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I Gave You Blood

Chapter 21 - PETES POV

Chapter 19 – Pete's POV

I woke up to my twins screams. I ran into her room and pulled her into a hug. I seemed to be the only thing that blocked it all out.
Well, me or Josh.
Ever since Mikey attacked her, she had been having these nightmares. They were starting to affect everything. She even stopped singing. I’d had to take Mikey’s place in music as bass. She was so quiet now, it was scaring everyone. She tried to be her normal self but it didn’t last long.
She also seemed to be spending more time with my best friend than I was. Josh had been great though. But them going off together left me to go see Bob more. Which I didn’t mind at all; I had a lunch date with him today.
“Pete, I’m scared,” Ashley's quiet voice said into my chest.
“It’s okay, he isn’t here. He can’t hurt you here.”
“But how can you be sure? He attacked me at school! Of all places! What stops him from coming here?”
“The fact he is now quite afraid to hurt you. I don’t think he was himself when he attacked you.”
“He was though! But something changed, he went all weird and next thing I know, Frank is holding him up by the throat. I’m scared to go to school and...” she broke down in sobbing.
I lead her back to the bed and sat her down, “He won’t hurt you here, not while I’m here. Now, go back to sleep, okay?”
She nodded and lay back down. I sighed and went back to my room; lying back down.
I looked at my clock, 3am. I’d be seeing Bob in 5 hours. I felt the butterflies coming on. We’d pretty much been together since I kissed him last week. It was nice. When someone finds out about me, they think I’d like the girly pretenders around here. It’s annoying at best, that’s why pretty much no-one knows.
My alarm went off at 8:30 am. I moaned and rolled out. Dragging myself out to breakfast, I found Ashley cooking pancakes, “Morning!”
“What has you so happy? You were balling your eyes out.”
“Josh text me, we’re going to the park with his family. His cousins are in town and he is allowed to have some friends come join. I don’t know if Emma or Frank will be there.”
I slumped down in my seat just as she twirled around and put a plate full of pancakes. I poured maple syrup on top and dug in, “Where’s mum and dad? Shouldn’t they be home? It’s Saturday.”
“Some wine tour meeting thing out of town. I found the note on the fridge.”
“How long will they be gone?”
“Whole weekend, we have to fend ourselves.”
“Mmhmm,” she flipped another pancake, “Hey, could you flick on the stereo?”
I raised an eyebrow.
She pulled a face and flipped another pancake.
I leant back and flicked the switch. I Miss You by Blink-182 came on. She started singing along while cooking.
I smiled as I ate and watched her go. She was happy. Something about Franceschi made my sister happy. Breaks the friend code but hey, my sister is happy, so I’m happy.
I finished and put my plate in the sink. As I walked back into my room I found my phone going nuts. I went over and checked the screen, 1 new message.
I clicked on it,
‘Morning C: I’ll meet you outside of Starbucks at 12?

I felt the grin spread across my face. I fell onto the bed and replied.
I heard Ashley scream in the kitchen, I ran out there to see a bubble covered knife on the floor and Ashley up against the bench with a hand against her chest.
I let out a sigh and picked up the knife, “Never make me freak out like that again.”
“I’m sorry. It just slipped and it startled me.”
“It’s okay, just... just warn me before I have a heart attack next time.”
She pulled another face.
I shook my head as I went back to my room. I pulled off my shirt and went over to choose something to wear to lunch.
I plucked at my bass while thinking about lunch today. It would be the first time I had seen Bob since school went back. I didn’t know how I’d react. Knowing me, I’d most likely kiss him again. But how would he react? Oh god, I didn’t want to know.
There was a knock at my door; I looked up to see Ashley poking her head in the door, “Yes?”
“About last night...” she began.
“What about last night?”
“Did you, by any chance, see what I dreamt?”
I had. It mostly involved Mikey chasing her through the woods. It was actually quite terrifying, “Yeah, I did.”
“Oh,” she looked down, “You know you don’t have to come running when I scream.”
“I know, but its instinct for me to protect you, you know that right?”
“I didn’t, actually.” she looked up at me, “But I’m glad I do now.”
I smiled at her, “Only for you.”
She grinned, a horn sounded outside, “That’s my ride,”
I looked outside and saw Josh driving, “He got his licence back?”
“Yeah, he said something about a cop having it out for him or something. I’ll see you tonight,” she said, hugging me and running out to go off with Josh.
I sighed and went back to my bass.
“PETE!” I heard Bob call out behind me.
I turned around to see him weaving through the lunch crowd towards me. As he got closer he jogged over before stopping right in front of me, “Pete,” he said again before pulling me into a hug.
I returned the hug with no problem; it was resisting the urge to kiss him right then and there.
I’d have to live.
“Shall we go?”
“Absolutely,” he said, grabbing my hand as we walked towards the small cafe, “So how’s Ashley?”
“She had another nightmare last night. Pretty much every night is the same; running away from Mikey in the woods. I fear the day where she doesn’t wake up and the dream keeps going.”
Bob whistled, “Dude, have you told your parents? Or Gerard? He could help.”
“Our parents have decided to go out of town for the weekend. As for Gerard, I’ve known the guy all of maybe a few weeks? I wouldn’t go to him with something like this.”
“But Mikey caused it, and Gerard is Mikey's brother.”
“True... Could you possibly go to him? I don’t know him and...”
“Sure, I wouldn’t mind. I could use it as an excuse to leave the house more. I only leave to get food and see you, nothing else.”
“Yeah, oka- What? To see me. I, I expected you to have more of a social life.”
He laughed, “Yeah, I don’t. I like my house, it has my drum kit.”
“I suppose that’s like me liking my room, it has my bass, and most of the time, my sister.”
“Your sister?”
“She sings while I play. It’s a good thing we have going.”
“Right then,” we stopped outside the cafe, “Food?”
The whole time we sat there and talked, mostly about his school. It sounded quite interesting, I’d never heard of Wilderness Prep until now. He said it was a place full of tight asses. He was lucky to get in on a scholarship.
He took a sip of water and threw his napkin on his empty plate, “Want to go for a walk? Once you’re finished of course.”
I looked down at the mouthful of salad I had left, “I’m done.”
He laughed and got up, me following closely.
We left the small cafe and went down Main Street. We held hands the whole way, earning glances from kids from school and complete strangers alike.
We turned off and went into a park. It wasn’t as crowded as you would expect it to be on a Saturday, possibly because it was overcast and the whole park was covered with a canopy of trees, making it cool and dark.
Bob pulled me over to a bench and sat down, “Last time we were in a park alone I got extremely awkward, as I remember, you did too.”
I felt my cheeks go red, “Mainly because I wanted to kiss you.”
“What about now, still want to kiss me?”
I tried to answer him, but words escaped me, so I nodded.
He smirked, “So are you going to or do I have to tape a sign to my head that says ‘kiss me already’?”
I looked at for a minute before I leant in.
Our lips collided and I felt my embarrassment slip away. He slid his tongue into my mouth, I felt his lip ring hit my lip and I smiled into the kiss.
We eventually pulled away for air, I was still smiling.
He looked over at me, “What?”
“I don’t know. Being with you makes me happy.”
He grinned, “I’m nothing special.”
“To me you are.”
He blushed and got up and offered me a hand, I took it and he pulled me up.
He kissed me again, this time it was a lot slower. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slid my tongue into his mouth. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist.
I didn’t want to pull away, but I needed to breathe. I pulled away and looked at him, “What was that for?”
“It was me trying to make you happy.”
I pulled a face, “Your existence makes me happy.”
He blushed again and grabbed my hand, “I’m walking you home before I die from all your cuteness.”
I swear my cheeks were bright red and going redder.
We left the park and entered the lunch crowd on Main Street again. We followed the street before he took us through the cemetery.
“Why are we going through here..?”
“Short-cut, I use it all the time. My house it the next street over from the one we come out on.”
There was a crackle of thunder then it started pouring down with rain. We looked at each other and ran towards his house. I fell over a few times and ended up covered in mud. By the time we made it to his house, I looked like I had jumped in a bog.
He pulled me into his house and closed the door behind us. I leant against the door and looked at him, “I feel incredibly gross.”
He gave me a once over and laughed, “You should. Why don’t you go use the bathroom and I’ll get your clothes clean?”
I blushed again, “I’ll be fine.”
“No, I insist, now go. Leave your clothes outside the door; I’ll make sure they’re clean and dry for you when you get out.”
“I really have no choice now, do I?”
“Not one.” he said, grabbing my hand, he led me to the bathroom and lightly pushed me inside and closed the door.
I sighed and stripped off. I was like putty around Bob. I would probably jump off a cliff if he asked me to.
I opened the door dropped my clothes outside.
I sat in the guest room wrapped in a towel, waiting for Bob to give me my clothes back.
There was a knock at the door, “Pete? Your clothes are done.”
I opened the door to see Bob holding all my neatly folded clothes with a slight smile, “Thanks, I’ll be out in a minute.”
“Take your time, I don’t mind.” He said before turning and walking back out to the lounge.
I closed the door and got dressed.
Walking out to where Bob was, I was greeted with the smell of fresh coffee, “Now I feel spoilt.”
He looked up and smiled, “Don’t. I just thought you’d like coffee before you go.”
“Yeah, I still feel spoilt.”
I leant on the counter across from him just as he slid me a cup.
I took a sip and smiled, “Thanks,”
He smiled again and got his own cup and leant across from me, “I was going to suggest we get coffee on our way back, but I forgot.”
“This is still nice.”
My phone went off. I grabbed it and looked at the screen.
1 new message.
I clicked on it,
‘Hey, what do you want to do for dinner? We’ve been invited to Josh’s.

I sighed and replied before looking back at Bob.
“I’ve been invited to Josh’s for dinner, so I’d better get back.”
“I’ll walk with you,” Bob said, walking over to the door and getting an umbrella, “Just in case.”


Authors Notes!!!!!

Bob/Pete cuteness :)

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