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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 3 - MIKEYS POV

[b]Chapter 3 – Mikeys POV[/b]

I knew of one good thing about the party being as massive as it was...
No one would try and wake me up at all that day. I was totally planning on sleeping until 1 if I could.
Unfortunately I was woken up anyway… by my stomach… and vomiting.
I rushed across the room into my ensuite and barely made it to the toilet before I was retching the non-existent contents on my stomach.
What the…?
I wiped and rinsed out my mouth before bracing myself with two hands on the edge of the basin. I looked up in the mirror, my hair hanging in front of my eyes messily and my skin paler than it had ever been before. I looked like I had the worst hangover in the history of partying… but I hadn’t even got drunk that night. I’d a few drinks and barely made it to the tipsy stage…
I frowned before clutching my head as the movement sent a shot of pain through my head.
Da fuck?
I took a long hot shower to help but it didn’t really do anything, I climbed out and checked the time, 11:17am…. I’d slept in but maybe I needed to go back to bed? Yes, that sounded like a good idea. I climbed back into my bed wearing just a thin tee and boxers. I pulled the covers up high around me…
Too hot.
I kicked off the covers, grabbed the little remote off my side table and flicked on my fan to full volume.
This was crazy.
Even as I lay doing nothing I began to feel weaker and weaker. I pressed a hand to my scolding forehead and withdrew it quickly. Even that movement took effort…
Perhaps I needed something in my stomach…
I climbed out of bed wearily and slowly made my way downstairs, the effort exhausting me to the point that I literally collapsed into a chair in the kitchen. Mrs Reeves turned around from the stove to greet me.
“Good morning, Michael- [i]Dear, are you alright?”[/i]
I slumped my head onto the table. My breathing laboured. I needed to get back to bed before I was left permanently stranded in the kitchen. I pulled myself to a standing position… then my legs collapsed underneath me. I hit the floor, pain shooting through my back and head as I cracked them on the tiles.
Mrs Reeves voice carried so loud in my ears that I cringed.
Suddenly, in a move that was far too quick to actually be possible, Gerard was leaning down by my side. Gently wiping the hair out of my face and wearily checking my half closed eyes.
“Get him to his bed, the sickness has started,” I heard Mrs Reeves speak. Something about her words confused me but my head hurt too much to make it out.
I felt myself being lifted off the ground. Gerard carried me to my room so quickly I could have sworn he ran if it weren’t for the fact that he carried me smoothly all the way there. He placed me on my bed and pulled my t-shirt over my head. He glanced at the fan and turned it up a notch.
“How you doing Mikes,” he asked, sitting on my bed and gently pulling away a stray strand of hair that clung to my sweaty forehead.
“What’s wrong with me…?” I managed to groan.
“You’re sick, brother. But it won’t last long. You’ll feel better soon,” He replied. I tried blinking to get a better look at him but my eyes refused to clear. Instead I closed them.
“That’s it, Mikey,” I felt Gerard wipe my forehead again, “Just sleep.”
And so… I drifted off.
[i]I walked through the enormous grounds of the mansion. The garden was wild. It swirled and twirled in dark twisted colours and there was no way of telling in the dark shadowy light where the garden ended and the surrounding forest began. My breathing was magnified as I walked. It was like a crashing sound in my ears and I almost cringed as I heard the amplified rustle and crunch of forest floor debris around me. Another rustling joined my feet and I froze mid step. I glanced in the direction that the sound came from and jumped, a scream choking in my throat as I saw a hand reach out from the darkness. Its attached arm was far too long to actually belong to anyone. I increased my pace but it scratched at my ankles. I almost hissed at the pain of the deep cut it left.
More hands followed me.
I increased my pace; biting back wails at the cuts and scratches they left on my body. They were superficial but painful… until I saw a long arm and hand reach out of the darkness and swipe at my stomach. I screamed as it cut deep into the flesh. I clapped my own hand to my stomach, desperately whimpering as I struggled to hold my broken torso together. I felt something hot and slippery bursting to break through my fingers.
My legs gave way and I screamed as my hand came away to break my fall. I hit the ground and searing agony shot through me as my guts spilled out. I felt bile rise and escape my throat as I lay face first on the forest floor.
Then I felt something grip my legs tight and yank. I screamed in utter agony as I was dragged along the ground. The hands surrounded me as I thrashed around; they gripped my torso, arms and legs.
In a quick, sharp move they flipped me onto my back and I blacked out for a second.
I woke up a second later with a sharp gasp of air.
The pain had gone completely.
Adrenaline rushed through my veins.
I sat up in one quick moment, and was standing in the next. I inhaled another gasp of air and my eyes flickered around in quick succession.
A quick flash of blonde amongst the tree not too far off…
I sped off towards it.[/i]


My eyes snapped open and I sat up quickly. I breathed hard and tears formed in my eyes…
The dream had been so damn vivid… and I hadn’t understood a single part of it.
I sat up for a moment before noticing why I was also very confused…
The fever seemed to have gone.
I shivered and grabbed for the blankets, pulling them tight around as another tremble rocked through me.
It was so… cold.
I reached over and flicked the fan off, instead turning the heating on.
I trembled underneath several blankets as I waited for the room to heat up. I lay trembling for half an hour before I began to worry. Was the heating broken?
My teeth chattered as I tried to speak.
The door to my room crashed opened.
“Mikey, what’s wrong?”
“The h-heating’s broken…”
Gerard frowned for about a second before what looked like understanding flashed across his features.
“The heating’s not broken Mikey; in fact this room is boiling.”
“B-but I’m f-f-freezing...”
“It’s the sickness,” Gerard assured me, “I’m afraid it will only get worse from here.”
I blinked, horrified.
“W-what’s wrong with me? W-what’s h-happening to m-me?”
Gerard sighed and walked over to my bedside table, turning the little alarm clock around so he could read it.
Fuck, how long had I been asleep for?
“You were born at 3, weren’t you,” Gerard asked. I nodded hesitantly, what was with the weird question?
“I can’t really put this off any longer,” Gerard sighed. Sitting down on the bed next to me and grabbing my hand, “Mikey this is going to sound really weird… but trust me it’s true. It happened to me on my seventeenth birthday. It happened to Mom and Dad on their seventeenth birthday. It happened to all my friends on their seventeenth birthdays… it even happened to Frank.”
My eyebrows furrowed.
“What the fuck are you talking about Gerard?”
“Mom and Dad… they’re vampires, so am I.”
I blinked, getting annoyed. I was fucking freezing and I just wanted to know how to get better.
“Ok, stop fucking around; you’re not funny at all. What’s going on?”
“I’m serious,” Gerard replied, seriously, “You and I were born to vampires, but the vampire gene doesn’t activate until your seventeenth birthday. You’re about to change.”
“Ok, you think you’re funny, but you’re really no-”
“I’M NOT JOKING, YOU IDIOT,” Gerard shouted, losing his temper, “THIS IS SERIOUS! YOU’RE TURNIN-”
I jumped back, cracking my head on the wall. Gerard’s eyes turned pure black, a set of fangs emerged from his teeth and he growled in my face.
I began to hyperventilate.
Holy fuck.
My heart was pounding so fucking fast that it almost began to warm me.
How the fuck was this-
I don’t even-
I squeezed my eyes shut. Praying that I was just having another fever induced nightmare.
Please let this just be a nightmare.
I opened my eyes.
Gerard’s eyes were still black.
Fangs still there….
My flight instinct kicked in. In under a second I was out of bed and running so fast, pushing against the fever that wanted to drag me to the ground. I made it to my bedroom door before Gerard pinned me against the door, flipping me around so I was facing him.
“I’m sorry Mikes, but it’s the truth. This is what’s happening to you too. You can’t prevent it. You also can’t run from me… just yet.”
“Let me go,” I whispered, desperately struggling against his grip.
“I’m here to help you, Mikey. You’re my baby brother, I’m here to help you through it. Why do you think Mom and Dad made me stay hom-“
Gerard, listening to the desperate tone of my voice let go of his grip. I slipped past him and ran into my bathroom, slamming the door behind me and clicking the lock. I rushed over to the corner. I slipped my discarded shirt from earlier over my head and sat down in the bathtub. I hugged my knees to my body.
What kind of crazy shit was going on…?
My brother had black eyes and fangs. He was fast and obviously strong…
Holy shit, how could I deny that?
This was too real to be a dream. There was no such thing as a dream this vivid.
I shivered as I sat in the bathtub and I suddenly wished I had a blanket… I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around myself.
It didn’t help.
“Mikey, please,” Gerard called through the door, “I need to help you through this. You literally have five minutes… it starts at the exact moment you were born… I won’t let you be here alone. Ray will be there too. He’s agreed to help.”
I shook my head to myself. All of Gerard’s friends were vampires… Lindsey, Bob, Ray, Billie… even sweet little Christa?
Apparently Frank was too… My own best friend…
I shook my head.
Gerard said that my turn would start at three am…
I glanced down at my watch.
Fuck, if this shit was rea-
Why the heck did I believe all this crap? I wasn’t really going to turn into a biting and scratching monster-
My dream suddenly came back to me... I realised what had happened at the end... after all that pain.
There was silence outside the bathroom door. I crawled out of the bath and leant against the door.
“Gerard,” I whispered.
“Mikey,” Gerards voice sounded from right behind me. We were leaning our backs together, nothing but a thin bit of wood actually preventing our physical connection.
“How do I change? Does it hurt,” I asked, so quietly, I was worried Gerard wouldn’t hear me.
There was a silence before he answered. He sounded almost strained as he replied.
“It won’t hurt for long,” He replied back in an equally quiet whisper. The pain leaking into his voice made it all real.
This was real.
I scrambled to my feet, clumsily fumbling with the lock of the door. I ripped the door to see Gerard already standing there. I threw myself at him and he wrapped his arms tightly around me as I began to sob into his chest.
“Sshh...” Gerard said, stroking my hair as the sobs choked their way out of me.
Fear bubbled in my stomach and I began to hyperventilate.
“I-I don’t w-want to do this. I c-can’t. I-”
Gerard shushed me again, never breaking from the hug.
I tried to breath. I tried to calm myself.
There was no calm to be found.
I had only fear.
The Grandfather clock in the hall called out loud and clear, chiming in the third hour.
Then, I screamed. My body shook so violently that I broke through Gee’s grip.
I hit the ground as the pain really began.


[b]Author's Notes:[i] Jay and Ash[/b][/i]

Must we really repeat ourselves?


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