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From Russia With Love


Featured as #1 in FUSE's list of "Must Read MCR Fanfiction", thank you so much!

Times in Russia are at a turning point with the USA setting up a military base there to help protect the country from invasion. Gerard is a young boy who relocates there with his Father, the Vice President of the United States to oversee operations. They live in the estate of the Russian Royal family and Gerard meets the youngest princess whom he develops a love/hate platonic relationship with, that is until their family drops a bombshell, and the country is thrown into political mayhem. Can these two navigate a world that has been turned upside down?

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a work of fiction, no event depicted in this story is real or based on any real event. There is also no racist undertone, the countries mentioned have been chosen purely on geographical relevance, nothing else. It is absolutely not intended to cause offence to anyone.

This is my first time posting here but I've been writing MCR fanfiction for years now. Reviews are always appreciated :) This will be a long story, and I have about 50 word document pages of writing already completed, so I will update often! Enjoy.


Dominika Luhzkov

Dominika Luhzkov

Dominika is fourth in-line to the throne of Russia, but political pursuits aren't really her thing. She is quiet and reserved but easily angered. She is a perfectionist and channels most of her energy into her dance studies.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Gerard was a normal, all-American boy until his family relocated to Russia when he was ten for his Father's political career. Living in a foreign country forces him to grow up and he becomes committed to serving both his countries in the Military. Loyal and intelligent with a hidden soft side.


  1. Chapter One

  2. Chapter Two

  3. Chapter Three

  4. Chapter Four

  5. Chapter Five

  6. Chapter Six

  7. Chapter Seven - Sirota

  8. Chapter Eight - Daleko

  9. Chapter Nine - Razmyshleniya

  10. Chapter Ten - Obyazatel'stvo

  11. Chapter Eleven - Namereniya

  12. Chapter Twelve - Evakuatsiya

  13. Chapter Thirteen - Potseluy menya

  14. Chapter Fourteen - Ukradeny

  15. Chapter Fifteen - Zalozhnikom

  16. Chapter Sixteen - Prochnost'

  17. Chapter Seventeen - Shakhta

  18. Chapter Eighteen - Nochnoye obshcheniye

  19. Chapter Nineteen - Proshchaniye

  20. Chapter Twenty - Soyedinennyye Shtaty Ameriki

  21. Chapter Twenty-one - Moya mama

  22. Chapter Twenty-two - Zashchitnik

  23. Chapter Twenty-three - Domashniye udobstva

  24. Chapter Twenty-four - Voprosy i otvety

  25. Chapter Twenty-five - Malen'kaya balerina

  26. Chapter Twenty-six - Iz Rossii s lyubov'yu

  27. Chapter Twenty-seven - Mechty i koshmary

  28. Chapter Twenty-eight - Spyashchaya krasavitsa

  29. Chapter Twenty-nine - Pervaya stupen'

  30. Chapter Thirty - Belaya lozh'

  31. Chapter Thirty-one - Obeshchaniya

  32. Chapter Thirty-two - Konfrontatsiya

  33. Chapter Thirty-three - Travma

  34. Chapter Thirty-four - Bespokoynyy

  35. Chapter Thirty-five - Vlyubilas'

  36. Chapter Thirty-six - Ostavat'sya

  37. Chapter Thirty-seven - Net bol'she partiy

  38. Chapter Thirty-eight - Moye serdtse tvoye

  39. Chapter Thirty-nine - Infarkt

  40. Chapter Forty - Otvetstvennost'

  41. Chapter Forty-one - Medsestra

  42. Chapter Forty-two - Razvitiye

  43. Chapter Forty-three - Vozmozhnosti

  44. Chapter Forty-four - Malen'kaya balerina

  45. Chapter Forty-five - Pod zvezdami

  46. Chapter Forty-six - Devstvennitsa

  47. Chapter Forty-seven - Tvoye

  48. Chapter Forty-eight - Tol'ko

  49. AUTHORS NOTE - not a chapter, sorry to get your hopes up!

  50. Chapter Forty-nine – Vremya dlya shou

  51. Chapter Fifty - Ofitsial'naya obyazannost'

  52. Chapter Fifty-one - Pokhot'

  53. Chapter Fifty-two - Voditel'

  54. Chapter Fifty-three - Pod davleniyem

  55. Chapter Fifty-four - Naivnyy

  56. Chapter Fifty-five - Ozhidaniye

  57. Chapter Fifty-six - Ot sebya

  58. Chapter Fifty-seven - Izmeneniya

  59. Chapter Fifty-eight - Navsegda



Jackie Jackie

Thank you for the update!! It was a surprise & wonderful!

I’m so sorry to read about your husband. What a difficult & heartbreaking thing to go through. Thinking of you.


Jackie Jackie

I love this story!! It’s so good!

Has it Really been two years since an update?

Jackie Jackie

I literally screamed when I saw this update.

AccidentalMurder AccidentalMurder

You've got quite a few loyal readers that will stick w this story no matter how long the break is.