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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)

Chapter 19

"Hey Missy Moo," Gee teased opening his door to me.
"Don't call me that," I told him playfully punching him.
I hopped into the boys house and was met by the lovely smell of pizza. I made my way to the pristine kitchen with a couple boxes of pizzas on the counter with Mikey, Ray and Billie surrounding. I dropped my bag on the floor and indulged myself in the pizza.
We all shared small talk while eating although I couldn't keep my eyes off how soppy Mikey and Billie were. I wanted that. I wanted to be able to hang out with my boyfriend, to hold hands in public, to introduce him to my mum. I wanted that. I always had Frank running through my mind but I couldn't help thinking that having a high school boyfriend would satisfy my needs more.
"Missy?" Mikey questioned while clicking his fingers in front of my face.
"Ooooh uh yeah?" I shook my head and my mind came back.
"Did you not hear what I was saying?"
"Sorry no, I must have...uh... zoned out,"
"He was making fun of you ogling Billie and him," Gerard's voice came from behind me with a laugh. Honestly his laugh was adorable.
"I wasn't ogling, I just," I tried to defend myself
"It's fine sweetie, we just have to find you a boyfriend! That's what you need!" Billie said overly excited.
Gerard and Ray laughed to themselves, probably waiting for me to find away out of this situation. I obviously couldn't tell Billie that I had a boyfriend. I couldn't. Could I?
"Uh, I already have a boyfriend actually," I proudly announced to Billie.
"Really?" Billie Rose and Mikey asked in unison sounding surprised.
I was making it up as I went along. I should have just said nothing.
"Umm yeah...we were just trying to keep it on the down low," I winked at them both and continued eating pizza hoping that would be the end of that conversation for a long while. It wasn't.
"Who is it?" Billie questioned wide eyed.
"C'mon tell us,"
The lies had gone far enough, I wasn't going to make up a boyfriend at all. That wasn't planned anyway.
"Ok," I began the conversation, all I was going to do was tell them that my imaginary boyfriend had a name I wasn't going to share.
"I think we can tell them babe," Gerard announced to me while planting a cheeky kiss on my cheek.
I stayed calm. I didn't blow up in anger. I didn't hit him. I didn't deny the rumour he made up. Well I couldn't without making a big fuss. I had no clue why he did that, well until I saw Ray in the corner of my eye trying to hide his laughing fit. He was trying to have 'a bit of banter' 'a laugh' 'winding you up' 'harmless fun'. I could have killed him. Mikey's face lit up with a toothy grin. His grin was nothing compared to Billie's.
Billie Rose gave the most ear piercing scream I had ever heard in my life.
"Why didn't you tell me? How long? Are you in love?" Billie asked a million questions, constantly changing not giving me a chance to answer. Or time to think.
She swallowed a greasy slice of pizza before wiping her mouth and running over to me to give my the tightest squeeze of my life.
"Dude, I'm so happy for you," Mikey said giving Gee a bro hug.
"Me too," Ray said sarcasticly and wiggling his eyebrows, "It's a shame I didn't snatch her up first,"
I could have screamed at them. Instead I gave Ray a quick death stare.
"Me and Missy knew from the start we were meant for each other," Gee stated.
Only me and Ray could sense the high levels of sarcasm.
"She's my cuddle bunny," Gee told the group while slowly his hand went from my waist downwards.
"I sure am," I said with even more sarcasm giving him a playful punch hoping it hurt.
I fucking hated Gee right now. It wasn't funny, now we had to keep this up until we 'pretend to break up'. Nope. Not funny. Well, despite Ray in a fit of giggles in the corner.
"What's so funny Ray?" I questioned him sounding oh so innocent knowing that Ray and Gee would understand the sarcasm.
"Oh nothing, I am just so happy for you guys!" He ran up to us both creating a three way hug causing me and Gerard to be closer than I ever hoped.
"Lets see you guys kiss then!" Ray said with his grin from ear to ear.
No. Nope. No. No. Nopety. No. No. Not happening. That's cheating. I'm not cheating on my teacher. Ok that sounded weird, but our relationship is weird so no surprises there. But back on the topic I was not going to kiss Gee.
"Yeah baby, lets show everyone how much we mean to each other, we don't have to hide any more." I cringed when Gee called me baby. That is what Frank calls me.
Mikey and Billie began to chant.
"Maybe in a bit, my breath smells like pizza." I gave a laugh trying to sound as natural as normal.
"I don't mind," Gee answered almost too quickly.
I honestly didn't get how Billie and Mikey believed us all. All these lies. I mean it was lie after lie, they kept coming out of Gerard and Ray's mouth. I mean you could hear the sarcasm in out tone of voices.
Ray and Gee were fucking idiots for sure.
"Pucker up!" Ray teased causing Billie to give him a playful hit.
"Shut up Ray, stop pressuring them," Billie told him off with a playful giggle.
I gave Gerard an 'I am not kissing you Gee' look. Obviously it was hard to put that all in one look but he knew.
Gee put a hand on my cheek causing my nostrils to flare out of anger. His hand twirled a piece on hair. Just like Frank did. Frank. Gee was no longer having a laugh. I could see right through him. His emotion in his eyes, he couldn't have faked that. The only problem with his hand slowly tickling my cheek and his piercing eyes giving me the most intense stare I had ever seen was I thought. No, I knew. I liked it.


I think my story is going to be translated into russian by a friend, but we are looking into it :)

Holy shit oops, a bit of a plot twist. I'm kinda happy with this but I have not proof read it so it may not make sense. Sorry for the delay but I have some ideas for the story eeeek. Tell me if you like it or hate it please. Your opinions mean the world to me otherwise I have no clue if I should abandon the story or not. Please comment, vote, subscribe, read, recommend idk but I love you all lots and lots x :)


I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

Ignore all the haters toward Frank! This is a team Frankie zone!!!!

i think she belongs with gerard :)

mimo mimo

Havn't found time to update in ages sorry all!

MyX_RatedRomance MyX_RatedRomance

sorry guys, got alot on, update soon! Adding it to wattpad too!