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My Chemical Experience


Well here is the first chapter of My Chemical Experience! I'm really excited to be writing this! (I wonder how long this will last) Well I wanna get started on this right away so onword! Chapter 1!
Our first chance at meeting. 'Oh shoot!' I yelled in my head, 'I'm gonna be late!' I kept running down the hallway trying to make it to my weekend violin practice. I kept running my violin case in my hand, until I ran into someone.
"Ouch!" The person exclaimed.
"Oh, I'm so sorry," I said to the person as I rubbed my head, "You'll have to excuse me. I'm in a bit of a hurry for a class," I got off the ground and grabbed my violin case off the ground.
"Not a problem," The boy said getting up, "Wait! By any chance do you know where science room 3 is?"
I looked at the boy, he seemed a little old to be going to this school, but he didn't look like a shady person, "Um... yeah," I looked down at my wrist and saw that it was 4:37 and I had to be at the classroom by 4:45, "I can show it to you real quick if you would like."
The boys face lit up with a smile, "That would help me so much!"
I grabbed the boys hand and began speed walking down the hall, "Okay, I can show you, but we have to hurry I have class in a couple of minutes," I said turning left.
"That's cool with me, but do you mind. Your kinda yanking my arm out of its socket," he mentioned.
I stopped for a minute and let go of his hand, "Sorry, but I'm in a big hurry," I then began speed walking again, "And sorry for bumping into you, but I need to get to practice."
The boy walked in front of me, "It's cool. I mean I was standing in the middle of the hall, but why do you have practice? Are you in a sport?"
"No I play the violin and I take special lessons during the weekend," I explained walking next to him.
"Ohh... that's not hardcore at all..." The boy said.
"Well my parents wanted me to play it," I mentioned.
"Oh, well that doesn't matter. Anyway I never got to introduce myself. I'm Mikey Way," he said.
"Alexis Ashford," I replied stopping at a door and opening it to find a room filled with people, "Anyway this is our stop. Science room 3 anyway I have to go, bye!" I called as I started to run to the Orchestra room.
"Hey Thanks! I owe you one!" He yelled back.
I ignored him and kept running towards the room. I made it to the door and burst in out of breath. I looked down at my watch and saw I had two minutes to unpack. I quickly opened my violin case and cautiously took my violin out. I then grabbed the shoulder rest and attached it to the back of the violin and grabbed my bow. I tightened up the bow hair and put rosin on it. I then went over to the table located in the back corner and set it up on one of the music stands. I grabbed the music stand and put it in the middle of the room. I lastly looked down at my watch and heard my teacher open the door. It was exactly 4:45.
"Nice to see your ready again, Alexis," my teacher Robin Leroy said shutting the door.
"Yes, well you know me. Always ready to play the violin," I said opening my book up to my first song.
"I do know you quit well and that does sound like you. Anyway shall we began?" Mrs. Leroy asked.
"I'm ready whenever you are," I replied holding my violin on my shoulder and getting my fingers on the first note.
"Very well," my teacher said as she began counting off.
When my violin practice ended I opened my case again and took my shoulder rest off my violin and put my violin in the case, then I put the shoulder rest in my case. I then loosened my bow and slipped it in the case. Then I shut my case and put my folder away in my desk and laid my violin under my desk, for when school started next Monday. I then walked out of the door to see the boy I helped leaning on the wall.
"What are you doing here?" I asked surprised.
"Well I did say I owed you one," He said grinning, "by the way your violin playing is beautiful."
"Yeah, but not good enough. So what do you mean you owe me?" I asked.
"Well tomorrow's Sunday and I'm off from working and I was wondering if I could treat you to something to drink," He explained.
"Um... but I don't even know you...," I mentioned uncomfortably.
"Well it's a great way to get to know me," He said.
I thought about it for a minute. I mean this guys seems really nice, "Yeah, okay why not?"
The guy gave another smile and he looked like a little kid, "Cool, um.. can I have your phone number, so I can give you all the details?"
"Um... yeah," I said going back into the orchestra room to retrieve a piece of paper and a pen.
"Alexis," Mrs. Leroy called.
"Yes?" I asked looking at her.
She looked at me with a glare, "I suggest you stay away from boys like that."
I just looked at her. How could she judge this boy? He seems so nice and all he wants to do is treat me to a drink. I grabbed a piece of paper from my desk and a pen and walked out of the room. I then wrote my number to the guy and handed him the paper, "I would prefer if you called me before nine and I do have texting, but only limited."
The guy grabbed the paper and slipped it into the back pocket of his black skinny jeans, "Cool, can't wait till tomorrow," He said as he started to walk down the hall, "Anyway I have to go catch up with my friends. See you tomorrow."
"Yeah, see you then," I said quietly to myself hoping I didn't make the biggest mistake of my life.
I then started walking down the halls heading out of the school. When I got out of the school I began my walk home, which it was only a few blocks away.
"Oh good your home Alexis," my mom called from the living room as I walked through the door.
I walked into the living room, "Yes I'm here and I was wondering if I could go out to get a drink with on of my friends at school."
"That's fine with me dear. So what's her name?" my mother asked.
"Oh... it's a he, but his name is Mikey Way," I replied.
"Oh so it's a boy," my father said coming into the living room, "I hope you guys don't have "that" type of relationship."
I looked at my father, "Of course we don't. We are just two people going out for a drink."
"Well okay then it is fine with me," my dad said.
"Thank you both, now I will be in my room for the night. Please feel free to disturb me if you must, but I need to get a head start on my homework," I explained while walking up the stairs to my room.
"Goodnight darling," my mom called.
"Goodnight mother," I said as I went into my bedroom.
I went and sat on my king sized bed with my black, silk comforter and black pillow cased pillows. I then grabbed my cat who was sleeping on one of my pillows and I laid her on my lap. My room was pretty barren, I only had my bed, a closet, a dresser, a computer that was parent locked, and a bookshelf filled with books I have read about 2 times each. I began to pet my cat until I heard my phone go off. It was a text message.
"This is Mikey, anyway wanna meet at the Starbucks near the school?"
"Yeah sure sounds like a plan," I texted back.
"Good, can't wait to see you there. Meet me there at 11:00 am, Okay?" he texted back.
"Yeah, sounds like a plan see you then," I replied.
"Sounds like a plan. Anyway you better get some sleep, Night."
"Yeah Goodnight," I texted back as I shut my phone. I then got off my bed and checked the alarm on my dresser and saw it was already 9:30. I walked over to the bathroom that was connected to my room and brushed my teeth. I then went to the bathroom and went back to my room. I went over to my closet and grabbed out a pair of green pajama bottoms and a blank tank top. I then took off my jeans and my blue school t-shirt and slipped into the pajama bottoms and black tank top. I then grabbed my cat and laid in my bed. I then closed my eyes and went to sleep.
I woke up the next morning at 8:00 a.m. so that gave me about 2 hours and 45 minutes until I had to start walking to Starbucks. I got out of my bed trying my hardest not to disturb my cat. I then went in my bathroom to take a shower. When I was out of the shower it was about 8:30. I went over to the sink and brushed my teeth. I then went over to my closet still in a towel and opened the door to revile all my clothing. I rummaged through it all and decided to wear my white sundress and a pair of black flats. I then went back into the bathroom and blow dried my hair which then fell to the beginning of my back. I looked at the clock again to see that it was 9:01. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen.
"Good Morning," my mother said sitting at the table drinking some tea.
"Good morning mother," I replied walking over to the cabinet to grab out a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed out the milk and put it by the box of cereal.
"Did you sleep well?" My mother asked.
"I slept normally. What about yourself mother?" I asked back grabbing a bowl and cup from a different cabinet and going over to where the milk, orange juice, and cereal were.
"Oh, once again I couldn't get any sleep because of your fathers snoring," my mother replied taking a sip of her tea.
"Sorry you didn't get much sleep mother," I said pouring the cereal, then milk, and then the orange juice then bringing it over to the table.
"It's quit all right dear. Anyway are you excited for your date with this boy?"
I spit out the orange juice I had just taking a drink of and began coughing violently. I finally stopped coughing enough to talk to my mom, " It's not a date mom, we are just going to Starbucks."
My mom smiled, "Well dear, I think the reason he wants to go with you is because he likes you and wants to get to know you."
"I don't think that's the reason mom," I said as I began eating my cereal.
"Well we will just see won't we?" My mom said finishing her tea and walking her cup to the sink.
I continued eating my cereal and drinking my orange juice as time went by.
When I was done eating I finished off my orange juice and took my dishes over to the sink. I then walked into the living room to see it was only 10. I decided to just read until it was time for me to leave. So I walked back up to my room and grabbed a violin book off the couch and began reading.
When I got tired of reading I looked at the alarm clock on my dresser and saw it was 10:35. I sat the book down on my bed, got up and walked downstairs. When I was downstairs I headed to the front door, "Mom, Dad, I'm leaving now. I have my phone on me. I'll call you if anything happens," I then walked out of the door and began walking. As I was walking I looked around at my scenery and thought to my self. Random thoughts like, I wonder what lunch will be next Monday, I wonder what my cat's doing, or I wonder what song I'm gonna play next on the violin. Before I knew it I was already at Starbucks and I saw Mikey sitting at one of the tables. He was wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans and he was wearing a t-shirt that said My Chemical Romance on it and a black jacket. I wonder who My Chemical Romance is, "Hey Mikey," I called.
He smiled up at me, "Hey Alexis," He then got up from his chair and came over to me, "I haven't ordered anything yet, so lets go get something from the counter."
"Okay," I agreed walking up to the counter with him.
The cashier smiled at us, "What would you two like today?"
"Um... can I have one of your iced coffees?" Mikey asked the girl.
The girl nodded and pressed some buttons on the register, "And for your friend?"
"Um... I have never had anything from here... I don't really know what's good," I mentioned.
Mikey just smiled at me, "Then I'll just have to order you something good, so let's get her a java chip frapachinno."
"Okay, will that be all for you two?" the girl asked.
"Yeah that will be it," Mikey said grabbing his wallet.
"Okay, and could I get a name under it?"the girl asked.
"Yeah, it's gonna be under Way," Mikey said.
"Oh then you are him! Your Mikey Way! I'm sorry to ask even though your taking a personal day, but can I have your autograph?" the girl asked excitedly.
Mikey looked at the girl a little uncomfortable," Um... I'm guess, but can you keep it down. I'm trying to not get any attention."
The girl nodded and got out a pen and a piece of paper, Mikey took the pen and quickly signed the paper.
"Okay sir your total is $7.55," The girl said trying to hide her excitement.
Mikey handed the girl the money, "Keep the change," he called to the girl as he grabbed my hand and dragged me to a table.
"What was all that?" I asked as we found a table in the corner of the little shop.
"Well you see..." he began, "The day you ran into me I was meeting with my band mates to go over our music video for our song 'I'm not Okay.' I am in a pretty well known band called My Chemical Romance. And we came to your school to film the song."
I looked at him, "Fair enough," I said as someone called out Mikey's last name.
Mikey flipped his hoodie up so the hood was covering his face and he went up to the counter. I kept my eyes on him as he grabbed the drinks from the girl and headed back over to our table.
"What's with the whole hood thing?" I asked as he handed me my drink.
"Well I don't want people to come crowding me for autographs," He said as he grabbed my hand again, "Here let's go on a walk with our drinks."
I got up from my seat and then he let go of my hand. We then walked out of Starbucks, me following him. Once we were outside he took off the hood, "Why aren't you keeping the hood on?" I asked him.
"Well the people out here don't know my last name, so it's less likely for them to just randomly come up to me," He explained taking a sip of his drink.
I nodded in agreement and took a sip of my drink, "Wow! This is really good!"
Mikey looked at me and began to laugh.
"What did I do?" I asked feeling a light blush on my face.
"It's nothing," Mikey continued laughing, "It's just you act like you never tried coffee before."
I gave him a blank stare, "Is this what coffee is?"
He just now stared at me, "Wait, are you telling me, you've never had coffee before?"
"Well I haven't. My parents never allowed me to have it when I was little, so I never had any taste with it." I explained as we began walking in the direction of my school.
"Oh, well changing subjects. How do you like playing the violin?"
"Well it's fun, but believe it or not, but I didn't want to play it in the first place. You see I have an older brother who listens to this music. I can't recall the name, but I think it's called punk rock. I always loved listening to it with him and I saw a guitarist. When I first saw the way they played with there guitars, like how they swung it around there body and how it was so loud begging for attention, I wanted to play it. I asked my parents, but they denied it. They said something about how it will corrupt my mind or something."
"Well to me it seems like your parents are pretty controlling," Mikey mentioned grabbing my hand, "How about we get you out of those clothes? It's a little chilly, so let's get you something warmer."
I felt my face get red and I followed him as we walked down the sidewalk. We then came to a stop at a mall. I followed him through the mall and then we came to a dark store called Hot Topic (I don't know if they have Hot Topic in California, but for now they are).
"Don't worry the people in this store are really nice, so don't be scared," Mikey said walking through the door.
I followed him in, still kinda terrified. I was entering new territory.
"So," Mikey began, "What's your favorite color?"
I thought for a minute, "Blue is my first and then white is my second choice."
Mikey started rummaging through all the clothes until he found a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue shirt with the super man symbol on it, and a black tank top, "Will these fit you?" Mikey asked letting me look at the sizes.
"Yeah they look like they will," I replied grabbing them from him, "I have my wallet in my purse."
"Your not buying those. I am the one who wanted you to get changed in the first place so let me handle it," Mikey explained while grabbing his wallet out of his front pockets. He then took the price tags off the items and shooed me away to one of the changing rooms in the back, "You go change while I pay for this stuff."
I walked over to one of the changing rooms and walked in one of the empty ones. I pulled my white sundress up over my head, I then took off my flats and slipped the jeans on. I looked in the mirror that was provided in the changing room and saw these jeans hugged your ankles. I actually liked them better then the jeans I have at home. I then slipped on the black tank top and and the blue shirt with the superman symbol. I had to say I looked really different, but I kinda liked it...I grabbed my clothes from out of the changing room and opened the door. I then walked out of the changing room to see Mikey waiting for me.
"You look awesome!" Mikey said as I walked out. I felt my face get red again.
"Thanks," I whispered going over to him, "So what are we gonna do now?"
Mikey checked his watch, "Well it's 12:00 right now, so wanna eat lunch here?"
I nodded my head and began to walk out of the store, but heard the cashier say something to Mikey.
"That girls seems a little off for your type," the cashier mentioned to Mikey.
"She may be, but she's fun, so I'm gonna take a shot," Mikey replied running to catch up with me.
"Good luck!" the cashier called to him.
"Um... thanks for the clothes Mikey. I really like them," I said as we walked to the center of the food court.
"No problem and Alexis you look really good in those clothes," Mikey mentioned as we stopped so we could look at all the food shops they had, "What do you feel like eating?"
I looked at all the places and I didn't even know half of them! I mean there were ones called McDonald's, Dairy Queen, a steak shop, a Japanese and Chinese restaurant. I look up at Mikey, "Why don't you pick? I don't know what's any good."
He looked around at all the shops and said to me," How about sushie?"
I thought for a moment. I never really hated fish cooked, but I never tried it raw, "Sure, I've never tried it before. Where do they sell it?"
Mikey went over to the Japanese restaurant with me following close behind.
When we came to the counter Mikey explained how since I never tried sushie he would order it for me. I agreed.
"Hey welcome!" the worker greeted us as we came over, "What can I get you both today?"
"Hello," Mikey greeted the guy back as he looked at the menu, "Um.. can I get some of your Salmon sushi and some of your Yellowtail sushi with miso soup?"
"Yes no problem," The guy said as he went to go get our order.
We both walked down to the register and waited for our food. The guy came over to the register with our food and ringed it up," What can I get you guys to drink?"
"We don't need a drink," Mikey said politely as he paid the guy and grabbed our food. He then left the guy a three dollar tip in the plastic container with a piece of paper that said 'TIPS!'. We then walked away to one of the empty tables located in the far right corner of the food court.
"This looks really good," I said as I grabbed a fork.
Mikey quickly took the fork and gave me a 'no no' signal with his finger, "If your going to eat sushi, you gotta use chopsticks," He then grabbed a paper packet the guy provided for us and pulled out two wooden sticks, "Now you grab yours."
I grabbed the second packet and grabbed the two sticks out of it the packet. Mikey then leaned over the table and put my fingers in the right position so I was holding the chopsticks right. Then he showed me how to pick up the food without dropping it. I tried, but ended up dropping the food about five times.
"I can't do this," I said slumping back in my chair, "Can't I just use a fork?"
"Here let me show you one more time," Mikey laughed as he slowly grabbed a piece of meat and held it with his chopsticks, "Okay see, it's not that hard."
I looked at the chopsticks and stared at the meat, "Yeah, I get that, but I can never get the meat to stay on..."
"Okay let me help," Mikey said, as he once again leaned over the table. He put his fingers next to mine in the chopsticks and guided them to a piece of meat. He then grabbed the piece of meat along with my fingers still next to his. Then he brought it up to my mouth while he was looking in my eyes. I opened my mouth and ate the meat.
"Mmmm," I mumbled as I chewed the food, "This is really good!" I said looking back at Mikey with a smile on my face.
Mikey smiled back at me, "Well do you think you can do it on your own now?"
I nodded and went for the same type of meat he got and I grabbed it with the chopsticks, "So Mikey which sushi type is this?"
"Well the one your eating right now is the Yellowtail, but I suggest you also try the Salmon and the Miso soup is good," Mikey said eating one of the noodles from the soup.
I ate the piece of fish I had and then went to go try the Salmon, "So, since we know next to nothing about each other, how about we try and get to know each other?"
"Okay," Mikey agreed as he finished off his noodle," So, since I know your favorite colors are blue and white and you like to play the violin. Why don't you ask me some questions?"
"Okay," I agreed as I got finished eating the salmon, "What's your favorite animal?" I asked as I went to go grab a noodle from the Miso soup.
"Hm... I would have to say Unicorns," he said with a smile, "Now you have to answer. What's your favorite animal?"
"Well I will have to say Koalas, I mean they have such cute noses!" I exclaimed as I set down my chopsticks, "Anyway next question. Since I don't know your favorite color, what is it?"
"Well to be perfectly honest it's blue and I'm not just saying that because it's yours," Mikey answered as he ate a piece of Salmon, "Okay, so what's your favorite type of music?"
"Well, I don't really ever get to listen to music and when I do it's classical, so I don't really like it," I answered.
"Well we can't have that!" Mikey exclaimed as he jumped up from out of his chair, You have to become interested in music. It's so amazing!"
"I'm sure it is, but anyway back to questions. What's your favorite band?" I asked.
"Smashing Pumpkins," Mikey answered as he ate the last of the Miso soup, "Well that was good!" He exclaimed as he took a sip of his iced coffee, which was empty after he took a sip, "What do you want to do now?"
"I'm up for anything," I said as I grabbed all the trash we had and put it on the tray, "I'm gonna go throw away the trash, so you think of something," I then grabbed the tray and walked over to one of the many trash cans located in the food area. I opened the lid and slid the trash inside the trash can. I finally put the tray on top of the trash can and walked back over to Mikey, "Did you find out something we could do?"
"Yeah actually they have a small little carnival going on at the park and I was thinking we could go to," Mikey mentioned as he got up from his chair.
"That sounds fun!" I exclaimed. It just so happened I love to go on roller coaster's and I love to go on rides, "Shall we get going then?"
"Yeah," Mikey agreed heading to the front door of the mall.
When we both stepped out of mall we headed towards the park. We just walked there quietly hearing the birds chirping in the background. Then from out of nowhere Mikey grabbed my hand. I looked over at him and he just continued looking forward. I felt my face get red, but I didn't take my hand away. We then walked the rest of the way to the park hand in hand. When we reached the park I gasped in amazement. In the middle of the park there were a bunch of rides including; Zero Gravity, a ferris wheel, a train for the little kids, and so many more.
"Hey, wait here and I'll go get us tickets," Mikey called as he ran over to a booth that said "TICKETS" in bright lights.
I Stood there waiting for Mikey to come back. I was stunned in amazement. For a small park it had lots of rides. I looked at all the rides deciding on which one I wanted to go on first. The one that looked the most interesting to me is this one where you sit on a little ghost ship and you swing side to side and occasionally you go all the way up then fall down. Mikey then so came running over to me with a bracelet.
"Here Alexis, we can get on any ride as many times as we want with these," Mikey explained as he slipped mine on then secured it.
I looked down at his wrist to see that he was wearing one to, "So I was thinking we could go on the pirate ship ride first. It looks like a lot of fun!"
"Yeah, sure!" Mikey agreed as he grabbed my hand again and we began making our way to the pirate ship ride.
Once we were in line we had to stand behind these group of girls who kept chatting on guys who they thought were hot. Just then one of them turned around to see Mikey.
"Well hello," the girl said tossing her bleached blond hair to the side, "Wanna hang with me and my friends."
The two girls smiled at Mikey. One of them had brown hair and was wearing a black tank top and a skirt that was way to short for comfort. The other one had orange hair and was wearing a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. The blonde one had a short mini-dress on that was skin tight.
"He's with me," I said stepping beside Mikey, our hands still together.
"Oh," the blond girl said disappointed, but giving up after that.
The line began to move forward and the three girls went on the ghost ship while we had to wait for the end of the ride.
"Well someone was very brave with those girls," Mikey said smiling at me.
"I didn't think you wanted to hang out with them. I mean you got me to hang with right?" I asked looking at him.
"Yeah I do have you and thanks for getting rid of them. I wouldn't have said anything, hoping they would give up," he explained.
Then the ride stopped and the man in charge let everyone out of there seats. Once he was done he opened the door that kept me, Mikey, and other people from entering. Mikey and I walked through the rows of seats all the way to the third row which was the highest row. We then sat next to each other and Mikey gripped my hand tightly, "Are you ready?"
"Yeah," I said smiling and watching everyone else get on.
Soon everyone, who could fit, got in a seat and the ride begin. We started to rock to the left then the right. I screamed in excitement along with everyone else. I looked over to see Mikey smiling and he looked back at me. I felt my face get hot, so I looked down again to see how high up we were. Then we begin to make full circles in the air. I was caught between laughing or screaming in excitement. Slowly the ride stopped going all the way around, then it came to a stop. The man in charge pressed a button and we all took off the bars that kept us from falling out of our seats. Everyone then begin pushing and shoving to get to the next ride. I stilled had Mikey's hand in mine, so luckily we didn't get separated. After Mikey and I got to the ground we went to the next ride.
We rode on many different rides, but after a while we got tired of standing, so we decided to go watch some kids preform in front of the water fountain. There were three boys playing, one on the guitar, another on the bass, and the last one was singing. The boys were playing a slow type of song with very peaceful lyrics. I put my head on Mikey's shoulder and closed my eyes focusing on the lyrics. When we heard about 4 songs from the boys, Mikey threw some money into a case located by the guitar player's foot and Mikey and I went back to go ride some more rides.
After a while it became dark outside. I checked my phone to see it was only 8, "Mikey, I have to leave soon," I explained as we got off Zero Gravity.
"Well do we have time for one more ride?" Mikey asked.
"Yeah, that should be fine," I answered smiling up at him. Most of the time we have been on rides, listening to the boys, or eating, Mikey has held my hand even now he was holding it.
"Good!" Mikey said smiling. He then gripped my hand tighter and begin dragging me in the direction of the Ferris Wheel. When we got closer we saw we had to wait in a big line, "Here you wait right here," Mikey explained as he moved me the end of the line, "I will be right back, okay?"
"Okay," I agreed standing there.
After that Mikey left going somewhere. I stood there waiting like he told me. Then, minutes later, he came back minutes later with a bag of cotton candy in his hand and he himself was standing there out of breath, "Here I thought we might enjoy ourselves a little more, if we had something sweet to eat."
I took the bag of Cotton Candy from him and grabbed some of it. I took a bite of it and smiled. I remember the taste of it when I was little. I felt myself smile from the memory. I focused on the taste of the Cotton Candy and I felt it melt away in my mouth the very moment it touched my tongue.
"Next!" the man in charge of the Ferris Wheel called.
"Let's go!" Mikey exclaimed as he grabbed my hand and we both walked to the man. We each held out or arms so he could see the bracelets located on our wrists. Then he let us on.
The Ferris Wheel was really cool! When we got in it was like a little mini car. There were benches connected to the wall on both sides of the Ferris Wheel, so I sat on one bench while Mikey sat on the other one. The ride then shifted in movement. Me and Mikey were silent at first, we both were looking out at the sky.
"Hey Mikey," I finally said.
"Yeah?" He asked looking at me.
I looked at him and we stared in each other's eyes, "Um... well I wanted to thank you for everything today. I had a lot of fun and I liked hanging out with you."
"Me too Alexis. I had a lot of fun with you," Mikey agreed as he looked deeply into my eyes. He then got up from the bench and walked over to mine. He then came to sit next to me. I turned to face him and he was still looking at me, "Alexis," He whispered as he took his his hand and tilted my chin up with it. He then leaned in closer and our lips touched. He then pulled away and looked in my eyes once again with a soft smile again, "Do you think we could do this again, but maybe go somewhere more romantic?"
The kiss left me breathless, even though it was very light. I smiled up at Mikey, "Of course we can!"
Mikey then wrapped his arms around my back, pulling me close to him. I then wrapped my arms around his back to. We just held each other, the sound of laughter coming from the kids below and the sounds of out hearts beating...


Well unless I get comments I don't know if I will post any chapters on this website.


So I spent a few minutes searching frantically for the comments section before realizing I was logged out, and now I feel slightly stupid (lol like the band!) Anyways, I do like this so far- for some reason, I'm kinda fond of the 'wild-boy-meets-overprotected-girl' archtypal story, and I'm very excited to see how this pans out.
So, for my sake, please update. *puppy eyes* Pweeeeease?