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The Only Hope For Me Is You


Ray Toro is on the run from BL/ind. When he gets to the desert he finds out that life as a rebel is not everything it seems. He meets a group of Killjoys, and little does he know his life is never going to be the same again.

Pairings: RayxMikey, GerardxFrank


Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero)

Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero)

Age 19. The youngest of the Killjoys. Is really good with explosives. In a relationship with Party Poison. Very loyal to his group.

Jet Star (Ray Toro)

Jet Star (Ray Toro)

Age 23. New Killjoy. Is a good mechanic. He is gentle and kind, but will do anything to protect the people he cares about.

Kobra Kid (Mikey Way)

Kobra Kid (Mikey Way)

Age 20. Been a Killjoy since the beginning. Never misses a shot. Rather mysterious and has a past that he wants to keep buried.

Party Poison (Gerard Way)

Party Poison (Gerard Way)

Age 23. The leader. In a relationship with Fun Ghoul. Very protective of his group.


  1. Run Away.

    I didn't stop until Battery City was a blur in the horizon.

  2. Jet Star

    I was no longer Ray Toro. I was now Jet Star, the Killjoy rebel.

  3. A Firefight

    Jet does target practice. Dracs on patrol.

  4. Meeting New People

    Jet meets Dr. D, Cola, and Pony.

  5. The Station

    Ghoul and Jet take a trip.

  6. Show Me What I Mean to You

    POISON'S POV. Ghoul and Poison have some alone time.

  7. Korse

    The killjoys escape but not without a sacrifice.

  8. Soot Covered Boy

    The Killjoys make it to Dr. D's

  9. The Punch

    Something you all have been waiting for.

  10. Never Been Happier

    Killjoys on the run.

  11. Zone 6

    Title says it all.

  12. An Offer and a Kiss

    Once again title says it all.

  13. The Four of Us Against the World


  14. A Traitor

    Mixed POV's. There is a traitor in their midst

  15. Torture

    Mixed POV's. Mild torture scenes.

  16. The Rescue

    Poison and Jet set out on their rescue mission.

  17. Gabe

    Jet finds out the truth


This is the still the fic I'm waiting for to pop up in my notifications. I have hope that this fic will continue eventually. Trust me, I can wait forever!

This needs to be updated I love it so much I've read it like 15738352826927219272820286 times

shitface shitface

This fanfic is absolutely amazing... Like seriously, it's one of the best I've ever read! I have reread it three times now - please update soon :)

Ivy Mal Ivy Mal

ahhhhhh, so happy!!

far-from-lonely far-from-lonely


Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain