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Through the Centuries (First Anti-Frerard Fanfiction Ever!)


"Well.... it was 1987.... i mean.... 1345.... uh..... i mean.... don't you remember? I was working at the factory...."

"No.... you were the baker back then... Back when I was a painter."

"ah.... I think you're right..."


  1. Nazi Germany : 1937

    Gerard meets Frank in 1937. But... their roles might make the situation a bit... difficult.

  2. Titanic - April 1912

    Gerard and Frank go on a voyage together. A voyage that might end before it closes.

  3. Flower Power, Woodstock, 1969

    What if Frank wasn't all that innocent?

  4. Black Death. 1348

    Father says that it is sin that caused the plague. And that if we prayed hard enough… if we stayed indoors, we would be safe. That meant ignoring the screams. And pleas for help. That meant not leaving the house. Ever. Under no circumstances. That meant watching everyone die through barred windows.

  5. September 11, 2001 (Tribute)

    September 2001, But not as we know it. Gerard and four other men are in charge of ramming a plane into one of the towers. And he is about to do it… that is, until…

  6. Repo! The Genetic Opera (2056)

    I like my death descriptions slow and terrifying.

  7. An abandoned earth. 2015

    This is... a little something i had fun in. Enjoy :)

  8. 2000. The discovery of a Century (PART 1)

  9. 2000. The discovery of a Century (PART 2)

  10. Wait, What?

    What if we could remember everything we lost? Would it affect our daily lives?

  11. Asylum

    Gerard has gone insane... can Frank help him or will he be consumed by the madness?

  12. Zombie Apocalypse (3010)

  13. I refuse to answer

    If I describe it, I'll give it away...

  14. Does remembering make it better? (PART 1 OF 3)

    The slight noise is his rattled breathing. He’s freezing.

  15. Does remembering make it better? (PART 2 OF 3)

    I turn the key and the lock makes a soft sound. Silence. I can feel three pairs of eyes on my back. I know father is home. So I open the box.

  16. Does remembering make it better? (PART 3 OF 3)

    I don’t say anything. I’m too shocked to speak. I don’t know him. At all. But these pictures… they say something else. They speak of a life I… don’t remember.

  17. Forbidden

    Of course, I wasn't allowed to see him at all. He was bad news… And I was a boy who was on my way to Harvard. That's not how things work....

  18. Abuse

  19. Tutoring I

    //SMUT// A teacher and his student find feelings in eachother

  20. Tutoring II

    //SMUT// Frerard

  21. i'm back! new chapter soon~

    Hi! So i'll be uploading a new chapter soon! just came back from my 4 years of college and want to get back into updating regularly!


this is really good, sad, but good.

thank you! i havent been in here for a whiile. will post as often as i can


I still read this! and this chapter is super sweet and cant wait for part 3! :3 xxx

Ayla Ayla

Idk why, but my mind still wants to hope things work out for some of them even tho I know it isn't going to happen. It's like some automatic response. I love these tho, even tho they break my heart.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

New chapter is great!.. Look forward to more! X