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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 20: Let's Throw In Another Surprise Shall We?

I woke up to the feeling of an arm draped over my and someone's face in my neck.
Actually it wasn't just someone, it was Gerard, the guy who I'd slept with only last night.

I still couldn't believe it'd happened, one moment it'd been me pinning him down and feeling worried out my mind then next thing he was pressing me against the wall with his lips on mine.

Then if I wind the clock back even further it wasn't that long ago when I'd seen him standing outside the coffee shop.

He was the exact same guy who I've been hanging out with for weeks that were now on their way to months but everything had changed.

Gerard knew that it'd happen, he asked my permission and I gave it, now I was trying to believe I was really in bed with him.

As freaked out as I felt I should be I didn't get it, I felt happy, like I was floating on a cloud.
This is better than all the great moments of my life combined.

I slowly lifted my hand, placing it on his head and running my fingers through his short hair. It'd been white for a long time and the roots were starting to show.

Gerard groaned a little then sighed, moving like he was waking up and I continued to play with his hair.

"Ugh, morning, Lyric." He mumbled, lifting his head enough to look at me before dropping on a pillow, looks like he isn't the only one who has trouble waking up in the morning.

The thing I found hardest to believe was what he'd said, Gerard loved me.

I loved him too, I think I have since I first met him, whenever we'd talk or when he'd touch me I felt nervous and happy at the same time.
My chest would go all fuzzy and it'd feel like there were butterflies in my stomach.

That's what I felt like right now.

"Hey, Gee." I replied as he propped himself up on an elbow a plushy, white pillow.

"You're blushing." He told me, a grin slowly spreading across his face with him edging closer to me.

He wasn't kidding, I could feel my cheeks growing hot and couldn't even imagine what I must look like to him, my hair felt like it should be all over the place for example.
I didn't know how I felt really, beautiful I guess, I don't know, my brain has yet to kick in.
He on the other hand was just his regular gorgeous self, the only difference being that his hair was messy.

"I'm feeling kinda surprised, I'd thought you were gonna jump on me." He laughed, the happiness going to his eyes and lighting them up.

"Give me a moment, I'm still waking up." I muttered with a yawn, I'd been awake for about an hour but barely processing anything, I might as well have been asleep.

"Maybe some coffee?" I suggested, he laughed again and moved closer to me, how can his voice sound so perfect?

"I don't need coffee to wake you up, sweetheart." He purred, leaning towards me and wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmm." He nuzzled his face into my neck, his breath felt warm on my skin which made me giggle.

His lips brushed against my skin and my heartbeat immediately speed up, making me feel breathless.

"So what exactly do you plan to do?" In one quick movement he was on top of me, hands above my shoulders and a smile on his face.

"Well, I was thinking we could start off with some kissing..." He brought his lips to my collarbone and left a trail of kisses from one side of my shoulder to the other.

I sighed at his warm lips, it was one of the best feelings I'd ever had, I could gladly kiss him for the rest of my life.

I didn't need or want anything else.

"Gerard, stop teasing me." I groaned and he chuckled for a brief moment, oh he knew what he was doing.

"Then, I was thinking that maybe..." He allowed his sentence to trail off again and resumed kissing me, making my heart almost kill itself.

My breath was gradually getting faster the more he kissed me and I could feel my cheeks burning, not from embarrassment but from excitement.
As long as he was taking to get to the point I could see what direction we were heading in and it made me feel slightly dizzy.

His hand ran down my side, stopping at my hip and stroking my skin while his mouth was brought back to mine, his tongue brushing my lip.

"...I could make love to you." He murmured against my lips, my heart turned over in my chest and my stomach feeling like it was full of butterflies.

"I love you." I told him as he pulled back and tucked a piece of stray hair behind my ear.

His light hazel eyes were bright and his mouth tugged up at the side, the smile lighting up his face.
I don't get it, how could a guy be this beautiful?

"I love you too, maybe more than you realise." I shook my head, I knew how much he loved me, after all he'd put himself in danger to make sure I'd stay safe when I was just this chick who gave him a coffee.

That's all I thought I'd ever be at first, a girl he'd talk to at the coffee shop, I'd never thought I meant anything special to him, after all he'd have so many girls interested in him.

There'd be ones prettier than me, more talented, smarter...or more emotionally and mentally stable.

"Sweetheart, what's the matter?" Gerard asked, brushing more of my messy, now black, hair out of my face.

"Why me? Why are you interested in me? There are so many other girls you could love but you chose me." He smiled again, looking even more perfect this time than the last.

"Because, you make good coffee." I laughed, it was irrelevant whether he meant it as a joke or not, I couldn't help it.

"That's all? Making a coffee isn't that hard." My laughter turned into a slight giggle and Gerard's smile got wider.

"Well, you are kinda beautiful and you're incredibly smart just a little bit, oh and you like black." He told me and I snorted, Gerard had a weird way of saying everything.

"And if you don't think I'm telling the truth then I'll have to make you believe me." He pressed his lips against mine, his fingers curling into my hair and making me forget what I'd planned to say.

My body felt flushed, my mind had for once in forever gone silent and the only thing that was real to me was feeling Gerard's skin against mine.

My tongue brushed against his and a shudder ran through my body. I ran my hands up his back, locking them around his neck and kissing him harder.

His hand moved away from my hip, continuing to run down my side until it was on my thigh, he hitched my leg up his side and I groaned internally.
This guy was friggen killing me and he didn't even realise it.

"Seriously, stop teasing me." I grumbled and he laughed again, apparently he's in a very good mood this morning.

"I thought girls liked foreplay." Aw, that's so adorable, he thinks I need a prelude.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up for half an hour. I don't need or want 'foreplay.'" I pushed him off me and onto his back then sat on him, Gerard looked up at me smiling once more.

"Why didn't you say so?" I pursed my lips, staring at him and pretending to be angry as his hands ran up my legs.

"I would if you hadn't been distracting me with your damn kissing."

"Then let’s not wait any longer." I grinned and leant towards him, finally knowing I was going to get what I'd wanted for what felt like ages.

There was a knock on the front door.

"Fuck. Just ignore them, it can't be that important." He groaned but I didn't listen and I fell off him, landing on a pillow, thanks for the goddamn timing, life.
"It will be, not many people know where you live so it'll be something you should know about." I mumbled, hoping whoever was at the front door would go away soon so Gerard and I could resume our activities.
Gerard sighed and lay there for a moment, staring at the ceiling and frowning.

"Come on, go." He turned on his side, kissed me on the lips then reluctently edged to the side of the bed and stood up.

I watched him as he pulled on a pair of boxers and started looking around for his shirt. I don't remember where it is exactly, I think it might be in either the living room or the hallway.

Gerard walked towards his closet then paused, sighed and headed for the door.

"I'll be right back." He told me and disappeared into the hallway, mumbling something about stupid people being annoying as he went.

The moment he was gone I pulled the sheets up around me and covered my face with a pillow to silence my sounds of annoyance.
Whoever it was, would it have killed them to wait one more fuckin' hour?

On the other hand I'm so happy!

This is the first time in ages that I've felt this good, I honestly can't find a flaw in my life.
Even the mafia don't matter anymore.

So this is what it feels like to be in love.

As much as I've hated all the movies where everyone's acting like ditsy idiots and pretending that the world is wonderful I have to agree now.
That's exactly what it feels like, nothing bad could ever happen.

Great I've officially become a movies cliché and the worst part is that I'm actually enjoying it.

Everything in the apartment went strangely silent for a moment and then I heard a scream.

Before I could even register what was going on I'd jumped out of the bed, managing to wrap a sheet around me as I went and ran for the door.

I sprinted down the hall and skidded to a stop when I saw Gerard standing in front of the front door, rubbing his temples and staring at the ground.

"Gerard, wh-what's going on?" I swear to God I heard yelling, I couldn't have just imagined it, it sounded too real.

"Uh, there's a fan or something at the door." He said, looking at me and shrugging, he must have opened the door and closed it when he saw who was on the other side.

The fan must have been the one who screamed.

"What are you gonna do?" I asked, tying the sheet around me like it was a toga, yay, Greek mode.

"I don't know, um, I'll invite her in. Could you get me a shirt please?" I nodded and turned around, scanned the room and saw his abandoned shirt from last night on the floor.

Gerard was opening the door as I grabbed his long, sleeved black shirt and walked back with it, tying the sheet I was wearing in random places.

"Holy shit, you're Gerard Way." The girls voice squealed as Gerard gestured for her to walk inside.

The second the tall redhead came into view I felt the shirt drop from my fingers.


"Lyric?" My best friend said, turning to look at me, her jaw falling slack in surprise.

"That's your friend?" Gerard pointed to Dayna who was standing there, looking as shocked as I felt, obviously she hadn't been expecting me to be here.

"Y-yeah. Dayna what are you doing here?"


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


This has always been one of my favorite fanfictions, it's just fantastic.

punkpixie punkpixie

I can't believe its finished... Its so surreal.

.......................................... SEQUAL!!!!!!

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DeAr god that was awesome.
please update!