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Addiction and Her Name


Gerard is a cartoon artist working in New York, but that's only what he does during the day. At night the male comes alive, getting drunk and passing out with his friends.
He meets a person who will change his life forever, but not necessarily for the best. Does love really conquer all or is it just a cliche used in romance movies?
The story may have elements from My Chem songs, but it's mostly just made up.


Bert McCracken

Bert McCracken

The best friend and probably not the best influence, though far from the cause of the problem.

Dana Leone

Dana Leone

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Main character. Alcoholic artist whose life is going downhill fast, especially after he makes a new friend.

Katherine Leone

Katherine Leone

The girl at the bar, at Starbucks and even on the street and the new bad habit.

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Gerard's little brother who comes to live with him.

Ray Toro

Ray Toro

He is trying to get his friend's life back on track.

Sarah Allman

Sarah Allman

The artsy co-worker and love interest.


  1. It's Just the Hardest Part of Living

    There comes a point in a person’s life when you stop asking questions, when you stop wondering where it all went wrong.

  2. Do You Remember the Day When We Met

    “You guys should quit while you’re at it. This gets harder, you know.”

  3. This Water Cooler Romance

    “Dude, if you really like her then go for it. You might just be happy,” Shawn continued.

  4. I've Really Been On a Bender and It Shows

    "I think you’ve got Gerard up on some undeserved pedestal."

  5. If You Look In the Mirror and Don't Like What You See

    The reflection was one of a broken man who had strayed so far from the path, there was no hope of returning.

  6. I Find It Hard To Stay With the Words You Say

    “Fine then, Gerard. You’re such a great liar. Lie to me!”

  7. ...Am I Losing Myself?

    I shuddered at the thought that my need to know her might stem from the inherent need to know that someone else had it worse than I did.

  8. One Day You're Gonna Have Explaining To Do

    “I missed you too, Mom. Mom, you’re going to kill me,” I huffed.

  9. You Can Hide a Lot About Yourself

    “Mikey is moving in later today and I wanted to be there when he arrived."

  10. I'll Spend My Time With Strangers

    “What makes you think that I’m single?” she countered.

  11. Let's Go Back To the Middle of the Day That Starts It All

    “Why didn’t you tell me, Gerard? I could’ve helped you or something,” he said in a low voice.

  12. Preach All You Want But Who's Gonna Save Me?

    "I wish everyone would stop trying to fix me!"

  13. When You See Your Face

    "She's a very attractive girl and I know you know that."

  14. You're Running After Something That You'll Never Kill

    Why in the hell was she married??

  15. The Pages Are All Torn and Frayed

    Well, what the hell did I expect, that she was going to fall into my arms and declare her undying love for me?

  16. Your Starless Eyes

    He was actually happy for a change. Happy looked good on him.

  17. So Dream On and On

    “I’m glad I met you,” she said in my ear.

  18. It's Hard To Say I'm Shaken By the Choices That I Make

    “Hello, Gerard,” I greeted the familiar reflection. “Welcome back.”

  19. Some Pray, I Choose to Medicate

    “It’s okay, Gee. You’ve got me. You’re not alone in this.”

  20. You're the One That I Need, I'm the One That You Loathe

    "...at the rate you're going you won't reach twenty five."

  21. It Started With an Alright Scene

    Now that Kat was out of the picture, the hardest decision I would have to make from now on was whether I would get drunk by myself or with the guys.

  22. Chapter 22?

    “Did any of this have anything to do with me, you know, all the bad stuff?”

  23. Someone Get Me to the Doctor, Someone Get Me to a Church

    “I miss my sister.”

  24. Chapter 24...I'm too lazy to think of one...

    “If you’re willing to put up with my snoring then sure, I’ll marry you.”

  25. Buried Myself Alive

    ​​“I haven’t left you yet.”

  26. A Roller Coaster Built to Crash

    "...mission accomplished."

  27. What the Hell Were We Thinking?

    ‘Yeah, bitch, you’re sleeping with my husband,’ I thought, still smiling at her.

  28. We Stood There With Our Hearts Exposed

    “I swear I will kill him.”

  29. Were We Thinking At All?

  30. Say Goodnight

    If I stayed, he would soften my heart and Gerard would not see me tonight. *TRIGGER WARNING*

  31. Stay

    “This is the end…”

  32. Chapter 32

    ...every moment from here on out might be the last.


This story is awesome! You write very well with great detail & description. I hope to read an update.

Jackie Jackie


Thank you. I will try my best to update as soon as possible!

Rumor...tAdA Rumor...tAdA

I hope you update soon, this makes me happy and I look forward to reading it



Rumor...tAdA Rumor...tAdA

Great update as usual! can't wait for more!

Chemical_30 Chemical_30