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Saving Jeans


Jeans has been living with her grandma since she was four when her parents were murdered in her old home. One day Jeans came home from school to find her grandmother unconscious at the end of the stairway. Her grandma ended up falling into a coma. The Hospital started making Jeans see their physiologist named Gerard Way.


Beatrice (Bea) Ann Walker

Beatrice (Bea) Ann Walker

Age: 68. Jeans's grandma and is in a coma.

Frank Anthony Iero Jr.

Frank Anthony Iero Jr.

Age: 18 senior. Short, hilarious, adorable as shit, and is Jeans's best friends since second grade

Gerard Arthur Way

Gerard Arthur Way

Age: 22. Funny, kind, sentimental, and a hospital phycologist.

Jeans Lacey Walker

Jeans Lacey Walker

Age: 18 senior. Sarcastic, funny, cute, sensitive, and can't stand preppy people.

Michael James Way

Michael James Way

Age: 18. Jeans's and Frank's best friend, Gerard's brother (of course), sexy, awkward, and shy


  1. Chap, 1: GRANDMA!

  2. my pain

    Jeans pov of being put into the hospital

  3. Chap. 3: Shrinks

  4. My back story


Oh!!! (Face palm) lol..... :/

Good. But it's mostly Mikey who helped and Frank didn't really know until she was done cutting.

Famous Dead Famous Dead

I like it! Your writing has slightly improved and if you keep this up you will be pretty darn good if I say so myself!!

@Your bulletproof heart

Why thanks! I am waiting for Famous Dead to update her part we switch every chapter so I'm wating and Waiting....

Cool :)