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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 17 - Gerard's POV

[b]Chapter 17 – Gerard’s POV[/b]

I never thought I’d be back at a school so soon after graduating. In fact, I’d pretty much promised myself that I wouldn’t.
Starting a new job was always nerve racking. I just held back the nerves with the thought that if I truly hated this then I’d be leaving soon anyway. I was only going to stick around as long as I felt Mikey needed me here.
Once I’d been shown my allotted locker space to keep my things, I listened carefully as I was told about the lesson plan for today and how I could help... but my concentration was soon broken as I felt a shift in the generally stable emotions of my brother.... and also Frank. I frowned slightly and thought of any way to get away quicker but Mr Harris liked to drone!
I literally pulled the ‘I think I’m gonna vomit’ move to get away when I felt an overwhelming blood lust wash over me from my brother. He was about to lose it.
I bolted from the classroom.
I was about to turn the corner to the corridor when I slowed to the run, I heard human footsteps in the corridor ahead of me. I also felt both Frank and Mikey struggling against one another.
I turned the corner to see Ashley rush past me, her heart pounding faster than was probably healthy. Her eyes were awash with tears.
She was terrified.
Fuck. What had Mikey done? He was going to be a mess when he finally calmed down. In fact, I felt it happening right in that moment.
I bolted to the classroom where I felt them. I stopped suddenly as I took in the scene in front of me. Frank had Mikey pinned to the wall by his throat.
Mikey face almost broke my heart.
I walked up and grabbed his hand; I didn’t know who I was reassuring more with this, Him or I.
“Mikey you idiot,” I sighed, at least he hadn’t killed her. I didn’t see him living with that guilt, “I told you not to be alone with another human. Ashley was a top of that ‘no alone time’ list. I just saw her running past in the corridor looking fucking terrified.”
Mikey face broke, and I saw him inhale sharply. I felt choked up myself as I felt the thinly veiled tears finally break free from Mikey’s eyes.
At the first sign of tears Frank dropped him. Mikey slid to the ground and began to sob.
I felt like joining in.
I dropped to the floor and pulled my brother into my lap, holding him close to me like if I hugged hard enough it would all go away. He curled into my chest and cried harder.
“Frank, go check on Ashley, make sure she’s not hurt,” I could barely get the words out as I held back my own tears. My poor brother continued sobbing as Frank disappeared from the room.
I felt a whole host of crazy emotion shoot through my brother in that moment.
Mikey sniffed and wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his hoodie. He made to climb out of my lap and I dropped my hands instantly. I wasn’t going to push anything on him in that moment.
“I’m going for a walk, I need to be alone right now,” His voice was flat and I would be lying if I said it didn’t frighten me.
“I don’t think-”
“I don’t know how you can look at me right now,” Mikey said, his face crumpling and his voice harsh, “I can’t look at myself.”
My chest hurt. How the fuck could he-?
“Mikey, I don’t blame you. You’re new and have no-”
“Go home, Gerard. I’ll be back later.”
Mikey bolted from the classroom before I could say anything.
I stood up to move after him, but I knew it was no use.
“FUCK,” I screamed, kicking a chair so hard the leg snapped in half. I slumped back against the wall. What the fuck was I going to do?
Frank entered the class quietly.
“Where’d he go,” he asked, sitting atop a desk in the front row.
“He said he wanted to be alone for a while,” I hardly recognised my own voice.
“Do you want me to do anything?”
I looked up at him, “Could you come back to the manor with me? I really don’t want to be alone. And if he comes back pissed off...”
God knows what he could do.
“Yeah, I get it. Come on man, let’s go.”
I stood up, grateful for Frank being there right now. Mikey had always said he was a good friend.
I headed out to the car and climbed into the driver’s seat before leaning across to unlock the passenger door. Frank hopped in and I sped off before he could even close the door. I needed to get the fuck home and away from this hell hole.


[b]Author's Notes:[i] Jay and Ash[/b][/i]
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