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The Fabulous Kill Boys

Na Na Na

Rubbing his eyes, Mikey, a blonde-haired, hazel eyed, glasses wearing, 5’10” lanky but lithe twenty-four year old, stripped off his clothes dropping them carelessly in a heap on the floor. Tossing his glasses onto the nightstand, not even pausing to see where or if they had landed safely, he face-planted onto his bed and pulled the bunched up covers over his head and closed his eyes. He was looking forward to an evening of very little. In fact, this – sparking out, half in-half out of the bed had already been much too energy consuming for his liking.

It could have been a second later, it could have been a week, he really didn’t know, but an unwelcome sound disturbed his well-earned rest. It was the door slamming downstairs. It was either Frank or a burglar. At this moment in time, he didn’t care as long as neither disturbed him. Only seconds later, he smiled lazily to himself as he felt another wave of blessed sleep wash over him. It wasn’t going to last long; Frank was home and the tiny tornado was already moving through the house on a path to destroy his sleep.

Frank – Mikey’s twenty-six year old, black-haired, brown eyed, tattooed, 5’4”, toned housemate stripped off and stepped into the welcoming warmth and gentle massage of the shower. Standing under the hot water he rolled his shoulders, letting out a deep happy sigh as the combination of steam, heat and the light fingertip sensation of the water on his back began to relieve the day’s tension. Fuck, it really had been a long day. A long week even and he was glad it was over. He loved Fridays. He lived for Fridays and nothing, not even a horrible week at work was going to change that or, for that matter, stop him from enjoying Friday evening. Allowing the water to run over his hair and face, he grinned. He hadn’t heard a peep from his flatmate and he was willing to bet he was asleep. Not for long – tonight, they were going out!

The sound of the shower alone wasn’t enough to disturb Mikey, but Frank’s singing was. It wasn’t that Frank couldn’t sing, it was more what he sang. The hardcore, loud, screaming lyrics were delivered with such passion that they could not be ignored – no matter how he tried. And he tried.

Sighing, Mikey pushed back what little of the sheet actually covered his modesty and forced himself to get up. It wasn’t an easy thing to do; settling his glasses onto his nose and looking at the clock, he could see he’d been asleep for almost two hours – Frank had been working late again. Mikey groaned, he knew what that meant; Frank would want to blow off steam. Hopefully he’d be able to contain him in some way, but he already knew how unlikely that would be.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Mikey’s glasses steamed immediately and he let out a small sigh. Every single time!

“Frank!” Mikey complained unable to see. “Why can’t you ever put the extractor fan on?”

Frank opened the shower cubicle a few inches, dripping on the floor as he leaned out, smiling at Mikey’s athletic form standing in the doorway.

“If I did that you’d be able to see me ogling you and I want to spare your blushes, Mikeyway!” Frank laughed. “But you are super cute when you blush, babe,” he giggled retreating into the shower once more as Mikey’s cheeks pinked almost on command.

“What do you want for dinner?” Mikey pressed. “My treat.”

“Just coffee for now and get dressed. We’ll talk when I’m done, you’re letting the steam out!”

Mikey laughed and closed the door behind him before heading back to his room. There was just a chance that they might have a relatively quiet night in after all.

Mikey hadn’t worried about walking into the bathroom wearing only his glasses; it wasn’t anything Frank hadn’t seen before, the relationship between the two couldn’t exactly be described as platonic. He was however kicking himself for risking an overly interested response from Frank, but he was relieved that he seemed to have got away with it.

Pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a t shirt, Mikey headed into the kitchen and filled the coffee machine before switching it on. Leaning on the counter, Mikey settled himself into a daydream as he stared at the machine and it’s irregular drip and gurgle.

Mikey didn’t even hear Frank enter the kitchen as he poured the coffee into two mugs.

“Oh Mikey, you definitely know the way to my heart you sweet, sweet human.”

Mikey turned his head lazily and eyed Frank appreciatively. He had dried and dressed smartly, eyeliner applied and his hair roughly dried and only in need of straightening. Frank always dressed well, it was one of his favourite things about him. Frank just seemed to know instinctively what would look good on him and what would fit perfectly.

Kissing him affectionately on the cheek, Frank took the coffee mug and headed into the lounge. As he left the kitchen, Mikey followed admiring that perfect little ass, the fabric of his pants sliding smoothly against him like a gentle hand stroking his cheeks as he walked. Mikey took a deep breath before taking his place next to him on the couch and turning on the TV. He was ready to relax.

“Mikey, babes, you got any preference for where you want to go tonight? Or are you happy for me to choose?”

“Eugh, Frankie no, I don’t wanna go out tonight! I already took my underwear off. Can’t we just stay in and get wasted?” he almost whined. “I’ll suck you off,” he added in the hope it would be enough to placate him.

Frank leaned in as if to kiss Mikey, but licked his cheek instead.

“Go and shower and put some pants on Mikeyway. We’re going out, it’s been forever.”

Frank ruffled Mikey’s hair and gave the younger man a little shove to encourage him to get up. Hesitating briefly, Mikey gave in to the beaming smile that Frank was aiming at him. That smile simply refused to be ignored.


The club was dark and loud and filled with people in varying states and stages of dress, all intent on having a great time. Frank was shouting something to Mikey, but neither of them had adjusted to the volume yet and Mikey’s pained expression coupled with him pointing to his ears and shrugging left Frank no option but to try to use a variation of Iero sign language that nobody could hope to understand. Gesticulating in an overly exaggerated way, Frank waited for confirmation that Mikey had understood. After the briefest of pauses, Mikey merely nodded, completely oblivious to what Frank was suggesting. Regardless of his lack of understanding, Frank seemed satisfied and flashed another smile at him. Mikey was a little unnerved, wondering if he had just agreed to something he wasn’t going to enjoy. As he watched Frank head off to who knows where to do who knows what, Mikey turned to head in the opposite direction toward the bar. If it was something he didn’t want to do, then Frank had to find him first! Having only taken two steps, Mikey pulled up sharply as he collided with a man a few inches shorter than himself.

“Oh I’m so sor……”

He scowled when he looked at the ‘stranger’.

“……watch where you’re going, asshole,” he growled.

The ‘stranger’ with the pale, pale skin, hazel eyes, a lopsided smirk and messy black hair rolled his eyes at Mikey and reached up to mess up his hair.

“Aww, come on little brother, you don’t mean that,” his smirk widening at Mikey’s expression and attempt to pull back out of reach.

“Fuck off, Gerard, what are you doing here? Are you stalking me?”

Mikey gave him a small shove, angry that Gerard had managed to ruffle his carefully arranged floppy quiff. Gerard merely laughed in reply, showing off his perfectly white teeth.

“It’s not all about you, Mikey. I’m here on business, not that that has anything to do with you.”

“Business? What could you possibly do to have business in here? You can’t dance!”

“I don’t know karate either, but I can kick your ass!” Gerard snapped in return.

“Still the same Gerard,” Mikey frowned in distaste; he saw his brother as everything he wasn’t. “Cocky, self-centered, arrogant and rude.”

“Still the same Mikey,” Gerard mocked. “So far up himself he can see out of his own mouth.” Gerard paused for a few moments waiting for a reply, continuing when none came. “Lighten up, Mikey! It’s been five fucking years and you still can’t even manage a civil word?”

“Whatever Gerard, just stay the fuck away from me.”

Pushing past his brother in disgust, Mikey let himself be swallowed up by the crowd of sweaty writhing bodies on the dancefloor. The music and energy in the room was already lifting his spirits by the time he reached the bar and it wasn’t long before there was a drink in his hand and a guy pressed up against his back, grinding his hard on against Mikey’s ass. Enjoying the sensation, Mikey was happy not to object, well, not until the guy began kissing and biting his neck and gripping onto his hips just a little bit too tight for comfort.

“Easy tiger, I’m not that kind of girl.”

Mikey said firmly but playfully, trying to wriggle out of the guy’s grip, gasping when he realised that he couldn’t.

“Don’t play with me, sweetheart, no one makes that noise if they don’t like it,” the man laughed unpleasantly.

Mikey looked around for Frank, willing him to come to his rescue and wishing he had just followed him. Frank was nowhere in sight and he cursed under his breath.

“Let me go, please! I don’t…I don’t want this.”

“Don’t really care what you want right now sweetness, just relax,” the man leaned in, his raspy voice whispering threateningly in Mikey’s ear.

Any protest Mikey had died on his tongue and an involuntary whine slipped past his lips as the man lowered his head and latched on to the sensitive spot just below his ear.

Where are you Frank? Mikey closed his eyes tightly, sending out urgent and desperate thoughts that were never going to reach his friend.

Across the room, Gerard was sitting at a table with his business partner Ray, a tall, muscular, handsome, brown-eyed, curly-haired gentleman, and smirked as he watched Mikey with the mystery guy. Even from a distance, it was obvious to Gerard from his brother’s body language, that Mikey was uncomfortable and just wanted to get away, but he was quietly enjoying the show.

“You gonna go rescue your blushing damsel in distress of a brother?”

“No, why should I? Mikey told me to stay away from him, and I’m nothing if not good at doing what I’m told.”

Ray scoffed and stood up.

“I think Melanie would disagree with you on that one, Gee.”

He said, before heading in Mikey’s direction, missing the playful smile that flitted across Gerard’s face at the mention of Her.

Striding purposefully over to where Mikey was being assaulted, Ray took up a position in front of the pair, noting how much Mikey looked like Gerard, only younger and more innocent.

“Hey there cutie, wanna dance?”

He asked Mikey, softly placing a finger under his chin and tipping his face up.

“Fuck off mate, we’re busy.”

The guy snapped over Mikey’s shoulder, not even giving the boy who was begging with his eyes for help, the chance to speak.

“Look, jerkwad...”

Ray said flatly, prying one of the guy's hands off of Mikey by painfully bending his fingers back until he was forced to let go. Pushing the man backwards a few inches, Ray put his arm around Mikey’s shoulders and pulled the boy into the safety of his embrace.

“…if the look on his face is anything to go by, the pretty boy doesn’t want to be molested by some perv wearing cheap cologne. Now, fuck off.”

The man glared at Ray, sizing him up. There was something. Something about Ray, his size, build or perhaps the look in his eyes. He wasn’t sure but the man took a few steps back before snorting his disapproval.

“Wasn’t worth it anyway,” he began, stepping back a few more paces as Ray narrowed his eyes. “Have his bony ass,” he snapped, already being absorbed by the crowded dancefloor.

With a relieved sigh, Mikey let Ray guide him over to the booth and he slid in. Ray followed, blocking his exit from the booth and momentarily couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty for doing that on seeing the look of surprise and nervousness on Mikey’s face. He resolved to make it his business to relax the boy; he’d have him by the end of the night.

“Th…thanks for saving me…I um…” it was obvious from the drinks already set out on the table that this new stranger was not alone. “I can see you’re with someone. I should be getting back to my friend erm? Sorry I didn’t catch your name, I’m Mikey.”

“Ray, and don’t mention it sweetheart. Just let me buy you a drink? You seem like you need one. And him? No, we’re not together,” he explained adding air-quotes on the last word.

Ray leaned in and kissed Mikey on the cheek, smiling when he felt his cheeks heat up as he blushed.

“Oh…Um…sure. Just…just a beer then, please?”

“Hey Toro, who’s your new… oh, hello again little brother.”

Gerard grinned, feigning surprise at his brother's arrival - he had known exactly where Ray had been heading and the likely outcome. Putting the drinks down on the table, Gerard slid in to the opposite side of the booth leaving Mikey looking at Ray, confused and a little angry.


“You know this asshole? I’m outta here!”

At the sight of his brother, Mikey had moved from shy and nervous to forthright and angry in the mere blink of an eye. Moving to stand up, Mikey found himself almost pushed back down as Ray rested a strong hand on his leg. The accompanying smile told him that Ray’s action wasn’t intended to be an aggressive or threatening one – he simply seemed to be unaware of his own strength and, perhaps, his keenness to have Mikey stay. Gerard, silent but maintaining piercing eye contact, shoved a beer in Mikey’s direction and the younger of the brothers eyed it sceptically for a few moments before downing half of it in one go. He didn’t care how it looked – anxious, nervous, an attempt to look casual or just thirsty. He had long since stopped caring what Gerard thought about him or his actions.

As Mikey drank, Ray lifted an eyebrow quizzically, his answer being Gerard rolling his eyes. Ray gave a quick, urgent flick of his eyes toward the bar and back to Gerard followed almost immediately by another angrier looking version; it was enough to make his point. Gerard sighed and headed back to the bar.

“Mikey, I know you and Gee don’t get on, but please stay, for me, baby?”

Ray softly squeezed Mikey’s thigh and offered him another dazzling smile. Mikey would rather have been anywhere than sitting opposite Gerard, but there was something intriguing about Ray that demanded attention – his attention. Also, he hadn't seen a smile since Frank’s that he could figuratively melt into. It was happy, cheeky, kind, sexy and just a hint of dangerous. In short, it was irresistible.

“Fine, but only because you’re fucking cute and you saved my ass,” he smiled in return.

“That’s not all I want to do to your ass.”

Ray replied quietly. It wasn’t something he had intended to say out loud, but the thought was so strong in his head, it had almost forced its way out of his lips and he breathed a light sigh of relief when he realised that Mikey hadn’t heard him, after all he didn’t want to scare the boy. Ray wasn’t certain if he was on the same page as him just yet and unlike Mikey’s previous admirer, he wasn’t going to force himself on him.

Mikey was in no rush to get drunk, but the man who had accosted him earlier had rattled him somewhat and, by the time Gerard arrived back with more beer and a tray of shots, some of which smelled suspiciously and tantalisingly of tequila, he had managed to finish his first beer.

“Seem to remember tequila being your favourite drink to get fucked up on, Mikes, right?”

“Seem to remember you hate tequila, Gee.”

“I do,” Gerard offered a impish grin. “I got them for you. Peace offering.”

“It’s going to take more than a few shots of tequila for me to make peace with you!”

“I thought you’d say that,” Gerard replied, reaching into the inner pocket of his leather jacket and produced an almost full bottle. “I got them to crack a bottle, just for you.”

Mikey took two of the tequila shots from the tray and stared his brother in the face as he drank them both down, not missing the way Ray was smirking at Gerard.

“So, tell me Ray…”

Keeping eye contact with Gerard as his brother merely topped up the two shot glasses before pushing them closer, Mikey grabbed Ray’s tie and pulled the taller man closer to him as he manoeuvred himself onto Ray's lap and kissed him on the left cheek.

“…what’s a nice guy like you…”

He kissed his right cheek.

“…doing hanging out with an asshole like Gerard?”

He breathed the last part over Ray’s lips but held back from kissing him. Ray blushed, surprising even himself, and looked at Gerard over Mikey’s shoulder, asking him with his eyes if he should be honest or not. Gerard shrugged, a mildly amused expression on his face.

"Might as well, he won't believe you anyway," he added.

“We work together." Ray explained. "We kill people for money.”

Mikey started laughing and downed the third and fourth tequila shots that Gerard had poured for him. Ray rested his hands on Mikey’s hips and unconsciously licked his lips before cupping the back of Mikey’s neck and kissing him softly. Mikey melted into the kiss and ground his hips against Ray’s, feeling how hard the taller man had become and moaning softly at the thought of how good Ray’s cock would feel inside him.

“Ooh,” Mikey giggled as he felt something vibrate in Ray’s pants. “That’s a new one.”

Topping up the shot glasses once more, Gerard watched his brother and Ray for a minute, trying to decide if he wanted to snap a photo of the moment to show Melanie, before he realised his phone was vibrating in his hand.

“I was just thinking about you, what have you got for me?”

“If you’re trying to flatter me Baby Gee, it’s not going to work. Why isn’t Ray answering his phone? I have nothing for you, but I have something for him.”

“Yeah, well sorry, babe, he’s otherwise engaged at the moment,” Gerard chuckled as he downed a shot of Jack Daniels that he had set aside for himself. “He’s sitting right across from me though. I could send you a photo if you like?”

Not breaking the kiss, Ray’s eyes drifted uncertainly over to look at Gerard.


Ray could hear Melanie’s disgust across the table and almost laughed into Mikey’s mouth.

“Who the fuck are you calling Babe, Gerard?”

Stone cold sober in an instant, Gerard sat bolt upright in his seat as he realised his mistake.

“I…I’m sorry, Melanie, I…” he stammered.

“Shut up, Gerard!” she snapped irritably. “Unless Ray or I ask you a direct question, I want to hear you’ve remained silent and sitting exactly where you are right now until Ray is ready to leave. Do you understand me?”

“But… I…”

“Do I need to say this twice, Gerard?”

“But I need to…”

“I don’t give a damn what you need, Gerard! Since when do I do what you say?”

“I’m sorry,” Gerard sagged in the seat, willing away his need to go to the bathroom. “I didn’t mean to argue.”

“But you did argue, didn’t you! Do you imagine for a moment that whining about being sorry means I’m not going to punish you when you get back?

“But, you’re already…” Gerard bit his lip.

“Oh, this is not good enough, Gerard. Not good enough at all. You are going to pay for this when you come home, and afterwards you’re going to get down on your hands and knees and not only are you going to thank me, but you’re going to beg me to do it all over again.”

Gerard whimpered at the thought of being forced to beg for more punishment. Despite the need to go to the bathroom and the likelihood that he would endure more pain than he could reasonably enjoy, his cock was already hardening.

“I know you’re getting off on this, Gerard,” she whispered seductively down the line, only making the ache in his pants all the worse, “but tonight, you won’t be screaming in pleasure.”

Gerard took a deep breath as the words heightened the intensity of his erection further.

“And if I find you’ve cum without my permission, it is not going to go well for you. Do you understand me?”

Gerard allowed a pained moan slip through his lips as he tried hard to fight the growing sensations.

“Do you understand me?" She repeated harshly.

“Yes, Melanie, I’m sorry. Really.”

“Good, now pass me over to Ray, whatever he’s doing!”

Passing his phone over to Ray, Gerard lowered his eyes and said nothing.

“I got to take this,” Ray pulled back from Mikey, eliciting a small whine from the younger man’s throat.

Sliding off Ray’s lap back onto the seat, Mikey picked up another of the tequila shots, barely even noticing his brother’s pale and subdued appearance.

“Melanie?” Ray began. “What’s up?”

“I’ve got a possible job for you,” she replied. “Client seems pretty keen to proceed.”

“Tonight?” Ray queried with surprise.

“It’s not that urgent, but I did wonder if you wanted me to wait up for you, but it seems I’ll be up anyway now.”

Ray flashed a quick grin at Gerard; he was in deep trouble this time.

“Well, I… I’m not sure,” he replied carefully.

“Oh, it’s okay, Ray, Gee’s already mentioned that you’ve got your hands full.”

“Is that okay?” he asked with a glance towards Mikey who was helping himself to more tequila and swaying lightly with a lopsided smile and half-closed eyes.

“Of course, babes, have fun,” Melanie replied cheerfully into the phone. “Oh, and in case he forgets, Gerard’s not allowed to stand, speak unless you ask him something, go to the bathroom or cum before he gets home.”

“Don’t let Gerard move, cum or speak until I’m ready to come home. Is that everything Melanie?”

Ray asked whilst keeping eye contact with Gerard, trying to keep his face neutral.

“Yes, that’s right. Have I ever told you how sexy I find it when you pretend to be like him?”

Ray laughed. "What would you like me to do?"

Melanie chuckled wickedly; her relationship with Ray over the years, while open, had become loving and surprisingly tender but it was so much easier to control Gerard if he believed that she also dominated Ray. Neither of them wanted the possibility of jealousy rearing its ugly head, so acting the part had become part of their fun.

"I want you to keep him drinking," she replied, knowing the effect the additional liquid would have on him.

“Keep him drinking," Ray looked up at the expression of despair in Gerard's eyes at the words. "We won’t be long.”

“Oh, you take all the time you need, honey,” she chuckled, eliciting another laugh from Ray.

“If all goes well, I’ll be leaving soon anyway,” he answered with an appreciative glance toward Mikey, who was now trying to decide why the shot glass kept moving when he reached for it. "We'll see you later then. Bye!"

Ray pressed the end call button and pretended to sympathise with Gerard as he pushed a beer towards him.

"Sorry, man. I got my orders too."

“Frankiieeeee!! There you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!”

Mikey staggered to his feet with some difficulty and wrapped his arms around Frank’s neck, trying to kiss him sloppily. Pulling back in surprise at his condition, Frank held both of Mikey’s wrists in one hand, his other hand in Mikey’s hair, stopping his head from lolling.

“What the fuck Mikey? I’ve been looking for you for ages.”

“I’m sorry Frankie, but I was being molested by some asshole on the dancefloor and Rayyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” he flung an arm to indicate Ray, still seated in the booth and looking up with irritation etched clearly into his face. “This is Ray. Frankie, this is Ray. Ray,” he turned his head, “this is Frankie! Well, Ray saved me and brought me back here. Kiss me baby? I’ve missed you.”

Frank sighed; it was hopeless to argue with Mikey in this condition. Mikey was drunk, but with it, he was overly affectionate, happy and adorable. Acquiescing, he allowed Mikey to press his lips drunkenly against his own, sighing into the kiss he let go of Mikey’s wrists so he could pull him closer. Lost in the moment Mikey and Frank were oblivious to the piercing glare they, or more specifically, Mikey, received from Ray.

Gerard, not allowed to speak anyway, sat well back in the seat, staying well away from Ray; he knew all too well what that look meant.

“Come on Mikeyway, we should get your ass home, you lightweight.”

Standing, his eyes narrowed and staring darkly at Frank, Ray placed a possessive hand on Mikey’s hip and pulled him in close.

“Thought you were coming home with me, Mikey.”

Ray spoke, keeping his voice level and even, so as not to show how angry he was that Mikey was all over Frank.

Mikey sighed as he turned toward him, swaying a little as the movement made him slightly dizzy, and kissed Ray on the cheek, holding onto his shoulders so he didn’t fall over.

“Thanks for saving me, Ray, and for the drinks, but I can't go home with you. Especially considering the company you keep.”

Mikey slurred, pointing an accusing finger at Gerard, missing the anger that flashed again across Ray’s face.

“Gerard is an asshole, a self-centered, arrogant asshole, no thank you!”

Ray scowled at Mikey, frustrated, humiliated and livid.

Frank’s eyes widened as he saw Ray raise a hand as if about to slap Mikey, and pulled him quickly out of harm’s way. To Frank, the expression of fury on Ray’s face was no different to the look on the many people he’d had to save Mikey from since they met when Mikey was a freshman. Mikey's pretty features combined with a strong jaw line had often attracted unsavoury types who were frequently left frustrated and angry at his innocent refusal of their advances. It wasn't fair that Mikey attracted so much unwelcome attention. Neither was it fair that Frank always had to save them both from a beating. This, he felt, was quickly sliding into one of those occasions. They needed to leave, and quickly.

“Come on Mikey, we’re leaving, need to get you home.”

Frank pushed Mikey away from the booth as Ray took a step forward toward them. Despite the height and build difference, Frank seemed unintimidated by the glare, even returning one of his own – it was, after all, not the first time someone taller and broader had tried to use size to frighten him.

Moving his eyes from Ray to Gerard, the tension fell instantly from his face and his expression softened. There was something about the older Way that caught him off guard, and, unaware, he found his lips twitching up at the corners. He was certainly as pretty as Mikey, but there was something… else. Something that could be a little dangerous.

“You’re Gerard,” the words left his lips in a whisper and he blushed slightly at the realisation that he had spoken them.

“Come on Frankie, I owe you a blowjob!” Mikey grinned, dropping his chin onto Frank’s shoulder.

Hearing Ray inhale a sharp, deep angry breath, Frank gathered himself, pulling his eyes from Gerard and practically dragging Mikey outside to the taxi rank, holding the drunk and taller boy up until they’re both in the taxi.

The fresh air hitting the younger man seemed to simultaneously wake him and make him even less inhibited. Resting his head on Frank’s shoulder in the cab, Mikey began nuzzling and kissing Frank’s neck and whimpering when Frank took hold of both of his wrists to prevent Mikey from reaching into his pants.

“Always have to save your ass, Mikeyway. I knew I was doomed when you staggered into school that day with your stupid beanie and your glasses hanging off of your face.”

“You love me Frankiero, don’t even try to deny it. Plus, I like that you save me all the time, and I thank you for it, don’t I?”

Frank couldn’t help but laugh at that; it was true Mikey always thanked him – in a way. Mikey was always a handsy drunk, but he seemed to become much worse after drinking tequila. Frank had seen the bottle on the table in the club and was seriously hoping the bottle hadn’t been full when he started it. He was almost prepared to believe that Gerard, Ray or both had been deliberately trying to get him drunk. As he thought about it, he realised that perhaps Mikey had been lucky that he had found him when he did. Yes, Ray had rescued him from someone else, but was it a case of out of the frying pan into the fire?

Stealing a few kisses from each other on the drive home, Frank could taste the tequila on Mikey’s tongue. It normally took quite a lot to get Mikey drunk, but not with tequila. No, with that he tended to get a little bit messy and it explained why, despite Frank’s best efforts to calm him down, he was trying to dry hump Frank’s leg.

“I swear to God, Mikey, if you don’t fucking sit still I’m going to tie you to the bed when we get home.”

“Only if you promise to fuck me.”

Mikey replied cheekily and kissed the sweet spot on Frank’s neck that he knew would drive him crazy. Finally conceding that the situation was hopeless, Frank groaned, throwing one arm over his face in embarrassment and groping himself with the other.


It was, luckily only a short walk from where the pair had been thrown out of the taxi, and Frank was nodding along to Mikey’s protestations of his undying love all the way home. Finally getting the younger boy through the door, Frank flopped back exhausted.

“Well, we’re home, Frankie,” Mikey advanced on the shorter man, pressing him up against the door. “Well?”

“I’m getting you about a gallon of water and some coffee!” Frank replied, barely believing that Mikey was still awake.

“Noooo!” Mikey pouted and shook his head, pulling Frank towards his bedroom.

“You are in no state to do anything, Mikeyway!”

“No, but you are!” he grinned. “Come on Frankie, aren’t you going to make good on your promise to tie me to the bed?”

“That was a threat, not a promise!” Frank couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Oh, come on, Frankie, you know you want to,” he giggled.

“Water and coffee,” Frank insisted.

“Frankie!” Mikey whined playfully. “Tie me up. Tie me up, please!”


“Tiemeup, tiemeup, tiemeup!” he almost chanted. “And then,” he grinned, “you can do anything you want! Anything, Frankie.”

Taking a deep breath, Frank rolled his eyes.

“Where’s your rope?”

“Aww! I love you Frankiero!” he beamed as he staggered into the bedroom and rummaged in an ottoman at the foot of the bed. “S’here somewhere.”

“I’ll find it, you get comfy,” Frank waved him away from the large wooden chest.

Withdrawing lengths of soft cord from a discreet black bag, Frank looked up to find Mikey already stripped and lying face down on the bed.

“How do you want it?” Frank asked, running a hand down Mikey’s spine, smirking at the shiver the action elicited from the younger boy.

“Pulled quite tight but a little struggle room,” he grinned, “just a little.”

“You want me to make you feel helpless?”

Mikey took a deep breath at the words, despite the tequila, he was getting the desired reaction.

“Yeah, completely,” he gasped. “So you could do anything to me and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop you.”

Frank offered a wicked smile. “Oh, you won’t be going anywhere once I’m finished, don’t you worry.”

Working fast, but carefully, Frank fastened the ropes firmly yet comfortably around Mikey’s wrists and ankles pulling them tight around the struts of the head and base boards. Occasionally taking time out to tease and stroke Mikey’s naked body.

“How’s that feel?” he asked, proud of his work.

“Oh, Frankie,” Mikey pulled on the ropes finding less than a few centimetres of movement possible, the friction of the sheets against his cock causing him sweet agony. “Please… what are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna put some coffee on,” he chuckled, slapping Mikey’s buttocks teasingly before leaving the room.



Hi everyone!

This is a story I'm writing with a lovely friend of mine - Clarissa. We're really enjoying writing it, and we hope you enjoy reading it! We'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment if you have time.

Thanks and take care
Sas & Clarissa xx


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