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Through the Centuries (First Anti-Frerard Fanfiction Ever!)

Tutoring I

Frank POV

If anyone asks, I would tell them that Professor Way was okay. That he was nice, but not necessarily my type. During classes, I barely looked at his face at all. Some of my friends would even be so blunt to say that I hated his fucking guts.
I didn't look at professor Way at all during the day. That was, at least, until the bell rang.


The bell rings and I stand from my desk. Pushing my hair behind my ear, I sneak a shy glance at Professor Way, who is talking to a girl who is clearly flirting with him. Against my will, i feel jealousy crawl up my back. ‘He's Mine!” i want to yell at her. But I don’t. I keep my mouth shut and head down the corridor, talking with some friends, until I reach classroom number A27.
Then, I say goodbye to my friends and go inside.
Classroom A27 is an old nurse station that is now currently being used for Mr. Way’s private monday-afternoon tutoring. In order to keep up the appearance of normalcy, I take out my english book and place it on the desk. It takes Mr. Way 10 minutes to get to me. When he comes into the room, I make an effort to keep my head down.
“Ready to get started, Iero?” Mr. Way asks, taking off his bag and grabbing a book from it. “Sorry it took so long. I got… sidetracked.”
Mr. Way closes the door then and locks it. Instantly, my head goes up.
“I say you talking to her, Mr. Way.” I tell him. It comes out before I can stop it.
Instantly, Mr. Way turns red and bites his lip. Then, he sneers.
“Jealous, are you, kitten?”
He reaches out across the table and grabs my neck. Nearly instantly, I feel myself beginning to harden.
“Upset that she might be getting my attention as well? Want me all to yourself?”
His hands. God, his hands…. He picks me up by my neck and drags me over to him from across the table. He drops me on the floor. I sit up and his bulge is in my face. My mouth waters.
“Show me why you should be the only person I fuck, kitten.” he tells me. Then, I watch him slowly undo his belt, slip down his boxers, and let his member spring free.
Instantly, I take him in my mouth. I moan immediately at the sweet/salty taste. Professor Gerard holds onto my head and pushes himself deep down my throat until I gag.
I’m in heaven.
I hold onto his hips and push him deeper. And deeper.
He whimpers gently and between his teeth, attempting to keep this session quiet.
“Good boy.” he whispers. “Such a good kitten.”
I relax my throat and let my tongue feel every crevice and bump on him. In my mouth, he hardens and grows. Then, slowly, I raise my eyes.
He looks glorious. His lips are parted and he’s breathing rapidly through his mouth; his eyes are closed. I love him like this. I’d let his dick live in my mouth if I could keep him like this.
He leaks in my mouth, and the warm saltiness slides down my throat. I shut my eyes and slide him in and out of my mouth rapidly. His breathing changes. He growls and grabs my hair. Hard. Then, he begins thrusting into my mouth even harder.
In the silence of the study room, all that is heard is his heavy breathing, and the sound of my gag reflex being activated over and over and over.
He’s enormous.

Just as I can’t take it anymore, he lets go of my head and I fall back. Mr. Way licks his lips and his eyes dart over to the cot leftover in the corner.
“Get on the bed, Iero.” he tells me. “Ass up.”
I do as he says, quickly and readily. I want this. Ever since he last fucked me, I wanted this. All I ever want is him. Forever and always.

He follows me to the cot and gets up on it after me. My body is vibrating in the anticipation. He doesn’t have to ask if I’m clean. Because he knows I am. He also knows I prep for him daily, so he can just go right into pounding.
He grabs his dick and touches my ass with it. It’s warm and wet. This gets a whimper out of me, which Mr. Way immediately shushes. He then unbuttons his flannel and gags me with it.
“Face down, kitten.”
I obey without a single hesitation. Slowly, he raises his dick to my hole. And then, he enters.
No amount of prep ever fully prepares me for this moment. As his dick makes room for itself in my tight ass, I gasp at the pain. Mr. Way grunts and lets out a couple of soft curses.
Further. Futher.
My ass feels full already, but I know there’s so much more to go.
Further. And further. And stop.
I feel his balls hit my ass. Mr. Way grunts and relaxes his body a bit. Then, he begins. He pulls out and pushes back in. Instantly, he hits my prostate on the first try. I scream like I’m on fire. Thank God for the gag.
Mr. Way reaches around and wraps his hand around my dick, which is hard and throbbing. He gives it a squeeze. I know what this means. No touching it. No rubbing it. No cumming. I nod and Mr. Way squeezes my ass to show he understood.
Then, he begins to pound me. The only sound in the room that is heard quite then is the sound of skin slapping together again and again. I’m melting. I’m melting into the bed and Mr. Way takes me as hard as he can. My ass feels raw and burns, but I take it for Mr. Way. I’d take anything for him.
My head is spinning from the pleasure. At some point in between the sex, everything goes black; but when it returns, Mr. Way is still in me. His chest is pressed against my back and he’s fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. His breath is hot against my neck. The bed creaks and i hold onto it tightly as he presses me down and pounds and grinds me into the thin mattress.
“fuck baby…” he gasps.
I raise my ass to give him a better angle and he moans. His hands move to my waist and he's pounding even harder. My head spins again.
And just like that, he cums. Hard. He gasps and curses like a sailor. His hands claw and dig into my skin as he rides his orgasm out.
My ass fills up. And i have to think pure things to keep myself from cumming.
The feeling without him is an empty one. I feel like a piece of me is missing. And I want it again. Mr. Way flips me over and sits on my chest.
“Clean me off, kitten. Come on.”
His voice is ragged and uncontrolled and… sexy. I whimper as he un-gags me. Immediately, my mouth moves towards his dick. I clean all the cum off him and swallow every single little bit.
He pets my head and gags me again. Then, Mr. Way slides down my body, over to my hard member, and slides it in his mouth. I cum nearly instantly at the feeling of his hot, experienced mouth tracing circles on my cock. Mr. Way swallows all the cum like an experienced whore and sucks me through the orgasm. Then, he releases my dick with a pop.
“You’ve been so good today, kitten.” he murmurs.
Mr. Way lies down then and allows me to rest on him as we both catch our breaths.
I love him.
But this, i can never say. Mr. Way is married.
He kisses me softly and i let him slip his tongue into my mouth. It's slow, but soft. Soon enough, I'm hard again. His hands caress my skin.
His hands part my legs and, just like the first time he did it, i let him. He slides into me and takes me again. I shut my eyes to enjoy the feeling.

I'm scared. But there's something about his eyes that keep me frozen. He's hard. I can see it through his pants.
I'm shaking as he undoes his pants button and releases his member. It's huge. And I've never…. I've… never….
On my chair, i freeze up and mr. Way stands in front of me. His member is in front of my face.
The door is locked.
If i screamed, could anyone hear me?
His hands dind my mouth and his fingers slide between my lips. I part them immediately. He smiles.
“good boy.”
The words send a chill straight down to my manhood. And i open my mouth for him.

His dick slides in. And i whimper. My heart beats fast. Mr. Way grunts and holds onto my hair.
“relax your throat, kitten. And stick out your tongue.”
I obey immediately.
And he fucks my mouth so hard my throat hurts the next day.
Next week, when he asks me to go in for tutoring, i do. I let him do it again. And again. Soon, my mouth belongs to him. I dream of the taste of his cum and only want Him.
Then, he takes my ass. Against the study-room door, he holds me up and carefully takes me.
And im hooked.
He tells me im hotter than his wife.
He tells me he wants to fuck me as often and as hard as he can.
We start meeting in staff bathrooms and during lunch hours. I moan his name into gags and into my pillow at night while touching myself.

“I love you.”
My eyes snap open to see Gerard’s face. His eye sare wet and sincere. I swallow. He thrusts again.
“I love you.” he groans.
He rests his head on my shoulder and begins kissing my neck as his body moves on its own accord. He’s fucking me hard, but somehow, it’s different now. My body feels lighter. Hotter. I want him more than ever.
I wrap my arms around him and he removes my gag.
“I love you too, Gerard.” I whimper.
And he kisses me. It’s deep and full of everything I’ve always wanted. In that moment, he cums. I hold him in my arms. He's mine.


Part 2 will be coming soon!
I'm transitioning and testosterone is making me really horny, so things might be alot more steamy from now on!
Also, as always, I accept requests for time periods!
Stay Shiny!
Blood'Y Revenge


this is really good, sad, but good.

thank you! i havent been in here for a whiile. will post as often as i can


I still read this! and this chapter is super sweet and cant wait for part 3! :3 xxx

Ayla Ayla

Idk why, but my mind still wants to hope things work out for some of them even tho I know it isn't going to happen. It's like some automatic response. I love these tho, even tho they break my heart.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

New chapter is great!.. Look forward to more! X