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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 11 - Mikeys POV

[b]Chapter 11 – Mikey’s POV[/b]

I plucked a string on my Bass before I carefully put it down.
This wasn’t working.
I was dying of boredom being kept in this house. I wanted to see my friends.
[i]I wanted to hunt.[/i]
Gee said he would take me soon when the hunger pangs from the change had waned a little but i was restless. I was so very restless. The thought consumed and fascinated me and it also terrified me. I wanted the hunt and kill but there was still a part of me that thought [i]’those are innocent people out there’[/i]. But I knew that was slowly fading. I could still keep that in my conscience, I could know it was wrong but according to Gee I would no longer feel it.
It was mind blowing, the new feelings and abilities that came with change. I could hear so much clearer. I could smell so much, but i was especially able to pick up the scent of blood from far away.
I didn’t need my glasses anymore.
We’d figured this out as soon I’d awoken and I couldn’t be happier. However, Gerard said I should probably continue wearing them for show for a while.
Of all the strange things to have come from the change, the strangest was perhaps the almost orbital pull I had towards my older brother. I felt the need to be near him and i knew he felt it too. I could feel it in his emotions.
That was another thing. I could now feel the emotions of the vampires around me. According to Gerard it wouldn’t work with humans but I could feel every emotion that flittered through Gerard and sometimes it was slightly crazy. The other’s I could feel pretty well but It wasn’t as strong as with my brother. Mrs Reeves said it was a sibling thing. The stronger the relationship, the stronger we’d feel each other’s emotions.
I didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.
I looked around the room and debated going calling Frank to see what he was up to, but I knew it was stupid as he was apparently going to visit one of these days. I just wondered when the fuck that would be.
I sighed and walked over to my window. I glanced out onto the grass and drive below. I wondered when my parents would get home, they had some explaining to do as to why they thought it was ok to leave their son alone during such a massive thing. They escorted Gerard home and then just fucking disappeared again on some fucking business trip!
[i]Then again,[/i] I thought angrily, [i]they’d never been around for much else[/i]
Stupid fucking –
I let out a below of anger and jumped up quickly from the floor, shoving my desk so it screeched it’s way across the floor almost gracefully. I turned to wall and slammed my fist into it several times before my eyes caught the image of something that stopped me.
The door to my ensuite was open, and my face was reflected clearly in the class shower door.
People were shouting at my door but I didn’t answer. I felt Gerard’s worry calm as he felt me calm.
I studied my reflection curiously. My eyes were pitch black with occasional streaks of red flashing over them. My skin had gone impossible paler and my fangs were out. My chest rose quickly and constantly as I breathed to control the almost fiery anger that was pumping through me.
There was a timid knock on my door.
I needed to see my friends. Frank would know how to cheer me when I got to the large basement beneath Frank’s house that served as our group’s hangout... Maybe Pete and Ashley would be there?
My determination was then set. I ran over to the window, wrenched it open and climbed onto the sill until I was in a crouching position on the thin piece of wood. I surprisingly felt no fear.
I looked at the ground. It was so far below... If I jumped I’d almost certainly kill myself.
“[i]No, you won’t[/i]” said a little voice in the back of my head. I knew what it was saying. Stop thinking like a human, you are more capable than that now.
I stared at the ground; it felt crazy as i attempted to abandon myself of the fear of going splat on the ground.
I knew I could jump down easily, but the humanity in me was putting up a good fight when it came to chucking out the fear.
I took a deep breath.
“Mikey... what are you doing? Let me in!”
I ignored my brother’s voice and instead... jumped.
My whole chest and throat seized up as if it wanted to scream but instead I found myself landing firmly, but comfortably, in a crouch position on the grass below.
I laughed.
I’d done it.
It was as easy as stepping down a particularly tall step.
I grinned in triumph and ignored the calls of my name that now sounded suspiciously as if they were right above me. I took off at a pace as to evade my brother, who would surely be following me out the window any moment now.
He was not going to stop me now.
Running through the couple of streets that separated the Manor and Frank’s house was an interesting experience. So many smells, sounds and sights assaulted my senses. I could hear people in their homes but it was night time so no one came out .The humanity in me was grateful, I probably would have killed someone if they’d been outside that night.
I heard the pets in their yards, the scurrying of rats in the gutters by the sides of the roads, the flurry of birds in the trees surrounding the back of the houses.
I saw the twinkle of the stars brighter than I’d ever seen them. My eyes didn’t see the pitch blackness that any other human would have encountered; I saw the world in a baby blue twilight that held so much beauty.
I slowed down as I reached Frank’s house, I walked around the side and looked through the basement window. In my view I could see Frank smiling and eagerly versing an unseen opponent in a game of ping pong. There were two people in the room and one of them was so mouth watering. Frank suddenly paused and whipped his head around to the window to catch my eyes. His eyebrows shot up high and he told the people in the room that he was going to get some drinks.
I heard the front door open and suddenly Frank was behind me. I leapt to my feet and tackled Frank into a tight hug.
“God, I missed you. I’ve been stuck inside that house for three days. I literally haven’t left at all. Gerard won’t let me.”
Frank patted my back before pulling away and placing a hand on my shoulder.
“Dude, Gerard is right though. You shouldn’t be out here. With a relationship like you guys there’s no way you don’t have a strong emotional connection. He’ll know you’ve been out and lying straight away.”
“Talking of lying,” I replied, narrowing my eyes at him. A flash of worry shot through him. I could tell what he was feeling too!
“Mikes, you’re my best friend but I couldn’t tell you what I was. The elders specifically forbid it unless you’re a human that I plan on changing,” Frank still looked somewhat guilty as he pleaded his case.
“Who the fuck are these ‘elders’ people? Some sort of authority?”
“They’re exactly that, they’re like the motherfucking FBI man. You don’t get on the wrong side of them... though the thing is, you don’t want to. The rules they make actually make sense and are totally worth following. They’re just....”
“Scary as fuck,” I suggested, catching on.
“Yeah, pretty much,” Frank replied.
“Well, I forgive you,” I said, Frank grinned, “So who’s in the basement?”
I edged towards the window and outside entrance again.
“Er...” Frank was suddenly very anxious.
“Is that-”
I looked, and right there, lazing on the couch laughing at something her brother had said, was Ashley.
I went to open the door.
But fell to the ground instead.
I snarled and kicked at my assailant, knowing instantly that it wasn’t Frank.
Gerard held me fast to the ground. But I flicked him over easily. I was so much stronger than him.
“Mikey,” Gerard hissed quietly, “Shut the fuck up, you idiot.”
I quietened and stared at him.
“If you go in there, Ashley will be dead in under a minute!”
I paused, staring at him.
“You’ll lose control and drain her. Then how will you feel?”
I blinked. A flash of Ashley’s body, broken and dead on the pier among all the other’s I’d killed.
Fuck, no.
I relaxed until I was no longer struggling at all against my brother’s grip. Instead I felt pleasantly warm all over, like I was lying outside on a warm sunny day.
“You need to come home, now. Frank, can you come too?”
Frank paused.
“I’ll need to get Ashley and Pete to go home but I’ll meet you back at the mansion afterwards.”
Gerard nodded and helped me to my feet as Frank went back inside. He pulled me along the sidewalk in the opposite direction to which I knew Ashley and Pete would soon be walking.
My throat ached.
“Gerard, I need to feed,” I whispered. It was still weird for me to say it, I’ll admit.
Gerard looked at me hard for a second; eyebrows furrowed and tongue out in an expression of thought.
“Ok, but I have to show you properly. Don’t just jump at someone as soon as you see them. Listen to me, and wait for my signal, ok?”
I nodded and followed him as he broke into a run.
We were soon in the nightclub area of town. I hadn’t been here much but I could still get my bearings.
Gerard led me into the shadows, his eyes flicked around in the dark almost to the pulsing beat of the bass from the club. I could’ve sat hear listening to it all night if I wasn’t so damn thirsty.
“Now,” said Gerard, suddenly lifting a finger and emerging only the tip of it in the bright light of the street as he pointed, “See those two girls?”
I turned to see a red head and a black haired girl dressed in tight jeans and revealing tops walking almost too fast down the sidewalk on the other side of the road.
“They’re moving quickly because they’re scared, and also, because they’re alone. They’re easy targets and though they won’t consciously acknowledge it, their subconscious knows...” I stared at the dark haired girl, somewhat mesmerised with the pumping of the artery in her neck, “the fear sweetens the blood.”
I nodded. I was aching to go. My whole was tensed like a coil, one small push and I feared I’d lose it.
Gerard turned to look at me. We silently acknowledged each other’s observations of the emotions flickering through us. Gerard put a hand on my shoulder and a flash of energy seemed to shoot through me.
I turned my eyes back to the girls. Gerard was suddenly by my ear and his voice was transformed.
“Which one?”
If I was human, I would have shivered at his voice. But instead it made me feel warm all over.
“The dark haired one,” I replied, surprised but fascinated by the tone in my voice.
“Go for the side of the neck. The thickest vein is there. I’m sure you can see it?”
Uh. Yeah. I could definitely see it.
“Grab them, snap their necks, drag them into the alleyway,” Gerard whispered, his hot breath all over my neck.
I ignored the tingle that went through me.
“Go,” He whispered, and we both shot across the street, silently and invisible. I grabbed hold of the dark haired girl and it a matter of two seconds I became slightly overwhelmed in the pounding of her heart. It hadn’t quite registered that it was in danger. She was still too surprised and struggling to comprehend what was going on in the two seconds it took to drag her into a shadow, grab her head, and turn it sharply to the left. She was now unconscious, but not quite dead. A sharp snap sounded as the bone broke and I glanced to my brother as he broke the red heads neck. He pushed her to the ground by the dumpster and I decided to follow his lead. I laid the girl down and lifted her torso into my lap before finally sinking my fangs into her neck.
The warmth that engulfed my ultrasensitive fangs was almost too much. I sucked greedily as the warm liquid that flowed from the wound.
This was nothing like drinking from the bag. I didn’t know how I’d ever be able to go back to that. All my senses went into overdrive as the blood filled me. I felt so much stronger than I ever had since I’d awoken.
How did the others live merely on bagged blood?
I drained the girl and dropped her back onto the pavement, almost groaning in disappointment that the meal was finished. Her heart stuttered to a stop.
I flicked my eyes over to my brother. Gerard finished the redhead.
“What do we do with the bodies?”
Gerard paused and pulled a lighter and a hipflask from his pocket.
“Nice hipflask,” I said casually.
“It’s one of Billie’s spare one’s, I thought he wouldn’t mind me borrowing it knowing that I’d be drinking fresh a lot more once you’d turned,” Gerard replied, gently sloshing what smelt like cheap liquor onto the bodies, “Take a step behind me, Mikes.”
I quickly stepped behind him and watched as he lit the bodies on fire in a movement as quick as lightning.
“Come on, by the time the cops find them they won’t even be able to see the bite marks,” Gerard said, pulling my hand along the shadows and back out onto the street.
We ran home in silence.
We made our ways upstairs, I was heading once more for my room but Gerard stopped me by grabbing my hand.
“Mikey,” He said quietly, “Please don’t do that again until we’re sure you’re under complete control. If you want to go hunting just let me know anytime and I’ll take you.”
I nodded.
“I’m sorry Mikey. I remember what it’s like. I know it’s hard,” Gerard engulfed me in a tight hug and a warmth spread through both of us. I could feel it from both of us and I felt so strange, almost full circle. The warmth suddenly spread to my belly and we both pulled away from each other like we’d been electrocuted.
My eyes, wide and confused, reflected my brother’s. We both stared at each other, not daring to acknowledge the feeling out loud. Not daring to believe it had actually jumped into existence. Gerard’s eyes grew wide and I felt his confusion... then a second later I felt realisation.
Wait, what?
“Gerard, what was-?”
“I got a great idea for a drawing,” He fumbled, his lie was so fake it was as transparent as fucking glass, “Frank will be here soon.”
And with that, he disappeared back to his room. I stood there in the doorway of my room, completely dumbstruck by all the craziness swirling around me to follow him.
I just had one question as I shut my door and lay down on my new bed.
Why had I just had the overwhelming urge to kiss my big brother?


[b]Author's Notes"[i] Jay and Ash[/b][/i]

Let the Gerikey begin :)


Please tell me you havn't given up on this story :(

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