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To The End


In a town that's been left for ruins, Frank survives on his own, until a mysterious man comes from the well. Will he venture down with him or focus on his life of survival.


Bob Bryar

Bob Bryar

Slippers turn him on *shrugs*

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Short, Cute, Funny and has a bad habit of curiosity!

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Dangerous, Sexy, and full of life!!

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

The irresistibly awesomest brother you can have ( how ironic haha)

Ray Toro

Ray Toro



  1. Every Day is Exactly the Same

    title by: Nine Inch Nails

  2. Whispers In The Wind

  3. Megalomaniac

    title by: Incubus

  4. Conspiracy

    title by: Paramore

  5. Attitude

    Title by: Misfits

  6. These Days

    Title by: Foo Fighters

  7. Innocence

    Title by: Disrupt

  8. Oh Me

    Title by: Nirvana

  9. Wonder Whats Next?

    Title by: Chevelle

  10. Institutionalized

    title by: Suicidal Tendencies

  11. Fat Lip

    title by: Sum 41

  12. Welcome to the Family

    title by: Avenged Sevenfold

  13. Battle Lust

    title by: 10 Years

  14. R-Evolve

    title by: 30 Seconds to Mars

  15. Pumped up Kicks

    title by: Foster the People

  16. Miss Murder

    title by: AFI

  17. Down with the Sickness

    title by: Disturbed

  18. Panic Prone

    title by: Chevelle

  19. Darts

    title by: System of a Down

  20. Slaves to Substances

    title by: Suicide Silence

  21. Animal I Have Become

    title by: Three Days Grace

  22. Wondering

    title by: Good Charlotte

  23. Blue

    title by: A Perfect Circle

  24. Atomic

    title by: Tiger Army


aw thank you. i havent been on here in ages

Destroys!!! Destroys!!!

Im on chapter 14 and im in love!! you're putting so many MCR references FEELS ;-;

Sadsoul Sadsoul

Link me to the sequal if you've got it!! I really want to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silent Scream Silent Scream
ok i'll post finally
Destroys!!! Destroys!!!
I just died a little bit. I look down to see no Chapter 24 and make this sad little noise. Please make a sequel as soon as you can and if you could put the link to it in here?