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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)

Chapter 9

I couldn't concentrate at all through school. Sir's voice was lingering through my mind, his touch, how I wanted to taste him. Wow, I was a girl obsessed. Me and Gee were talking about my date, he wasn't being rude at all. I guess he just had to get on board with the idea of me and sir dating. Well, if that's what we are doing.
I skated home as soon as I could. I started running up the stairs.
"Going on a date, won't be home until later," I texted my Mum.
"Have fun, tell me all about it tomorrow morning! Be home before 11." She texted back instantly.
Wow. I was so surprised about her attitude about this. If only she knew who I was going on a date with. I ran to the bathroom and hopped into the shower. I washed my body in a sexy smelling lotion. Can a lotion smell sexy? Well it did. I ran my hands through my hair with shampoo and conditioner. After jumping out the shower I wrapped a towel around my still wet body and started to comb my hair. I continued to dry my hair upside down and then straightened it. I used a extra volume hairspray on my blond fringe just to give it an extra lift.
I grabbed my make up bag off of my dressing table and took it back to the bathroom where I layered and winged my eyeliner after applying foundation and a peach lip gloss.
I ran back to my room even though I wasn't in a rush. I grabbed my laptop and googled 'De Sandros' finding the address. I left my laptop open with the address on as I rushed to my wardrobe.
I knew what I was going to wear, probably because I was thinking of it for hours through the day. I grabbed out my dress. It was strapless and black to the waist. The skirt to it was a peach pink and was flowy. I wore it to a wedding back in England. It's not like I had ever been on a date before in it. I grabbed out some black strappy heels and put them straight on. I went over to my dressing table and sat down. I reached over to my jewellery and put a set of midi rings on and a gold cross necklace. Honestly I looked sexy. Hot. But still kind of innocent. I loved it, probably because I didn't dress up often.
I grabbed a black clutch from my mums room and put my phone and keys inside it. I went back into my room and had another look at the address after jotting it down and tucking it into my clutch. I realised if I set off then I could walk and make it for probably round 7:10, fashionably late. I went downstairs, continued to walk outside and locked the door behind myself.
I started walking down the street heading into the town, almost knowing where I was going. I started thinking about Sir. How his dark eyes stared. His look made me feel like he knew every little thing about me. I kind of liked it. Was I mean't to call him Mr Iero? What if it was awkward? What if he only wanted me for sex? I had butterflies rushing up from the pit of my stomach. I felt like I could have vomited on the street then and there. What if I was overdressed? Worse, what if he never showed up? I was so scared I was practically shaking.
I made it to the restaurant and leant on the brick wall and took a few sharp breaths before leaning in and looking in the window. He wasn't there, well I couldn't see him. I was suddenly filled with nerves. I suddenly felt a hand slide around my waist as I was still looking in the window. I jumped and span my head around to be met with Mr Iero's hazel eyes.
"You're late." He stated.
"Then why are you outside if I'm late?"
"I was sat on that bench over there. Whatever, let's go in."
He grabbed my hand and we interwind our fingers as he led me into the restaurant. "Reservation under Iero." Mr Iero told the waitress as she showed us to the table.
It was a table covered in a white cloth with a candle in the middle. Mr Iero nodded a 'thank you' to the waitress and she left. Sir untucked my chair and gestured for me to sit before he walked to his side.
We began speaking and it was surprisingly not awkward at all. The conversation was fluid and great. We spoke about Britain and New Jersey. We spoke about music and we changed the topic to what the teachers bitch about in the staff room. I was in a haze over this man. He was perfection.
"Mr Iero-"
"Frank," he corrected me.
"Frank. Why did you ask me out?" I questioned a little scared for his response.
"Why? Did you not want me to?"
"No! I did. I really did."
"Then tell me what's on your mind Missy." His eyes made me feel like I had to tell him.
"Did you only ask me out so you can have sex with me?" I blushed. Bad.
Each word drifted off quietly. My heart beated faster and faster. Why did I have to ask him?
He started giggling. No. Laughing. He placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down.
"Of course not. I like you for you. I'm sorry I made you feel that way." He turned sweet and sensitive.
"No no no, you didn't. It's just my friend Gee was saying-"
"Someone knows about us?"
"Well yeah but-" I tried to get a word in but it was tricky. I didn't want to ruin this date.
"Missy. I need you to listen to me." His grip on my leg got tighter. "No one else can know about this. Us. This is serious. I could go to prison for this. You are under age. I could lose my job. Do you want me to talk to Gee?" He was serious but still tender.
"He promised he wouldn't tell anyone." My eyes welled up. I really didn't want Mr Iero angry at me. "I'm..." My breath hitched "I'm really sorry." I will not cry. I will not cry in public. I will not cry infront of him. Again.
"Come here, I'm not angry, its just very serious." He crouched by me and gave me a quick hug.
He went back to his seat. "Lets order,"
We ordered our meal and continued to talk. We decided to order and share a fudge Sunday.
"What's my half?" I asked while getting my purse out after the bill came over.
"Excuse me?"
"The bill?" What was he not getting?
He started laughing "Like I'm going to let you pay honey,"
Honey? I liked the strict quality he had. Although not letting me pay felt like I was sponging off of him.
"But I have some-"
"Nope it's on me," he gave a sexy smirk that made me want to undress him. "Lets get you home." Was he going to walk me? It took me a minute to realise my Mum was working the night shift at the hospital.
We walked out of the restaurant holding hands. I didn't know he was so affectionate. I liked it. Frank walked me to my door.
"Can I have your number?" Mr Iero asked as we waited at my door.
"Course you can," I nervously answered before swapping numbers. "Do you want to come inside for a coffee?"
Frank grinned before pushing himself on me. I lean't back on the door. He gripped my chin and tilted my head up with his other hand gripping my waist. I stared at his pink lips with nothing but lust. I leant in and pecked his lips. The cold metal of his lip ring gave shivers down my spine. We pecked each others lips until we slowly opened our lips. I couldn't help but want him. I felt his hand slowly make it's way to the top of my arse. He slowly ended the kiss by closing his lips and letting the grip go off my chin. Are faces were so close, I wanted to taste him again.
"Not tonight sweetheart," He let his grip go off me and turned around and walked down the path. "Stay in school," I said with his back turned as he continued walking. I was leant against the door, whimpering. Shivering. My goosebumps where everywhere covering my body from his touch. And to think I thought I was a hot mess the other day.


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I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

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