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The Fabulous Kill Boys


Frank gathered up his coat and followed Gerard to the coffee shop door, once again admiring his sexy walk and that fine little ass in the tighter than tight jeans. Gerard opened the door and held it open for Frank raising a cheerful smile from the younger man, in appreciation of his gentlemanly behaviour. As the door closed behind him, Frank thought he heard a loud scream coming from inside the coffee shop. He turned sharply at the noise, but Gerard already had his arm across his shoulders leading him away.

“What was that?” Frank still strained to look back.
“Probably a mouse behind the counter,” he grinned. “'Another reason not to eat there!”

Frank smiled, thinking no more of it as they headed back to the parking garage.

“Oh, what do we do?” Frank asked. “Two cars.”
“How far away do you live?” Gerard asked as they strolled past a series of stores on the way to the elevators.
“Not far,” he looked up. “Maybe about ten or fifteen minutes drive.”
“Well,” Gerard mulled the options in his mind. “I could follow you, if you think that would be easy enough?”
“Should be,” Frank nodded. “What floor are you parked on?”
“Blue seven,” Gerard replied. “You?”
“I’m in blue too, I’m on eight.”
“Okay, I’ll go with you to your car and when we get to mine, you can let me out and I'll follow you.”
“Do you think I'm going to drive off without you?” Frank laughed.
“Frankie, you just told me you saw Ray. If he is dangerous, do you really think I'm going to leave you on your own, even for a minute.”
“You have to eventually,” Frank reasoned.
“Not here, I don’t.”
“You don’t think I was imagining it, then?”
“I don’t know, but is it worth the risk?” Gerard replied, his tone serious and grave.
“Thanks, Gerard. I really appreciate you caring so much.”
“More than you think, Frank,” Gerard slipped his arm around the shorter man’s waist and pulled him closer. “I might just be being paranoid. Someone has my brother and it might be Ray. Whoever it is, he’s not getting you too. I will never let that happen and,” he added thoughtfully, “we’ll get Mikey back. I promise you.”
“You,” Frank paused, “you can’t really promise that.”
“Yes, I can,” Gerard replied in a determined tone.

Frank smiled as they walked the rest of the way to the car in silence. Gerard, he believed, was being brave. Staying strong and believing that everything was going to be all right. Frank wished that Gerard truly had the power to make it happen.

Gerard mulled over his final words to Frank. He had known him such a brief time. Their first night together had been intense and passionate and they had exchanged several dozen personal and even intimate messages and emails since then. He knew even before they had met today that he had fallen hard for this adorable man and he wanted nothing more than to make him happy. Freeing Mikey would make him happy and he wanted that very much. In fact, it was reasonable to say that he hadn’t wanted something so much for a very long time. On impulse, he turned Frank in his arms and placed a gentle kiss onto his soft lips. The action pulled a surprised squeak from the other man before he relaxed into it, sliding his arms around Gerard’s waist. Gerard pulled back after a few moments, staring into Frank’s eyes almost expecting the look of anger at his presumptive move, but Frank’s mouth merely formed a broad and happy smile.

“You can do that more often,” he added, almost detecting the older man’s uncertainty.
“Yeah?” Gerard beamed; this was so new to him. New and wonderful. He wondered if Frank would also be happy to do some of the other things he liked. He could only hope.

On the opposite side of the mall, Ray lit a cigarette and drew on it heavily taking the smoke down into his lungs before blowing it slowly back through his lips. Shaking his head at the giddy expression on Gerard’s face and knowing it was the little runt who was putting it there angered him. This had to stop. It wasn't that he didn’t want Gerard to be happy if he were honest, he didn’t care if he was or not, but he didn’t want anything to disrupt their well-established and profitable business. Neither did he want any trouble from Gerard in his plan to torture and kill his little tease of a brother. Taking another drag of nicotine, even Ray had to admit that his desire to kill Mikey had been something of an overreaction, but it was too late to change his mind now. And crucially, it was too late for Gerard also.

“Hmm,” he sighed as he watched the pair head for the elevator.

He didn’t need to follow any more, he knew where Frank lived, he could find them any time he wanted. Now it was time to head back home and discuss a plan of action with Melanie. He had a strong feeling that she would be even more unforgiving than he was.


Melanie turned her head sharply at the violent slamming of the door. Taking a deep angry breath, she placed her fork down beside her plate and rose to her feet. Whoever that was would be in line for a tongue-lashing of epic proportions. She always liked peace and quiet when she ate, and today was no different. It was one of her favourite treats today - a warm salmon, mushroom and broccoli quiche with a buttery crisp pastry shell and a green salad. It was something she didn’t have very often, preferring to take good care of and maintain her slender and toned figure. This was most definitely a rare treat and the door-slammer had just dared to ruin her lovely relaxing lunch.

If she had to guess, it would be Ray. He was by far the most volatile and easily angered of the two men, and the one less likely to trouble himself to be restrained should he be overtaken by it. But she could get angry too, and right now, she was furious.

Leaving the kitchen, Melanie stalked into the hallway, ready to unleash a stream of expletives on the unsuspecting man who had disturbed her. She got only as far as opening her mouth when she saw the look on Ray’s face. Yes, Ray could get angry, sometimes scarily so and he frequently appeared dark and threatening, especially when at work, but this was an expression she rarely saw. Ray was as dark as a thunder cloud, his eyes black and narrowed, his mouth twisted into a furious sneer. He looked as though he wanted to kill someone. At this point she didn’t know who, but she almost pitied whoever had caused him to adopt such a merciless expression.

“Ray, honey?” She began, almost uncertain how to approach this most rare of his moods. “What’s wrong?”
“You were right,” Ray replied bitterly.
“About what?” She tipped her head, uncertain what he was referring to.
“About Gee,” he shook his head. “Going soft.”

Melanie frowned deeply; as much as she had been prepared to make the statement there was part of her that didn’t believe it to be true, or at least didn't want to. It was a blow to hear it, especially from Ray who had initially dismissed the idea. For him to change his mind, he must have heard or witnessed something quite serious.

“Come through,” she sighed. “I’ll get you a beer and you can tell me all about it.”

Ray’s shoulders dropped; despite what he was about to say, there was an element of relief in the fact that Melanie was there for him and understood what a blow this had been. Of course, she had seen it coming and he owed her an apology.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I should have believed you this morning,” he said as he followed her into the kitchen. “I guess I didn't want to believe it.”
“That’s okay, honey,” she kissed his cheek as she cracked open a beer and handed it to him. “Do you want something to eat?”
“No, I'm fine, thanks. This is great for now,” he replied as he took a long swig of beer, draining almost a third of the bottle in one swallow. As he lowered the bottle, he spied the plate with the half-eaten quiche lying on the table. “Oh! I'm really sorry, Mel, I interrupted your treat day.”
“Don’t worry about that,” she replied dismissively. “This is far more important. What did you see?”
“I saw Gerard fawning over that little runt, Frank. He lied to my face about meeting him. He keeps claiming that he’s only playing at being the concerned brother, but he's lying. You should have seen him, kissing and caressing him in public like they’ve been together for months. All doe-eyed and adoring.” Ray’s expression was one of disgust. “He’s totally smitten with him. We all know he’s Mikey’s housemate and worried sick about him. I think he’s going to do one of two things and very possibly both.” Ray sighed heavily, shaking his head in sheer disbelief.
“You mean he’ll free Mikey, tell Frank, or both?”

Ray nodded bitterly before taking another long drink from the bottle.

“I don’t think he’s done it yet,” Ray shrugged. “I think he’s more likely to free Mikey first. It would be much more of a risk telling Frank until he’d done that in case he has him arrested.”
“You think he’d really risk being arrested?” Melanie asked with uncertainty.
“Not yet, but that’s the road he’s on, I'm certain now I've seen them together. I think he’ll wait until he’s sure Frank will forgive him, or at the very least not call the cops on him. But to do that, he’s going to have to show he means it and that means letting Mikey go.”

Melanie slipped her arms around Ray’s waist.

“Well, there’s only one thing for it, isn’t there?” Melanie sounded disappointed but determined.
“What’s that?” Ray asked, uncertain what their best course of action might be and ready for suggestions.
“Well, we need to get Gee back under control again and it would seem that the best way to do that is to get control of dear, little Frankie. If we have him, hidden somewhere, or here and locked up but Gee has no access to the keys, he won’t risk anything.”
“Hmm, I don’t know, he might turn on us. Besides, I want to know if he is actually planning to let his little tease of a brother go.”
“Oh, well that’s easy,” Melanie laughed, to Ray’s surprise. “We just give him the opportunity.”
“You’re suggesting we let him?”
“No,” Melanie shook her head, before leaning in for a brief kiss. “I’m suggesting that we pretend to go out, leaving him alone in the house. But we don’t go anywhere. We wait to see if he goes down to the basement and when he does, we follow him. If he starts unlocking Mikey’s shackles, we’ll know.”
“And we lock them both in while we decide what to do with them?”
“Oh, yes, something very painful and drawn out, I hope,” she smirked.
“Agonising, I’d say,” Ray agreed before finishing his beer.
“Well, as it seems you’re in the mood now,” she pulled away from him. “What say we go down there now and work out some of your frustration on the little tease?”
“You have the best ideas, honey!” Ray grinned.
“Oh, you haven't heard the best one yet,” she pulled his hand as she began to head from the kitchen. “When we’re done, you’re going to fuck me right there in front of him. Show him exactly what he’s missed out on.”

Ray grinned broadly; his two favourite activities at once. She really did have the best ideas.

“I’m gonna go and change. You can go and wait downstairs for me if you want to, just don’t start without me.”
“Sure sweetheart. You need me to set up anything in particular for you?”

Melanie grinned and slowly backed away from Ray, unbuttoning her shirt and then throwing it at him.

“I need my lighter and one of the craft knives. I sharpened the blades the other day so it doesn’t matter which one.”
“What are you going to do with it?”

Standing on her tip toes Melanie kissed Ray and bit his lip.

“All in good time my love, all in good time.”


Frank had been right, it had only taken them about fifteen minutes to get to his house and Gerard pulled up alongside Frank’s car. There was part of him that felt a little guilty as he realised that Mikey’s car was still at the coffee shop where he worked. He had to admit to himself that guilt wasn't an emotion that sat well on him and he quickly dismissed it; it seemed easier that way. Frank was already at the door and unlocking it, he looked back to see Gerard admiring the tidy and, whilst it would never win any awards, it was certainly a pretty garden. The corners of his mouth turned up as he noticed the carefully edged lawn and the multicoloured border plants neatly arranged down either side of the path and under the windows. Along the walls, rose bushes spread their leaves, some in bud but he couldn’t see what colour they were going to be. He breathed in the scent of the blooms and turned, still smiling to see Frank looking back at him from the door.

“I like flowers,” he explained as he trotted quickly up the path to join Frank.
“That’s something else you have in common then,” Frank smiled approvingly; he truly believed the brothers were more alike than either realised.
“Mikey did this?” He asked.
“Oh, yeah,” Frank ushered him inside, staring down the street with a slight frown before he closed the door. “Mikey's quite the green…”
“We weren’t followed,” Gerard interrupted.
“You were looking,” he pointed. “I assumed you were checking for… well, Ray.”

Frank nodded, embarrassed to be caught out, but grateful for the understanding and that he had cared enough to check.

“You’re sure?” Frank asked somewhat meekly.
“Yes,” Gerard replied, taking his hand and pulling him into the house. “Quite sure.”

Frank allowed the door to close behind him, giving it a gentle push to help it close, but as he turned, Gerard was pressing him against it, leaning in and placing tender kisses on his neck. Beginning at his collarbone, Gerard made his way slowly up his neck before sucking on his earlobe, earning a gasp of approval for his efforts.

“How do you…” Gerard paused. “I mean, the other day was great, but I was wondering if you ever…” There didn’t seem to be a particularly easy way to phrase it. How could he ask this sweet and gentle man to hurt him? At least, without risking offending or scaring him. “Er… what are you into?” He finally asked.
“You mean… what do I like?”
“Well, when you’re with Mikey, do you…”
“Gee, I'm really not comfortable discussing what I do… did with your brother!”

Gerard smiled, almost laughed. He could see the dilemma, if not truly understand it. He didn’t care at all, but clearly Frank did and he didn’t want to push him if he wasn’t comfortable.

“Okay,” he shrugged. “Not Mikey, then, but… okay, I'll come straight out with it. Are you into the Dom/sub scene at all?”
“Oh!” Frank scratched his head as he thought about it. “I… er… I gotta be honest, Gee, I'm not really into pain and getting hit and stuff. Sorry.”
“I didn’t actually mean that way around,” Gerard felt a little awkward; it had been a long time since he had broached the subject with anyone. Usually a Dom would know from a mile away that he was a sub, just as Melanie had done. It seemed that Frank was no Dom, well, not yet anyway. “How do you feel about giving it?”
“You… like that?” Frank was surprised; if anything he would have supposed that Gerard preferred to be in control. In many ways, merely by raising the topic, he was in control and Frank was clearly out of his depth.
“I won’t ask you to do anything if you don’t want.”

The disappointment in his tone, although he had tried hard to hide it was evident, and it brought an almost sympathetic smile to Frank’s lips. He had tied Mikey up several times and teased him, even spanked him. It was done in a sense of fun though, never really intending to hurt. He wondered exactly how much further Gerard wanted to go.

“I’ve done some things,” Frank admitted. “With a boyfriend,” he continued, without stating who. “I don’t think I ever actually hurt him though. What sort of things would you um… like?”
“We could start with whatever you’re comfortable with, whenever you’re happy to start,” he added quickly. “I realise it might be something you’d want to work up to.”
“No,” Frank shrugged, “it’s quite fun, actually.”

Gerard chewed his lip. He couldn’t believe his luck that this kind, sweet, handsome man was willing to try new things, including things he may have thought were abhorrent to him, just to please him.

“I’m so lucky!” He suddenly blurted. “I’ve not had a relationship like this before.”
“Like what?” Frank asked in a bewildered tone.
“Well,” Gerard rubbed the back of his neck, feeling somewhat awkward. “Someone willing to try something I want, just because I'd like it.”
“What did…” Frank began, dumbfounded. “What?” He finally realised he didn’t understand enough to formulate a better defined question.
“I always had to earn any affection.”
“Earn it?” Frank shook his head; the idea was bewildering. “Doing what?”
“Being good,” he explained. “Only speaking with permission, not crying out when the pain got too much, getting on my hands and knees when told. You know,” he replied, conveniently omitting murdering to order.
“I… I really don’t.” Frank was astonished. “You like that?” He asked. “Is that what you want me to do?”
“I’ve never known… I mean, I don’t know if there is another way. It always happens as a punishment. I suppose it could just be for my fun. But she never hit me for anything but her own fun.”

Gerard looked lost as he tried to describe it. He did love being restrained, hit, teased and tormented, but Frank’s reaction seemed to suggest that it could happen purely because he wanted it. That it could be about affection and not just punishment. He had no doubt that sometimes it would be, he was hardly the most compliant sub but the idea that Frank might do these things purely for Gerard's satisfaction than for his own intrigued him. Even the idea of it triggered a familiar swirling feeling and a lightheadedness that he was already responding to.

“Perhaps we can learn together?” He finally suggested.
“I’d like that,” Frank nodded. “I…er… I have some rope, if you’d like to try something?”
Gerard’s lost look dissolved into a lustful grin.
“After you, sir.”


Melanie practically skipped downstairs to Ray’s dungeon; she knew what was awaiting her and even the thought of it had placed her in a good mood. As she descended the steps, she cheerfully hummed a random tune under her breath, abruptly stopping when she stepped inside the door. The scene before her was more enticing than she had anticipated and she took a moment to admire Ray’s handiwork.

“Oh, Ray!” She almost gasped. “He looks so fucking pretty like that. So… innocent and vulnerable.”
“Yeah, I thought so too. Don’t you think he looks just the right amount of scared?”

Melanie allowed her eyes to gaze over Mikey’s body as she examined every uncomfortable placement and secure knot.

Ray had tied Mikey to a small steel table, large enough to only accommodate his shoulders to just over half way down his thighs. The lower half of his legs hung off the edge, spread and pulled to opposite corners with ropes attaching his ankles to a table leg with additional ropes further securing just above his knees, to the where the steel leg met the table top.

His body lay flat on the table with his head hanging over the edge, so that he was forced to support it himself. She knew that it would be only a matter of minutes before that became very painful in itself, and it drew a sly smile to her lips.

Mikey’s arms lay at his side and she noticed that his wrists were fastened by two long ropes to the remaining two table legs near his head and that they were pulled out slightly from his body, exposing the soft flesh of the inner forearm. It puzzled her at first as they were pulled out at an angle to his body from the elbows down, but his upper arms were pressed firmly against his sides. It was a moment or two before she spotted the rope above both elbows that trailed behind his back holding them in place.

A further rope over his chest but threaded under his armpits had been passed underneath the table and fastened securely at one side of the table top, ensuring that his couldn’t lift himself up. Realistically, the ropes attached to his wrists prevented a lot of movement, but Ray liked to make sure that the hopelessness of his situation was exaggerated. Mikey was completely at their mercy, and he wanted him to know it, feel it, fear it.

Melanie had to agree, he did look scared, but not scared enough by her cruel standards.

“He looks scared, but not nearly enough. Mind if I make a little change?”
“Be my guest, darling. Whatever makes you happy.”

Melanie smiled affectionately at Ray and headed to her dungeon to fetch a length of rope. On her return, she held it teasingly in front of Mikey’s face with a wicked grin plastered across her face, relishing the uncertainty in his. Standing on the table over Mikey, being careful for the moment to avoid standing on his fingers, she fixed the rope to one of the suspension points in the ceiling and then looped it around Mikey’s neck, tying it in a slip knot.

“Now, let me explain how this works, little Way. You’re going to want to keep that pretty head of yours up or…”

Melanie pushed Mikey’s head back a little, her eyes slipping closed at the little choked-off sounds he made as the rope tightened and his air was cut off for a few seconds before she let him go.

“Well, you get the picture.”

Melanie ruffled Mikey’s hair and he scowled at her while she turned and looked at Ray, proud of herself and smirking. Ray pulled Melanie against him by her hips and kissed her hard, both of them forgetting that Mikey was in the room until he opened his mouth.

“Please tell me you did not just tie me up so you could fuck in front of me, because, no thanks. I mean, Ray, you’re hot, but the little princess? Not my type.”“Did you just call me a princess? You’re really intent on making this worse for yourself aren’t you baby cakes?”“Actually, I called you a ‘little’ princess. Probably should have called you a fairy though, or maybe a midget. Yeah, should have called you a midget.”

Melanie untangled herself from Ray and stalked closer to Mikey, pulling his head back, cutting off his air supply once more and slapping him hard across the face. She held onto his hair as she punched him twice in the stomach, going for a third before Ray caught her arm and pulled her away. Melanie turned to glare at Ray angrily, taking a swing at him too but he caught her arm and took her feet out from underneath her, pinning Melanie to the floor writhing and swearing.

“Get off of me! I’m gonna fucking kill the little shit and I’m going to do it now!!”
“You need to calm down, little girl.”

Ray said sternly, using the voice he used in the bedroom when he needed Melanie to behave. While it was increasingly rare, sometimes Melanie asked Ray to dominate her, needing him to take her out of her own head. Leaning down to nip Melanie’s ear and breathe against it, pinning her wrists and her shins to stop her from kicking at him.

“There are better ways of making him pay.”

Melanie stopped struggling and took a breath, satisfied that she had calmed down a little bit Ray got to his feet and pulled her up with him.

“Sit, and let me deal with this.”

Ray pulled up a chair so that Melanie could watch what he had planned for Mikey and gave her a little shove until she sat down. Satisfied that she was going to stay put, Ray went to one of his cupboards and retrieved a tens unit, used for delivering small electric shocks that he could control the strength of. Ray stuck the pads to Mikey’s chest and stomach and put the power up to level five.


Mikey cut off whatever words he had planned on saying with a low moan when Ray turned the power on for 10 seconds and then turned it off again. Ray made sure Mikey wasn’t choking himself then turned the device on again, leaving it at level 5 for 10 seconds and then increasing the power until it was up to level 8 before turning it off again. Ray continued with his ministrations for a good 10 minutes, the soft whimper-moans from Mikey’s mouth music to his ears and he couldn’t help but smile. Melanie raised an eyebrow as she admired Ray’s handiwork. The younger man was drenched in sweat, his head briefly lolling back in exhaustion at the last round of agonising electric jolts. As Mikey raised his head a little, Mel noticed a tell-tale flush across his neck and lowered her gaze to his crotch.

“Ray, I think someone’s enjoying this a little too much.”
“I can’t help it.” Ray smirked. “Look at him!”
“I am looking, and I’m not talking about you!” She snapped, gesturing to the obvious bulge in Mikey’s pants.

Ray frowned when he caught on to what Melanie was talking about and tried hard not to slam the device don on the table.

“Do you think it’s some sort of genetic thing?” He asked, shaking his head.
Melanie looked confused and Ray rolled his eyes.
“Getting off on having pain inflicted on them.”
“Oh, right. I don’t know, maybe? Gee doesn’t like electricity though, it freaks him out. Not the right sort of pain.”

Melanie winked suggestively and Ray sighed, looking at Mikey and running a hand through his hair, trying to think of how he could make Mikey suffer instead.

“You think he’ll still like the electricity if we douse him with water first?” He asked Melanie thoughtfully, the mischievous twinkle returning to his eyes.
“N…no! Please…don’t…plea…”

Melanie shoved her hand over Mikey’s mouth and pushed his head down a little, forcing him to choke again.

“Hush little tease, the grown-ups are talking.”

Ray reached out to stroke Melanie’s cheek and she leaned into his touch, both of them getting a kick out of the muted scream Mikey let out when Ray tore the tens unit’s pads off.

“Why don’t we water-board him? We haven’t done that in a while. Choking and feeling like you’re drowning all at once. That wouldn’t be fun… well, not for him anyway.” Melanie suggested before she and Ray laughed at the scared, desperate whimper that emanated from behind her hand, and the wide-eyed terror on Mikey’s face.

“I think we should do something about this pretty face, and this pretty, pale, unmarked chest. I started to do something about it yesterday but then I worked out he was getting off on it.” She frowned at the memory, before a suddenly shocked expression burst onto her face. “Gross!”

Ray gave Mel a questioning eyebrow at her exclamation and she pulled her hand away from Mikey’s mouth and slapped him.

“He licked my hand! Excuse me for a second while I go and wash my hands. Ray, go and get your knife, some salt, and the pliers. The teeth pulling ones, and the normal ones.”
“Both sets? What are you planning?”

Melanie smirked and shrugged, wiping her hand on Mikey’s pants to get rid of the remainder of his saliva.

“I haven’t decided yet, but I definitely don’t want to tell Mikey just yet. Why would I want to do that, Mikey? What did I tell you yesterday?”
“Forewarned is forearmed?”
“That’s right. Well, what do you know, maybe you aren’t as dumb as I thought.”

Ray watched the exchange with an amused expression settled on his face but did as Melanie had asked. Ray already had an idea of what she was planning and hoped that she’d let him inflict most of the damage. He knew how much Melanie would want to be the one to rub the salt in Mikey’s wounds though, it was one of her favourite things, literally and figuratively.

Melanie returned from washing her hands and pulled up a chair next to Mikey’s head and where Ray had set up his table with the pliers, and the salt.

“Go on darling, go for it. You know how much I love watching you work, you know what it does to me.”
“It does add to the fun when I get to excite you at the same time, honey.”

Ray leant over and kissed Mel, picking up his knife at the same time and held it against Mikey’s chest, just below his nipple. He felt Mel smile against his lips when he made the first cut and Mikey whimpered. Ray pulled away from Mel so that he could clean his knife before repeating the process of slicing into Mikey, this time starting the cut at his hip and finishing at his belly button, limiting the cuts to the upper layers of skin where the bulk of the nerves lay. When Ray moved the knife to Mikey’s collarbone he squirmed as much as he could while he was tied down and had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from screaming from the pain.

“You know, baby cakes, if you scream for him, he’ll stop.” Melanie said in Mikey’s ear as she watched Ray drag his knife down to Mikey’s sternum.

Mikey jerked away from Melanie so he couldn’t feel her breath on his ear and vehemently shook his head. No way in hell was he going to scream, he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. Melanie stood from her chair and picked up one set of the pliers and held them in front of Mikey’s face, his eyes widening and fingers twitching.

“Have you ever had one of your fingernails ripped out, Mikey?”

Mikey scrunched his eyes closed and concentrated on breathing through his nose, ignoring Melanie’s question and the sudden pressure on the index finger of his right hand. When he didn’t answer her, Melanie just pulled Mikey’s head back again, counting to five in her head, slowly, then let him go.

“It’s rude not to answer when someone asks you a question, Mikey. Maybe we should be beating manners into you.”
“Or, we could just make him too incoherent to do anything but scream for us.”

Ray added and held his hand out for Mel, pulling her up and manhandling her until she was straddling Mikey’s legs. Ray had made several cuts on Mikey’s chest, about 10 in total, in varying lengths and depths and Mel pressed her thumbs into a couple of them to watch Mikey twitch, then licked the blood off of her thumb.

“Hmm…you’re tasting a little bland, not getting enough salt.”

Ray rolled his eyes at Mel and laughed, passing her the bowl of salt he had set aside before they started. When Mikey looked up and saw what was happening he was no longer able to maintain his carefully schooled poker face and now his expression betrayed the fear he so obviously felt.

“Ray, Melanie, please, don’t do this. I’ll do anything, I swear. Ray, you can fuck me if you want to. Just please… don’t.”

Mikey begged, keeping eye contact with Ray as he did.

“Nice try cutie, but you’re not going to be able to beg your way out of this. Even if you do sound good when you beg. I have absolutely no interest in fucking you anymore, I just want to see you suffer and my amazing girlfriend is going to make that happen, aren’t you darling?”
“Of course I am, whatever makes you happy, Ray.”

Ray roughly grabbed Melanie by her hair and held her in place while he kissed her, Mikey’s screams, as she started to rub salt into each and every one of his cuts, urging them both on.

“Such a beautiful sound. Think I can make him scream by branding him, Mel?”
“Probably, I have a better way of branding him though. Did you get my knife and lighter, Ray?”

Mel climbed down from Mikey to go and wash her hands again, this time to remove the salt and Mikey’s blood. When she returned she held her hands out to Ray and he handed her the two items she had asked for, still not entirely sure what she had planned.

“I swear sometimes you can read my mind, Ray. Didn’t even need to ask you to tie him up so I could get to his forearm. Thank you for that.”

She turned to Mikey and pulled up her chair next to him.

“Feel free to keep screaming, baby cakes.”

Mel told him happily, using the lighter to heat the blade of the knife before touching it to Mikey’s arm. Ray smiled In delight when he realised what Melanie was going to do and stood on Mikey’s other side. Mikey was now crying and seemed to be trying to ask Ray for help just by using his eyes, too exhausted to talk anymore, let alone scream.

“Just be grateful that Melanie has lovely handwriting.” Ray told him and settled in to watch.


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