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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)

Chapter 2

I stood by Mr Iero and scanned the room for a seat. I looked for ones right at the back of the class. I ended up sitting by this guy with raven, black, greasy hair in a Misfits tee. I sat down and sighed at relief that everyone's eyes were no longer burning onto me.
"Hey, I'm Gerard. Call me Gee." He flashed a huge smile from ear to ear.
"Okay 'Gee'. I'm Missy." I whispered back.
"Awesome, ya' kno-" he was cut off by Mr Iero.
"Guys at the back. Seriously you will be split up if you cant sit and listen in silence." Wow, he may be hot but he's a dick. A complete dick.
Mr Iero gave us projects and me and Gerard decided to work together. We had to do a cover of a song.
"What instrument do you play?" He asked innocently.
"I don't," I felt a little embarrassed to admit that because it seemed like Gerard expected me to know how to play something.
"Do you sing then?" He asked almost with a worried look on his face.
"Umm not that I know of," I answered with my voice getting quieter after each word.
"Ah, you need to be at least a grade 1 of and instrument before the summer exam.," hahaha shit. I guess I will be getting lessons.
"I will be back in a minute" I walked over to Mr Iero, almost too confident.
"Do I need to know an instrument before the exam?" I questioned on the other side of where he was sitting on his desk.
"Yeah you do, I guess I could do some guitar lessons in your free periods after music if you want?" He questioned. I would like that but wouldn't it be awkward?
"Umm, yeah i guess. Thanks." I was cold to him. I probably should be a little bit nicer, i mean he was giving me a great opportunity.
Soon my free period came to a start. While everyone piled out the room I stayed seated. I slowly made my way over to Mr Iero's desk. Me and Gee were going to meet up at lunch.
"I didn't catch your name." He stated
"Missy Taylor" my voice was shaky. Why was I nervous?
"Cool, you can call me Frank in our little 'lessons'" He told me "Pass me that guitar please."
I smiled at his manners and my tummy started to fill with butterflies. WAIT. Did I feel something for him? No. nope no nah sorry but no nopety no. Okay maybe a little.
"Here, do you know what these bits do?"
"Those bits? Haha umm yeah...no."
He continued to tell me about how and why we tune a guitar. I felt like all this information was going in one ear and coming out another.
"Let me show you a G chord," he stood from his desk and came up behind me. I felt his hot, heavy breath down my neck. It made me whimper. I felt a slight moan escape my mouth. Did that really just happen?
"What? Feel something you like?" He teased and chuckled. Shit. How was I supposed to answer? I could feel my cheeks burning red. He reached his hand and placed it on top of mine to make a G chord.
"Now strum."
"Strum?" I giggle a little.
"Yep," I'm not quite sure if he understood the innuendo.
His face was still hovering on the left side of my neck. I could feel his breath getting heavier and heavier until he broke the silence.
"You smell so..." I quickly stood up.
I wanted to avoid this. This was bad with a capital B.
"Thank you. I...umm" I was lost for words. We were stood across from each other with the guitar in my hand. Mr Iero licked his lips a little. I was very overwhelmed. He took a step forward and put his hand on my cheek, he gradually moved it until he was twirling a strand of my hair. My knees were growing weaker and weaker.
"Missy, don't pretend you don't want me."


Awesome. I really don't know if this is good or bad. Please, please, please comment and tell me if you think it's okay or crap or whatever :)


I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

Ignore all the haters toward Frank! This is a team Frankie zone!!!!

i think she belongs with gerard :)

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Havn't found time to update in ages sorry all!

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sorry guys, got alot on, update soon! Adding it to wattpad too!