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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)

Chapter 4

"For fucks sake," I growled at my alarm clock. I rolled onto my face dreading going to school. I was not looking forward to music with Frank, I mean...Mr Iero one bit.
Then it downed on me. I wasn't going to school. Me and Gee were gonna skip. ME AND GEE WERE GONNA SKIP! I was really excited. Suddenly I found the energy to spring out of bed and run to the bathroom. I hopped into the shower.
"Shit," I muttered in the ice cold shower.
I lathered myself in a mango scented body wash. MANGO! Wow I really need to calm. It's not that I liked Gerard like that but I wanted to look my best. After hopping out the shower I began to dry my hair. I then continued to straighten and pull it up into a loose but high pony tail. I applied my make up and ended up wearing a short black skirt with a white loose jumper.
"Missy, are you up? You are going to be late for school if you don't hurry up." My Mum shouted up the stairs
"Umm...I'll be down in a minute" Ah shit.
I texted Gee "Hey where shall we meet?"
He replied almost instantly. "Do you know where the mall is?"
"I think so," I replied. He didn't reply so I assumed that was where we were gonna meet.
I ran down the stairs with my backpack and skateboard. My Mum looked me up and down with a judgemental stare.
"That skirt is way to short Missy. Get upstairs right now and get into some jeans." My Mum demanded.
"Umm No." I snapped back before running out the door.
"You didn't even eat," I think I heard my Mum say.
"I will eat at the shopping centre," I mumbled to myself making sure she could not hear.
I was outside my house and I started to skate down to the 'mall'.
When I got down there I saw Gee standing outside.
"Gee!" I grabbed my skateboard into my hands and gave Gee a quick 'bro hug'
"Dude, this is going to be so fun!" He told me with almost the same amount of excitement I had.
Honestly I was surprised the mall was open but hey ho! We walked into the mall and went straight into this little shop. It was a bit like a charity shop or like a thrift shop.
"Umm Gee, what are we doing?"
"Oh come on, you said you wanted to have some fun," he gave a devilish smirk.
We walked into the thrift shop and browsed through the racks. I looked over at Gerard who was admiring a big blue and black coloured fur coat.
"You have to try it on!" I told him gesturing to the coat.
"Only if you try this on," he said holding up a blue shirt and a tan coloured waist coat covered with cats.
"You have yourself a very weird deal."
I walked over to the changing room and on the way picked up a red polka dot bow tie. Perfect. As I faced the mirror I took off my jumper and stood in my bra and my skirt. In the edge of the mirror I swear I could see Gerard staring at me through the gap in the curtain. Or maybe I was being a little self involved. Whatever. I came out soon in the shirt, bow tie and waist coat. I felt...snazzy.
"Ooh check out you, very very sexy," he joked.
"And don't I know it? Put that coat on." I demanded him
while helping him wrap himself up in the oversized coat. Something was missing from his already fantastic outfit. I grabbed a pair of giant brown glasses and placed them round his hazel eyes.
"There we go." We stared into each others eyes for an awkward period of time.
We talked about getting breakfast and made our way down to the food court after placing the clothes back into the shop. We sat and ate while planning our day.
"What shall we do then?" I questioned
"Umm... let me think."
We sat there thinking for more than 5 minuets while we ate our pancakes. I felt like we would never come up with anything. Well that was until Gee blurted out his idea.
"Do you wanna come back to mine?" He asked me. It would have been fun but I really didn't understand why he was so excited about me going over to his.
"Umm yeah I guess..." I answered half heartedly.
"I don't just mean come to mine. I mean lets get drunk at mine.


Awesome another chapter done, just wondering if you would have lots of chapters round this length or maybe one a night but long ones? Sorry for the typos, but my computer lags and the keyboard isn't the best. Hope you like, comment, subscribe, rate. It means a lot :)


I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

Ignore all the haters toward Frank! This is a team Frankie zone!!!!

i think she belongs with gerard :)

mimo mimo

Havn't found time to update in ages sorry all!

MyX_RatedRomance MyX_RatedRomance

sorry guys, got alot on, update soon! Adding it to wattpad too!