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Cemetery Drive


Frank is a man of many secrets who often sneaks around just to have some decent relaxing time in a place he loves to hang out at, which is a Cemetery without anyone panicking at the sight of him. One day he runs into Gerard getting beat up by his so called boyfriend Bert. Frank steps in and helps him out, but was that a mistake on Frank's part? Can Gerard still want Frank around after he finds out Frank's secret?


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Man of many secrets that he keeps to himself and is afraid of Gerard finding out



I'm glad you've taken a liking to my stories and good you know my struggle with marching band. I hope to update soon. Bye! :D

I love this story so much as well as the others. I'm also in marching band and volleyball at the same time too, so I understand! Can't wait to see more! :D

Hey it's fine don't worry, I'm sorry for reading and then forgetting to comment, fabulous chapter by the way. I'm so happy that Bert has gone, but just worried that he might come back. And I feel really sorry for Frank because he can barely feel emotions still. Great update though. :)

@The pink flamingos return
Sorry for responding late DX Either way it would've still had the big tension but not as big cause in the next chapter what I originally had planned was just a straight "oh shit he's alive" I do prefer the way I ended up writing it anyways. Anygay I'm glad you're looking forward for next updates. See ya soon :P

Oh, the alternative did sound good but I prefer the ending you wrote because of all the masses of tension that it built up before going: oh, wait. He's still alive.
I will definitely stick around and looking forward to the next chapter. :)