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All We Need is Daylight


Frank is thrust all too suddenly into a new life, one where he's not warmly welcomed. He's the best goddamn hockey player he knows, though, and he's not going to let anyone take that away from him. Or at least, not until his world comes tumbling down.

PLEASE be advised, this fic is going to deal with rape, it is going to be a little more mature than some of the other stuff I've written, and I want everyone to know what they're getting into before starting this fic (however, small spoiler, I want it to be clear that neither Frank nor Gerard is the rapist, so if that would fuck you up as much as it would fuck me up, than you don't have to worry about that).


  1. Out of the Frying Pan...

    A not so warm welcome.

  2. ...Into the Fire

    What’s that scent Frank smells in the air? Ah yes, the familiar fragrance of institutionalized homophobia.

  3. Living in a Dream Is So Easy

    Please put 'Nothing says boner kill like Aquaman' on my tombstone.

  4. Rabbit Hole

    On the topic of figure skating.

  5. Crushcrushcrush

    What it says on the tin.

  6. Mousetrap

    TWO updates? In ONE weekend? The fuck?

  7. If Only He Knew

    A couple bombshells.

  8. New Perspective

    The team fixer.

  9. Weight of the World

    No tomorrow.

  10. Not Alone

    Frank makes a monumental discovery.

  11. Ups/Downs

    Frank's got a friend.

  12. For Scott

    Just wait and see.

  13. Sharing the Burden

    Frank tells his secret.

  14. Trivia Night, Motherfucker

    Frank would give Gerard his muffin (wink wink, nudge nudge).

  15. A Turning of the Tides

    Busy, busy, busy.

  16. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

    Wherein Hayley Williams is perfect and no one has trouble admitting it.

  17. Normal

    All that I love, and all that I need.

  18. Pillars

    Gerard is going to be his ultimate defeat, but he’s also his secret weapon.

  19. Changes

    There's such a huge difference between today and tomorrow.

  20. Fallout, Part I

    Patrick’s a keeper and Pete’s an idiot.

  21. Fallout, Part II

    Evil in your heart.

  22. Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back

    And the walls kept tumbling down.

  23. Sleepwalking

    Everyone needs a Pete in their life.

  24. Before the Storm

    Good things and bad things.

  25. The Storm, Part I

    Patrick has an epiphany.

  26. The Storm, Part II

    I want to implore everyone to exercise EXTREME caution when reading this chapter. And I don't want anyone to think I'll blame you if you need to abandon this fic entirely.

  27. The After

    Everything sucks.

  28. The Hollow Boy

    Frank has a few visitors.

  29. The Dilemma

    To be or not to be.

  30. The Art of Being

    What makes a person who they are?

  31. Standing Still

    Frank and Gerard are fucking adorable.

  32. Survivors

    Open wounds.

  33. These Times Are Changing

    Good enough for Frank.

  34. Red and Yellow

    The whole time.

  35. Together

    It’s a cruel fact that anyone should ever have to get out of bed.

  36. Everything

    Horror movies are great but also like life kind of sucks.

  37. Perfect For You

    Is Frank horny or is he just hormonal in the morning and never noticed it?

  38. Boyfriend

    Caution: the chapter includes improper knife safety.

  39. Mikey Fuckin Way

    Text messages and fluff.

  40. Maybe Not So Hollow

    Patrick is a significant human being, mkay?

  41. If Revelations Weren't A Book Of The Bible This Chapter Would Be Titled Revelations

    He’s got a smile like a sunrise and a heart like a goldmine, and he is all Gerard needs.


life is too short to not read every single frerard fanfic you can find

trashcore trashcore

@Helena Hathaway
sorry, i may have phrased that wrong. i love the story and i can't wait for the next update.

there was literally an update a week ago

best fic I've ever read! is there ever going to be an update?

This is one of the only fics I read anymore! I can’t wait for the update :)

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