gonna have to postpone the finishing of my mural so I can order more paint, paint that cost a lot of money, whoever has taken them is gonna pay, I can tell you that right now.

More memories from last night came back and I remembered the gun pressed under my chin, the hand cutting off air.
I swear someone shot the gun, I heard it, how could anyone not hear it, it's so deafeningly loud it could wake the dead from their sleep, maybe he missed, I hope he missed because if he didn't that means I'm in heaven right now.
I don't think I want to be dead just yet, I have too much to do and so much to live for, like my song mural for an example, and killing the bastard who took my paints.

What was it that guy said about me, I was pretty and I could make money if I remember right, this better not be that bastards house, if it is I'm gonna go kill someone and I'll enjoy it like I've never enjoyed anything before.
I hope I still have my necklace with me, I thought as I put my hand on my jeans pocket, I felt a crescent shaped lump, good it's still there, this thing can do a lot more damage than you think a necklace would able to.

That couldn't have happened though, it would have been easier to just kill me and get rid of the hassle, because if anyone tried to sell me to anyone then some people are gonna get seriously hurt, I managed to put a huge hole in a guys hand with my necklace.
I could easily do it again and if I get my hands on a knife then god help you because I've just woken up with no idea where I am or what day it is, my stuff is gone and I've got a blinding migraine, my whole body hurts and I could possibly be dead.

Crap what about my auntie, she would have at least noticed I didn't come home last night, and if its past nine then Dayna is gonna be wondering why I'm not at school with her getting in glitter fights and using the splattering technique with paint when the teachers back is turned.
I told her I'd see her at school and I'm not there, the schools gonna call my auntie or my Mum in Australia, they're gonna notice I'm gone right?
I'm not just gonna disappear like one of those missing kids on fliers.

I dropped on the bed and sat there staring at the wall and trying to figure out just what was happening and what I was supposed to be doing right now, should I sneak out or try to look through some stuff? Maybe there's a mobile around here so I could call my Aunt or Mum, even the police so they cold try to find out where I am and what about that guy in the subway.
A body's got to have been found by now or some blood stains.
It's not like they were small, I could still see what it looked like, like you'd dipped a paintbrush in red then flicked it at the wall.

Maybe I should start off by finding out where I was, I should at least get my bearing so I don't walk out the front door and find myself in the middle of the desert or the arctic, that could get weird if something like that were to actually happen. I don't feel far away from the city and I don't think I've slept that long, maybe a couple of hours but definitely no longer than a day.

I shielded my eyes to get ready for the bright lights and walked over to the window, I braced myself for what was gonna happen when my migraine headache became best friends with the bright sun.
Carefully and slowly I pulled the curtain back and peered out the window, there was a huge building across from me and roughly fifteen floors down there was a street filled with bustling people, cars and other various things, that good I'm still in New York, I don't recognize anything from where I am but I'm glad to know in still in the same place.

My head now hurt six times more than it dead when I woke up, thank you for fucking nothing sunshine, why can't you be the same...just less bright and everything.
Chill the hell out, don't burn me all the time or aggravate my migraine and I think we'll get along fine, it's either that or I'm spending the rest of eternity inside like a vampire, it's not unusual for me to now wanna go outside, in Australia Mum had to practically push me out the front door so I'd go outside for longer than five seconds.

The most sun exposure I liked having was looking out the window to guess what the weather was like, if it was sunny I'd be inside for the rest of the day and if it was dark with a chance of rain then I'd be more than happy to go out shopping that afternoon, yeah I could be weird sometimes but it was just another one of my fantastic quirks.

Now that the curtain hung on a different angle because I'd disturbed it I could now see something I wouldn't have noticed before, a normal sized metal object that my mind automatically labeled as a gun and if I was as right as I thought I was then it's a revolver, the one with a spinning barrel.
I'd seen them on tv and in movies before but I've never seen a revolver in real life, besides the other night of course but things had been happening too fast for me to get a good look.

This one looked shiny and well taken care of, either that or it was brand new, this could have been new for all I know, I'm not always aware of what I'm talking about with guns.
I only know the basic things, cock the gun, pull the trigger and I'm not ever sure if those directions are right, the only thing I could know by looking at the revolver was that it had the safety or whatever on.

I stared at the gun for a moment before shakily taking it from the nightstand and holding it, whoever's in the rest of the house obviously owns this gun and more than likely knows how to use it.
I wish I knew how to aim with one of these things but I grew up in Australia, we don't have as many guns as Americans do and Mum never had a license anyway so you can probably get the idea why I'm hopeless with a gun.

So now I was more than just an unstable teenager was was feeling very upset, I was that plus a gun because its obviously the best combination ever. I could take out a wall at any moment with this thing, I didn't even have basic gun knowledge so anyone who's around me while I have this is unlucky.

It took a moment for me to brace myself for whatever may be outside the bedroom door, after a couple of deep breath and with the revolver in one hand I opened the door.
It swung open quietly to reveal a hallway with two doors that was otherwise empty, is this the moment where I'm supposed to call out 'hello?' like a victim in a horror movie?

Each slow step seemed to last forever and it took me a while to even get halfway up the hallway, it was obvious it'd open to reveal a large room but I was afraid of who might be in there, my mind came up with some of the worst human beings possible. The two I saw last night for an example, should I feel this normal after seeing a dead body?
I feel like there's something wrong with me.

After a some more steps forward I got an uncomfortable feeling of coldness running up and down my skin, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, something felt off, wrong.
I didn't like it one bit, it was like the chills you got up your spine when you were watching a scary movie, except a story line for those were predictable, I had no idea what turn my life was gonna take next.

Behind me there was the sound of something creeping and I immediately spun around, taking the gun with me, I don't know how to use it but I might as well try, it's that or be killed and I'd honestly prefer not to die if I could help it. I have more on my list of lifetime goals than die or be another missing face.

My brain registered a male figure, taller than me and they certainly gave me a big enough fright not to be in a good position right now, I was scared and in fight or flight mode.

I raised the gun, having no idea what to do to protect myself or even fire it, instantly the gun was knocked to the ground and skidded across the floor.
Like last night my arms were pinned by my sides and I was unable to move for a moment before I pulled roughly and I regained control of my arms.

The second I was able to move again I turned and reached for the gun, there was no other option for me.
I'd left my necklace in the bedroom and even if I couldn't figure out how to fire the gun I'd at least be able to hit someone with it and whatever kept me safe for now would just have to do because I haven't got any other ideas or plans despite usually being able to come up with plans on the fly.

Arms wrapped around me and I felt a chest press into my back as I started to enter full fledged panic mode, my arms were by my sides, I couldn't move them and as far as I was concerned it meant I was helpless.
I refuse to ever be helpless, I'll always be able to take care of myself no matter what, I've done a good job for the past sixteen years.

"Lyric, Lyric, calm down, I'm not gonna hurt you. It's me, Gerard." After panicking so hard for the past two minutes then suddenly hearing the familiar, soothing voice and name it seemed like everything in me disappeared and I dropped.

I was now completely unless after having the wind taken out of my sails but Gerard somehow managed to half carry me back to the bedroom, I was about as helpful as a bowl full of jelly, my legs refused to work like normal, my head started pounding away once more and my back started burning.
I most have been on such a adrenaline high moments ago and I just crashed, hard, I'm surprised I'm able to breathe by myself.

What's Gerard doing here, how did I get from the street in the middle of the to here, how did he know where I was, shouldn't he be at his own home in the middle of the night and shouldn't he be doing something else, like writing some songs or doing whatever he did in his free time.
I'd never asked because I was afraid I'd seen like I was prying.

Gently he put me on the bed and I felt my head fall against the pillow, is this what it's like to go into shock because that's what it feels like, before I was feeling so courageous and determined. Now I feel tired and broken just like I did for the first few seconds when I woke up, this is all too much, I'm overwhelmed, to go from fighting for my life and getting disturbing threats to being calmed by my friend, the change has been too drastic.
I feel like a snuffed candle or an out light, whatever metaphor you could come up with it doesn't matter.

"Gerard what are you doing here?" I mumbled as the pillow sank beneath me and I tried to gain control of my mind again, I don't wanna feel like this, I want to feel normal again.

"Lyric, you're in my apartment." My closed eyes snapped open and I frowned, I'm in Gerard Way's apartment, am I sure I heard that right?

Seeing the confused look on my face Gerard started explaining, trying to enlighten me on the scenario. I was just sitting there absorbing anything that he'd tell me, I was honestly still having trouble registering that I was in his apartment, so if he lives here then that means this is his bedroom, which obviously means I'm in his bed, oh-kay, I don't think I can cope with that at all.
I'm entering girly panic mode internally and he doesn't even realize it.

"Late last night I went to get some Starbucks and when I was in there I saw a girl with green hair run past the shop with someone chasing her." I remembered running past an open store, I was gonna go in there but I knew I wouldn't be able to stop in time to go in, I'd decided it'd be best to keep running.

"I was having trouble deciding whether or not it was you but I decided to follow." I thought I heard someone else when I was running, so my ears weren't just tricking me, I knew I was right and what's more is that I should be able to remember that Gerard said he lived really close to the centre of the city.

"When I caught up with you, you were on the ground and not moving. There was this guy. He had a gun and I saw him about to pull the trigger...you weren't moving and I was scared, I don't want you to get hurt." Gerard had a disturbed look on his face and was staring in the opposite direction of me, at a wall.

"What do you mean?" I asked, propping myself up and moving a bit closer to him, trying to get his attention, he was behaving the same as he had when I first me him at the coffee shop.

"I-I-I did it before he could." He stumbled over his own words before he dropped his head in his hands and sighed, he was upset, that was plain to see and the only thing I knew to do in response was hug him.
I lent my head on his shoulder and loosely wrapped my arms around his neck, it was a slightly awkward hug but it was better than nothing at all.

"I shot him before he could kill you. He's dead, I killed someone."


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