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Someone Out There Loves You After All (Gerard Way)

Chapter 3: Just A Simple Note

A week went by since the night I had coffee with Gerard, the news of his parents death became even more rampant.
Popping up all over the Internet and he was still nowhere to be found, everyone was looking for the Gerard with long black hair for some unknown reason.

Not the one I'd seen, the one with short white hair, wouldn't the band at least know what was going on with him and if not the band what about his own brother?

Mikey had to be suffering as well yet from what I'd seen on the Internet he was helping out with the search for Gerard who had practically disappeared off the face of the earth. All My Chem fans were in a state of panic, wondering what would happen to the band, the album and especially Gerard since he had a public record of depression, drug use and alcoholism. No member of the MCRmy wanted to see him go on a downward spiral.

Because everyone was going to such an effort in trying to find him I was tempted to mention he changed his hair so they'd have a more recent description but I had a feeling he just needed his space for the moment. Everyone dealt with grief in their own way, I for example liked to shut myself off from society for a month or so with the aid of my art gear and a good book.

I had the feeling Gerard would be similar to me when it came to having your own grieving process. If he needed to get away from the world so he could deal then that was his choice.

The only problem was he didn't get to disappear without consequences like everyone else, people wanted to know what was going on the wanted to see he was alright and in a semi okay state of mind.

I wanted to know as much as everyone else, maybe even more because the last time I was with him he was definitely not alright.
He could barely keep a not even happy smile on his face when I was talking to him and by the time I left he looked like he was about to start crying although I will say he did look kinda happyish which was a step up from the almost suicidal ground directed stare he had before I invited him into the coffee shop.

Of course I couldn't help but wonder what he'd done after I hugged him then ran off to the subway so I'd be able to get on a train to my part of town.
Did he even have a place to stay or did he rent a hotel room for the meanwhile, it'd be hard to go unnoticed when you were a missing person if you tried to sign an apartment contract out of the blue but he would have needed to go shopping and stuff so you think people would have recognised him by his face.

It wasn't like he faded into the background, he had white hair for gods sake...and on top of it he looked absolutely perfect.

Although I guess it works that no matter how perfect everything seems on the outside it doesn't mean everything's perfect on the inside.
To most people I look damn happy but it doesn't mean I'm always happy, sometimes I like to hide in my bedroom and not leave the bed for a month.

I'll disappear into my fantasy land of painting, reading and occasionally if I feel in the mood, writing.

As I struggled to focus on real life I handed a bag of bread rolls to one of the bakery's customers, Saturdays meant I worked in the bakery side of the shop and the rest of the week with the exception of Sunday (the only day the bakery/cafe closed) when I'd go to a mall and spend over half my pay check on music, art supplies and the rest would go into savings for when I needed the money.

Which was god knows when because nothing urgent has come up lately.

Hayden had started chatting to me again as if there were no awkward situation last Saturday when I told him I met Gerard Way and he looked at me as if I was a lying crazy person.

Yes it was true I would lie a lot, no to my friends, parents or coworkers but I enjoyed lying to see how far I could push a situation. I'd never lied to anyone while working here though so he had full rights to believe I was crazy (which I could be when in the right mood) but he had no right to think I was a liar.

I'd given Hayden a lecture about arriving earlier at work, on time to be exact so I didn't have to deal with the morning rush all the time.

I knew he'd been working here longer than me and he was sorta the bosses nephew but it made no difference with me.
I put more effort into work, I arrived on time, cleaned up and did everything I was required to and he couldn't even be bothered enough to show up on time, which was annoying because everyone else did.

For the first time ever he was actually paying attention while I talked to him and was looking at something other than a wall, the floor, the counter, a customers breasts or more often than not my breasts and as much as I knew he was joking when he did it I got pissed off and had to resist the urge to slap him.

I'd almost yelled at plenty of guys who would stare at me when they got food from the bakery or a coffee from the cafe, there's only so much a girl can tolerate before she snaps and hurts someone.

Surprisingly he'd actually show up at work on time today even though he looked tired and bored, so what everyone else had to go through the same emotions on a daily basis.

He had the same shifts as me anyway, he knew it was a bitch to open the shop or stay 'til it was really late so the last customer could enjoy their coffee in piece without being ushered out the front door when we got bored of working,

Which could be very tempting when it got to seven on a Saturday night and you just wanted to get home and sleep all through Sunday.

Mind you I didn't get to sleep in, that was homework day and it meant waking up at eight in the morning and getting started with all the stuff I'd been unable to do during the week because I had work after school.
Sometimes the homework would be more, sometimes less, it depended on how awake I'd been when I got home from work during the week and if I could be bothered enough to do any of it.

After I'd finish my homework around one in the afternoon then I'd head out to the mall and get more art stuff, some CDs or the latest music magazine then I'd get something to eat and head over to Dayna's house and hang out with her.
If I stayed longer than I meant to and it got too late for it to be reasonable for a sixteen year old girl to be walking around I'd stay over at her house and we'd go to art school together in the morning.

Thankfully I hadn't gotten any homework this week so I planned to spend my Sunday sleeping, reading, listening to music, surfing the Internet and doing some freestyle painting and of course doing some much needed shopping but I definitely didn't plan to do any work if I could help it.
I've had enough of responsibility for the week and didn't plan to encourage it on my one day off from everything, maybe I should dye my hair a different colour, that could be fun.

I didn't even remember my own natural hair colour actually, I think it might have been a bronzeish colour. There was tons of photos of me with blonde hair when I was a little girl but I started adding colours to it around the age of nine and ever since its been to every end of the normal hair colour scale and now I'd switched to inhuman shades such as green, purple, pink and a whole bunch of other colours.

I'd stuck with having green hair for the past couple of months but I was getting the urge to change it before I got bored with the colour. I'm thinking blue next or maybe yellow and red, I'm not sure yet, it'll likely end up being whatever colour I feel like choosing when I'm buying the dye and if I want I could just change it again.

It's not like it'll be impossible to change the colour, black's impossible to change without the help of bleach.

As I mused over the next possible colour of my hair someone cleared their throat and I looked at the customer who'd probably been standing at the counter for however long I've been thinking, oops.

I listen to what she asked for and quickly got everything before giving her, her food with a smile and I got given the money in return. I need to stop spacing out at work because this is the exact result of what happens when I distract myself by disappearing deep into my own head.

Hayden was leaning against a wall with a huge grin on his face, it wouldn't have killed him to take her order while I was AWOL from the world. He just wanted to see someone get angry at me, stupid, lazy bastard, he just wanted to see someone get angry at me.
I swear if he wasn't Imigen's nephew he wouldn't have a job here, it's a wonder he got a job anywhere.

Now I was out of my own universe and back in the real world without any customers queuing up to be served and no one wanting to talk to me I went back to lecturing Hayden for his laziness. He didn't look very interested and kept a smirk stuck to his face, which made me more annoyed because he wasn't even trying to feign interest in what I was saying.

"You're cute when you're angry, we should go out some time." I sighed and felt like hitting my head against a wall.

Hayden knew well enough if he wanted to annoy me in return, shut me up or in general make me feel embarrassed and awkward the only thing he had to do was hit on me in a incredibly obvious manner.
Which he thought was absolutely hilarious especially since I'd get freaked out by just one small, simple comment, although I had the feeling he might be serious sometimes which made no difference because I wasn't interested in him at all.

Sure he was good looking and only three years older but he didn't have an artistic bone in his body and I'd never be able to date someone who didn't like art of the same bands as me.

"Not in a million years." I said before wiping the crumbs off the bench and throwing then in a bin.

He shrugged and went back to looking at a wall, he couldn't be that interested anyway.If he was he'd try much harder to get me to go on a date with him it'd still be a no but I'd like to see him at least try.
From what I've seen the differences between Australia and America can be huge or really small, the guys are the precise same no matter where you live, I've learnt that much.

A glance at the clock on the wall said it was closing time for the bakery and the cafe would be following it only an hour later so I hopped over the counter, flipped the open sign over to closed then locked the door and started shutting everything down. Hayden deciding to do something for once had started taking all the leftover food off the shelves and putting it into the boxes that he'd take to a food bank (which was the only caring thing I'd ever seen him do). Counted the money from the till and put it in the vault while Hayden swept the floors.

I'm starting to think what I said got through to him, it's an amazing thought to know he actually listened to me for once and to the degree of cleaning and doing stuff without me having to yell at him or whine like a brat.
I'm not always the most charming of people and I'll willingly admit to it.
I can get a bit bitchy when things don't go my way or something gets fucked up and I don't like it.

Once the bakery was fully packed up, everything was put away and sorted out Hayden and I went into the cafe with the intentions of getting something to drink before going back to our homes.
The cafe would be closing soon there weren't many people around so Joyce the other barista had gone home and left Faith with the unfortunate task of making drinks, which she was horrible at and would likely break the machine.

It was actually making me frustrated to see her fiddle around with the machine and have no idea what she was doing so I sighed, put my apron back on and told her to move out of the way so I could get the customer her drink before the day was over.
She gave me a grateful smile and I quickly went through the process of making a flat white espresso.

The customer got their drink and thanked me for getting a whole bunch of apologies from Faith who had screwed up the order three times in a row.

Since I didn't want her scaring away customers with the taste of leftover coffee grounds in each cup, I took over.

I didn't expect to be paid but I had fun operating the coffee machine up until the point when I got an order from Hayden for a antoccino, grudgingly I made it for him which earned me a wink and I responded with a scowl.

He knew I hated serving the other employees, especially since he also knew how to work the coffee machine, better than me actually and there was no excuse not for him to make his own drink except for him reminding me he needed to drop the bakery food off at the food bank which softened my heart enough so I could make him a drink.

If he tried any other excuse though I'd probably tell him to make it himself.

Customers stopped showing up and I took off my apron, symbolising there was no way I'd be making anymore drinks today for anyone and after the last person left I used the machine for my own sake.
Caramel soy latte here I come.

This is about the only thing that makes me feel better after a long day of work thank god for caffeine, the only thing able to wake me up when I have to arrive at work at five thirty in the morning.

Because Faith was the last person left with the cafe shift I got to go home after saving people from her terrible beverage making and she had to stay and clean everything up which made me feel happy in a semi sadistic manner.
After all I'd been stuck with cleaning and packing up last Friday, I did get to meet Gerard Way though and I doubted it would happen again.

I got my stuff from the staff room and walked into the now empty cafe where Faith was wiping down the benches and singing along quietly with the radio. I had no idea what the song was called or who the singer was but the music was horrible and made me want to shrink into a corner and stay there 'til the horrible music stopped.
Who would want to play this rubbish on the radio?

With the happy thought of going home to my laptop, sketchbook and CD player I pulled on my faux leather jacket before pulling my headphones out of my backpack and plugging them in to my iPod so I'd have some music to listen to during my walk to the subway, sitting on the train 'til it got to my stop then walking from my stop to to the apartment building.

"See ya on Monday, Faith." I waved to her before putting the headphones on and going to press play on my iPod.

"Wait, hang on I almost forgot something." I took off my headphones as she jogged behind the counter and grabbed something I couldn't see from my place at the door.

She quickly walked over to me and held out a white envelope and what appeared to be a folded up piece of notebook paper.

She gave me a grin and I thanked her before waving one last time and walking out the door, leaving the bell ringing behind me as I held the envelope and paper in one hand and put my headphones on with the other. Carefully so I didn't give myself a unwanted paper cut I opened the envelope and pulled out my pay check, $250 finally I'll be able to buy that set of paints I've had my eye on for ages then I'll be able to finish the art piece I've been working on.

I grinned and put the check into its envelope before folding it up and putting it into my pocket.
There is no way I'm losing this much money when it's destined to be spent on a couple of albums and some new paint, maybe some brushes then its into my savings account so I can consider getting a license and a car while in America because all this subway stuff really isn't working for me and you can get damn paranoid when catching trains at night.

It was getting too dark for me to read the note so I put it in my pocket along with the envelope so I could read it when I got home.
With the anticipation of knowing what the note said I jogged lightly towards the subway and waited for the next train to show up.

I seriously need to get a car or a motorbike, whatever it is its got to make me feel safer going to work and coming home than catching the train does, it's not even late enough for the creeps to come out and I feel uncomfortable.

With excitement brimming up in my stomach at the thought of reading the note and I practically ran back to the apartment.
My auntie said hi and I greeted her before happily skipping to my room then throwing my backpack onto the floor and slumping onto the bed that I'd been in a good enough mood to make this morning.
I took off my high tops then crossed my legs while struggling to pull the note out of my pocket.

Finally after much struggling I gave up with all the trying and stood up to simply pull the note out of my pocket. Damn why couldn't I just grab it while sitting down, oh yeah, because my jeans are too tight for me to have any chance getting my hand into my pocket let alone managing to get something.
How am I able to sit cross legged with these things anyway?

Because I was standing up I decided I might as well get changed into my pyjamas and I somehow managed to get out of my ridiculously tight jeans, band shirt and socks then got changed into sweatpants and an oversized Felix the Cat t-shirt.
Hey I can't be this sexy all the time, there's only so much sexy you can be before things start to become weird and I am on borderline between sexy and weird, the best place to be, haha.

Ah, the comfort of my lazy clothes, I wouldn't be able to live without them and they're probably responsible for my lack of a boyfriend.
I could also blame my intense dislike for most people, well not necessarily people but I hated going into crowds and I hated talking to new people.

It was awkward over half the time and it would always take a while for me to come out of my shell and allow my slightly crazy personality to shine.

I unfolded the note as I lay down on the bed, stomach first with my legs out behind me and waving around in the air while the small piece of paper became bigger and bigger, unfolding into the size of a large piece of notebook paper.
A very written on piece of paper with scribbled pictures all around, not any particular one making sense.
A coffee, some strange looking shapes drawn in the corner, despite looking drawn just for the hell of it they were really good.

'I'd like to say thank you for the words you said to me the other night, they've really given me something to think about and have made me reconsider some of my decisions.

It's nice to meet someone who the bands music has had an effect on, one for the better and it puts a smile on my face despite it feeling impossible at the moment.

I wasn't kidding about your name by the way, you've got a really beautiful name and shouldn't hate it, it's unique and stands out along with you.

It's a shame you couldn't have met me in a better mood but I'm not in the brightest part of my life right now and it's getting hard to look past it.
You seem like a kind girl, I hope I'll get a chance to meet you again one day, before I go I'd like to say thanks for the coffee, your words and the hug, it kinda helped.

All in all thank you.'

The second I finished reading the note I felt my mouth drop open to the point of nearly going through my bed and hitting the floor.

This is weird, crazy, amazing and hard to believe all at once, seriously did I just get a thank you letter from Gerard Way?
I can't believe he actually remembered me because he didn't look like he was paying much attention at all, he looked spaced out and upset for a very understandable reason.

I folded up the note and picked up my mobile from its place on the nightstand then started dialling one of the familiar numbers I'd managed to memorise into it. It rung for a little while before it was answered and the familiar voice on the other end of the line spoke clearly while but sounded nasally and high pitched at the same time, just like every time I talked to her.

"Hello?" Faith answered the mobile as I read the note once more, it had to be from Gerard, I couldn't think of anyone else it would be from.

"Hey Faith, it's Lyric. Can I quickly ask you something?" I could hear music playing through the other end, I wonder if she's left the cafe yet.

"Shoot." I heard the sound of plates clinking in the background and guessed she was still cleaning up.

It was the staffs job to clean at the end of the day, we all took turns and it'd be Hayden's job next time. I severely doubted he'd actually clean though, he barely managed to work a till with me helping him and the only thing he actually did at the cafe was make drinks so the chances of him cleaning were incredibly unlikely.

"Who gave you the note?" I asked before folding it back up and putting it in the top draw of my nightstand, there is no way I'm in a ever lose this.

"He didn't say his name, he just said give it to Lyric." I'm not objecting to getting the note but it should have occurred to her that it might have been poisoned or booby trapped.

I sighed as I heard her singing along with a sing on the radio, just as bad as the music playing when I left the cafe. Maybe there was a playlist made specifically for bad music and she liked to listen to the station because that music was so horrible I don't think my ears would ever be able to unhear it.

The music was almost painful to listen to, the only thought that went through my head was 'holy fucking hell turn it off it burns!'

"What did he look like." The music got turned down a bit and the sound of clinking plates got louder, please don't let her break all the dishes.

"Um, shortish white hair, kinda pointy nose, brown eyes. He was good looking do you know him, is the note from a secret admirer?" She sounded more and more excited and began to ask more questions.

I didn't feel like answering every small thing so I shut down all further questions quickly.

"Yes I know him, no he's not a secret admirer, I've gotta go. Thanks." As she started to ask more stuff I hung up so I could avoid anymore questions I had no answers to, I only wanted to know if it was Gerard and it definitely was.

Short white hair, slightly pointy nose and good looking, the only difference was that he had hazel eyes not brown and I'd know it for sure considering I only talked to him a week ago.

I dropped onto my pillows then put one over my face before sighing into it everything felt all screwed up and I don't know why or some reason it feels like there's been a huge change.

It made me feel good to know he was alive and in a good enough state to contact someone he'd only met once and for only a couple of hours.
I checked my laptop for any news on Gerard and My Chemical Romance.

As far as everyone knew Gerard was still missing and had yet to surface and say something about the death of his parents or even to just say something about anything.

I wonder why he'd contact me but not his brother or any of the guys in the band. They're his friends and they should be on the top of his lists in people to trust and talk to when he was upset.
At least I helped him, sorta, a little bit...I don't know.

Ugh, what's the fuck is going on?


I could not stop reading this! Seriously though, I've tried twice cause I need sleep eventually (its now 1am) but this is a really fucking good story


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