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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison


It has been two years since Gerard had been sent to prison for the murders of several women and the attempt of murdering Frank Iero and his twin sister Jaydee Iero. Jaydee was Gerards fiance who was pregnant with his daughter, but when he found out she was going to leave him after finding out he killed people, he freaked and went after her. He was on Death Row in prison but he decided he wasn't going to die with out meeting his child and taking out his revenge on the people who sent him there. But what happens when he realizes he still has feeling for Jaydee and she still has feelings for him? Will he be able to go through with his plan and kill her and anyone who gets in his way? Or will he finally become a happy family with the love of his life and his daughter? The one problem is there are people out to get him. The police on looking for him and Frank and Mikey are prepared to fight if he ever goes near Jaydee again.

I do not own any of the the members of My Chemical Romance nor do any of the the characters personalities portray the true people in any way.
Seuquel to I Never Told You What I Do For A Living



Amazing stories omg

Maeganway Maeganway

okay thanks! c:

Aww thanks :) there's give em hell kid and its a fucking death wish. My name is wildeyedjokers there too

okay thanks i completely love your stories I've been reading non stop for a while c:
what are they called on Mibba ?

I have the other two still up on mibba if u wanna look there. I don't have a computer right now so I can't transfer them here :)

wildeyedjokers wildeyedjokers