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Through the Centuries (First Anti-Frerard Fanfiction Ever!)

Tutoring II

Gerard POV

I hadn’t expected to actually get close to him but it happened somehow. Somehow, I ended falling in love with him.
Maybe it had something to do with the fighting at home. My wife and I hadn’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately. Maybe that’s why I fell for Frank. Maybe it was that, or maybe it was his beautiful eyes… the way he bit into the end of his pen whenever he was thinking. The way his eyes were wide and innocent when he looked at me.
Another one of our sessions. The door is barely closed and I’m already hard. He’s sitting on the table. He’s already begun undoing his pants.

His lips feel amazing. I thrust deeper and deeper down his throat. He gags and his eyes water, but I can’t stop. I keep going. My hands reach over to grab his hair. He doesn’t stop me. Through the sounds of his gag reflex being activated over and over, I feel him whimper and gasp. His cheeks redden. I press him to the chair. Deeper. His eyes snap open for a moment before they roll back in pleasure. I stroke his hair.
“So close, baby. Swallow like a good boy.”
My voice is husky. I barely recognize it. And then, I cum so hard I can barely hold myself up. Frank spasms. Then, he slowly swallows.
Instantly, I am overcome with a deep guilt. I look at Frank. His pupils are expanded and he’s out of breath. From one of the edges of his lips, my cum drips out.
Stepping back, I put myself back in my pants and take a deep breath.
“Iero, I…” I begin. Then silence. There’s nothing for me to say. That’s when he speaks. And I know I’m hooked.
“I wanted it, Mr. Way. I really really wanted that.”
Silence. My eyes trail down to the bulge in his pants. He follows my eyes and soon, his hand also finds the bulge. He strokes it gently and whimpers.
And I watch him. He palms himself through his jeans and then undoes the button. I watch him stroke himself over and over. Our eyes are locked together as his body shakes and trembles. When he cums, it’s the prettiest thing ever. And that’s when I know I have to see it again.
I pick him up from the chair. He’s limp in my arms.
“I want your ass.” I whisper into his ear.
Frank tenses up for a moment. Then, he relaxes.
“Yes, daddy.” he murmurs. “I’ll prepare myself just for you.”

Frank POV

The plug is painful. Even covered in lube, the feeling of something going into my ass
seems to split me open. Sitting on my bed, I slowly lower myself onto it.
I’m doing this for Mr. Way. I’m doing this for him.
I gasp when the thickness of the plug splits me so far open that I swear I’m bleeding.
Then, the plug ends. I fall onto my stomach and whimper at the feeling.
It’s in me. And it hurts. And it feels amazing.
I got one with a pretty little sequin. Something pretty for Mr. Way to take out.
Mr. Way….
Slowly, I open my legs and place my pillow between them. I grind slow and sure, each time harder than the last.
Ohgod my ass. It’ll be his soon. It’s that thought that makes me cum into my pillow.
I fall asleep with the plug in. I wash it daily and keep it in for a week. Then, I switch to a bigger size. I buy myself a dildo and stick it to the shower wall. It hurts, but I endure it. As it penetrates me at an even speed, deeper and deeper, I imagine that it’s Mr. Way, making me his with every movement.

Then, the day finally comes. Mr. Way bends me over the table and takes out my plug. I gasp at the pleasure.
“Good boy.” he murmurs. And then, he’s in. And it’s better than any dildo or any butt plug. He’s warm, and pulsating, and so thick.
I claw at the table as Mr. Way grunts and curses.
In and out. I’m so deep in the pleasure that my knees wobble. Mr. Way holds me up.
“Faster. Harder, daddy!”
He obliges. And it burns. But I love every moment of it until he cums, filling my ass with his seed.

Gerard POV

I said something I can never take back. Beneath me, my wife moans my name, but I’m full of guilt.
I told him that I loved him. In the heat of the moment, I told him that.
But I can never be his. No matter how much I want to be.


PART 2! Let me know what you think of it!

Blood'Y Revenge


this is really good, sad, but good.

thank you! i havent been in here for a whiile. will post as often as i can


I still read this! and this chapter is super sweet and cant wait for part 3! :3 xxx

Ayla Ayla

Idk why, but my mind still wants to hope things work out for some of them even tho I know it isn't going to happen. It's like some automatic response. I love these tho, even tho they break my heart.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

New chapter is great!.. Look forward to more! X