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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)


Missy was a boring girl living her boring life. That was until Frank Iero the music teacher came along.


Missy Taylor

16 A student who falls for the music teacher

Gerard Way

16 Soon becomes Missy's best friend

Frank Iero

25 Music teacher

Mikey Way

15 Gerard's brother

Ray Toro

16 Mikey's and Gerard's friend

Billie Rose

Billie Rose

16 Mikey's girlfriend


  1. Chapter 1

    Do you have the time?

  2. Chapter 2

    I'm Gerard

  3. Chapter 3


  4. Chapter 4

    You have yourself a deal

  5. Chapter 5

    Can you keep a secret?

  6. Chapter 6

    Back to school

  7. Chapter 7

    Morning sir

  8. Chapter 8

    Hot mess

  9. Chapter 9

    Date night

  10. Chapter 10

    His house

  11. Chapter 11

    I'm a virgin

  12. Chapter 12

    Couldn't be more embarressed

  13. Chapter 13

    Why was he calling?

  14. Chapter 14

    Off to the park

  15. Chapter 15

    My teacher

  16. Chapter 16

    You don't own me

  17. Chapter 17

    Storming out

  18. Chapter 18

    Mikey's girlfriend

  19. Chapter 19

    I'm not kissing you Gee

  20. Chapter 20

    Idiot thing to do

  21. Chapter 21

    Gerard's big bed

  22. Chapter 22

    Frank's text

  23. Chapter 23

    My heart sunk

  24. Chapter 24

    Hi sir

  25. Chapter 25

    Quietly sobbed

  26. Chapter 26

    Kissing Gerard

  27. Chapter 27

    You don't deserve me

  28. Chapter 28

    You're mine


I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

Ignore all the haters toward Frank! This is a team Frankie zone!!!!

i think she belongs with gerard :)

mimo mimo

Havn't found time to update in ages sorry all!

MyX_RatedRomance MyX_RatedRomance

sorry guys, got alot on, update soon! Adding it to wattpad too!