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The Fabulous Kill Boys


Gerard and Ray are available to hire should you have enough money, oh and happen to need someone tortured or killed. Together with their assistant, the lovely and entirely ruthless, Melanie, they are The Fabulous Kill Boys. But a night out in a club turns everyone's lives upside down when they bump into Gerard's brother Mikey and his friend with benefits, Frank.




Mikey's best friend, housemate and occasional plaything. Frankie develops feelings for Gerard after an unexpected meeting



Murderer for hire - one of The Fabulous Kill Boys. Mikey's older brother, but the pair haven't spoken for five years. Loves to be dominated by Melanie, but Frankie is special



Lives with Gerard and Ray in a specially converted house to accommodate the two dungeons their job requires. Ruthless, sexy and dominant over Gerard. She enjoys an equal but unconventional relationship with Ray



Gerard's younger brother. He hates Gerard after an incident five years earlier and hasn't spoken a civil word to him since. Shares a house with 'friend with benefits' Frankie



Torturer for hire - one of The Fabulous Kill Boys. Melanie's boyfriend, but their open relationship allows him to also enjoy male company. Takes a shine to Mikey.


  1. Na Na Na

    Too much tequila

  2. Bulletproof Heart

    Ray experiences what it's like to want to kill. Thankfully, Gerard is on hand to help him formulate a plan that does not bode well for dear Mikey

  3. Sing

    Mikey is abducted

  4. Planetary (GO!)

    A terrified Mikey meets Melanie and discovers how she met Gerard and Ray

  5. The Only Hope For Me Is You

    Mikey manages to press Melanie's buttons and Gerard has a big night out

  6. Party Poison

    Gerard and Frankie's first date proves eventful

  7. Summertime

    What Ray discovers makes him angrier than he's ever been, but it's Mikey who suffers

  8. Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

    Gerard makes an important decision but will things work out as he planned

  9. Destroya

    I hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am

  10. The Kids from Yesterday

    Gerard is told that confession is good for the soul, but is it good for his relationship with Frankie?

  11. Vampire Money

    Gerard has regained control, but can he get Mikey and Frank Out safely or will Ray and Melanie win out in the end?


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