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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 8 - Emma's POV

Chapter 8 – Emma’s POV

I moved quickly around the room, picking up stray items of clothing and hanging them up. I sang along to the Misfits ‘Static age’ album as I worked. I hated cleaning my room just like any other person but music always made it easier.
The shrill tone of my phone pulled me out of cleaning mode and I quickly bolted over to the stereo, phone in hand, and paused the music before running back to my bed and lying down as I answered.
[i]“Hey Em,”[/i] the voice of my blonde brick of a cousin sounded through the phone.
“BOB,” I squealed really loudly, “Oh my god, dude. Shit. How you been? I heard you graduated.”
[i]“Yeah, I have,”[/i] He was still trying to stop himself laughing at my reaction, I grinned widely, [i]“I’ve been good. Yeah. The fact that I never have to go to school again is pretty awesome.”[/i]
I grinned again.
“You’re so fucking lucky! I have another year left,” I sighed, nudging a clean pile of clothes off the end of my bed so my feet would have room. I had time to regret it later.
[i]“It’s just one year, Em. Mind you, it’s the hardest year. You gotta make sure you take time to relax when you get the chance.... which reminds me. Are you free tomorrow?”[/i]
I blinked.
Please say he was in town.
[i] “I’m in town.”[/i]
“YES,” I shouted, I watched as the door to my bedroom opened and Mom stuck her head in, frowned at me and then closed the door again.
Bob chuckled at my enthusiasm.
[i]“Please tell me you haven’t shot up too much since the last time I saw you. I cannot handle you being taller than me.”[/i]
"Not too much," I reassured him.
[i]"Well good,"[/i] he said, [i]"so are you free tomorrow? And if so, do you wanna catch up for lunch at Cafe Gina's at twelve thirty?"[/i]
"Yes. And hell fucking yes," I replied, knowing if I grinned any wider I'd resemble the joker.
[i]"Awesome! Oh, there'll be a few other's there too so a chance for you to actually socialise. If I recall correctly, you don't."[/i]
"Shut up, I do so socialise," I grouched.
[i]"Talking about Harry Potter to complete strangers in internet chat rooms does not count, Emma"[/i]
I was so fucking glad in that moment that this was only a phone call and Bob couldn't see my impressive blush.
"Anyway douche bag, I'll see you at twelve thirty tomorrow then?"
"Well, I’ll see you then."
[i]"Bye, Em."[/i]
I set my phone down on my bedside table and sighed back into my pillows. I was excited. I got to hang out with my favourite cousin tomorrow. I always got funny looks when I did because everyone wondered who the fuck the dude was and why I would be hanging with a male. I wasn't sure whether all the douche bags at school deemed me totally undateable or just a full blown lesbian. I was neither and it was fun to see Bob's reaction when they tried to give me shit when I was in public with him.
Once he had growled at a dude.
It had been about four months ago and I'd never forgotten the look of terror upon Steven Sherwood’s face. It made my week.
I grinned and bit my lip ring. I was so excited. Maybe Bob might be able to meet my other friends while he was here? I tried to picture what it would be like for Ashley and Pete to meet Bob. I had a feeling Pete and Bob would get on like a house of fire, and almost anyone that Pete got along with, so did Ashley.
I wondered whether Bob would get along with Frank.
I flicked my lip ring to the side with my tongue. My nerves were getting the better of me and I wasn’t even in the same room as him! I hid my nerves well but some people were in the know.
I sighed and grabbed my phone, about to make the almost weekly call I made to Ashley to discuss this.
[i]“Hi,”[/i] Ashley’s voice sounded absentmindedly through the phone. She had caller ID and was probably watching American Horror story. I perked my ears up and sure enough, Evan Peter’s voice could be heard faintly through the phone.
“Hey,” I replied, “Do you think-”
[i] “oh my fucking god.”[/i]
“What,” I exclaimed, disgruntled.
[i]“Yes, Emma. Frank likes you. You are fucking blind if you can’t see it.”[/i]
“But, I-”
[i]“He likes you, ok! Jeez.”[/i]
“Ok, ok,” I cried, “I get the idea.”
Ashley sighed.
[i]“The way he looks at you and the way he acts like a nervous wreck around you. It’s pretty obvious.”[/i]
There was silence between us for a moment before i sighed.
“Well, are you-”
Ashley sighed.
[i]“Now if you ask me again, you earn a huge bitch slap. Maybe that will knock you into reality.”[/i]
I sighed. I knew that was the end of the topic, though I could have talked about it for a [i]lot[/i] longer.
“So how was the party?”
[i] “It was pretty good. Mikey ended up being sick and couldn’t come, even though I don’t think he was-”[/i]
“Why don’t you think he was sick?”
[i] “I called the house phone, Gerard picked up, and I heard Mikey screaming. And it wasn’t just ‘scary horror movie’ screaming, it was ‘I just broke my fucking leg’ screaming.”[/i]
“Shit...” I said slowly, “Holy shit... That is just slightly fucking weird.”
[i] “Yeah... so, anyway; back to the party. Gerard said some of his friends were going to show up and they did. And one of his friends, Billie, and Josh, beat the living shit out of dickwad.”[/i]
I giggled.
“Fuck, he showed up? Does he even know what the hell quitting is?”
[i] “No. Though, I think he does now, because he ended up in the dumpster.”[/i]
I snorted.
“Gotta hand it to Gerard. He sounds like he has some awesome friends.”
[i] “He does. One of his friends hit it off with Pete. And, I have no idea what they’re up to.”[/i]
“Haha, It’s probably going to be slightly weird and gross for you if Pete get’s a boyfriend.”
[i] “No. It’ll be adorable, and I’ll be happy for him. It’s getting tiresome of him being the only gay in town that isn’t girly as fuck.” [/i]
“So what’s this dude like then?”
[i] “He’s very quiet. I don’t think he’s said anything but ‘Hi’ to me.”[/i]
“Well I’m sure Pete can do enough talking for the both of them.”
[i] “This is true,”[/i] Ashley replied, [i] “Though, when we saw them at the party, they were in very heavy conversation.”[/i]
“Hmm... interesting,” I replied, trying to picture this dude from the non-existent description I’d received. The only other non-girly gay guy I knew was my cousin and he talked a lot. He talked [i]a lot[/i].
[i] “So, this is gonna sound stupid and dimwitted but are you actually going to leave your room this weekend? Oh, and that doesn’t involve going to the kitchen.”[/i]
“Haha, funny,” I shot back, “And yes, actually. I do have plans. What, now?”
[i] “Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come over, but okay.” [/i]
“Thanks, but I’m catching up with a cousin who’s in town. Mom will be secretly thrilled that I’m gonna get some vitamin D in me,” I stared at the patch of sunlight in the middle of my room and stayed firmly in the shadow of my bed. I’d be getting enough sunlight tomorrow.
[i]“Oh, well, Pete just invited me somewhere anyway,”[/i] Ashley replied without even pausing for a second.
[i] “I love how we don’t have to deal with annoying brother’s trying to interrupt our call. I’m only an only child and you’re frigging Professor X.”[/i]
Ashley laughed.
There was a knock at my door and I freaked.
“Fuck! Ash, I gotta go. Mom’s at the door and I haven’t been cleaning my room like she asked.”
[i] “Aha. Ok. Your head not mine.”[/i]
“The amount of support you show me is heart warming,” I snapped back, “Talk tomorrow, ok?”
[i] “Yeah, whatever.”[/i]
[i] “Bye.”[/i]
I placed the phone on my bedside table and bolted over to my bedroom door. I opened it only a minute amount and stuck my head around.
Mom looked less than impressed.
“Why aren’t you cleaning?”
“Who says I haven’t been,” I replied, trying not to grin and give myself away.
“Because I could hear you on the phone for the last fifteen minutes,” Mom replied.
“Er... yeah... about that. It was important. I swear.”
“Who were you talking to?”
“Ashley... and Bob.”
“I didn’t know he was back in town,” Mom replied, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, he just got back. We’re gonna grab lunch tomorrow.”
“I suppose that’s alright. But you’ve gotta get your chores done first, instead of talking on the phone all the time,” Mom replied, she still looked pissed, but slightly less so.
“Fine, ok. I’ll get it done by tomorrow. So, i can go?”
“Yeah, say hi to him for me. Tell him to come visit some time,” Mom replied. I assured her I would and she left me alone.
I turned and stared at the mess around my room once again. Almost groaning at the realisation of how much work I had to do. But i could only go see Bob if I did it.
I sighed and set to work.


[b]Author's Notes:[i] Jay and Ash[/b][/i]

So we meet Emma :D


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