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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 5 - GERARDS POV

[b]Chapter 5 – Gerard’s POV[/b]

The clock chimed and Mikey’s scream rent the air, cutting into my sensitive hearing. I cringed at the sound, and the split moment was enough to let Mikey fall through my grip and hit the ground. He began to thrash about madly. I dropped to my knees and tried to grab onto my brother but his epileptic movements proved too much for me.
“RAY! LINDSEY! MRS REEVES!” I screamed; two seconds later they came crashing into the room, “Help me get him onto the bed.”
I tried to stay calm. I knew he was in no danger... but it didn’t mean I liked seeing him like this. Ray, Lindsey, Mrs Reeves and I navigated around his hectic movements to each grab onto one of his limbs. Mikey’s movements became that violent I had to hold onto his arm an almost vampiric grip. I bit my lip in horror as I heard the crunching sound of a bone breaking. Mikey stopped moving for a whole five seconds.
Instead he screamed.
“Fuck,” I muttered, trying to straighten up his limbs and detect what bone had been broken. His skin was ice cold to touch. Colder than even mine was when I hadn’t fed for a week. “He’s colder than a starved vamp! Is this even normal? I just don’t-”
Mrs Reeves cut across me as she gently laid Mikey’s still but screaming figure on the bed.
“It’s completely normal. A vampire gets colder the longer they are deprived of human blood and the Vampire gene is making use of Michael’s blood in the same way that you make use of human blood. You intake human blood and it regenerates you like nutrients from food do in humans,” Mikey seemed to quieten with the occasional fast twitch of limb or body, Mrs Reeves stripped the bed of all but the pillow and sheet Mikey was laying upon, “The gene is taking Michael’s blood to regenerate his cells into those of a vampire. When he wakes from the change, as you know, he’ll need blood straight away as his body will practically be devoid of blood due to it be used up by the change. He’ll also be colder than ice until he feeds.”
I paused, sitting down next to Lindsey and Ray, realising I didn’t really know that much about Vampire anatomy considering I was one. I knew basics but I’d never taken the extra health classes offered which taught about the mechanics of the change. I’d just never been interested. I don’t think many other vampires had been either. Mostly we wanted to forget the pain of our change, not ponder why we felt the pain and torture that we did.
Mikey had grown quiet and very still ... I glanced up at Mrs Reeves. I was glad we had the vampire midwife here to help, she had come to our household and helped raise Mikey and I after the effort of working shifts at the vampire hospital became a bit much. She had lost her husband to a coven of travelling slayers many years before.
“He’s entered a dream state. A part of his brain is changing at the moment so much of the rest of the brain is in downtime, allowing for vivid dreams and memories to occur,” Mrs Reeves explained.
Speaking of memories, a shiver ran through my whole being as a sudden flash of memory, tucked deep within me, came to surface.
[i]I saw Mikey, we were playing on the play station, then running around outside... then there was the blood... There was nothing more than the blood. Blood of the ones I loved... seeping across the floor.[/i]
I shuddered, snapping out of the memory of the terrors that had flashed through my mind during my change. I tried not to remember that awful twenty four hours if I could help it.... but sometimes memories forced their way to the front of my mind and i had no control over anything.
I only hoped that what Mikey would see in the terrors wouldn’t be that bad... but I knew this was a false hope. No one was spared the horror. We were all destined to go through it.
I went to glance at the small side clock that usually sat on Mikey’s bedside table. But it wasn’t there; I glanced at the mess across the floor to see that it had been flung half way across Mikey’s room in the midst of one of his fits. I walked across, picked it up and tucked it away in a draw before I stuck my head out into the hall, the darkness proving no problem for me to read the time on the grandfather clock that sat right at the end of the hall.
It was a few minutes off four am.
I pulled the door closed, walked over the drawer and pulled the alarm clock out, plugging it into the wall as far away from Mikey as I could. I set the time and sighed, walking back into the room, and glancing wearily over at Ray and Lindsey. They looked equally tired. Vampires didn’t need much sleep at all but this was an exhausting task. I nodded at them before leaning against the wall closest to Mikey’s bed; I slowly slid into a sitting position and briefly closed my eyes.
The next twenty three hours were going to be hell long.


A buzzing vibration was coming from the pile of rubble on the floor that was what had once sat on Mikey’s side table.
My eyes flicked open at the noise and I glanced over at the alarm clock, it was eight am.
I scanned the once again still Mikey before I began searching through the pile for the source of the buzzing. I pulled out Mikey’s cell and looked at the caller ID.
I sighed, pressing the end button without even picking up. A human.... while we didn’t treat them with any less respect, they could be frustrating. It was mostly their lack of ignorance to our existence, a strict law set down by the elders centuries ago, that caused the most annoyance... However, it also kept us safe.
Right now though, it was just annoying. I liked Ashley, I really did. She was funny and kind and Mikey was head over heels with her... but right now she wouldn’t be able to talk to Mikey, she’d asked questions and as well as trying to look after my brother I’d have to deal with a curious human. I didn’t want to kill or turn her so my only option was to keep her blind, deaf and dumb to what was going on.
I slipped the phone in my pocket and slumped against the wall. My ever watchful eye lay constant on my baby brother. He’d woken from the first dream state at around ten past four. He’d thrashed around, screamed and even scratched, at the wall and at us, for a good forty five minutes or so before another dream state occurred. At about six, Mikey had woken up screaming, but he’d also been talking. He screamed at me as I rushed to him, grabbing the collar of my shirt and crying for me to end it. The broken bones, the searing pain from the contrast of both fire and ice running through him and colliding... it was almost maddening to remember my own and then watch him suffer knowing full well what it was like... I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I couldn’t do anything to pull my brother from the pain. A long string of frustrated growls erupted from my chest around seven, I was about to rip down the curtains in frustration when Mrs Reeves screamed at me to stop.
“He cannot be exposed to the sun while he is changing! It will injure and possibly kill him”
The very thought of what my actions could have caused snapped me out of my rage. I rushed into the linen closet, grabbed several thick blankets and extra curtain rods, and set about trying to make the room light proof. I succeeded too. Anyone without vampire senses would have been left in complete and utter blinding blackness... However we could see as well as one might when the first star began to appear and the light from the sun had only left enough for a deep royal blue to fill the sky. I’d fallen back asleep at seven thirty.
Now, at eight am, I noticed that Lindsey and Mrs Reeves weren’t in the room. I vaguely remembered her leaving at seven thirty and telling me to call if anything changed. My throat started itching and I trained my eyes on Mikey. He seemed to be silent, but from the last four and a half hours I’d learned he switched stages as quick as blinking.
“Ray,” I muttered, “How’s the thirst?”
“I fed before we left the school, I’m good for a bit,” Ray paused as he saw me absentmindedly rubbing at my throat, “When was the last time you fed.”
“When we arrived home but… I dunno, I’m tired… and…”
“It’s your connection with Mikey, It’s gonna wear you out,” Ray replied, “Go feed, you’ll need your strength when he awakens… especially since he’s gonna need to feed a lot when he awakens. We can’t have you going ripper when you’re meant to be watching him.”
I nodded and stood up for the first time in several hours. Sleeping slumped against a wall wasn’t good for one’s back. I straightened out my clothing and exited the room.
I passed Mrs Reeves in the kitchen.
“I’m going to feed.”
“We have blood in the cellar-”
“I need something fresh,” My eyes glinted black as I exited the house.


It was cold today and most humans were huddled inside, seeking shelter from something that didn’t affect me. It was annoying it would be hard to find someon-
I paused. My nose picked up the scent of blood. It wasn’t much, but...
I bolted used vampire speed towards the scent. It led me to the back of the local soccer ground change rooms. Three boys were enclosing a small blonde haired boy against a wall. The boy already had a blood nose, the source of the smell, and several very new bruises beginning to blossom across his face.
I paused just out of sight as tried to remember where I’d seen the blonde before. A blurry memory surfaced, it was from before my change.
[i]Mikey stood across the road, in front of the school, talking animatedly to a small boy with blonde hair. I sighed impatiently and beeped the horn of my car.
“Yo Mikey,” I yelled, sticking my head out of the window, “Get over here. I’m not waiting around forever.”
Mikey looked up at me, muttered something to the boy and then they both made their way across the road to the car. Mikey paused at my window.
“Gerard, this is Patrick Stump. Mind giving him a lift home? He lives four streets away from us so it’s not out of our way.”
I sighed and nodded, clicking the button to unlock the back door. I gave the kid the one over.
“Get in. I’ll give you a lift home.”
Mikey hopped in the front next to me while Patrick climbed in the back. I revved the engine and we sped off.
Mikey twisted around in his seat to face Patrick.
“Patrick, this is my big brother Gerard.”
“Hi,” He had a voice to match his small demeanour.
“Hey kid,” I said absentmindedly.
I half listened to the conversation Mikey and Patrick had as I drove. The thing I picked up was that Mikey didn’t actually hang out with Patrick but they talked between classes and helped each other with work occasionally. Mikey sort of liked Patrick but he didn’t consider him that much of a friend.
The kid lived in a modest one story house with a well kept lawn. Patrick stopped and waved as we drove off, Mikey returned the gesture half heartedly.
“If you don’t like him that much, why’d you offer him a lift home,” I asked after a few seconds of silence.
“I was just being polite,” Mikey shrugged.
I laughed.
“You’ve got more manners than what’s good for you, Mikes.”
“Hey, he’s not that bad. He’s got a good heart.”
I laughed again.
“Whatever, Mikes.”[/i]

I blinked, a growl slipping out of my throat as I saw one boy throw the first punch. He was very large with curly ginger hair and a face that looked like it didn’t know how to smile. I stalked over to them, grabbed the ginger by the back of the shirt and shoved him against the metal link fence. I struggled against my hunger to keep it as human pace. The boys eyes were wide with shock and fear.
“You fucking touch this boy again, and I’ll make sure you’ll be ten times as fucked up,” I hissed. The boy struggled and tried to escape. I flicked my head around briefly to see the other two boys hovering hesitantly.
“You promise to leave him the fuck alone,” I shouted to the three boys. They nodded quickly, “Well then get the fuck out of here!”
The boys bolted from the field faster than they’d probably ever moved in their entire lives.
I turned back to Patrick and debated feeding on him for a second, the blood running down his face made it all the more tempting.
“Hey Patrick, remember me? I’m Gerard. I’m Mikey’s brother,” I said kindly, walking up to the kid. I reached out and wiped the blood off his face with my bare hand then let my hand swing back to my side, “That looks painful.”
“S’not so bad,” He mumbled in reply, pinching his nose and hanging his head back. I gulped as I got a nice clear view of his jugular.
I turned around for a brief second and when I turned back Patrick was now beginning to head towards an old satchel lying half way across the field. Books were scattered everywhere. I began helping him to gather them.
“Library trip, hey,” I asked, casually trying to make conversation... which was odd of me.
“Yeah,” Patrick replied, frowning, picking up on the oddness as well, “Thanks for intervening by the way. I dunno whether I would have gotten out of that one without any broken bones.”
“Those dicks cause you a lot of trouble,” I asked, I could still hear them several streets away, whispering like frightened mice.
“Yeah, but not only me... they cause everyone trouble. I don’t think there’s one kid in the whole school who hasn’t come before Cody and his gang before,” Patrick paused, rearranging the books in his bag so I could hand him another one, “They’ve even crossed Mikey a few times...”
“What,” I growled. Patrick blinked at my outburst. Those fuckers were dead.
“That was before Frank stepped in and told Cody to leave him alone,” Patrick added hastily. I visibly calmed.
I could imagine Frank would have done more than ‘told’ Cody to leave Mikey alone. For someone so small he could be a scary kid... even before the change.
“Frank’s always been a good friend to Mikey,” I replied, casually.
“Yeah, he has-”
The rest of Patricks reply was drowned from my head as I picked up one of the last two books and read the title.
[i]‘American Vampire: Their existence in modern America and how to identify them.’[/i]
As to not cause alarm or suspicion I quickly handed the books back to Patrick.
“Get home kid, before they come back looking for you.”
Patrick nodded and quickly ran from the field. I slid down to the ground in the shadow of the change rooms. It was in the cold overcast air that I pulled my other hand to my face and licked it free of Patrick’s blood. I shuddered deeply as the small amount of blood entered my system.
Whatever the hell that kid was up to, I hoped he dropped it before he got into too much shit and discovered that the book was more than a stupid conspiracy theory book. If it weren’t for the fact I’d soon be dealing with a new vampire I would have begun to tail him myself for the next few weeks.
I sighed and sped off around the corner, my ears and nose leading me in the direction of the three bullies. I came across them walking along a heavily forested street.
I went for the runtiest of the group first, pulling him away into the shadows so fast they didn’t see their friend go. The boy didn’t have a chance to respond before I sunk my glistening fangs into his neck. I greedily drank in the boy’s essence, messier than usual as I was very hungry. The others would be slower. I dropped the boy in a bush for later disposal and went back to watching the other two boys.
The two others had noticed their companion’s disappearance.
“Ricky, stop being a dick and get back here!”
The ginger boy, Cody, turned away from the other to search across the street.
I took the chance and struck, pulling the second one into the shadows, and feeding before he could make a squeak. I was slower this time, savouring the taste of the blood and the gradually weakening struggles of its source.
“Jay, if you think you and Ricky can pull some dumb trick on me without getting my fist in your face then you’ve got another thing coming,” Cody screamed out into the blistering cold.
I dropped Jay’s body next Ricky’s.
“Don’t fuck with me guys!”
I wiped away the small trickle of blood on my chin and checked to make sure there was no blood on my clothing before casually stepping out onto the pavement. A suave grin slid across my features and I walked towards Cody like he was a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. His eyes found me and widened in shock and fear. He began to back away as I approached.
“W-what the fuck do you want? I haven’t touched Patrick and I won’t again. Just leave me alone.”
“Oh, it’s not all about Patrick. You and your friends think it’s alright to cross my little brother and anyone else you feel like,” I spoke in tone that suggested I could have been talking about the weather. I sauntered closer to the boy, the grin on my face never dropping.
“What- where are my friends?”
I decided I’d had enough playing around.
“Dead,” I said casually. Cody gasped and turned to run.
In under a second I had him around the throat and lifted him into the air. I held him there as I debated whether or not I was hungry enough to force this filth’s blood down my throat. I debated... I’d already drained two teen boys tonight, way more than I usually took from one feeding...
I dropped to my knees and slammed Cody’s head into the pavement, taking in the sound of his collapsing skull with relish.
His heart shuddered to a stop and I dragged him over to the side of the pavement. The shadows of the trees in this overcast day ate up his body as I went to dispose of his friends. When they found Cody but not Ricky or Jay, the blame would instantly fall to them; problem solved.
I made my way back to the manor with a spring in my step and rose in my cheeks.


I entered Mikey’s room and instantly rushed to his side. He seemed quiet, only occasionally groaning and moving. But there were scratch marks across his face.... I’d only been gone two hours max...
“What happened,” I asked, turning to Mrs Reeves who was sitting on a chair reading. Lindsey was in the corner plucking quietly at Mikey’s Bass, and Ray was staring out the window.
“He woke up screaming and thrashing around again, then he decided to try and claw his face off,” Lindsey replied casually, like it was an everyday occurrence.
I blinked.
“I didn’t do that in my change.”
“Everyone has a slightly different experience in their change, Gerard,” Mrs Reeves replied, “Oh, and by the way, the phone has been ringing constantly since about nine thirty. I didn’t answer it because I didn’t know whether you wanted to answer any calls during Michaels change.”
I nodded and headed out into the hall to check the home line. No messages. I went back into Mikey’s room and checked his cell.
[i]Five missed calls[/i]
[i]three messages[/i]
I sighed when I saw the ID of the culprit. I suppose I had to tell her something next time she called.
The home line began to ring. I decided to take it out in the hallway, it was probably Mom or Dad if they were ringing on the home line.
[i] “Hey, Gerard, It’s Ashley. Where’s Mikey?”[/i]
FUCK. I knew Mikey wouldn’t be going to the party tonight but I completely forgot he was meant to help the twins decorate.
“He can’t come to the phone right now,” I paused, “He can’t make it to the party either.”
[i]“WHAT?! WHY?!” [/i]
I cringed as Ashley screeched down the phone.
“He’s....” Fuck, what was I gonna tell her? “Ahh, sick. Yeah, sick. He got this stomach bug that’s going around.”
I was a terrible liar.
There was a small crash from inside of Mikey’s room and I bit my lip. He’s obviously woken. This was confirmed a moment later when Mikey let out an ear piercing scream, thankfully muffled by the walls. I heard Ray shout out in surprise and another crash.
“Fuck, shit,” I swore, I needed to get off before she heard anything- “Look, I’m sorry we can’t be there, you can expect some of my friends there though.”
[i]“What the fuck is going on? Why is Mikey screaming like that,”[/i] Ashley demanded. Fuck, she’d heard him. Shit. Shit. Shit. I had to leave fast.
“I have to go, happy birthday for yesterday, okay?”
[i]“Don’t you dare hang up on-”[/i]
I pressed the end button, slammed the phone back onto the receiver and rushed back into the room to see Lindsey, Ray and Mrs Reeves struggling to hold a growling Mikey to the bed. His face was screwed up in rage and his eyes were now black but he still didn’t have his fangs.
I rushed forward and helped them hold him down.
“He jumped me and almost ripped my jugular out,” Ray gasped.
“But he hasn’t got fangs-”
“With his human teeth.”
Holy shit.
“He’s going to be incredibly vicious. Even more so than you or your father,” Mrs Reeves noted, “He’ll be a prime candidate for eldership in a hundred years or so.”
I couldn’t help but feel slightly proud of my brother. He was obviously going to be a great vampire... though it was a little weird considering he was anything but vicious in his first seventeen years of life.
I shrugged it off and continued to contain Mikey until he settled again.
There was a knocking at the front door. Making sure my brother was secure I rushed downstairs to open the door for Billie and Bob.
“Where the fuck have you two been all night?”
“Technically our base was at Christa’s parents,” Bob began.
“But we stayed there for a grand total of two minutes,” Billie finished happily.
“Where’s Christa then?”
“She is spending time with her older sisters. Hey, how’s Mikey doing,” Billie inquired.
“He’s... been toughing it out. He’s been fucking violent. Mrs Reeves said he’s going to be vicious.”
Billie burst into a fit of laughter. Bob even cracked a smile.
“I’m serious,” I insisted, “He nearly ripped Ray’s throat out.”
“Woah,” Bob said blinking, “He’s attacking mid change?”
I nodded and began heading up the stairs, they followed me as I went.
“Shit...” Billie whistled, “Little Mikey Way’s got elder in him.”
I opened the door to Mikey’s room. He was twisting and turning as if he was having a nightmare. I placed my hand on his forehead and he seemed to visibly calm at my touch.
“Gee, you’ve got the magic touch,” Billie noted.
“He sure does,” Lindsey giggled and Bob blanched.
“We don’t need to know that shit Linz,” Ray replied.
I glanced up at the clock, it was almost eleven and I knew that the twins would be busy setting up for the party that Mikey was meant to be at. I sort of felt bad for them, the twins were nice and if Ashleys reaction on the phone was anything to go by she’d be pretty upset that Mikey wasn’t going to make it. Mikey would also skin me alive (actual possibility soon) if I left Ashley unprotected at such an event.
I sighed and turned to Bob and Billie.
“You guys do me a favour?”
They looked at me.
“Could you chuck in an appearance at the twins birthday party tonight... seeing as Mikey can’t make it and it was meant to be his party as well.”
Billie grinned.
“Sure thing, what do you say, Bob?”
Bob shrugged.
“Sure thing.”
“Thanks guys... I want you to watch out for them too. Ashley’s fairly close to Mikey and he usually sticks close to her when there’s lots of other people around... She has this ex-”
“Gerard, we’ll keep an eye on them. Don’t want anything to happen and piss off Mr Elder here when he wakes up,” Billie replied.
Bob sniggered.
“You’re gonna have your hands full there, dude.”
“He won’t be alone,” Ray cut in.
“No, he won’t,” Lindsey added, “We’ll help him.”
I smiled at my two closest friends.
“Thank you.”
“Always got your back, bro,” Ray replied.
I turned back to see Mikey had gone still again.
Things maybe wouldn’t be so bad with Ray and Lindsey by my side.


My arm was bleeding heavily. I let out a long string stream of hisses and snarls as I ran the gash on my bicep underneath the icy cold water out of Mikey’s ensuite. I reached for the bandages and wrapped it tightly. It would be healed within the hour but it still hurt like a bitch. I knew he couldn’t control it right now but Mikey had turned into a violent motherfucker. The damage he could pull with just his short fingernails....
Once cleaned up I walked back into the room and took my seat besides Mikey’s head. I reached out and gently ran my hand through his messy hair. He was breathing hard, like he’d been running a marathon. I glanced at the little alarm clock across the room.
[i]1:51 AM[/i]
I almost sighed in relief. Just over an hour before the pain ended and my little brother awoke. Things would get interesting after that but at least he wouldn’t be writhing in pain. I can handle a blood thirsty vampire.
Speaking of bloodthirsty... Once it hit two AM the final run of the change would occur. It was the worst run but at least it would only be one hour. Mikey’s fangs would make their first appearance and he’d be awake the whole time. The screaming and pain would get worse... the thrashing about would get worse.
Ray and Lindsey had gone to grab some blood from the basement, both to strengthen up for the final hour and to store some aside for when Mikey awoke. I, however, would stay put. I was still at full strength from the two bullies.
I closed my eyes and hoped for maybe a few more minutes sleep before the final slug began, but I knew it was useless. Lindsey and I had just finished clearing out the room of anything incredibly breakable and valuable before Mikey awoke. We’d also plugged in a mini bar fridge in the ensuite. Once again, Mikey would need blood immediately when he awoke and he’d be in no condition to retrieve it himself.
I watched as the clock ticked over to 1:59 AM.
“RAY, MRS REEVES,” I called. They must have been far away as they made it to the room just as the Grandfather clock in the hall chimed in 2 AM.
Mikey’s eyes flicked open. We all watched as Mikey’s back arched high in the air, his head tipping back into the pillow and his mouth flying open. He screamed and reached up to grab at his mouth, but Mrs Reeves wrenched his hands back and I watched in morbid fascination as two long sharp fangs burst their way through his gums. His eyes screwed shut, he screamed louder and I saw tears streaming down his face. I bit my lip and helped Mrs Reeves hold down his arms. Then the screaming stopped abruptly and Mikey’s eyes snapped open, they were glowing black. A ferocious growl slipped from his throat and I braced myself for the outburst. He struggled so violently that with one sharp shove he threw Mrs Reeves across the room. She crumpled against the wall and Lindsey went to check on her as Ray took her place, helping me to hold Mikey down. He howled, growled and spat as he tried to escape. I was at loss for what to do; I couldn’t hold him down for an hour straight.
“Mikey,” I finally cried in frustration, Mikey’s eyes flicked to me. They seemed panicked and suddenly he was crying again.
“Gerard...” He rasped, “Make it-”
A piercing scream finished his sentence for him. In one quick movement he flipped onto his stomach and clawed at the bed. We let him do this. A mattress and bedding were easily replaceable. Hell, we could even replace a bed frame if it meant he wasn’t hurting himself or others.
As he scrambled against the mattress, I removed the bandage around my arm, checking to see where the gash had healed. It was completely gone. Only the smallest, faintest pink line remained where less than fifteen minutes ago had been a deep gash, spewing blood everywhere.
I chucked the bandage in the bin and watched as my brother tore apart his mattress. He worked on it, while continuing to moan and scream for another fifteen minutes. That was when the bed frame began to shake and groan underneath him. He flung himself around on the torn up mattress and I watched in horror as the bed frame cracked. In a move as quick as lightening I scooped my brother up in my arms and set him on the mat in the middle of the room. The bed frame collapsed in a heap behind us.
Mikey visibly calmed in my arms, but then continued the screaming once I put him down.
Mrs Reeves glanced at me strangely.
“Gerard, pick him up again.”
I frowned but did as she said, Mikey settled again, occasionally screaming but mostly just tossing and turning violently. I brushed the hair out his face and he opened his eyes. The black orbs peered up at me and then he closed them, going into another downtime.
“I’ve never seen that before,” Mrs Reeves admitted, “[i]No one[/i] goes into a downtime during the last hour.”
I stared at her, my eyebrows high on my forehead.
“What does this mean,” I questioned quietly as Mikey further relaxed until it almost seemed like he was [i] sleeping [/i].
“I don’t know,” Mrs Reeves replied, her forehead furrowing, “But I think the elders will want to hear of this.”
I nodded and continued to stroke Mikey’s forehead. His breathing eased further, with the occasional twitch and gasp. I settled down in the middle of the carpet with my little brother lying in my lap and arms. Everyone’s eyes never left me; they drilled into me like needles.
I checked the clock.
[i]2:49 AM[/i]
It ticked over to 2:50 and Mikey woke up sharply. He thrashed about and rolled off my lap, his head hitting the ground with a sharp crack. I gasped and Mikey screamed.
“It’s not his head, Gerard. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt him. The scream is all the change.”
It was hard to watch but I watched as Mikey’s back arched and then thumped back to the floor again. His mouth hung open and I saw a little blood trickle out of his mouth, there was also some on the tip of his fangs. He must have bitten the inside of his mouth.
“There’s nothing to do now,” Mrs Reeves spoke, as the alarm clock flicked over to 2:55am.
So we just sat and watched as Mikey thrashed about and screamed. We heard several clicking sounds and Mrs Reeves explained it was all his bones setting back into their correct place.
[i]2:59 AM[/i]
Mikey rolled over, opened his eyes and gripped my hand so tight it would have been broken had I been human.
“Gerard! My-my... throat.”
Mikey dropped to the floor, closed his eyes and grew still.
The Grandfather clock in the hall chimed in 3AM.


[b]Author's Notes:[i] Jay and Ash[/b]

Gore chapter is gore.


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