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Desolation Row


Four young men wake up one morning to find their friend missing. However, they soon realise that there is more to this than just another teenage runaway.(FRERARD) (PETERICK)


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Frank is best friends with Mikey and in a relationship with Gerard. He grew up with the Way family and knows everything about their past.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

The leader of the group and Mikey's brother. He is in a secret relationship with Frank due to his abusive relationship with his father

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Mikey is the brother of Gerard Way and Franks best friend. He isnt very confident around women and can be quite shy. He ran away from home due to unknown reasons and hasnt been seen since.

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump

Patrick is best friends with Pete and is the quieter one of the group. He seems to know all of the groups secrets.

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz

Pete is the confident one of the group and will often flirt with anyone. Despite this, he is a sweet natured guy who constantly looks out for his friends.


  1. Take This Spike To My Heart

    The four boys wake up after Pete Wentz's house party only to discover their memory of the night before isnt the only thing missing.

  2. Welcome To The Black Parade

    Frank and Gerard's trip into the woods leads to an unexpected change of events.

  3. So Long and Good Night

    It's the funeral of Mikey Way and everyone has come to say their final goodbyes

  4. I Cant Help But Think I'll Die Alone

    Gerard and his father return from Mikey's funeral, only for Gerard to suffer more abuse from his father. But thats not all that he has to worry about.

  5. Sleep

    Gerard wakes up in hospital after the attack. It soon become apparent to his friends that the deaths arnt just suicides.

  6. Alone Together

    Pete is a broken man. Thrown out of his home, he goes back to Gerard's old house where he finds Mikey....

  7. Three Years Ago

    Teenage mikey way has been in love with "her" for ages and finally decides to ask his sweetheart out on a date...

  8. Sing Me To Sleep

    Patrick and Pete are alone, tensions run high as finally reveal how they feel. (WARNING: CONTAINS SMUT)

  9. Wait and Bleed

    Frank is trying to escape the madman who is stalking him and his group of friends.

  10. This Is How We Like To Do It In The Murder Scene

    Frank is left wondering if he is dead or alive

  11. Cemetery Drive

    Frank is losing his mind as he struggles to deal with the recent attack and the loss of Gerard

  12. The Collision Of Your Kiss

    Gerard and Frank are reunited.... but with tragic consequences

  13. It's Hard Not To Say I'm Shaken

    Pete is on the 9:55 train to London where he meets a beautiful young woman.

  14. Chelsea Smile

    Three years ago, a young girl walks into the police station after being attacked

  15. Nightmare- Part One

    Frerard- Smut Scene

  16. Nightmare- Part Two

    Pete and Patrick are alone in the bedroom. Tensions run high as Patrick tries to find out what's going on with the man he loves.

  17. Dead.

    Pete is making his way over to the Way's house to try and find Mikey

  18. I Can't Forget

    The guilt finally gets to Patrick

  19. I Think I'm Slowly Dying

    June 30th 2010: A new girl has join Belleville High School

  20. Lies For The Liars

    Jane is not all she seems to be...

  21. Cut My Life Into Pieces

    Jane is confronted by a familiar face...

  22. This Mirror Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us

    As Jane begins to feel left out in the cold, her mind begins to become more dangerous.

  23. Can You Feel My Heart

    A fight lands Frank in the medical room, where he meets a familiar face with a dark secret....

  24. Sugar We're Going Down

    Jane finally pushes Patrick too far...

  25. In Your Eyes


  26. Lets Kill Tonight

    Patrick is finally home. But is home really safe anymore?

  27. All That Pain

    Patrick turns to his friends for support...

  28. This Feeling Flows Both Ways

    As Gerard begins to lose control of his temper, Patrick finds solace in an old graveyard...

  29. We Stitch These Wounds

    Aftermath of THE KISS

  30. What You Call Faith, I Call A Sorry Excuse

    Gerard finds himself getting into more trouble...

  31. Touch of Evil

    Frank is all alone and feeling guilty about everything

  32. Prison

    Patrick is alone in a cell

  33. Death Is The Only Salvation You'll Feel

    Jane's haunting past is revealed

  34. Suprise

    Jane has finally captured the group. Is this the end for the group of friends?

  35. So If You Love Me Let Me Go

    The boys desparatly try to escape (WARNING: I hated writting this and you'll see why)

  36. Come Away With Innocence

    Ending One


Don't get too sad- I'm planning to write an alternate ending to this story, it's a shocker x

ThatGeekJess ThatGeekJess

whyyyyy nooo, no one can die, well jane sure as hell can, but not one of the guys! why would you do that to our poor little hearts!??

mindchemicals mindchemicals

Thanks :) x I'm glad your enjoying it x

ThatGeekJess ThatGeekJess

Damn that was so worth the wait!! :)

mindchemicals mindchemicals

Thank you so much! :) xxx

ThatGeekJess ThatGeekJess