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What A Tragic Affair (Frank Teacher)

Chapter 10

I unlocked the door and made my way inside, I shut the door behind me. I slid down to the floor with my back pressed upon the door. We kissed. He kissed me. Mr Iero and I went on a date. We were dating, where we dating?
I helped myself up and ran over to the sofa. Picking up my clutch I grabbed my phone and texted Gee, I got his number earlier in the week.
"We kissed," I wanted him to know but I hope he wasn't sleeping.
"You and sir?"
"I want details!" I was reading his texts in his voice.
"Well, he pressed me up against my door and our lips just kind of jelled."
We continued texting unil I decided to get off my arse and make my way to my room. I hopped into the bathroom and wiped the eyeliner off my face. I started to undress myself and put my clothes and jewellery in their correct spot as I grabbed my pyjamas. I turned the light off and went back to my bed with nothing on my mind other than Sir. Soon I was in a deep slumber.

"I want you Mr Iero," I commanded while unbuckling his belt buckle.
His lips made his way down my neck smothering them with kisses and licks. He began sucking and nibbling on my ear. His hands travelled down to my lower back while mine had a firm grasp on his belt. I hopped onto his desk while I let his jeans drop to his ankles. Soon our tongues were exploring each others mouth while I was stroking his now growing member through his boxers. His hands went up my skirt and straight to my lacy underwear. His hands rubbed all over making me tremble and moan. Soon my pants were off as where his boxer shorts. Before I knew it his tip was teasing me. That was until he was pumping into me at full force on his desk. I was biting through my lip trying to hold in my screams. Sweat dropping from our foreheads.

I woke up in a cold sweat. Was that a dream? What was this guy doing to me? I've never wanted someone so bad. The fact he's a teacher made it so much worse. I went straight to my phone looking for the time. Instead my eyes went straight to the message glowing on my phone. I unlocked my phone going into my messages to look at what I was sent.
"I want you to come to my house. When are you free?"
It took me a second to process what I was sent. And who it was sent by. Mr Iero wanted me at his house. I looked at the time it was sent, it was only 20 minuets ago. Why wasn't he in bed? And why was he thinking of me?
"I'm free whenever," I didn't want to sound desperate.
"I can take you to my house after school, you can stay and we will order pizza" I wanted to scream I was so excited.
"Sounds like a plan ;)" Was that too suggestive. Well maybe I wanted to be suggestive.
He read the message and didn't reply so I guessed that was my cue to go to sleep.

I set an alarm for an hour earlier so I would have time to get ready. I wanted to look great for his house. My Mum got home at around 5ish in the morning so I would text her when I was at Franks. I jumped into the shower full of enthusiasm. A grabbed my razor and shaved everywhere. I continued to lather myself in a strawberry scrub and used my apple shampoo I smelt a little fruity. I applied my make up and went to my wardrobe. Today I went with my lips being a bright pink and had thin eyeliner with a long wing. I decided to wear thigh high black socks with a short black skirt. I wore it with a tight dark red tank top. I wore a long black cardi. I wore my hair in a high messy pony. I was very glad my Mum was not around to see what I was wearing. At lest it would get Sirs attention.
I went to school and met Gee next to my locker. We greeted each other with a quick hug after I put my skateboard away.
"I can't believe you and Mr Iero," he started the conversation in disbelief.
"I know, I'm going to his house tonight! What lessons do we have?" I tried to keep my cool even though I was dying of excitement.
"Umm Biology, Art then Free Period."
Thank god.
"But seriously, his house? Are you sure he just doesn't wanna get into your pants?
"Shut up Gee, I, I. Well, I really like him." I wanted to admit something but I didn't have the courage.
"Okay I'm really sorry."
We made our way to lessons. I waited excited for the Free Period. It soon came around.
I walked into Mr Iero's classroom full of confidence. No, I strutted into the classroom. When I saw him I instantly lost my confidence. Hi looked up from his papers and looked me dead in the eye.
"Hello Missy, please sit down." The door was open so I assumed that was why he was being so formal.
"Sir," I said giving a nod and a smirk.
He walked around from his desk and began to play with a little piece of hair that was hanging from my fringe. His breath was hot and heavy near my face.
"You're all dressed up, was that for me?"
I blushed instantly.
"No," I lied in a whisper.
His hand rubbed up my thigh.
He slowly moved in to my lips although he didn't kiss me, he moved his face direction and went to my ear. His hot breath overwhelmed me as it tickled my hear.
"Tonight is gonna be fun." I felt his smirk in my ear.
He moved his head back until we were face to face. I licked my lips before his crashed into mine. I expected a long passionate kiss, that was until he pulled away.
He could tell I was getting hot.
I felt like I needed to get something off my chest. I had to say it. "I'm a virgin!" I almost shouted at his face. God why did I do that?


Why did you feel the need to say that Missy? Hope you are enjoying, the next chapter will be at Frank's house. I guess stay tuned! Comment, rate, subscribe! Absolutely in love with all the positive feedback. In love with every comment :)


I haven't written in a long time due to personal issues and school stress, but it made me happy so I shall be continuing the story

Ignore all the haters toward Frank! This is a team Frankie zone!!!!

i think she belongs with gerard :)

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Havn't found time to update in ages sorry all!

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sorry guys, got alot on, update soon! Adding it to wattpad too!