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I Gave You Blood


[i] “W-what’s wrong with me? W-what’s h-happening to m-me?” [/i]

Mikey Way is about to turn 17.

His older brother Gerard has just graduated from boarding school, and oddly enough has chosen to stay the summer to spend some time with his brother.

Mikey finds this strange but little does he know that Gerards presence means much more than it seems. A change is on the horizon and Gerard doesn't want his little brother to be alone.


  1. Prologue

    An orphaned child goes to a new home

  2. Chapter 1 - MIKEYS POV

    Gerard and his entourage arrive home, Mikey is reluctant to greet his brother as the Way Manor prepares for Gerards graduation party

  3. Chapter 2 - GERARDS POV

    Gerard arrives homes and prepares for his party. A future event and patching up his relationship with his little brother on his mind

  4. Chapter 3 - MIKEYS POV

    Mikey wakes up the next day feeling terrible. As his fever worsens, Gerard makes a heart stopping revelation about what is to come

  5. Chapter 4 - ASHLEYS POV

    Ashley tries to get in contact with Mikey and receives a very suspicious reply. The twin's party starts off without a hitch but Ashley is distracted with worry over Mikey.

  6. Chapter 5 - GERARDS POV

    Gerard watches his brother change...

  7. Chapter 6 - Mikey's POV

    Mikey endures not only the pain of the change, but also the mental toll of it

  8. Chapter 7 - Pete's POV

    Pete's POV of he and Ashleys birthday party. We get a closer insight of his conversation with Bob ;)

  9. Chapter 8 - Emma's POV

    Emma get's a call to hang out with her cousin. She and Ashley discuss Frank.

  10. Chapter 9 - Bob's POV

    Bob meets up with his cousin and some familiar faces to hang out...

  11. Chapter 10 - Pete's POV

    Pete hangs out with some friends...

  12. Chapter 11 - Mikeys POV

    Mikey has had enough of being stuck in his room.

  13. Chapter 12 - Gerards POV

    Gerard goes after Mikey when he escapes...

  14. Chapter 13 - Josh's POV

    It's the first day back at school and Josh is at loss with what to do to cheer Ashley up about Mikey's absence

  15. Chapter 14 - Frank's POV

    It's the first day back at school and Frank is keeping Mikey up to date.

  16. Chapter 15 -Mikey's POV

    It's Mikey's day back at school and he's having a little trouble coping

  17. Chapter 16 - Frank's POV

    Frank rushes to help when he feels Mikey losing it...

  18. Chapter 17 - Gerard's POV

    Gerard feels Mikey losing it and comes to help his brother...

  19. Chapter 18 - Ashley's POV

    Ashley gets a surprise after several weeks of worry

  20. Chapter 19 - Mikeys POV

    In the midst of his guilt Mikey slips and does someone he instantly regrets. He returns to his brother for help...

  21. Chapter 20 - Gerard's POV

    Gerard waits anxiously for the return of his brother...

  22. Chapter 21 - PETES POV

    Pete worries about his sister, but Bob helps to take his mind off things...


Please tell me you havn't given up on this story :(

Sinful Cats Sinful Cats

More. I need more. e.e

Oh my god the sweetness!

Sinful Rose Sinful Rose
Awwwwwwwww, cute!
It's really good. I love it!!
dumbstuff dumbstuff