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Return To Me, My Love


SEQUEL to You Can Cry All You Want To, I Don't Care

Set five years after the end of the previous story. Franks band has made it big and are heading out on their first world tour, can Frank and Gerard's relationship survive Franks downward spiral as the pressures of fame change him?




Manager of the store Gerard works at



Gerard's high school bully who later ends up becoming his friend



Lead singer of FrnkIero andthe Cellabration who are setting out on their first world tour. Married to Gerard and loves him to death but doesn't see just how much his unstable moods effect Gerard until it's too late



Struggling comic artist who works in an art supply store and later a record store. Married to and madly in love with Frank.



Gerard's best friend and guitarist for Franks band.



Gerard's brother and biggest source of support. Married to Pete



Married to Mikey. Comes across as a douche sometimes but deep down is very caring and loyal


  1. Chapter One

  2. Chapter Two

  3. Chapter Three

  4. Chapter Four

  5. Chapter Five

  6. Chapter Six

  7. Chapter Seven

  8. Chapter Eight

  9. Chapter Nine

  10. Chapter Ten

  11. Chapter Eleven

  12. Chapter Twelve

  13. Chapter Thirteen

  14. Chapter Fourteen

  15. Chapter Fifteen

  16. Chapter Sixteen

  17. Chapter Seventeen

  18. Chapter Eighteen

  19. Chapter Nineteen

  20. Chapter Twenty

  21. Chapter Twenty One

  22. Chapter Twenty Two

  23. Chapter Twenty Three

  24. Chapter Twenty Four

  25. Chapter Twenty Five

  26. Chapter Twenty Six

  27. Chapter Twenty Seven

  28. Chapter Twenty Eight

  29. Chapter Twenty Nine

  30. Chapter Thirty

  31. Chapter Thirty One

  32. Chapter Thirty Two

  33. Chapter Thirty Three

  34. Chapter Thirty Four

  35. Chapter Thirty Five

  36. Chapter Thirty Six

  37. Chapter Thirty Seven

  38. Chapter Thirty Eight

  39. Chapter Thirty Nine

  40. Chapter Forty

  41. Chapter Forty One

  42. Chapter Forty Two

  43. Chapter Forty Three

  44. Chapter Forty Four

  45. Chapter Forty Five

  46. Chapter Forty Six

  47. Chapter Forty Seven

  48. Chapter Forty Eight

  49. Chapter Forty Nine

  50. Chapter Fifty

  51. Chapter Fifty One

  52. Chapter Fifty Two

  53. Chapter Fifty Three

  54. Chapter Fifty Four

  55. Chapter Fifty Five

  56. Chapter Fifty Six

  57. Chapter Fifty Seven

  58. Chapter Fifty Eight

  59. Chapter Fifty Nine

  60. Chapter Sixty

  61. Chapter Sixty One

  62. Chapter Sixty Two

  63. Chapter Sixty Three

  64. Chapter Sixty Four

  65. Chapter Sixty Five

  66. Chapter Sixty Six

  67. Chapter Sixty Seven

  68. Chapter Sixty Eight

  69. Chapter Sixty Nine

  70. Chapter Seventy

  71. Chapter Seventy One

    TRIGGER WARNING - This Chapter Contains Rape, Please Don't Read If This Is A Trigger For You

  72. Chapter Seventy Two

  73. Chapter Seventy Three

  74. Chapter Seventy Four

  75. Chapter Seventy Five

  76. Chapter Seventy Six

  77. Chapter Seventy Seven

  78. Chapter Seventy Eight

  79. Chapter Seventy Nine


Okay okay, now Ian is seeming like a proper asshole! And now I have no idea who to ship for, I liked the idea of Ian cause he was different from frank, but now I'm back on the Frank side! Maan, maybe even Bert may have a chance here! Thanks for keeping me guessing lol :) <3

ShylaKay93 ShylaKay93

I had to catch up on the new chapters, I missed this story so much !

Mikey is a bit annoying seriously like he's making Frank seem bad but honestly Gee is just being immature about Frank's job and all.
At the same time I feel bad for him too because of Ian's shitty
Hope Frank and G will be okay

Love the drama, ahaha

Lurid Pretty Lurid Pretty

Poor Gee...Ian needs to back the fuck off!

I can see Gee's point and he SHOULD be a priority for Frank but Frank can't walk away from his livelihood. UGH! I know drama drives a story but PLEASE don't let IAN screw things up for Gee. He's been through so much. Frank does need to realize Gee's position. Glad it's not me writing this...but I LOVE reading it.

Haha I'm so conflicted writing it because I feel that both of them are being assholes at the same time and it's like a competition in my mind of who is gonna be the biggest asshole but I love hearing what other people think about it