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DOB: October 26, 1881
DOD: Still 'alive and kicking', as some might put it, despite being technically 132 years old.
Hair: Manic Panic Pillarbox Red
Eyes: Dark gray/blue
Good afternoon, morning, night, or whatever time it may be- I am the one and only Girl Anachronism, otherwise known as The World's Worst Accident, The Girl Out Of Time, The - whatever you may know me as, I welcome you all. I come from the time called nowadays as 'The Gay Nineties' (Actual author note: No, not that kind of gay) a time of Oscar Wilde, the horseless carriage, and art nouveau blossoming in full. Film had just barely been invented, and then, even splicing a film segment backwards was an innovative special effect. I myself had worked as a circus performer, a Woe Maiden
with Maidens Maggots and Contessa- a somewhat humble vocation. You can imagine now that living here in the modern age came as a bit of a shock.
I like to think I've adjusted rather well. (Actual author note: Yeah, by writing smutty fanfiction about band members. Great job, Girl. We're all veeeery proud of you.)
Follow me at: www.g1rl-anachr0n1sm.tumblr.com


The Point of it All

The Point of it All

NC-17 Romance Mystery Tragedy

At some point in your life, you come suddenly, unexpectedly to the realization that you were a natural born loser. That there is no version of your life in which you will come out on top. January 14th, 2003 is when I come to that conclusion on my own. This is my story. (Gerard WayxOFC)


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