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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 13: It Could Only Be A Dream

I woke up to the smell of food which is one of the best possible ways to wake up, ever.
There were a few exceptions to that though but I didn't know about them yet.

One of the first things on my brain when I woke up was what had happened last night.

I'd woken up after having a nightmare about my Dad then instantly gone into the fussing baby routine. I accidentally woke Gerard up with my crying and he kept asking me how I was.

I didn't want to talk to him about anything though, I liked to keep my problems to myself, let things fester a little because I can be kinda masochistic like that.
But long story short he ended up getting into my bed and singing to me until I fell asleep.

There is no fucking way on earth that happened, I've already decided that, it was a cool dream though and I wouldn't mind having it again.

At least I wouldn't mind the part where he sung to me because even though I can't remember the words to the song I know it was beautiful.

I knew it was a dream for a couple of reasons.

For example Gerard definitely wouldn't get into my bed because honestly I couldn't imagine him doing that.
Secondly if I had Gerard Way sing me a song so I could fall asleep I would make sure I remembered the lyrics.

Then there was the last thing, if Gerard was in my bed then he should have been there when I woke up he wasn't there, that's for sure.

If he was in bed next to me then I would have probably had an aneurism then died.
If I hadn't been crying in it I would have fangirled to death when he climbed into the bed behind me.

Oh if only that could happen in real life, he was so warm and his voice was so perfect, then how he stroked my hair to calm me down.

Why did all the good and perfect things in my life have to turn out to be a dream. If I could have any superpower I'd want my dreams (the good ones) to come to reality.

It's kinda a good thing it didn't happen though, I'd been crying about my Dad and I didn't want Gerard to know anything about him. It was something I wanted to keep to myself and it was a problem I didn't want to share with anyone but myself and my Mum.

"Hey Lyric, do you wanna come get some breakfast?" Gerard asked walking into my room and accidentally scaring me enough that I almost fell off my bed.

"Um, sure." I climbed out and stood up, adjusting my clothes and trying to smooth my hair down.

I have yet to see it dry but I can easily imagine how chaotic my hair looks right now. It didn't matter but it was gonna be a shock and a half when I see what it looks like.

I followed Gerard into the kitchen and mentally made another reason why what happened last night was a dream, he was now wearing the same jumper I'd seen him in last night.
In my dream he'd been wearing just a shirt...and boxers, he definitely had boxers on, he wasn't half naked.

Not that I'd mind.

"What's the time?" I wondered aloud sitting on the stool by the kitchen bench and watching Gerard cook breakfast.

"It's about nine I think." I hated mornings but I'd at least gotten to sleep in later than I would on most weekdays.

It was a Tuesday which meant getting up at seven, organising all my stuff for school, getting dressed then meeting Dayna at the subway so we'd go to school together.

She's going to fucking kill me, I'm actually kinda afraid to call her and say what's going on. I should just avoid my problems, because that's always worked for me.
Insert sarcastic eye roll here.

"Here you go." Gerard put what appeared to be a toasted sandwich in front of me and I stared at it for a moment.

"You eat those in Australia a lot, right?" He asked with a look of total innocence, I laughed putting my head on the bench for a moment before shaking my head.

"Yep and we ride kangaroos to school." I took a bite of the sandwich and was immediately surprised by what was in it, canned spaghetti.

Okay I did eat spaghetti in what we call jaffles, I'll admit to it.
I don't know why Gerard would think it's an Australian thing though.

"You forgot one thing though." I had another bite and Gerard raised an eyebrow while eating his own sandwich.

"You left out the vegemite, you cook the spaghetti in vegemite." I wanted to see if he'd stereotype me as an Australian to the point of thinking that I'd actually eat vegemite with everything.

"Shit, sorry. I don't think I have any though." I immediately started laughing which couldn't be that attractive since I had my mouth full.

"Are you serious? You actually believed that? I like vegemite but not that much, it'd taste horrible with spaghetti." His face slowly turned red as I continued to laugh, aw he looked like he was embarrassed about being wrong.

After a minute or two of us quietly eating passed Gerard decided to break the silence...at the same time as me.

"I was thinking about what happened between us."

"I had a really, really strange dream last night."

I immediately went quiet, giving him the chance to finish what he was saying since I realised I should keep that dream to myself.

"Um, I was thinking about uh. Oh the thing with the mural and the album, have you made up your mind yet?" I'd been thinking too hard about the dream I'd had last night to make up my mind on that.

"Ah, another time please, I've had some other stuff distracting me." Gerard nodded and went back to quietly eating so there was some more awkward silence until we finished.

"You should start finding some clothes to wear to the thing. We have to leave soon." I mumbled a response before getting up from my stool then putting my plate on the sink.

I glanced over my shoulder on my way to my room, he was sitting on the bench with his mobile, I should tell him to start looking for his clothes as well but I don't want to pressure him.

Not bothering to say anything I quietly entered my room, taking mental stock of what clothing I had.

Gerard had been the one who put all my clothing in the duffle bag so I didn't actually know it there was anything appropriate to wear.

There was main one thing on my mind the whole time I was going through the process of looking through my duffle bag.

The dream I had last night, it seemed almost real, I wish it was but then again it would complicate things if it was. Maybe some dreams I had were just meant to stay in my head, you can't always have want you want and I've learnt that.

After a lot of searching I pulled a very basic black dress that I'd forgotten I had out of my bag.
Of course I'd forgotten about it, the thing was like a sack but I was going to be attending a funeral, not a cocktail party.

Closing my room door I pulled my pyjamas off and threw them onto the bed before putting the dress on.

Hey this fits me better than I thought it would, oh yeah, the last time I wore this I was twelve.

The dress hung easily off me, now having some shape and actually looking nice, well that turned out better than I expected.

Feeling kinda happy with my dress that I knew I'd never wear again I pulled a stick of eyeliner out of my bag before deserting my room and heading for the large mirror in the hallway.

From where I was I could see the kitchen and Gerard had disappeared, looks like he went to get changed, good.

Trying to not let him distract me to the point of where I'd poke myself in the eye I thought of something mind numbing like the process of making a latte.

Once I'd finished I went back to my bedroom and threw the eyeliner in the general direction of the duffle bag. From what I'd seem of my hair in the mirror it actually turned out okay and could get away with not brushing it this morning so I skipped a few things and just pulled my converse on.

Now fully dressed and not having anything else to do I took a moment to think of what would happen today.

Mikey would definitely be at the funeral and the rest of the band would probably be there as well.
Gerard will have to talk to his brother and I know it will be kinda awkward between Mikey and I since the last time I saw him I lied and said I didn't know where his brother was.

I could also just hope Mikey wouldn't recognise me which was a fairly unlikely scenario.

But no matter how the day goes I know it will be hard for him and I'll try to my best ability to support him as much as I can.

Gerard rapped his knuckles against the door before opening it and sticking his head in.

"We should go now or we'll be late, I've already called a cab." I nodded, standing up and smoothing my dress not that it really mattered to me.

He pushed the door all the way open and walked in, his eyebrows were furrowed slightly and I wondered if I'd done something.

"You look, um, very beautiful." He mumbled so quietly I barely managed to hear him.

My cheeks went red and I smiled a little before focusing on what he was wearing, a black jacket, button up shirt and black jeans with a pair of sneakers. Basically his whole outfit was just a lot of black and it looked like he'd fixed his hair.

"And you look very handsome." I told him, feeling awkward but managing to get the words out.

"Alright, let's go then." He seemed like he was making an attempt to sound cheery but wasn't trying very hard, not that I'd blame him.

Gerard stood there looking at me for a moment before turning and leaving the room, after taking a deep breath and bracing myself for the rest of the day I followed him.


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

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I can't believe its finished... Its so surreal.

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