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The Fabulous Kill Boys

Vampire Money

“So what now, Gee? What are you gonna do?”

Gerard pulled the knife out again and held it over Melanie’s lips and she squeaked but stopped talking.

“Shut up. I really don’t want to gag you, as you’re fond of saying, it’s not as much fun hearing you scream with a gag in your mouth, is it?”

Melanie nodded, pulling a face when she cut her lip with the knife, flicking her tongue over it when Gerard pulled the knife away.

“Mikey, can you pass me the handcuffs please?”

Mikey handed did as he was asked and Gerard happily accepted them, returning his knife to its sheath in the process. With only a moment’s thought, he fastened one end of the handcuffs around the ropes tying Melanie’s wrists, and the other end to the suspension point that Mikey had been secured to only a short while earlier.

“Watch her for a second, will you? She tries anything… well… use your imagination.”
“I’ll muddle through… or something.”

Giving Mikey what he hoped was a reassuring shoulder squeeze, Gerard looked around for the remote control that operated the mechanism to lift Melanie’s hands above her head. Finally seeing it lying on the table, he moved quickly, pressing the button enthusiastically and watching as it lifted her so her toes were just barely touching the ground. Satisfied that she was suffering an appropriate amount of discomfort, Gerard smiled and nodded to himself before pocketing the remote.

“Gee… can’t we just go?” Frank’s voice was almost apologetic. “Please? I don’t want to be here. What if Ray comes?”

Gerard took Frank’s shaking hands in his own and kissed him on the cheek.

“You don’t have to be scared Frankie, I won’t let him get anywhere near you. Trust me, when Ray does come, the only thing he’s going to be concerned about is his whore.”
“You mean you want him to come?” Frank appeared suddenly even more nervous.
“I do, Frankie,” Gerard nodded solemnly. “We have to deal with both of them. You do see that, don’t you?”

Frank didn’t look entirely convinced, but he nodded anyway.

“Okay Gee… I… I trust you.”
“You’ll see, don’t worry. Stay close behind me okay? Need to keep you where I can see you. I won’t let him lay a finger on you. They’ll never hurt you again.”

Frank followed closely behind Gerard, but just out of Melanie’s line of sight. Not that she could see him with her eyes closed anyway. Melanie writhed against the grip Mikey had on her throat and the hand he clamped over her mouth and nose.

“Having fun, Mikes?”

Gerard asked and he looked over his shoulder and shrugged.

“She moved. You told me to use my imagination…” he replied with a small smirk, as if unsure how Gerard would react.

“You’re doing good, Mikes,” Gerard smiled approvingly.

Mikey took his hand away from Melanie’s mouth long enough for her to cough a few times an take a deep breath before clamping his hand down again.

“So,” he began again, reassured by Gerard’s response, “I figured I’d show her what it’s like to feel completely helpless and afraid.”

Gerard beamed with pride at his little brother and whispered in his ear and he could see that Melanie was curious what he was saying, but he deliberately kept his voice low so she couldn’t hear.

“Mel’s always had sensitive fingers. Bet you could make her scream if you did something to them. Don’t break any though okay? I wanna do that part.”
“You don’t happen to have a lighter, do you Gee?”

When Mikey pulled his hand away this time, after coughing almost uncontrollably, Melanie laughed nervously.

“Go on, little Way, hit me with your best shot!”

Gerard handed Mikey his lighter and delighted in the way Melanie’s breathing quickened. He couldn’t help but smile as he noted that she was a lot paler than she had been only a few seconds ago.

“You’re pretty when you’re scared.” He told her thoughtfully and Melanie scoffed.
“How would you know what I look like when I’m scared, Gerard?”

Melanie sounded bold, but Gerard knew that it was all a front.

“I’m observant, babe. I can see the way you’re trembling. I can see the fear in your eyes, and we can all hear the shake in your voice. It’s the fear of the unknown that scares you the most, you don’t like not knowing what we’re going to do next. Speaking of, go on Mikey, show us what you’ve got.”

Mikey grinned and flipped open the zippo lighter, holding it close enough to Melanie’s face that she could feel the heat, but not close enough that it’d burn her.

“Tell me something, Melanie, do you know how to get rid of someone’s fingerprints?”

Melanie shrugged and Gerard watched as she instinctively clenched her fists so that Mikey couldn’t get to her fingers.

“Same rule applies as before, Mikey. She moves, get creative. I’ll be right back.” Gerard kissed Frank on the cheek and squeezed his shoulder as he walked past. “Stay with Mikey, okay? I’m locking you guys in while I’m gone but I won’t be long.”

Frank appeared alarmed at the announcement but said nothing; he had to trust Gerard. He just hoped his trust wasn’t misplaced. Once Gerard left, Frank took a few steps closer to Mikey but still kept his eyes lowered. He wasn’t entirely certain whether he didn’t want to look at Melanie for what she had done to him, or what Mikey was contemplating doing in revenge.

“You want to know what fear looks like, Baby Cakes? Look at your little fuck-buddy. Poor Frankie, looks like he’s gonna wet himself.”

Mikey ignored Melanie’s taunting and heated up the blade of the knife with the zippo and placed it at the inside of Melanie’s elbow and made a cut a few centimetres long.

“That the best you got? You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that to make me scream.”“I wasn’t trying to hurt you, that was more so to annoy you.”

Frank spun around in shock as the dungeon door opened once more, but was relieved to see Gerard returning, smiling and with his hands behind his back, hiding something from the three of them. Noticing the brief flash of fear on Frank’s face, Gerard pulled him into his arms and kissed him sweetly to calm him down.

“You’re okay, Frankie. It’s just me. We’ll be out of here before you know it, I promise.”
“You really should stop making promises you can’t keep, Gee.”

All three men turned their eyes on Melanie, her lips twisted into an intrigued smirk.

“Nobody asked you for your opinion, Melanie. Shut up.”
“Why? Because I’m right? Ray isn’t going to let you just walk out of here, you know this. Contrary to all the evidence, you aren’t stupid.”

Gerard laughed and walked back over to Melanie and grabbed one of her wrists, squeezing it tightly until she flinched and opened her hand. Once it was open, Gerard swiftly placed the razor blade he had brought back with him in the palm of her hand with a twisted smile.

“I’m betting that you don’t realise just how much Ray loves you, sweetheart. I’m sure he’ll do anything to make sure his precious little girlfriend is okay, much like I’d do anything to make sure Frankie and Mikey are okay.”

Gerard closed Melanie’s fingers into a fist and she yelped as the razor blade cut two deep gashes into her hand and Mikey smiled appreciatively over her shoulder.

“I see what you did there, Gee. I like the way you think. Can I get started now?” Mikey was practically bouncing on his toes with excitement.
“Go for it Mikes, it’s not like she can drop the razor and get away from it, it’s stuck there with superglue. It won’t hold for long once it’s soaked in blood though.”

Melanie opened her hand with tears of pain pricking at her eyes and her mouth dropped open in horror at the realisation that Gerard was serious. The razor blade was stuck firmly into her palm and she whimpered when the skin tore further and the cuts were exposed to the air.

“Come on Frankie, you don’t need to see this. Why don’t you come and sit down with me for a bit, have some water?”

Putting his arm around Frank’s shoulders, Gerard led him over to the other side of the room and sat him down, getting him a bottle of water from the small fridge that Ray had in the dungeon for marathon torture sessions.

“Mikey… you don’t have to do this. I… I’m sorry for what I did to you.”

Mikey scoffed and pressed the knife against Melanie’s throat and she shut up.

“It’s a little too late for ‘I’m sorry’. Especially when you’re only saying it because you think it’ll mean I won’t hurt you.”

Mikey flicked the zippo open again and raised it up to Melanie’s right hand so the flame lapped at her fingers. She had a terrible choice - hold her fingers open to be burnt or move away from the flame by closing her fingers around the razor blade once more. Mikey watched as Melanie screwed up her face in pain and bit her lip, trying hard not to make the sounds he wanted.

“I told you little Way,” she finally gasped defiantly, “you’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that to make me scream.”
“I can be patient, you’ll scream. I promise.”

Raising the lighter once more Mikey held it closer to Melanie’s fingers and she shut her eyes tightly, a single tear rolling down her cheek when she opened them again. At the sight, Mikey smirked, and taking the lighter away once more, he closed Melanie’s fist again, pressing her fingers down against the double-edge of the razor blade. Sucking air in through her teeth, she refused to give him the pleasure of a scream.

“Hey Gee, come over here for a sec.”

Giving Frank a quick kiss and pulling him up to follow him over to Melanie, Gerard walked over to his brother, picking up the baseball bat on his way.

“Yes brother dear?” Gerard stood behind Melanie, gripping her hip with one hand and pressing the tip of the knife into the base of her spine with the other.
“Look, she cries, no luck on the screaming so far though. I have something I want to try, but I don’t know if it’ll be effective in hurting her, or if it’ll just get her excited.”
“What are you thinking, Mikey?”

Mel gasped as Gerard dug the knife a little deeper into her back, breaking the skin and he just shrugged when Mikey gave him a questioning eyebrow. Mikey tugged on his brother’s elbow until they were stood a little way away from Melanie and Gerard could see out of the corner of his eye that Melanie was pulling desperately on the rope around her wrists and he was satisfied when it didn’t budge.

“What’s up, Mikes? What are you thinking?” Gerard pressed gently, he knew that realistically they didn’t have much of a window before Ray came looking for Melanie.
“When She and Ray were torturing me… they strapped a TENS unit to my chest, and, I kinda enjoyed it. I have a thing about electricity. Melanie said that it scared you though…”
“Electricity doesn’t scare me.” Gerard cut in. “It freaks her out though.”

Mikey and Gerard wore the same pleased and excited smirk at the realisation and looked at Melanie, waiting until she noticed them. Melanie swallowed thickly when she noticed the predatory smiles she was receiving from Gerard and Mikey and whimpered at the sight.
“You know, you had a really great idea when you and Ray were torturing me.” Mikey started conversationally while Gerard retrieved the TENS unit.

“I did. I had many great ideas when Ray and I were torturing you sweetheart, which one are you talking about though?”

Melanie asked, the contempt clear on her face, but there was still the shake to hear voice. Mikey didn’t answer and went over to the fridge that he saw Gerard take a water bottle out of and took his own, and headed back to Melanie, grinning.

“You thought I was too out of it to hear you and Ray discussing me enjoying the electro-play, didn’t you? Guess it’s too bad for you that I know exactly what you were planning.” Mikey whispered in Melanie’s ear and chuckled quietly at the little shudder his words produced. “You see, the thing about electricity is, unless you like it, like I do, this isn’t going to be enjoyable for you. When you’re wet however…” Mikey dumped almost the whole bottle of cold water on Melanie’s head and she shook her head to get the water out of her eyes. “…it’s excruciating. Perfect timing Gee, you want to do the honours?”

Gerard returned with the tens unit and smiled appreciatively at Mikey, and smirked at the unhappy, scared and wet Melanie.

“This brings back memories, doesn’t it, babe?” Gerard asked cheerily as he attached the TENS unit pads to Melanie’s chest, one in the middle of her sternum, and the other on her right breast. “The first time you woke up down here, you were soaking wet after I dumped a bucket of water over you because you were taking too long to wake up.”

Melanie bit her lip and darted her eyes over to look at Mikey anxiously over Gerard’s shoulder.

“Gee… baby… come on, please. Don’t… don’t do this. I’ll do anything I swear, just… please.”

Gerard laughed as Melanie begged and he pretended to think about not doing anything before handing the unit to Mikey.

“Not a chance Melanie, I…” Gee paused and smiled at Mikey. “…we want to hear you scream. Go on Mikey, you’re gonna enjoy this.”

Melanie pulled frantically on the handcuffs again but they didn’t budge and she whimpered at the pitifulness of her situation. Mikey switched the tens unit on at level 5 for three seconds just to get Melanie’s attention and she swore, biting her lip hard enough to make it bleed. Mikey reached out and pulled Melanie’s lip from between her teeth, smearing the blood across her bottom lip.

“That was just to get your attention. You ready to scream for us?”

Mikey didn’t pause to let Melanie answer before turning the dial swiftly to level 8 and delighting in Melanie’s screams as they filled the basement.

“Well done, Mikey,” Gerard grinned at his brother. “That should get his attention.”

Above them, they could hear the clatter of a door slamming and boots on the stone steps leading down to the basement. Gerard turned a careful eye to make sure both Mikey and Frank were out of harm’s way before pushing his jacket behind his knife’s sheath, exposing it and making it easier to draw. He was ready; more than ready.


Ray pushed the dungeon door hard, flinging it open in his rush to find out why Melanie had been screaming. In his mind, there was no reason for it unless something had gone very wrong. His worst fears were confirmed as he ran quickly through the open doorway and he pulled up sharply at the scene before him.

On the far side of the dungeon, in the exact position occupied only minutes earlier by Mikey, Melanie was suspended by her wrists. Her face was a little more swollen than it had been earlier, and across her eyes and nose she was showing signs of what would soon be an ugly set of bruises. He couldn’t help but notice that Melanie was dripping wet and had the TENS unit strapped to her chest, with Mikey holding onto the control.

Alongside her, holding the baseball bat with the tip resting casually on his shoulder, stood Gerard grinning, his eyes wide and round. Ray glared at Gerard, who knew full well that Melanie was terrified of electricity, only okay with it when she wasn't directly involved.

“So glad you could join us.” With dramatic flourish, Gerard ripped the pads and wires from Melanie’s chest as he waved for Ray to fully enter the room. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind popping your wrists into those chains over there.”

Ray’s eyes scanned the room, frustrated to see that all possible weapons, that might normally have been within easy reach, had been moved and with them, also far out of reach, stood Mikey and Frank.

“Okay, Gee,” Ray took a few tentative steps into the room. “I see you’ve managed to get free.”
“You always were the observant one,” Gerard replied, his face suddenly a mask of steely-eyed concentration.
“So,” Ray took a couple more steps into the room, his hands hovering at waist height so Gerard could easily see them. “What happens now, Gee? You want to leave? I can’t let you do that. You know that, don’t you?”
“You’re not calling the shots here any more, Ray,” Gerard replied, stoney-faced.
“How about...”
“You’re not listening, are you?” Gerard continued. “You don’t get to decide anymore.”
“Look, Gee, we never wanted to kill you. Just these two, we can still do that.” Ray smiled as he took two more steps into the dungeon.
“Gee?” Mikey warned, concerned at how close Ray had been able to approach.

Gerard moved the bat from his shoulder and let the end fall into his other hand, tapping it against his palm a couple of times, as if in contemplation.

“You come any closer?” Gerard raised the bat and held it poised, ready to hit Melanie in the stomach. “I take it out on Melanie.”

Ray laughed, closing his eyes and shaking his head, missing the fear that flashed across Melanie’s face.

“You haven’t got it in you to hurt her, Gee.”
"Let me see," Gerard mused. "After how the pair of you made a fool of me and what you've done to Mikey and Frankie? You really don't think I've got it in me?"
"No, I don't," Ray scowled and in response Gerard briefly flashed a broad, almost maniacal grin at Melanie. “In fact...” Ray continued but was interrupted.
"Ray, no!" Melanie gasped out.

Gerard laughed, a low pitiless chuckle as he noticed Ray's expression change at the panic in her voice. Turning sharply, Gerard swung the bat and grinned mercilessly at the sickening crack as the bat connected with Melanie's left arm. Screaming as the bone split, Melanie sagged, now hanging by just her right arm. Rushing forward to her aid, Ray pulled up short as Gerard lifted the bat again as if to take a swing at her right arm.

"Ah, ah, ah! I wouldn't if I were you!" Gerard tormented him with a playful smirk. "Belleville Butcher, right here," he indicated to himself. "Cold. Blooded. Killer.” He sneered. “Did you somehow forget?"

Ray’s expression was torn between horror at the agony so clearly on display on Melanie’s face and her pained whimpering and fury at Gerard for inflicting such damage. Only now did he realise that they had pushed Gerard too far and they were both going to pay for it.

“Now then, Ray, what I want you to do is to go over to those chains hanging just over there and lock yourself into them.”
“And if I don’t, you’ll break Mel’s other arm? Is that it?” Ray snorted with distaste.
“No,” Gerard sneered, his eyes wide and staring. “You know my opinion of people who cheat, lie and betray and how I deal with them. That’s how I got the name, Belleville Butcher and yet somehow you seem determined to underestimate me. Do you want me to kill her? Because that’s what I’ll do, Ray. The next blow from this bat won’t be her arm. No, it’ll be her skull! And I’ll keep battering away until it’s just a bag of mush and bone fragments! Do you understand what I’m saying to you?” Gerard’s voice rose in pitch and volume until he was screaming. “Well? Do you?”

On receiving no immediate reply, Gerard lifted the bat over his head and was already on the downward swing. Melanie was screaming again, loud enough to drown out the sound of Frank’s gasp and Mikey’s delighted giggle.

“No!” Ray shouted loudly, physically stopping himself from racing forward - there was nothing more likely to force Gerard into completing the blow than a perceived attack.

Stopping short of making contact, Gerard turned and smiled over his shoulder at Ray.

“Was that a ‘no’?” He asked sweetly.
“That was a no,” Ray confirmed carefully as he headed back toward the chains and locked them around his wrists.
“Good,” Gerard chuckled as he lifted Melanie’s chin. “You see, he can be reasonable.”
“What now?” Melanie whispered.

Frank stepped forward, placing a hand gently on Gerard’s arm; still somewhat unnerved by what he had witnessed.

“We leave?” He asked quietly.
“No!” Mikey interrupted. “I wanna hurt them!”
"Hmm, what will hurt them the most?" Gerard pondered out loud, tapping his lips with a finger and either ignoring or simply not noticing Frank’s distress.
"Any of the things they did to me, for starters!" Mikey snapped bitterly.
"No, Mikey, there's something you need to know about making people suffer. Physical pain isn't always the worst thing. Believe it or not, some people feel emotional pain, and you know, I do believe we have at least one of those right here."
"Everyone feels emotional pain, you freak! It's just you that doesn't!" Ray yelled.
"So angry," Gerard spoke calmly as he shook his head. "And with so little reason... yet.”
“I’ve got plenty of reasons to be angry with you, Gee!” Ray snarled, narrowing his eyes with contempt.
“Really? Name one that isn’t a direct result of my overdue and entirely justified revenge on you both.”

Frank exhaled slowly and, leaning back against the wall, he folded his arms, crossed his right leg over his left and lowered his eyes. Gerard walked slowly over to where Ray was now chained with his arms hanging at shoulder height. Taking the small remote from his pocket, he pressed a button and watched as Ray’s arms were pulled upwards until they were straight. Not enough to take his feet from the floor but enough to be an uncomfortable stretch. Drawing his knife from its sheath, he stood behind Ray and placed the blade against his throat, forcing him to tip his head back to avoid the razor sharp edge slicing into him.

“You know what, Ray,” he whispered. “It would be oh so easy to just pull back right now and that would be it for you.”
“You won’t do it?” Ray replied with certainty in his voice.
"Oh? And why is that?”
“Because of Frank. You won’t kill me, because he doesn’t want you to. All you’ve done is swap one Dom for another. He controls you now. Don’t you see that?”
“Well, I know you’ve never understood, but I think it’s pretty well established that I like that and yes, I’d do anything for him. On the other hand, what if you were to struggle? In your panic you press against the knife? What a terrible accidentthat would be!”
“And why would I struggle?” Ray scoffed. “I know what would happen.”
“Yes, but I have Melanie’s taser in my pocket and if I use that on you, I’m sure I can make it look like a struggle. He’s not even looking,” Gerard chuckled softly. “I can kill you right in front of him and he’d never know. It’s tempting just to see if I can. And, oh, how Melanie would scream. It’d be music to my ears!”
“You’re insane, you know that?” Ray’s voice was filled with anger, but with more than a hint of nervousness.
“I’m not sure if insane is the right word, you know?” Gerard chuckled lightly. “I just know what I want and don’t see anything wrong with getting it.”
“Get on with it, then,” Ray replied, trying hard to sound angry instead of nervous.
“I’m not going to kill you, Ray,” Gerard finally admitted. “Call me sentimental if you like, but we had some great times together, you and me, despite the fact the pair of you were lying to my face the whole time. Besides, you could have killed me or turned me in when you caught me killing Pete but you didn’t. You always insisted that I owed you for that. Well, consider the debt repaid.”
“Repaid?” Ray snapped. “Leaving us chained up down here to die slowly? That’s repayment, is it?”
“That would be what you deserve, Ray,” Gerard growled, tilting the blade a little more so that it pressed harder against Ray’s throat, drawing a small amount of blood in the process. “What you both deserve, but no, I’m going to leave the key with Melanie.”

Gerard laughed slyly, as if a thought had just occurred to him, one that he had not shared with Ray. It was an unnerving sound and Ray had the distinct impression that it was not going to be that simple.

Lowering the knife and snatching a length of rope from a nearby shelf, Gerard crouched and pulled Ray’s ankles together. Winding the rope tightly around them, before giving an extra tug on the ends, Gerard continued to tighten them until he heard a slight huffing sound from Ray as his bones ground together. Satisfied, he tied a double knot before rising once more.

“Now then,” Gerard stood up; happy with the rope binding Ray’s ankles. Once again, he checked the chains pulling Ray’s wrists high over his head. With a satisfied nod and a broad smile designed purely to irritate Ray, he continued. “Yep, that’s you all fastened up and might I say, you don’t look at all happy about it.”
“I’m going to kill you, Gee, I just want you to know that. I am going to kill you,” Ray spoke slowly in his most threatening tone, his eyes narrowed and piercing.
“Yeah,” Gerard patted his cheek and laughed scornfully. “I know that’s what you think’s going to happen.”

Frank frowned nervously; he recalled saying very similar words to Melanie, just before she managed to make good on her threat.

“Recognise those words do you, Frank?” Ray smirked. “Mel told me, you said the exact same thing to her. You know what happened then, don’t you?”

Gerard turned to look between Melanie and Ray before turning to Frank; he was pale.
“What is this?” He asked, cupping Frank’s cheek gently.

“It’s nothing,” he took a step back and shook his head, looking down.
“Doesn’t sound like nothing,” Gerard stepped forward to close the gap once more and took Frank’s hands in his. “Talk to me, Frankie.”

Unable to raise his eyes, Frank merely shrugged and shook his head. In response, Gerard stooped and tried to make eye contact, pulling him close into a gentle embrace when it proved impossible.

“He’s upset because it was one of the last things he said to Mel before she beat the crap out of him, tied him up and brought him here,” Ray laughed.

Gerard drew his lips into a thin line and his expression hardened as Frank choked back a small, almost inaudible sob.

“I see.” Gerard pursed his lips. “It’s okay, Frankie,” he whispered in his ear. “She’s going to pay for what she did to you, I promise.”
“Gee, I just want us all to leave. I thought I was safe then but I wasn’t. I... I don’t want the same thing to happen now.”

Gerard nodded as he leaned back slightly from the embrace and tried to offer his best reassuring smile.

“Frank, there’s nothing they can do to you now,” Gerard spoke earnestly.
“That’s what I thought before, but that changed, didn’t it?” Frank explained his fear.
“Could easily change again, Frankie,” Ray taunted, determined not to allow Frank’s mind to settle.

Gerard sighed heavily as Frank stiffened in his arms.

“No, Ray,” he growled as he released Frank and took a few steps towards his former partner. “It’s not going to change, because I’m not stupidly overconfident and because all I had to do was overpower you. There are three of us.”
“Two and a half,” he corrected with a sneer.

The explosion of pain in her jaw almost overwhelmed her as Gerard ran back to Melanie’s side and his fist collided sharply against her cheek. Only the handcuffs hanging from the suspension point held her upright. Behind Gerard, if either Frank or Mikey had said anything at all, it was drowned out by Ray screaming obscenities. Staring coldly at her as she turned pained and tear-filled eyes towards him, Gerard shook his head slowly, his expression one of deep anger and contempt.

“What did I tell you I would do, Ray?” Gerard asked quietly. “Since when have you ever known me to bluff?”

Turning his attention back to Melanie, Gerard chuckled.

“Looks like you made a poor choice with him, babe, if this is how he proves he loves you. I wonder? Just how much more can you take?”
“All right!” Ray yelled furiously. “I believe you! Just leave her alone! It’s me that’s done all this, it’s me you want to hurt.”

Gerard’s laughter emerged as a demented cackle as he turned to stare in disbelief at Ray.

“No, that’s what you want,” he finally managed, calming his laughter to a light chuckle.
“I’m not like you, I don’t get off on pain,” Ray sneered.
“I didn’t mean that,” Gerard raised an eyebrow. “You want me to hurt you to protect her. Now why would I give you what you want? Hmm?” Gerard grinned. “Besides, I am hurting you, aren’t I?”

Turning sharply, Gerard landed a heavy punch into Melanie’s abdomen and watched, laughing, as she bent over as far as the chains would allow, gasping for breath, coughing and crying. As Ray screamed his fury in a stream of violent threats, Gerard leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“That’s where I’m going to stab you.”

Standing upright once more, Gerard turned to see a look of horror mixed with distress on Frank’s face. Gerard’s smile faded; had he upset Frank somehow? Walking over to him, Gerard took his hands gently.

“Frankie, are you okay?”
“I don’t know how to say this any other way to make you really hear me, Gee, but I want to leave. Please!” Frank begged, his plea heartfelt and clearly still scared.
“I’m sorry, Frankie,” Gerard lowered his eyes. “I’ve been selfish. Of course we can leave. Just one last thing.”

Frank sighed heavily and his shoulders sagged visibly at the words.

“No, Frankie, this is for you.” Gerard reassured him.

Leading him by the hand until they both stood in front of Melanie, Gerard tapped the hilt of his now sheathed knife meaningfully, ensuring that only Melanie saw it.

“Melanie, I want you to apologise to Frankie for what you did to him.”
“No!” Ray yelled. “Don’t give the runt the satisfaction.”
“And I want you to mean it,” Gerard continued, ignoring Ray.
“I...” Melanie began, staring in disbelief at Gerard. Could he really mean it? Did he believe it mattered or was it just a show for Ray’s benefit?
“Mel, don’t!” Ray yelled, oblivious to Gerard’s threat.

Gerard smirked and once again tapped his knife again.

“We’re waiting,” he prompted.
“I... I’m sorry Frank, for everything I did to you. I’m really sorry,” her voice cracked as she finished, tears falling from her eyes, not from sorrow but from humiliation.

Gerard smiled again; he knew what they were. Frank just felt numb. The sensation unnerved him and he hoped it was simply shock and the need to leave. Escape.

“Good, now come on you two, come upstairs with me while I grab some stuff. It's not like these two are going anywhere any time soon.”

Frank immediately nodded, finding a smile emerging on his relieved face, but Mikey stayed standing close to Melanie and shook his head.

“I don't think it's wise to leave these two alone together, Gee. They'll try to escape.”
“I’m not staying here!” Frank snapped. “I want to go! Now!”

To have leaving presented to him and possibly snatched away in the space of a few seconds was too much for Frank to bear. So far he had pleaded quietly, but now he demanded. He simply couldn’t face another second in the dungeon.

“Gee, you can stay if you want but I’m going, I can’t stay here! I can’t!”

Gerard pulled him close and stroked his hair. He pulled in a deep breath as he felt the sudden dampness on his shirt of Frank’s terrified tears and he could feel him beginning to hyperventilate.

“Shh,” he cooed softly, rubbing Frank’s back gently. “It’s okay, Frankie, we’ll go upstairs. You can help me pack. Mikey can watch them. Can’t you Mikes?” He added looked over Frank’s shoulder.
“My pleasure!” Mikey called. “Take your time,” he grinned. “Make out, if you want, I’m in no rush.”

Gerard smiled proudly; Mikey had a certain look in his eyes, one that he recognised. He’d seen it in the mirror on many occasions. Despite his injuries Mikey was more than capable of handling them while he packed. Who knows, he might even enjoy it. He nodded knowingly before leading Frank to the door.

“One second,” he squeezed Frank’s hand before running back to whisper in his brother’s ear. “Have fun, Mikes but don’t kill them and don’t stab her, that’s my job.”
“Sure, Gee,” Mikey nodded as Gerard ran back to Frank’s side.
“Let’s go.”

Mikey watched as Gerard and Frank left the dungeon, closing the door behind them. His grin widened as he looked at Melanie and Ray in turn.

“Well now,” he sneered, “I’ve been left with a very wide brief. What to do? What to do?”


As Frank climbed the stairs from the dungeon, he expected to be overwhelmed with relief but instead he grew increasingly concerned. Concerned about leaving Mikey with two very violent individuals, certainly but he was unnerved to realise that his greater concern was what Mikey would do in their absence. Mikey had been a happy-go-lucky individual, working in a coffee shop to make his way through college, always quick with a smile. If there was ever a personification of innocence, it was Mikey. They had destroyed that. He even had to accept that Gerard had been a part of that and it hurt him to admit it. He had learned so much about Gerard in the last hour and he had seriously conflicted feelings. Added to that, the very distinct feeling that his innocent friend was lost forever and he seemed to be developing his brother’s violent tendencies, Frank was worried about what he was getting himself into. Despite this, following Gerard up the stairs to his bedroom, he began to feel more settled, more at ease. With it, he began to feel more himself and less like the terrified young man that, Melanie and Ray in particular, inspired in him.

“You’re very quiet,” Gerard commented as they reached the door to his bedroom.

His words were almost spoken as a question, encouraging Frank to explain. He pursed his lips as he thought about Gerard’s words.

“Yeah,” he began as Gerard opened the door to his room.

Stepping inside, he took in what he realised was an unexpected sight. The man with messy hair, his head filled with chaos, was apparently almost obsessionally tidy. Everything in the room appeared to have been very deliberately and precisely placed and was meticulously clean. He was immediately struck by the thought that if every item was removed from the room, that Gerard would be able to return everything to its proper place without a moment’s consideration.

“What’s on your mind?”

Frank looked up to see that Gerard was facing him, his face paler than usual, with a pained look in his eyes. It troubled him to see it and without a moment’s hesitation, Frank closed the gap between them and kissed him gently, tenderly, yet passionately on the lips. Gerard took a deep breath, inhaling Frank’s scent and melting into the kiss, wrapping his arms around him as he did. He felt his body tingle with excitement then ache with longing as Frank slowly pulled away.

“Well, you can think about that more often,” he offered a playful grin.
“I’m worried, Gee,” Frank admitted to Gerard’s surprise. “About Mikey.”
“Oh, he’ll be fine,” Gerard replied, cupping Frank’s cheek gently. “They’re all locked up, they can’t do anything.”
“I don’t mean that,” Frank sighed. “I mean he’s changed. He’s...” Frank looked down, unwilling to say the words.
“He’s more like me, now?”

Gerard stated the fact, almost without emotion, certainly without judgement. Frank looked into his eyes once more, afraid of how Gerard would react to his quiet nod.

“Are you having second thoughts?” Gerard asked, placing a bent finger under Frank’s chin to raise his once more lowered head.
“Did that kiss feel like a brush off to you?”
“No,” Gerard replied carefully. “But I’ve never had someone love me for me before.”

Frank closed his eyes as the words plucked at his heartstrings; there was so much he wanted to teach Gerard about love but...

“Gee, can you really change?”
“I have! Frankie, there was a time, I... I would have just killed them for what they’d done to me, let alone you.”
“You’re not going to kill them?” Frank asked tentatively.
“I swear, I’m going to give Melanie the key. She’s pretty messed up, we’ll have a big head start. We’ll have plenty of time to get away before they get free.”
“But they can still find us, they know where I live!”
“No,” Gerard shook his head firmly. “I’ve got stuff on them, they have on me and we’ve hurt each other. That’s it. They won’t come near you, Frankie, I promise.”
“I promise,” he replied, caressing Frank’s cheek soothingly. “Now, come on, help me pack. I know how much you want to leave and I don’t have many things.”

Gerard pulled a suitcase down from on top of the wardrobe and a smaller case from alongside before opening the first one on the bed.

“Do you want me to pack the other one, while you do this one?” Frank offered.

Gerard looked from the smaller suitcase to Frank and appeared momentarily bewildered.

“That one’s already packed,” he replied before flashing a bright smile at Frank. “You just sit somewhere, get comfy. I won’t be long.”

Frank nodded and perched on the edge of the bed as Gerard moved quickly around the bedroom hurling things into the case in a haphazard way, at odds with the carefully obsessive layout of the room. It seemed reasonable to him that Gerard would have something pre-packed. If he needed to leave in a desperate hurry, he would have some essentials already gathered. Even as he was thinking, out of the corner of his eye, Gerard was closing the larger of the two cases and pulling the zip around.

“That was quick,” Frank raised an eyebrow.
“I told you, I don’t have much stuff.”
“And you were partly packed already,” Frank added.
“Yeah,” Gerard’s bright smile returned. “Okay, let’s go down there and collect Mikey and...”
Gerard’s sentence reached an abrupt stop at the sudden horror in Frank’s eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Gerard blurted and his brow furrowed at Frank’s distress. “Would you prefer to wait by the front door with the bags and I’ll fetch Mikey?”

Frank nodded. He felt a twinge of shame that his fear was able to overwhelm him so easily, but he was relieved that he hadn’t had to explain. He readily accepted the hug that Gerard pulled him into but missed the smirk that grew on the older man’s face at the thought of being alone in the dungeon with no need to moderate his behaviour. Gerard’s smirk reformed into a gentle smile as he pulled back and picked up the two cases.

“Come on, let’s go.”

It was mere moments before Gerard and Frank were standing in the hallway leading to the front door.

"I’ll just be a few minutes,” he nodded to confirm. “I’ll send Mikey up and you can both wait by the door. Okay?” He added, landing a sweet kiss to Frank’s cheek.

Frank took a deep breath and nodded. He was minutes away from leaving and every second that drew him closer to that moment seemed to lift the weight from his shoulders.


Opening the door to the dungeon, Gerard eyed the scene inside. At first glance it didn’t appear that much had changed except for the intensity of hatred etched into Ray’s face and the exhaustion and pain on Melanie’s.

“Had fun, Mikes?” Gerard called cheerfully.
“You’re back quick,” Mikey raised his eyebrows.
“I don’t have a lot of stuff and Frank really wants to leave. Are you okay to go upstairs and keep him company while I finish up down here?”
“Okay, Gee,” Mikey nodded.
“Are you okay, or do you need help with the stairs?”
“I think I’m all right,” Mikey answered stoically.

Gerard smiled proudly as Mikey limped from the room and he heard him start to climb the stairs.

“I’ve changed my mind, Gee,” Ray snarled. “I’m going to kill you all.”
“No, Ray, you’re not,” he began in a matter of fact tone. "And let me tell you why. You might not be aware of this, but I have a lot of friends and past acquaintances, mostly murderers. I will have them watching you both, very carefully, and if it looks like either one of you will even walk into the same store as any of us, they will kill you both without hesitation. I’ve amassed a lot of money over the last five years and I don’t see a better use for it than keeping you and your whore looking over your shoulders for the rest of your lives. If, of course, you get out of here.”
“I thought you were giving us the keys? You’re gonna just leave us here now, is that it?”
“I told you, Ray,” Gerard smiled broadly, with a glint in his eyes that suggested a level of mania. “I’m not going to kill you, but I’m not going to make it easy for you either.”
“So, what are you going to do?” Ray asked, narrowing his eyes.
“I thought you’d never ask!” Gerard replied gleefully. “Why don't we play a game? Let's call it 'What Won't Kill Her?'"
“What!” Ray’s eyes widened in shock and he found himself pulling fruitlessly on the chains at his wrists.

Gerard withdrew his knife from its sheath and looked from Ray to Melanie and back. Turning the pristine knife in the dim light of the dungeon, admiring the tiny sparkles on the highly polished blade.

“Well,” Gerard grinned. “I’m going to give you three options and you’re going to pick one. Two will kill her, one won’t.”
“No,” Ray shook his head defiantly, unnerved by Gerard’s game. “You know my knowledge of anatomy isn’t great. I don’t know what would and what wouldn’t. You can’t make me choose!”
“If you don’t,” he smirked, “I’ll choose and I really don’t think you want me to choose, do you?”
"You really want your little brother and your boyfriend to be accessories to murder, Gee? You really want that?"
"Murder? No, but then, they’re not here, are they?" Gerard tipped his head and grinned at Ray.
“Gee, just give her the damn key, or so help me, I’ll...” Ray bit his tongue, realising that threats were only going to make things worse for them.

Gerard paused for a few seconds before walking slowly over towards Melanie.

“Gee,” Ray began nervously. “What are you doing?”
“He seems reluctant to choose,” Gerard explained to the now terrified Melanie, unable to tear her gaze away from his knife.
“Gee?” Ray pressed, still doubting his intentions.
“I guess you’ll just have to hope I choose the one that won’t kill you,” Gerard shrugged playfully. “What did I ask you before, Ray? Oh that’s right... when do I ever bluff?”

Ray screamed as Gerard turned on his heels and plunged the knife deep into her abdomen, chuckling as he withdrew it slowly. Watching as she sunk lower, deep in agony. The pain and shock refused to allow even a sound emerge from Melanie’s lips until the knife was withdrawn, when a still raging Ray heard whimpering and crying from the other side of the room.

"I hope I’ve made it plain to you two that you're to stay well away from us, or I will deal with you. And you do not want that. Trust me."

Gathering himself, knowing that he had to remain calm and not at all vengeful purely to stand a chance of staying alive, Ray reduced himself to begging.

"We'll do whatever you want, Gee. Let me take Mel to the hospital please. We won't come near you again. I swear on her life."
"On her life?" Gerard laughed. "I guess that's to convince me that you're serious, not just because you're a coward!"
"Gee, I’ve agreed," Ray begged. “We both do.”

Gerard nodded, taking a few moments to clean his knife before placing it back in the sheath and addressing the still conscious but failing Melanie.

“Okay, here’s your challenge. All you have to do is give this key to Ray. Sounds easy doesn’t it?”
“Gee, you just stabbed her! There’s nothing easy about it!” Ray shouted, terrified for them both.
“Well, it sounds easy to me,” Gerard beamed a slightly too wide smile. “So just to add an element of ‘Can she do it?’...”

Gerard grabbed Melanie’s hand and pressed the jade ring against her other hand, injecting whatever remained in the well of tranquilliser.

“No!” Ray screamed, pulling hard on the chains but to no avail.

Lowering the suspension point, allowing her to sink to the floor, Gerard crouched to unlock the handcuffs, leaving her hands tied together with one arm broken and bleeding heavily from the knife wound. Pressing the key into her razor blade sliced hand, Gerard closed her fingers, delighting in the additional pained cry she emitted as he rose to his feet once more.

“You forget, Ray, given that you know my opinion of liars and cheats, you’re both lucky to have this much of a chance. Call me sentimental, perhaps. Maybe I’m doing this for the years we spent together, maybe I’m doing it so I can honestly say to Frankie that I didn’t kill you or just maybe I’m doing it to laugh when I think about you both dying slowly down here without a soul to mourn you? I guess you’ll never know which. I don’t expect to see you again either way, but if I do, I will kill you, Ray. And you?” He turned to face Melanie. “If I see you again, I’ll do something special for you.”
"I'm sorry Gee. I'm so sorry... for everything... I..." She began, her voice now slurring with tiredness and pain.
"Baby... you're not sorry. Not yet, but you will be, one day."

Gerard walked slowly to Ray, infuriating him as valuable seconds ticked by.

“Anyway, I think that’s everything. Oh, almost!” Gerard swung a heavy punch into Ray’s abdomen before following through with another to his jaw, leaving him gasping for breath. “Well now, you both have things to do,” Gerard chuckled as he headed for the door, “so, I’ll just say so long and goodnight.”

As he closed the door, a laugh was once more on his lips as he heard Ray calling out in breathless agony.

“Mel? Mel! Are you awake? Melanie!”


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