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My Chemical Experience


Meet Alexis Ashford, the good girl, the quiet one, the smart and shy one. Well that is until she meets Mikey Way and the rest of My Chemical Romance. It was just a chance meeting but who knew that Alexis would change so much by just meeting one guy! Now Alexis, the goody two shoes, is disobeying her father and has been standing up for herself. Will the new Alexis be an improvement or will Alexis' new life be too much for her to handle. (Sucky summary, just read it...)


  1. Summertime

    Alexis meets Mikey for the first time.

  2. This is the Best Day Ever

    Alexis gets to meet all the other members, is it good or bad?


So I spent a few minutes searching frantically for the comments section before realizing I was logged out, and now I feel slightly stupid (lol like the band!) Anyways, I do like this so far- for some reason, I'm kinda fond of the 'wild-boy-meets-overprotected-girl' archtypal story, and I'm very excited to see how this pans out.
So, for my sake, please update. *puppy eyes* Pweeeeease?