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The Only Hope For Me Is You


That night seemed to go on forever. I waited in Kobra and I’s room, the hours ticked by slowly. I paced the small space, over and over again. I prayed that the door would open and I would see Kobra walk in. I knew this mission should not have taken this long. Something was terribly wrong.

Suddenly, the door opened, my heart fell when I saw a man, who was not Kobra, standing at the entrance. “Jet Star, I need you to come with me.”

I didn't even say anything. I followed close behind the man as he lead me through the maze of corridors. Something had gone wrong. I knew it. I just prayed that Kobra was still alive. That there was still hope. After a few minutes of walking he lead me into a small room. Poison was there, and I could tell he was just as scared as I was.

“Party Poison, Jet Star. I am Finley, I am head of security here at Zone 6. There was an incident tonight. We regret to inform you two that Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid were apprehended tonight.” Her voice was flat, if she felt any sympathy towards us, she sure as hell didn't show it.

My throat tightened, “Are they alive?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

Finley looked at me, her stone-cold blue eyes making me quite uncomfortable, “We have reason to believe that they were taken to a BL/ind outpost in Zone 1. They will probably be questioned for information.”

“You mean tortured.” Poison snapped. “When are we leaving?”

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Excuse me?”

“When will there be a rescue mission? Jet Star and myself want to be a part of it.” Poison stated, I nodded vehemently in agreement.

“We cannot risk anymore lives. No ones life is more valuable than others. They are on their own.” She stated firmly. My mouth dropped, she couldn't be serious.

“You are just going to leave them? You can't do that! That's my boyfriend and my brother that were taken! We have to do something!” Poison shouted, his face growing as red as his hair.

“There is nothing-“ Finley started but Poison cut her off sharply.

“Bullshit! At least let Jet and I go! Please! You have to give them a chance. Please our lives are ours to risk.”

Finley was quiet for a few seconds. She pinched the bridge of her nose, “Fine. But you two will have no one else to help you. I'll have you know that just you two going to one of the biggest BL/ind outposts will be suicide.”

“They are worth it. Trust me.” I growled, before following Poison out the door. We had to get ready. We needed to try to save Kobra and Ghoul as soon as possible.


My brain felt like it was going to pound right out of my skull. I groaned and tried to bring my hand to my head, only to feel my hand be tightly secured to a metal table. Suddenly the past events came back like a flood. Korse. Cola was a traitor. Ghoul being injured. Ghoul.

My eyes snapped opened, the bright florescent lights temporally blinding me. I let out another groan as a pain shot through my mind. My eyes became adjusted to my surroundings. I was shirtless, electrodes were stuck to my chest and I could feel them on both my temples. I heard the door open and then Cola appeared.

“Why hello sleeping beauty. I thought you may never wake up.” He was smiling.

"Where is Ghoul. Cola, let him go. This…this is between you and me. Cola let Ghoul go.” I pleaded.

Cola clucked his tongue, "Well, you see that decision isn't really up to me. The bald guy is who you got to beg to.”

“Why? Cola…why would you betray the cause? Why would you do this?” I asked. Cola opened his mouth to say something but his mouth slammed shut when the door opened again. Korse came and stood by Cola.

“Because your friend here is a smart man. He chose the winning side. Now you are going to answer some questions for me.” Korse smiled evilly, “Where are your friends Kobra Kid? Where are Party Poison and Jet Star?”

“Go to hell.” I snapped, Korse smile grew larger. Cola hadn't told him about Zone 6. If he had Korse wouldn't be asking me that question.

“You see this remote?” He asked, showing me a small grey remote with a red dial, “This controls the amount of electricity that will flow through those electrodes on your body. The higher the dial, the more pain you will feel. I'm going to ask you again. Where are your friends?”

"And I'll repeat…Go. To. Hell.” I seethed. Korse turned the dial, and I felt a small but painful jolt run through my entire body. I didn't scream, I tried to keep my face emotionless.

“That was the lowest level. Where are your other group mates.” Korse questioned.

I clenched my jaw and stared at the ceiling. Korse growled and I couldn't help but notice him turn the dial up three notches. The electricity that traveled through my body made my back arch, but I didn't scream. I was not going to give them that satisfaction.

“You are a quiet one aren't you?” When I didn't respond, Korse turned up the dial up another four levels. This time I couldn't help but scream, the scream ripped through my throat. My back arched and my wrists fought against their restraints. The pain seemed to last an eternity. Finally the electricity stopped by my muscles continued to convulse. My eyelids slowly began to fall, enclosing my world in pitch darkness.


I heard Kobra scream. It was a haunting scream, one filled with pure agony. His screams echoed in my ears, I fought against the ropes that wrapped around my wrists. Both my shirt and my jacket were folded on a table in the corner. My hands were held above my head, I was standing, I tried to loosen my restraints but it wouldn't budge.

Korse entered the room, “Your friend is a little incapacitated at this moment. So you and I are going to have a little chat.”

“What did you do to him?” I growled.

“We played with some electricity.” Korse laughed.

“You sick bastard!” I shouted fighting against the ropes.

Korse brought his fist down on my stomach, making the air in my lungs expel from my body. I coughed and stopped fighting. “Where is your group mates? Where are they hiding?”

“Fuck you.” I breathed. Korse smacked me hard across the face, I felt my lip split open. Blood trickled down the side of my mouth.

“You are going to tell. If you don't your friend in the other room won't last another hour. And I promise I will make him suffer.” Korse snapped, he gripped my hair forced me to look at him, I spat in his face, he slapped me again, “Do you hear what I'm saying. I will kill your friend. And then after you hear his final scream I will kill you.”


I now have 31 subscribers! That is insane! Thank you guys all so much for reading! It means so much!


This is the still the fic I'm waiting for to pop up in my notifications. I have hope that this fic will continue eventually. Trust me, I can wait forever!

This needs to be updated I love it so much I've read it like 15738352826927219272820286 times

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This fanfic is absolutely amazing... Like seriously, it's one of the best I've ever read! I have reread it three times now - please update soon :)

Ivy Mal Ivy Mal

ahhhhhh, so happy!!

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