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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 16 - Frank's POV

[b]Chapter 16 – Frank's POV[/b]

I walked through the gates wondering why my Mum had decided to drop me off for once. She usually left before I even woke up. I walked up the steps and towards my locker.
I took off my bag and shoved it inside just before I felt a wave of blood lust wash over me. I knew it wasn’t me or Gerard for that matter.
It was Mikey.
I went towards him at vamp speed. It was not a good thing. I knew he was coming back today but I didn’t know how controlled he was. Obviously not very well or I wouldn’t be running to the other side of the school to stop him draining one of our school mates.
I saw Pete and slowed into a jog. He was holding all of Ashley’s books, he looked up when I stopped next to him, “Oh, hey man,”
“Hey, do you know where Mikey went?”
He looked at me for a sec, “In there with Ashley,” he shrugged, “They’re talking, I think.”
Shit! This was bad... Very, very bad. I bit my tongue and faked a smile, “Thanks man. See you in class.”
I jogged to the door Pete had said and felt Mikey’s blood lust so strongly I almost felt hungry myself. I flung open the door just to see Mikey getting ready to bite her. Ashley look terrified, she was visibly shaking in Mikey's grip and her eyes were filled with tears.
I threw myself at Mikey, releasing his grip on Ashley's wrist and slamming him against the wall on the opposite side of the room. He let out a snarl. I held him there by his throat.
I looked over my shoulder at Ashley who looked like she was going to collapse into a heap. Her chest was heaving and her cheeks were stained with tears, “Ashley, RUN!” I shouted as Mikey fought against my grip as she sprinted out of the room, he converses squeaking on the floor as she went. I looked back at Mikey who was watching her go. I heard her stumble as she turned and left the room.
I shoved Mikey against the wall harder, “What the [i]fuck[/i] were you doing? You were this fucking close to drain her. I felt your bloodlust from halfway across the fucking school,” I hissed, unable to comprehend his stupidity.
Mikey was breathing hard, I felt his anger turn into guilt.
I felt Gerard come to a standstill next to me. He was anxious. He reached out and grabbed Mikey's hand, “Mikey, you idiot,” he sighed, reaching up and putting a hand up to his face, “I told you not to be alone with another human. Ashley was a top of that ‘no alone time’ list. I just saw her running past in the corridor looking fucking terrified.”
Mikey's face twisted and a few tears slid down his cheek. I let him go and he slid down the wall and slumped on the floor and a sob escaped his mouth. Gerard sat down next to him and pulled him onto his lap. Mikey cried harder. He looked so weak and helpless.
Gerard looked up at me, “Frank, go check on Ashley, make sure she’s not hurt,” Gerard’s voice was low and broken.
Mikey cried even harder.
I ran out of the room and went looking for her. I found her outside, curled up in a corner. She looked so tiny. She looked up and saw me, her eyes filling with tears again as she got up and ran off.
I sighed and went back to my locker, grabbed my stuff and went back to the classroom to find Gerard sitting on the floor, alone.
“Where’d he go?” I asked as I sat on a desk near him.
“He said he wanted to be alone for a while.” Gerard said, looking straight ahead. He looked bad.
“Do you want me to do anything?” I asked, feeling helpless.
He looked up at me, “Could you come back to the manor with me? I really don’t want to be alone. And if he comes back pissed off...”
“Yeah, I get it. Come on man, let’s go.”
He got up and walked out of the classroom. I followed him to a black Sudan parked in a spot near the gate. How had I not seen it when mum dropped me off?
He climbed into the driver’s seat and leant across to open the passenger door. I got in and hadn’t even closed the door when he planted it, speeding off to the manor.


[b]Author's Notes[i] Ash and Jay[/b][/i]

Good ol' Frank :)


Please tell me you havn't given up on this story :(

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More. I need more. e.e

Oh my god the sweetness!

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Awwwwwwwww, cute!
It's really good. I love it!!
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