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My Chemical Experience

This is the Best Day Ever

The ride sadly ended much to soon.
"Come on you two," The person in charge of the ride said as he unlocked our door.
Mikey let go of me and got up. He then held out his hand for me. I grabbed it and he pulled me up, "I better get you home, I don't want your parents hating me before even meeting me."
"Okay," I said walking with him as we walked back to the entrance of the park. We continued walking, but I had to lead the way to my house. The whole way there we said few words. I guess we felt we didn't need to say any words. We both just kept walking quietly while still holding hands.
We arrived at my house and night had already fallen, "Well this is my house," I told Mikey as I walked up the stairs to my house.
"Yeah, so I was thinking maybe I could introduce you to the rest of the band tomorrow," Mikey said as he followed me up the stairs.
"Yeah that sounds great, but I will be wearing a dress again," I mentioned.
"That's fine, but if you want we can get you clothes at Hot Topic again," He mentioned.
We both then just stood there for a little bit, "I should be getting inside," I explained as I pointed to my front door.
"Um... Yeah," Mikey said, "but um... before you go," Mikey said walking closer to me. He then leaned over and kissed me once again, but this time it was a little more forceful, but it was still shy and soft. Mikey then pulled away slowly and looked straight into my eyes. Then, he turned and walked down the stairs of my house. He turned once to wave and began walking from my house.
I stood there trying to catch some air in my lungs. The way Mikey kissed me was unbelievable, it just took my breath away. I closed my eyes and gathered myself for a moment, I then turned and opened the door to my house. Once I opened the door I looked to see my dad looking at me with a very angry face.
"Why are you home so late?!" He practically yelled in my face.
"I told you I was going out today," I explained in a hushed voice.
"Young lady, you said you were going to get coffee. Not that you were going to be out after dark. Do you have any idea what time it is? I bet you don't, well for your information it's eleven at night," My father said anger in his voice.
"I'm sorry," I mentioned looking down at my feet.
"Now Harold," my mom started as she came in from the living room, "is this anyway to talk to your daughter? She's 19, she's going to stay out late with friends. Remember we used to be like that? Yet you never heard my dad practically screaming in my face."
My dad looked at the ground with a shameful face, "Your right Harriet, I'm just scared about my baby girl growing up."
My mom came over to my dad and hugged him, "I know you are dear, but she needs to have some freedom."
"I'm sorry about staying out so late," I said interrupting my mother and father's special moment, "It's just Mikey took me to go eat and then we went to a small carnival at the park."
My mom gave me a soft smile, "It's okay, but next time can you at least send your father or I a text telling us you won't be home until later?"
"Yeah I will," I said nodding my head yes.
"And by the way Alexis, where did you get those clothes?" my mom asked looking me over.
"Well Mikey and I went to the mall to eat sushi, so he decided to buy me some new clothing," I answered feeling my body become all warm and tingly from thinking about Mikey.
My mom nodded at me and gave me another smile. Something told me she already could guess about the situation between Mikey and I, "By the way, Mikey wants to introduce me to some of his friends tomorrow and I thought well maybe I could introduce you guys to him."
"Well that sounds like a splendid idea," my mother said happiness shinning from her face, "I can't wait to meet the boy my daughter has fell head over heels for!"
"Very well then it's settled, Mikey will have dinner with us tomorrow," my father said grunting, "Now I will be heading off to bed and I suggest you do the same, Alexis."
"Yes father..." I said heading up the stairs.I thought about how my mother had calmed my father down, but he still seemed furious. I kept walking up the stairs and turned to face my door. I turned my knob and walked in seeing my cat on my bed sleeping peacefully. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed out a grey tank-top and a pair of black pajama pants. I then walked into the bathroom, in there I changed out of my clothing and brushed my teeth. I walked back into my room and plopped down on my bed. The moment I did my cat woke up.
My cat walked over to me and jumped onto my stomach. She started messing with my t-shirt to make herself comfortable and plopped down on my stomach. I petted her head and laid there. After I while I drifted off into a deep sleep the cat on my stomach.

"Alexis, wake up dear," a voice I recognized called out to me.
My eyes fluttered open and I awoke to see Mikey staring at me. I smiled at him and stared back at him.
"Finally you woke up, my little sleepy head," Mikey said smiling as he came and kissed me on the forehead.
"Mikey stop, my parents will see you," I warned laughing.
"What do you mean? It's just me and you right now," He said wrapping me in his arms.
I looked around to see I wasn't in my room, but somewhere else. Somewhere were Mikey could hold me in his arms without us being told we weren't aloud to be together. I squeezed him tightly hearing his heart beating.
"Mikey I love you so much," I whispered nuzzling my face into the gap of his neck.
"I love you to Alexis," Mikey said whispering it to my head, "And I hope we can be together forever."
"I hope we can to."

"Alexis!" I heard somebody yelling.
I opened my eyes to see my mom looking at me with a nervous look.
"What mom?" I asked rubbing the sleep crust out of my eyes.
"Dear, you slept in!" My mom said nervous, "I heard your phone going off like crazy and I checked it to see Mikey texted you and he said he will be here to pick you up in ten minutes!"
That was all I needed to hear before I jumped out of my bed and ran into my bathroom. Thank goodness my cat had gotten off of my stomach during the night.
When I got in my bathroom, I undressed and jumped in the shower. I quickly washed my hair and body off in 2 minutes flat. I got out of the shower and quickly grabbed a towel from the closet and wrapped it around myself. I then walked into my bedroom to see there was an outfit on my bed. I examined it and saw my mom had laid it out for me.
She had out a pair of white skinny jeans, a black tank top and a white jacket with black paint splattered on it. I went over to my dresser to grab out a bra and a pair of underwear. I slipped them both on and then began to put on my outfit.
Once, I had my outfit on I went back into my bathroom and dried my hair off with my blow dryer. I then quickly walked downstairs to see the coffee maker was on. I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out one of my dads coffee mug. I set it down on the counter next to the coffee maker and poured myself some of the delicious black liquid. Once it was in my cup I took a drink of it and my face scrunched up in horror. It definitively didn't taste like the coffee I had yesterday, so I decided to dump it down the sink.
I then heard a knock on my front door and I walked over to it nervous. Then I saw my mom sitting in the living room reading one of my books.
"Well nice to know those clothes fit," my mother commented, proud of the effort she put in to put my outfit together.
"Um... mom, where did you get theses clothes?" I asked.
"Well dear, you see I went out last night before I went to bed to buy you some new clothing. I actually like it better then your old clothing. Now when I look at you, I actually see my child," my mom said smiling.
"Well thank you, mother," I said smiling back.
"Well dear, you might want to hurry," my mom commented pointing to the door, "And be sure to ask him if he's free tonight for dinner."
"Yes mom," I said turning to answer the door. When I opened the door my heart stopped and I thought for sure I was in heaven. Mikey was standing outside with a pair of black sunglasses, a black and white stripped hoodie, a black t-shirt with a band called 'The Misfits', black skinny jeans, and a pair of the popular shoes, I believed they are called converse.
"Hey Alexis," Mikey greeted me looking me over, "I thought you were going to be wearing another sundress."
"Nope, my mom went and got me new clothing last night without me knowing, so I'm good," I explained smiling. I grabbed a pair of white flip-flops that were by the door and joined Mikey on my front porch.
Once I was outside Mikey wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.
"I missed you last night," he whispered in my ear causing my body to shiver.
"I missed you to, Mikey," I mentioned wrapping my arms around his back.
Mikey pulled away and gave me a soft smile, "We better hurry, the boys wanna meet you really bad."
"Okay," I said smiling back.
Mikey stepped off the porch and I stepped off after him. He grabbed my hand with his and we started walking together hand in hand.
"So Mikey," I called from his side.
"Yeah Alexis?" Mikey questioned.
"I know it's soon and everything, but since your introducing me to your friends today my parents thought it would be a good idea if you came and ate dinner with us."
"Sounds fine to me," Mikey said putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to me.
I smiled at him and we both walked to my school like this. From time to time I would get curious glances from people walking around us. I shrugged it off, I mean it's not surprising I would get these looks.
"Seems like a lot of people are looking at us," Mikey mentioned as we stood in front of my school.
"Yeah, I don't like it to much," I agreed.
"Well then let's get inside, Okay?"
Mikey let go of my hand and opened the door stepping inside and keeping the door opened for me. As soon as I walked in he let go of the door, letting it slam behind him and grabbed my hand again. He then begin walking down the walls with me walking next to him.
After walking for a while, Mikey stopped in front of the science classroom I first showed him too
"Mikey, I can't wait to meet your friends!" I mentioned excited, while I was still trying to hide my nervousness.
"Well I'm glad your excited," Mikey said kissing me on the forehead shyly. He then opened the science room door and as he did I was hit by the sound of music being played.
"Hey guys!" Mikey yelled.
The music suddenly came to a stop and everything was quiet.
Mikey and I stepped inside together and all eyes were on us, "Hey guys, this is Alexis," Mikey mentioned speaking to everyone in the room.
By everyone I mean a guy with black-hair, another guy who's really short, with a lot of tattoos, and a guy who was pretty muscular with brown curly hair.
"Um... Hi..." I said awkwardly.
The first to come up to me was the black-haired guy, "It's nice to meet you," He said with a friendly smile, "I'm Gerard Way, I'm actually Mikey's older brother."
"Hi Gerard, Mikey didn't mention he had an older brother," I said.
"Well, I didn't have time yesterday," Mikey mentioned defending himself.
"Well, now you know he does," Gerard said smiling.
"Anyway, I'm Frank," the short black-haired guy said to me, "I'm one of the guitar players for this band and I help sing for Gerard."
"Nice to meet you Frank," I said.
"My names Ray," the other guy said to me, "I am also a guitarist and I help sing to."
"Nice to meet you as well, Ray," I said smiling.
"So, how did you and Mikey even meet?" Gerard asked, "I mean we don't have any time to go around town and Mikey was sick yesterday... and he went to go on a date with you yesterday didn't he?"
"Well, um... you see I helped Mikey find this room. I found him lost in the hallway, well actually I ran into him and yeah he took me out yesterday," I explained.
"Well Mikey you know tomorrow is out last day to work on this video," Ray mentioned going over and sitting at the teacher's desk.
"Yeah, I know, but we only have to fix the audio a bit," Mikey said.
"Well anyway, there is no need to talk about all this when we have Mikey's girlfriend here," Gerard mentioned smiling at me, "Why don't we get to know her some more."
"Guys..." Mikey said trailing off, "Please watch yourself around her, she comes from a good family."
"Oh so she's a prep?" Frank questioned looking at me.
"No, she's not a prep, she's just new to all of this," Mikey explained motioning all the instruments in the room and all the equipment.
"Mikey, it's fine," I said walking into the room some more, "What good is it to make them watch themselves. I wanna get to know all of them for themselves and Mikey you need to relax. I already like them so you have nothing to worry about."
All the guys stared at me, I felt myself shrink. Then the guys burst out in laughter and I felt like I said something stupid.
"Did... I um... do something wrong?" I asked scared.
"No, no sorry," Gerard said, "It's just we've never met any girl like you and it's kinda of surprising."
"Oh, okay. I thought I said something stupid," I mentioned.
"No, you actually said something really smart," Ray said.
Just then a loud growl came from one of the guys stomachs.
"Hey, sorry guys. I didn't have time to grab breakfast," Frank said shrugging.
Then we all burst out laughing, me included.
"Well it is about lunch time," Gerard mentioned looking at his cellphone, "Why don't we go get some pizza or something?"
"Sounds good," Ray agreed, "But we'll need Alexis to show us where we can get some pizza."
"I don't mind," I said, "I'm sure it will be a lot of fun."
"Well then let's get going," Mikey said walking over and grabbing my hand again, "Me and Alexis will show the way."
Me and Mikey exited the room and the other guys followed behind us. We walked down the hallways almost in silence. It felt sort of awkward.
"So, what are you guys working on in the science classroom?" I asked looking behind to look at the boys.
"We are working on our music video for "I'm Not Okay"," Gerard explained looking up at me, "We had half of it done at a different school."
"Oh sounds cool, maybe I could hear it sometime," I mentioned to Mikey.
"For sure," Mikey assured me pulling me closer to his body.
The guys started to cheer from behind us and Mikey turned to them letting go of my hand and put his middle finger up to them, while smiling. The boys begin laughing and so did Mikey. I stayed quiet and smiled at Mikey. It was nice to see him finally being his true self around his friends instead of trying to impress me.
"Your the best you, you can be," I whispered under my breath.
"Did you say something?" Mikey asked turning to look at me still smiling.
"I said I love you," I lied smiling and hugging him.
He hugged me back. Then, Gerard decided he had enough of us hugging and everything so he squeezed between us.
"I'm just gonna stand here so we can get food faster," he mentioned.
Mikey and I chuckled and continued walking. We made it out of the door and on the stairs soon and we were headed to Pizza Hut.
"So, Alexis what time should we be at your house for dinner?" Mikey asked looking at me.
"Um... not to sure. Let me text them," I answered grabbing out my phone and opening a new message. I quickly typed in, 'What time should me and Mikey be there. I am with his friends right now and we are going to get pizza'. "I sent it, so I should know soon."
"Okay," Mikey said while we kept walking down the road.
"So Alexis, what type of music are you into?" Gerard asked.
"I actually don't ever really listen to music. My parents like classical music and I usually fall asleep when I listen to it. When I was little though and my brother lived with us he would listen to music like Nirvana, The Misfits, Queen, and so on and when he did I would always listen to it with him, but now I can't anymore," I explained. Just then my phone vibrated, I picked it up and got a text back from my mom that said, 'Around 4 please and if his friends would like to eat with us they are more then welcomed to.'. I texted her back, 'Okay, I will ask if they want to.' and put my phone in my pocket.
"That's pretty cool, seems like you at least have good taste in music," Frank commented from the back.
"Well anyway guys about eating, my mom wanted me to ask if you guys wanted to eat with Mikey, my family and I tonight," I mentioned.
"Sure, I'm not doing anything after we finish the video," Frank said shrugging his shoulders.
"Sounds good to me, I'm not doing anything either," Ray agreed.
"Then I guess it's a date!" Gerard exclaimed.
"I can't wait till you guys meet my parents. I bet you guys will give them a run for their money," I chuckled.
We all soon arrived at Pizza Hut and as we did I saw a girl from my school. She was one of the mean girls who my mom said was jealous, because of my 'artistic talent' whatever that means.
"well if it isn't Miss. Goody Two Shoes," she said flipping her black hair over her shoulders and looking at her friends.
"Hey Anna, still dating that man-whore of a boyfriend, Derek?" I asked glaring at her.
"Yeah, I am and someone seems very feisty today," she mentioned smiling, "Are you still single and lonely?"
Her friends and her laughed. I glared at her, but suddenly Mikey came over to me and hugged me.
"Nope, she's not single anymore and I don't think she's lonely since she's with her friends right now," he stated glaring at the group of girls.
"Why are you going out with her?" Anna asks surprised.
"Because he doesn't like girls who has to wear a pound of make-up just to look pretty," Frank commented coming to stand by me.
"Not to mention he doesn't pick girls who need to pick a fight, because there boyfriend doesn't have time to 'play' around," Ray added.
"I don't have to stand here and take this!" Anna yelled.
"Then why don't you sit?" Gerard offered pulling up a chair.
"You guys are just a bunch of smart asses!" Anna screamed walking away.
"Nice meeting you, hope we don't meet again," Gerard yelled to Anna as she stormed off.
I felt tears swelling up in my eyes. During my whole time in high school, nobody has ever stood up for me when Anna made fun of me.
Mikey looked at me with worried eyes, "What's wrong, Alexis?"
"Mikey, Anna has been picking on me for so many years. For reasons I don't even know of. I could never make any friends and I was always left out of everything, but now you guys stood up to her and... it makes me really happy," I explained as I whipped the tears from my eyes.
Mikey grabbed me and held me close to him, "Alexis, I won't let anyone hurt you anymore, but you need to stay with me. I promise you, I, Micheal James Way, will protect you, Alexis Hazel Ashford, so long as we are together."
I hugged him back, the tears leaving my eyes uncontrollably, "Mikey, thank you."
"Guys, we're gonna get a table. You two sit out here until Alexis is ready to go in, okay?" Gerard said holding the door to the pizza parlor open.
"Good idea," Mikey agreed grabbing my hand and walking me over to one of the little metal tables near the entrance of the pizza parlor.
"Just be sure to be in before we order, so you two will actually have something to eat," Frank said walking inside with Gerard still holding the door open.
Soon Ray, Frank and Gerard walked in and the door shut behind them with a light thud.
Mikey brought me over to one of the chairs around the metal tables and waited for me to sit down. He let go of my hand as soon as I sat down and walked over to the chair directly across from mine and sat down.
"So exactly how long has Anna been picking on you?" Mikey asked looking into my eyes with his gorgeous golden ones.
"Well it started in my first year of high school, so about four years," I answered turning my head from his.
"Alexis, look at me please. I'm trying to help you."
I looked back at Mikey and I looked back into his eyes, my body became hot, "Okay Mikey, what else do you wanna know?"
"Do you think she's jealous of you?"
"I don't know why there would be a reason to be jealous of me."
"Well that's the only reason I can come up with and there is a lot to be jealous of. Your smart, beautiful,funny, you have a loving family and you can play the violin. She may have her looks and her attitude, but she might not have a loving family like you do, so she's jealous of that, but no matter why she's picking on you, you can't let her affect you because she's just not worth it."
With that Mikey got up from his chair and walked over to me and extended his hand to help me up, "And remember Alexis, you'll always have me and the band."
I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. He pulled me up and I hugged him again, "I know I'll always have you."
We both walked into the pizza parlor hand in hand. Mikey kissed me lightly on the cheek and turned away. I chuckled, I love Mikey and we just met, but he's helped me through so much. I love both sides of him. His first side that's all shy to kiss me and hold me and his other side where he's ready to protect me and he's ready to do anything to comfort me.
"I love you Mikey," I whispered only for me to hear.
"Hm, did you say something?" Mikey asked looking at me.
"I said, I'm starved let's go eat," I answered walking over to Gerard, Ray, and Frank, "Did you guys order our food already?"
"Yeah we got two pizzas. One with just cheese for Frank and whoever else and one with pepperoni and sausage for everyone else," Gerard explained leaning back in his chair.
I went over to the booth and slipped in next to Frank. Mikey soon came over and sat next to me.
I heard my phone go off shortly after I sat down. I grabbed it from my pocket and looked to see my mom texted me, 'You guys should arrive around 4, so we all can get to know each other,' my mom wrote. I quickly typed 'Okay' on my phone's keyboard.
"Hey guys," I called over them all talking. They all looked at me, "My mom said we should be at my house around four, is that okay?"
"Yeah," Ray answered for them all, "We don't have to shoot anymore footage and we can leave all the editing to the editors and everything, so we're free."
"Cool, then it's all settled," I smiled at all of them.
"Hello, what can get you two to drink?" our waitress asked pointing her black pen at Mikey and I.
"Um, I'll take a coffee," Mikey said to the girl.
"And I'll take a water with lemon," I answered smiling at the girl.
"Okay, I'll be back soon with your drink," the girl said turning and walking away.
"She was nice," I mentioned looking at all the guys, "And not to mention she was really pretty."
"Yeah, she was pretty, but you're a hundred times prettier then her," Mikey argued grabbing my hand under the table.
I felt my face heat up and I turned to look at him. He looked at all the boys and laughed as Frank did his magic trick. Frank's magic trick is where he puts a napkin or tissue in his hand and pushes it down with one of his fingers on his other hand. Then, he blows into his hand with the napkin and when the napkin slips out he sticks up his middle finger. It's actually really funny.
"So, did you invite Alexis to our after video party?" Gerard asked.
"Actually that was supposed to be a surprise," Mikey sighed.
"What's an after video party?" I asked the band.
"Well after every video we shoot, we rent out a party hall or something and we just go to have fun with people," Frank explained taking a sip of his water.
"Sounds fun," I smiled looking at Mikey, "so can I go?"
"Yeah, it would be awesome if you went!" Mikey exclaimed his whole face lighting up, "But you have to get permission from your parents first."
"Okay, I'll ask them when we're eating dinner with them," I mentioned as our waitress came back our drinks.
"Here's your water and lemon," the girl said reaching across the table to put my drink down, "and here's your coffee," she said setting down Mikey's coffee.
"Thank you," Mikey said for both of us.
"Now do you guys wanna order anything or did your friends already order for you?"
"They ordered for us, but thank you anyway," I mentioned reassuring her.
"Well then your food should be out soon," the girl stated and turned around and left.
"So, what time is it anyway?" Gerard asked pulling out his phone and checking.
I, curious also, grabbed out my phone to see it was about 1:00, "So what should we do after this?"
"I was thinking we could maybe go find a place to hangout," Ray mentioned.
"That sounds fun, do you know of any places, Alexis?" Frank questioned taking another drink of his water.
"Yeah, there's a roller rank across the street and a couple blocks down," I mentioned squeezing the lemon juice from my lemon into my water.
"That sounds like a good idea," Mikey agreed squeezing my hand tighter from under the table.
"Here's your food," our waitress mentioned setting two huge pizzas on our table, "Can I get you guys anything else?"
"Can I get another water," Frank asked holding up his cup for her to take.
"Sure thing," she said grabbing his cup, "Anything else?"
"No, I think we're good, thank you," Gerard assured.
"Okay, I'll be right back with your drink," she explained walking away.
We all grabbed the pieces of pizza we wanted. I stuck to just plain cheese like Frank, while the other guys went for the pizza with meat.
"So, why don't you eat the one with meat on it?" I asked Frank.
"I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat meat," he explained taking a big bite out of his cheese pizza.
"Makes sense," I said taking a small bite out of my pizza.
I kept eating my pizza until I had nothing but the crust left. I set down the crust on my plate and took a sip of my water and whipped my hands and mouth on my napkin and I went to grab another piece.
I looked over at Mikey to see her was already on his third slice, Gerard was on his second slice, and Frank and Ray were on their fourth.
"I'm full," I mentioned after I finished my second slice.
"How can you be full?" Frank asked looking at me.
"I usually don't eat a lot of food," I admitted.
"Well that's gonna change if you stay with Mikey. He'll take you to a sushi shop and just buy the whole menu and make you eat it all with him," Ray commented.
"No, I'll be eating all of the food myself," Mikey pointed out.
"And he'll be letting me starve," I chuckled.
The whole table burst out laughing and everyone looked over at us. We all were smiling and still laughing our heads off. I didn't get why the joke was so funny, but we all couldn't stop laughing. Finally our laughing started to subside and we got our check.
"You guys wanna have dessert?" Gerard asked everyone.
"No, I'm full and I don't wanna get fat," Ray explained.
"I agree with Ray one this one," I added in.
"Okay, I'm gonna go pay then we can go to the roller rank," Gerard commented sliding out of our booth and walking over to the girl behind the register.
He soon came back over to all of us with a small smirk on his face.
"What's with you?" Frank asked.
"I just got that girl's phone number," he chuckled.
"Well are you gonna call her?" Frank asked again.
"Nah, she's not my type," Gerard admitted.
"Oh, well anyway instead of hearing about your love life, let's go to the roller rank," suggested Frank.
"Alright, alright let's get going," Ray said as he led all of us to the front of the store.
Mikey grabbed the door and pulled it open letting all of us out. When I came out last, Mikey let go of the door and grabbed my hand instead. We all then begin our fun short trip to the roller rank.
We all walked down the road and went to the corner to wait to cross the street. While we were waiting Frank decided that it was to hot out, so he decided to take his shirt off. When he got his shirt off he handed it to me. I grabbed it from him and started laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" Frank said laughing.
"I just can't believe your doing this in public!" I exclaimed.
"Well it's hot out. Why should I have to stand here sweating? And I mean I think my bodies pretty damn attractive!" he argued.
"I mean, you're gonna attract attention," I mentioned.
"Well, it's hot," Frank complained.
"You can keep your shirt off, Frank. I was just saying your gonna attract attention," I said backing out of the conversation.
Frank knew I was done with the conversation, so he didn't mention anything else about him being shirtless and neither did I. The sign on the other side of the road turned white and showed we could walk, so Gerard was ahead of everyone with Frank and Ray behind him. Mikey and I were follow closely behind our hands stilled tangled in each others. We arrived on the other side of the road and were right in front of the roller rank.
We headed to the front door and a couple came out of the door laughing. Frank grabbed the door and held it open as the couple left. I walked through the door with Mikey behind me. I guess the rest of the band went in, but before I could check, Mikey was dragging me to go pay for skates.
"What size do you wear?" he asked leaning on the counter to get our skates.
"A size eight," I answered.
"Okay I'll go get our skates, why don't you go find us a table?" Mikey suggested.
"Sure," I agreed walking away from him.
I walked among all these people looking for a table until I saw on in a corner. I quickly waled over to it, so nobody else would take it. I reached the table before anyone else and sat in it waiting for Mikey to come with my skates.
"Hey, I got your skates," called Mikey as he came running towards me.
Mikey ran up to me and bent down to my feet. He untied my shoelaces and pulled them off. He then grabbed the roller skates and untied the laces so he could get them on my feet.
"You didn't have to do that," I mentioned.
"No, I didn't, but I wanted too," he said smiling.
Just then we heard yelling coming from the front. Mikey and I turned our heads to see Frank running towards me with a panicked expression.
"Frank, what's going on?" I asked confused.
"No time to explain. The workers are gonna come after me. I need my shirt," he said panicking.
I looked down to see I still had his shirt. I threw it to him and he slipped it over his head.
"Sir, you need to leave," hollered a worker.
"No I don't, I have a shirt on now!" Frank yelled challenging the guy.
The worker looked at Frank and walked away. Obviously Frank had won the war.
"Jeez, I told those assholes someone had my shirt," Frank said with a sigh.
Frank turned and walked away from us. Mikey and I just looked at each other and smiled.
"Well I better get my skates on, so we can skate together," Mikey concluded as he untied his shoes and put his roller skates on.
Once, Mikey's roller skates were on he lifted himself from the ground and reached out his hand for me to grab. I grabbed his hand and let him pull me up from my spot. We then skated across the carpet and headed towards the skating area. We came to the entrance and Mikey entered first, pulling me in. We started skating with the little kids around us laughing and giggling. I smiled and leaned my head on Mikey's shoulder. One boy bumped into me and looked up at me with frightened eyes.
"It's okay sweetie," I said holding him so he could regain his balance, "Just be sure you don't hurt yourself, Okay?"
The boy nodded and smiled at me. He then skated away still smiling. I leaned my head back on Mikey's shoulder and we just skated away.
"Okay kiddies!" a voice boomed from the speakers, "We are gonna pick three couples to have the floor to the three of them, so when I put the spotlight on the couple I want you guys to cheer if you think they deserve it."
"Let's go," Mikey suggested.
I could tell he wasn't the type to do this, so we both skated towards the nearest exit, until Gerard, Frank, and Ray stood between the entrance so we couldn't get out. Me and Mikey headed for the other exit, but the light shone on us before we could get to it.
"Well look at this cute couple!" the voice boomed, "How loud is their applause?"
Just then Gerard, Frank, and Ray started screaming for us, along with the little boy that bumped into me. Then the rest of the people started cheering really loud for us.
"Wow! I might need a hearing aid now!" the voice said.
The light shone on other people and they were no match for us.
"Okay let's see who we'll go with for the dance," the voice boomed as we saw a guy walking towards us with a mic, "I say these people got lots of cheers," the guy said pointing in our direction earning us more cheers and then he pointed to two other groups, "And these two."
Everyone applauded and the guy with the mic left and returned to what I believed to be a DJ booth. Me and Mikey entered the middle of the skating rank with the other two couples as a song begin playing. Mikey grabbed my hand again and we started skating in the rank along with the other couple. When we were done with one lap around the rank, Mikey pulled me towards the middle of the rank and grabbed my other hand and we both began skating in circles. Mikey then let go of one of my hands and twirled me then brought me close to his chest. I was really surprised he knew how to skate like this, but I didn't give it a second thought. We started swaying along to the music. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, letting him lead me.
"Well isn't that cute!" the man said into his mic.
I don't know if people cheered or what, because I tuned them all out. All I wanted to hear was Mikey's heartbeat and the sound of him breathing. He kept swaying me and I felt him relax, but sadly like our ride this moment had to come to and end.
"Well you lovebirds," the man called out, "We enjoyed having you guys skate for us, but now we have to let everyone else have the floor."
Everyone came back on the floor and started skating as a new song played. Mikey and I stayed on the floor for about 5 more songs, but we got tired so we went back to our table.
"Hey Alexis," Mikey said as we arrived at our table and sat down, "It's 3:15 do you think we should start heading to your house?"
"Yeah, let's go get the guys as soon as we change shoes," I agreed as I untied my skates and pulled them off.
I put on my shoes and got up from the seat holding my skates. Mikey slipped on his shoes and got up from his seat and grabbed his skates. We both then walked up to the counter to return our skates to the guy. We then went to the side of the skate floor to look for Frank, Gerard, and Ray.
"Hey Ray!" I called from the side.
Ray came to a stop by where me and Mikey were, "What's up?"
"We need to go to my house now. It would be a bad first impression if we were late," I explained.
"Okay," Ray said as he went to find the nearest exit.
Mikey then saw Frank and Gerard skating together.
"Hey you two!" He yelled.
They both looked in his direction and Frank stuck his tongue out.
"We need to leave!" I screamed showing them the time on my phone.
They both shrugged and went to find the entrance Ray went through. Mikey and I walked over to the counter to wait for Ray, Frank, and Gerard. They soon came up all three of them holding their skates.
"We ready to go?" I asked as they returned their skates.
"Yeah," Gerard answered leaning on the counter.
"So let's get going," I said walking to the front of the roller rank.
The boys followed me and we began the long journey to my house, to have dinner with my parents.


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