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The Only Hope For Me Is You

A Traitor

A month came and went, time seemed inexistent underground. I spent most of my days in the mechanics garage. It felt nice to be back in a garage, working on cars and motorcycles. We worked seven days a week, so I didn't see a whole lot of my group, only at meals. Kobra and I would stay up at night and we would just talk. Well mostly I would talk and he would listen. I still didn't know very much about his past, he mostly talked about his days in the desert. For now I didn't mind, our relationship was just starting. However I knew eventually I would want to know.

It was the end of my shift, I stretched my arms above my head and cracked my back. I wiped my hands on a towel and started to head back to the room. I needed a shower before dinner. I whistled a tune of a song all the way to the room. I opened the door and walked into the room, I grabbed some clean clothes and made my way to the bathroom. I froze when I saw Kobra standing in front of the mirror, a large gash underneath his eye and his lip was split.

“Oh my God! Kobra what happened?” I asked, rushing over to him. I soaked a towel in cold water and gently pressed it against his wound. Kobra seethed and his whole face contorted in pain.

“It was Cola.” Kobra groaned, I stopped.

“Cola? How the hell did he find you?” I questioned.

“I don't know Jet…I-I think he is a part of Zone 6. He knew exactly where to find my post. He wanted me to come with him. When I said no…well he got a little angry.” Kobra muttered.

I felt rage bubble inside of me, “Did he get arrested? This is assault according to Zone 6’s laws.”
Kobra shook his head and laughed bitterly, “Of course not. You know Cola he charmed his way past it. They blamed me for getting him upset, they said it was my fault. I think Cola is high up in Zone 6’s government. And that isn't even the last of it. I have to do extra shifts as punishment. Tonight I have to go with Ghoul and blow up some BL/ind outpost. It was supposed to be Poison that went with him.”

I finished cleaning the cut, I shook my head in utter disbelief, “I can't believe it. He hurt you! If I knew where he was I would shoot a laser right between his eyes!”

Kobra sighed, “I know, Zone 6 is just as bad as BL/ind. They want to control everybody. They think just because I'm gay I am a whore.”

I gasped, “They said that to you?”

“They said, ‘Because of my special predicament I put myself in harms way. I need to learn how to control my flirtatious attitude that lead Cola to get mad at me.’” Kobra rolled his eyes. I couldn't believe it.

“I'm so sorry Kobra.” I said and gently kissed his lips. He simply nodded, I kissed his forehead, and wrapped my arms around him.

At dinner Poison was furious. He was about to charge up to the main office and demand justice. However Kobra told him it wasn't worth it. Poison groaned, he shook his head, his face flushed with anger. The rest to the meal was ate in silence, no one looked up from their plates. We all wanted to leave, of that I am sure. But no one knew how that was going to be accomplished. We all felt like we were in a prison.
After the meal, Kobra and Ghoul left together. I waited until they turned the corner before finally turning away to head back to the room.

“This whole place is fucked up.” I heard Poison mutter. I didn't say anything, I didn't need to.


My head pounded, the cut underneath my eye throbbed. This whole thing was bullshit. Nothing about what happened had been my fault. However I was the one who got punished. Cola was a sadistic asshole who always got a away with it. I knew he wasn't going to stop, when Cola decided he wanted something, he got it.

I was driving, Ghoul was sitting in the passenger seat, explosives were in the trunk. I didn't understand why this had to be done tonight, something about this whole situation seemed off. The desert landscape was passing away at 70 miles per hour. Ghoul didn't talk, and I was okay with it, I needed time to think on my own.

After thirty minutes we arrived at the outpost, I shut off the car and both Ghoul and I stepped out. The desert air was still, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. Ghoul grabbed the backpack with the explosives and carefully slipped it over his shoulders. Together we quietly entered the outpost. I shot down a Drac that was keeping guard by the main entrance. Everything seemed unusually quiet.

“Kobra,” Ghoul whispered, “I don't like this…something it off.”

I nodded, “Let's just blow this fucker sky high and get the hell out of here.” I killed another Drac as we descended down a flight of stairs. Ghoul rushed into the middle of the room and began to set up the explosives. I kept watch by the door, I could hear him wrapping wires together and setting the countdown.

Suddenly everything was quiet, I turned around and saw Ghoul unconscious. “Ghoul!” I cried out and rushed over to him and saw blood running down the side of his face, accompanied by a large gash right on his temple. I checked his pulse and let out a sigh of relief when I felt a steady heartbeat. I looked around and saw nobody in the room. Suddenly I felt an arm wrap around my neck and cut off my air supply. I immediately began to claw and kick at my attacker. I landed a hard kick to their shin and felt the arm release me. I began to cough, I turned around and saw Cola standing before me.

“Cola? What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked, “Did you do that to Ghoul?”

Cola smirked, "We needed some alone time.”

I pulled out my laser gun and aimed it at his head, “You're crazy! When will you understand that we aren't a thing anymore! Just leave me and my friends alone.”

Cola let out a menacing laugh, “You think I came alone?”

Then Korse and several Dracs out of the shadows. My eyes widened and I took a step back, I stood in front of Ghoul. I wouldn't let them take him. “You're a traitor! You're a fucking traitor! You set this whole thing up!” I shouted keeping my gun steady.

Korse smiled then, “Looks like you aren't getting away this time.” I pulled the trigger, taking down a Drac. They all rush towards me, I took down another Drac and then began to fight. I punched and did a roundabout kick. Dracs grabbed my arms, I was overwhelmed quickly, they forced my to my knees.

Cola approached me, “Where's your little Jet Star now huh?” He smiled and brought his laser down to the side of my head. Making my entire world go black.



This is the still the fic I'm waiting for to pop up in my notifications. I have hope that this fic will continue eventually. Trust me, I can wait forever!

This needs to be updated I love it so much I've read it like 15738352826927219272820286 times

shitface shitface

This fanfic is absolutely amazing... Like seriously, it's one of the best I've ever read! I have reread it three times now - please update soon :)

Ivy Mal Ivy Mal

ahhhhhh, so happy!!

far-from-lonely far-from-lonely


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