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I Gave You Blood


It wasn’t a typical night of stormy weather that one might expect when it happened. In fact it was rather warm for October and a muggy wind was blowing throughout the countryside.
A knock at the door pulled me from my musing. It was a frantic knock. It was a secret knock. I knew that knock anywhere. I quickly hurried into the hall and towards the entrance.
I pulled the door open to be greeted by the dark figure of an elder. I was about to make my greetings when the cries of an infant in his arms cut across me. I stared down at the small bundle.
“The Dasios’s are dead,” he replied to my unfinished question.
The infant wailed. The elder stared down at it for a split second, I watched as their eyes connected and the infant fell silent.
“The infant is your responsibility now,” The Elder added, suddenly handing the infant to me. I took it and watched as the Elder disappeared into the night in a flurry of cloak.
I stood on the threshold for a moment, watching the spot where the Elder had disappeared before looking down at the bundle in my arms.
“Hello,” I said gently. The infant blinked and stared back up at me. It was in that moment that the importance of the child in my arms truly hit me.
With one final glance into the darkness I stepped back inside and locked the door behind me.
The baby had gone peaceful and silent again. I only hoped it was the reflection of the life it would have with us.


[i]Author's Notes:[b] Jay and Ash[/b][/i]

It was about time we got a site like this! So, we're reposting it, but you can also read this story on mibba under the same name. Comment, subscribe and enjoy! :D


Please tell me you havn't given up on this story :(

Sinful Cats Sinful Cats

More. I need more. e.e

Oh my god the sweetness!

Sinful Rose Sinful Rose
Awwwwwwwww, cute!
It's really good. I love it!!
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