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The Only Hope For Me Is You

The Rescue

By the time Poison and I got into the Trans Am, the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon. The sight would be beautiful if I wasn't worried about the man I loved being tortured.

“They are going to be fine Jet. We are going to save them, and they are going to be just fine.” Poison muttered, I wasn't sure if he was trying to convince himself, but I nodded. I needed to believe in what he was saying. We were going to save them. They were going to be fine. I repeated those sentences over and over again.

The only sound that was being made was the sound of the wind rushing past the car. Poison gripped the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white. I wanted to reassure him, I wanted to calm him down. However I didn't trust myself to speak. I was afraid I would break if I opened my mouth. We were going to save them. They were going to be okay; I repeated.

By the time we crossed the boundaries of Zone 1 the sun was almost at its highest. It didn't take long after that to get the outpost. We made sure to take out all the Dracs patrolling the perimeter of the building. My heart pounded in my chest, Poison had a stern look of determination on his face. We entered the building and took out the Dracs in the front area before they had a chance to call for help.

A scream echoed through the halls. Both Poison and I froze. That was Kobra. Another scream called out and we jolted into action. We mercilessly took out any remaining Dracs. I felt a laser clip my biceps I didn't even pause, Kobra needed our help. Kobra let out another scream, this one was a scream mixed with a wail. We entered the room where the screaming was coming from. We were shocked to see it was Cola who was torturing Kobra. Cola looked at us, a crazed look was in his eye.

“Look who it is Kobie. Your knight in shining armor.” Cola cackled. I saw red. I shot blindly, I was aware that I shot Cola but I didn't know if it would be a lethal shot. I hoped it would be. Poison grabbed my shoulder and growled.

“He isn't worth it. Get Kobra. I'm going to look for Ghoul. I'll meet you at the car.”

I nodded. My breathing was heavy and I watched as Cola slid to the ground clutching his leg, he was laughing, “What,” he smiled, “Are you too weak to make the kill shot? C’mon Jet Star, kill me!”

I leaned down in front of him and put my laser to his forehead, I was aware that I was pushing hard, maybe a little to hard, “I won't kill you. You are going to have to live with this. You are a traitor. You are nothing.” I seethed, and lowered my gun. I kicked away his laser gun and rushed over to Kobra. His eyes were half closed, and his breathing was shaky. I quickly began to remove the electrodes, the small burn marks stood out against his tan skin. Dried blood covered his right temple and crusted into his hair, a large cut broke the skin.

“J-Jet. J-Jet…y-y-you came.” His lips pulled into a small smile. My heart shattered, he sounded so weak.

“Yeah…I am here.” I said and gently scooped him up and brought him close to me. He whimpered and clutched onto my jacket. Before leaving the room I grabbed his shirt and jacket. “I'm getting you out of here okay?” Kobra didn't move, his eyes had slid shut.

I quickly got to the car and carefully put Kobra in the back seat. I anxiously looked around, I had hoped that Poison would've made it out by now. I fought the urge to go back into the building, but I couldn't leave Kobra alone.

"Jet! Start the car!" I heard Poison scream. I looked over and saw him and Ghoul limping out of the outpost. Ghoul was bruised and bloody, but he was still conscious. I quickly followed his orders, Poison helped Ghoul into the back seat with Kobra, and got into the passenger seat. “Go!” He shouted and I slammed my foot down on the gas.

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Korse limping out of the outpost. He aimed his gun and began to fire. Laser broke and shattered the windows. Ghoul covered his neck to protect himself of the glass shards. Finally Korse gave up and threw his gun to the ground in frustration.

Poison and I were breathing heavily, Poison turned around and looked at Kobra and Ghoul. “Are you okay?” He asked Ghoul.

Ghoul nodded, “I am okay. Where are we going? Poison I don't want to go back to Zone 6.”

"Neither do I…Jet head to Zone 3. We have a hideout there.” I nodded and followed Poison’s orders. The whole ride Kobra didn't move. I was getting really worried about him. Poison told me where to go and by the time we reached the large boulder the sun was beginning to set. I was confused, I didn't see any buildings. We were in the middle of nowhere.

I took Kobra out of the back seat and followed Poison and Ghoul towards the large rock. Suddenly Poison and Ghoul slipped down through a small crack between the rock and the dirt. “Jet, carefully hand Kobra down. Then you come down okay?” I heard Poison state. I kissed Kobra's forehead and gingerly slipped Kobra down.

When I entered the cave I was shocked. The cave was pretty big, supplies lined the back wall and four cots were already set up. The air was cold and damp, I watched as Poison set Kobra down on one of the cots. “What is this place?” Poison went around and light a few lanterns, making the cave glow a light orange.

“It's our second hideout. We built it about a year ago. We needed a plan b if we ever needed to lay low for a bit.” Ghoul answered, wincing as he sat down on a cot. “Pretty cool, huh?”

Poison grabbed a water bottle and a clean cloth. I watched as he started to clean Ghoul up. I walked over to Kobra and carefully put his shirt back on. Suddenly Kobra started thrashing around and he started screaming, “No. No please! I'm sorry…Gabe I’m sorry!” I shook Kobra and his eyes snapped open. He started to push me away.

“Kobra it's okay. You're okay! You're safe!” I said, he looked at me for a moment before nodding. Poison looked at his brother with sympathy. Kobra quickly fell back asleep and I was left with one question. Who the hell was Gabe?



This is the still the fic I'm waiting for to pop up in my notifications. I have hope that this fic will continue eventually. Trust me, I can wait forever!

This needs to be updated I love it so much I've read it like 15738352826927219272820286 times

shitface shitface

This fanfic is absolutely amazing... Like seriously, it's one of the best I've ever read! I have reread it three times now - please update soon :)

Ivy Mal Ivy Mal

ahhhhhh, so happy!!

far-from-lonely far-from-lonely


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